It's All Relative and Homa Systems of Canada announces a major update to the popular Audio CD Master package. The all new Atari CD Master now adds support for some popular Windows CD's to its audio capabilities.

ACM has the following features:

- easy user interface, fully multitasking in a window

- pictures are viewable on 2, 16 color, 256 color modes, including graphics cards and the Falcon

- Powerful search features, with "narrow down" option. On TIME Almanac of the 90's, you can search the whole CD for a particular key word(s)

- Up to 4 text windows open, with one picture window

- Save, print

The following CDs are supported with Atari CD Master:

TIME ALMANAC OF the 1990s containing all the TIME magazine articles from January 1, 1989 to May 4, 1994, with pictures too. This disc also has the TIME MAN OF THE YEAR, the CIA FACT BOOK (tons of data and graphics on various countries, organizations, and world statistics), Maps, Almanac, charts, and articles.

You get cover graphics for all the Time magazines of the 90's through May, 1994.

View portrait profiles on 12 major persons and events of the 20th century, highlights of each decade and all the presidential elections, and more! This is a great encyclopedia of world events.

UFO (I or II) is an exciting CD with over 1,300 articles, many of them with amazing graphics, describing UFO events from prehistoric times to the present. See REAL UFO's and judge for yourself! This is a truly unique CD that you will enjoy exploring.

SPACE MISSIONS CD contains over 1600 articles, with over 700 astounding pictures on all the space missions from all over the world (USSR, USA, CHINA, England, and more).

MPC Wizard 2.0 is a sampling of the Best of Media Clips that combines graphics and sounds on your Atari computer.

With ACM, you can access all the data files and graphics on any ST with monochrome graphics, or on VGA 16 color or 256 colors (TT, Falcon, graphics cards too) up to 1280x1024, save and/or print them. You can also do a thorough search on all the articles/ pictures, and/or narrow down your selection to reach to your desired information.

Audio CD Master, v4, which is the ultimate Audio CD player on the Atari machines. With this program (or accessory), you can play Audio CDs in the background of any application using any SCSI CD ROM. . It requires -> no <- other drivers (i.e., Metados, ExtenDOS or XFS).

Version 4 has lots of new features and enhancements including 3D buttons.

Audio CD Master offers the following features:

Play, stop, pause, resume, FF, REW, eject, track options.

Track options allow you to specify a range of tracks, i.e., from 2-11, or play a single track, or play programmable tracks. You can assign up to 16 tracks to play, and also save them, so the next time you insert the CD, the program automatically asks you whether you want to play the saved sequences.

You can play anywhere within a track, i.e., track 4, minute 3, and second 11, for ultimate control e.g.: for musicians.

Displays the track names (by their name of the albums/and tracks) for the current CD, and also you can select tracks by their names (if you have a lot of CDs, you don't need to memorize the track numbers).

Works as a program or accessory, any resolution. It is also multitasking. Has an alternate window (a much smaller one) with all the main buttons (play, resume, pause, stop) in order to have instant access from within any program.

Atari TT, Falcon, or ST, STe and Mega with ICD is required.

Atari CD Master will add new CD's periodically. All registered owners of Atari CD Master will get a special deal on future additions to the package.

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