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Slovakia: A Photographic Odyssey

Eugen Lazistan - Compiler
Fedor Mikovic - Essayist
Anna Jurecková - English Translator

Slovakia: A Photographic Odyssey

By Eugen Lazistan (compiler), Fedor Mikovic (essayist), and Anna Jurecková (English translator). This magnificent photo book features the work of twenty-seven photographers.

Slovakia, the heart of Europe, is presented in color — its natural wonders, its outstanding Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, its world's largest ice caves, its art and many other unique landmarks and museum treasures.

Readers will be awed, inspired, informed, and pleasantly surprised.

The book also presents a short cultural and historical account of this Central European people.

Captions and double-page maps help the reader to locate and identify these physical and artistic wonders of the “heart of Europe.”

Published by Bolchazy-Carducci USA

Printed by Neografia, Martin, Slovak Republic.

This special edition of the book was made possible by the Slovak-American Cultural Foundation.

Deluxe, Coffee Table Edition


96 pages

Large 10" x 11" format.

Color Illustrations

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