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We invite you to visit the Slovak Music Shop where you will find a selection of Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn folk songs and more performed by native Slovak and Slovak-American artists.

SPECIAL: The Best of American Polka Double Cassette Set for $9.00.

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Previous CD's of the Week

Our Czech Heritage in Song by the Capital City Czech Choraliers

Sample the historic organs of the Czech Republic on the CD Czech Historic Organs-Vol. 1, published by GZ Classics in the Czech Republic. Tracks include Concerto for organ solo, No 2, BWV 593, in A minor, "After Vivaldi et Al", Toccata, Adagio & Fugue for organ, BWV 564, in C major, Concerto for organ solo, No 5, BWV 596, in D Minor, "After Vivaldi et Al", and Canzona for organ in D minor, BWV 588 all by composer Johann Sebastian Bach,

RealAudio sample tracks of this recording are available. Czech Historic Organs-Vol. 1 has a bargain price this week of $6.49.

Tex-Czech Polkas

A collection of some of the best Tex-Czech Musicians on one CD.

01. Play Me A Polka - The Czech Harvesters
02. Fireman's Polka - The Dutchmasters
03. Around The Moon - The Jodie Mikula Orchestra
04. Memories Waltz - The Moonriders
05. Wheelbarrow - Jodie Mikula And His Orchestra
06. Springtime - Joe Patek And Orchestra
07. Autumn Rose Landler - Harry Czarnek & The Texas Dutchmen
08. Angel Polka - Vrazel's Polka Band
  09. Lover's Polka - The Dutchmasters
10. Lee Roy's Waltz - Lee Roy Matocha
11. Green Gate - The Jodie Mikula Orchestra
12. Fancy Pants Polka - Harry Czarnek & The Texas Dutchmen
13. Wanderer Waltz - The Czech Harvesters
14. The Clock On The Steeple - The Moonriders
15. Fond Farewell - Jodie Mikula And His Orchestra

Buy: Tex-Czech Polkas on cassette or CD.

Browse through the music of Jimmy Sturr, winner of the Polka album of the Year award at the Grammies last month and read his biography.

Czech Christmas Music

Slovak Christmas Music

Slovak Songs and Dances
by the
Kocian Quartet

Classical music from the heart of Slovakia on the ASV label. The CD features Radoslav Kvapil and Magdalena Kozena

RealAudio Samples of selected tracks are available.

1. Pno Qnt in a, Op.12: Allegro Molto Moderato - Radoslav Kvapil/Kocian Qt
2. Pno Qnt in a, Op.12: Andante - Radoslav Kvapil/Kocian Qt
3. Pno Qnt in a, Op.12: Allegro Risoluto - Radoslav Kvapil/Kocian Qt
4. Slovak Songs: Don't Give Yourself Away - Radoslav Kvapil/Magdalena Kozena
5. Slovak Songs: A Falcon Flew By - Radoslav Kvapil/Magdalena Kozena
6. Slovak Songs: No Longer Shall I Be A Maiden
7. Slovak Songs: Tynom, Tanom
8. Slovak Songs: Valley, My Valley
9. Slovak Songs: Mariska's Walking Along The Bank
10. Slovak Songs: When The Hour Of Midnight Has Already Struck
11. Slovak Songs: Hazel Tree, Hazel Tree
12. Slovak Songs: Mariska, Mariska
13. Slovak Songs: Light The Lamp My Love
14. Slovak Songs: Oh, You Oak Trees
15. Slovak Songs: A Fly Sat On A Cornflower
16. Slovak Songs: On She Danced, But Had Forgotten
17. Songs Of A Winter Night For Pno Solo, Op.30: Song Of A Moonlit Night-Andante Amoroso
18. Songs Of A Winter Night For Pno Solo, Op.30: Song Of A Stormy Night-Allegro Tempestuoso
19. Songs Of A Winter Night For Pno Solo, Op.30: Song Of A Christmas Night-Andante Misterioso
20. Songs Of A Winter Night For Pno Solo, Op.30: Song Of A Carnival Night-Allegro Burlesco-Rubato

Buy: Slovak Songs and Dances

Russian Folk Dances
by the
Moiseyev Dance Ensemble

Personnel on this recording includes The Instrumental Quintet Of The Soviet Army Band and The Radio Orchestra Of Folk Instruments.

