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Bratislava Inside and Out

For the last several years, the English speaking community in Slovakia has had access to an outstanding and unique publication by Sally Williams. Previously known as "Getting Started in Bratislava," the book has become a highly prized reference book to many Bratislava residents.

A very comprehensive guide, Bratislava Inside and Out covers just about all aspects of visiting Bratislava in great detail, even where to find the best public restrooms.

The books is softcover and 159 pages.

If your family was from Bratislava, the book includes a full color street map and alphabetical index of street and square names for Bratislava.

This new and revised third edition of BRATISLAVA INSIDE & OUT contains much new material and contains all of the following categories:

An Introduction to Bratislava : the heart of Europe

Getting here and getting away (airports, borders, checkpoints, Danube river)

Getting possessions here and back (customs : arrival and departure)

Getting around (street names and addresses, automobiles, local buses, taxis, trains)

Getting set (hotel business services, employment, insurance, medical services, money, pets, personal safety, police, letters and packages, housing, residency permit, personal documents)

Getting started (date, time, numbers, letters, location and climate, worship, etiquette, customs, holidays, radio stations, television, restaurants, schools, shopping, telephone, toilets, trash, utility bills)

Getting comfortable (business, movies, theater, opera, symphony, ballet, museums, hotels, pensions, receptions, services, sports, sports equipment)

Disaster emergency procedures

Information sources (American living abroad, business organizations, clubs and service organizations, embassies, consulates, government assistance organizations, foreign and international private organizations, libraries, publications, travel)

Children (health care, baby sitters, schools, shops, what to do and where to go)

Exploring Slovakia (important sites in Slovakia, one day trip, long weekend trip, Tatra mountains)

Exploring Central Europe (weekend trips, hotels in nearby cities, discovering Vienna, vacation by the sea)

Curing the winter blues (outings, exercise, food, social life, travel)

Coping with the ex-pat blues (culture shock, managing stress and frustration, shock absorbers)

Appendices (current transit system map and numerous forms which can be helpful in your daily living as well as coming to and leaving Slovakia)

To make it even more valuable and useful to its reading public the book contains some new additions. These include:

A Comprehensive Alphabetical Index by Subject and by firms mentioned in the text.

The colour maps of Bratislava divided into 5 sections plus bus map that includes major bus departure points.

A New Chapter on the History of Slovakia

A New Chapter on the Government of Slovakia.

The net profits of this edition will go 50% to Friends of Slovakia Association, a non-profit organization which is actively working in Slovakia in the areas of historic preservation, in the creation of a genealogical center for Slovakia and other activities which promotes Slovak culture and heritage. It is interested in extending its membership to people of Slovak heritage all over the world as well as to anyone interested in Slovakia.

The other 50% was donated generously by Sally Williams to the Slovak Professional Woman's Association. If you like what you have read so far, you can enjoy the full contents of BRATISLAVA INSIDE & OUT publication by sending an email message to FSA for complete ordering information.

The cost from North America is $25. Including packaging and shipping. This offer is subject to remaining supplies. Once this inventory is gone, this offer will be automatically withdrawn. ACT today if you want a copy.

For more information on the book and the organization, visit the Friends of Slovakia web site.

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