Surname Index to the

of the
Slovak People
Living In
Mahoning County, Ohio

Published by
District Assembly of the Slovak League of America

The 1922 Census of the Slovak People Living in Mahoning County, Ohio, lists 2,069 different surnames and locality combinations. The master index shows both the surname and the locality. You can go to the index by location to see other Slovak families that were living in the same locality in 1922.

Many surnames in this index are in their "Old Country" spelling or an intermediate spelling of the name. If you aren't sure of the original spelling of a name, this index can help you in your genealogical research.

The steel mills of Youngstown along the Mahoning River were the big draw for immigrants from Slovakia.

Steel Mills in Youngstown circa 1900-1905

Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.

Area Index of Surnames in Census

Master Index of All Names in 1922 Census

The 1990 U.S. Census still shows a very high concentration of Slovaks per Square Mile in Mahoning County and most of eastern Ohio.

Map of Mahoning County, Ohio

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In the Year 2000 was written by a Slovak writer for the Pressburger (Bratislava) Zeitung on 22 March 1922, about the time the Census of Slovaks was done for Mahoning County, Ohio.

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