This CD is on the Monitor label. RealAudio Samples of selected tracks are available.

01. Ural Quadrille
02. Variations On The Russian Folk Song 'Korobeniki' (The Peddlers)
03. Russian Melodies
04. Trepak No. 1 (Russian Dance)
05. Polka-Kubanka
06. Russian Folk Melody
07. Ukranian Folk Dance
08. Variations On The Russian Folk Song 'Kamarinskaya'
09. Dance (Russian Folk Melody)
10. Polka
11. Play, My Fife (Russian Folk Song)
  12. On The Mountain (Russian Folk Song)
13. Trepak No. 2 (Russian Dance)
14. Ural Dance
15. The Partisans (North Caucasian Dance)
16. The Challenge (Old Russian Dance)
17. Melodies Of The Volga
18. The Lark (Ciocarlia-Moldavian Dance)
19. The Peddler's Box (Korobushka)
20. Village Quadrille (Dance Of The Moscow Suburbs)
21. Fantasy On Waltz Themes Of Vladimir Andreyev

The Best of Dvorak

Some great classical music by the Czech composer Anton Dvorak and performed by some of the wolrd's greatest orchestras.

Browse through the full track list and check out the RealAudio Samples of some of the tracks on this CD.

Detailed Track Information

Concerto for Cello in B minor, Op. 104/B 191: 2nd movement, Adagio
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Kliegel, Maria , Cello
Halasz, Michael
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Serenade for Winds, Cello and Double Bass in D minor, Op. 44/B 77
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Krcek, Jaroslav
Capella Istropolitana

Symphony no 9 in E minor, Op. 95/B 178 "From the New World": 2nd movement, Largo
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Gunzenhauser, Stephen
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

Slavonic Dances (8) for Orchestra, Op. 46/B 83: no 8 in G minor, Furiant
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Kosler, Zdenek
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

Quartet for Strings no 12 in F major, Op. 96/B 179 "American": Lento
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Moyzes String Quartet

Slavonic Dances (8) for Orchestra, Op. 72/B 147: no 2 in E minor, Dumka
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Kosler, Zdenek
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

Symphony no 8 in G major, Op. 88/B 163: 4th movement, Allegro ma non troppo
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Gunzenhauser, Stephen
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

Carnival Overture, Op. 92
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Gunzenhauser, Stephen
B. B. C. Philharmonic Orchestra

Humoresques (8) for Piano, Op. 101/B 187: no 7 in G flat major
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Szokolay, Balazs , Piano

Slavonic Dances (8) for Orchestra, Op. 46/B 83: no 1 in C major, Furiant
Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Kosler, Zdenek
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

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The Smithsonian Folkways label has released a historical recording of the Polkas of Middle America

Twenty-six polka tunes straight from America's heartland. With such favorites as the Norskedalen Trio's "All Smiles Tonight" and Norm Dombrowski's Happy Notes' "Dorothy's Oberek" how can you possibly go wrong?

Real Audio Sample Tracks are available for your preview.

The Ambassador sings! This week we feature the music of the former U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia as our artist of the week.

Shirley Temple Black was the U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia in the late 1980's. Her songs make a great Christmas present for the kids or grandkids with an old country twist.


Hits Of Shirley Temple - Special Price of $9.49

  The Songs Of Shirley Temple

Vol. 1 - America's Sweetheart  

    Vol. 2 -America's Sweetheart

Import Albums

America's Sweetheart

America's Sweetheart V.2

  On The Good Ship Lollipop - Special Price of $9.79

Frankie Yankovic

Obituary from the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Channel 4000

Biography of Frankie Yankovic

The Music of Frankie Yankovic

Vicnaja Pamjat!

Frankie Yankovic's America's Favorites. The Grammy Award winning Polka King from Cleveland plays some of his greatest hits.

Growing up in northeastern Ohio, I was raised on scratchy 78 RPM versions of these tunes by Frankie Yankovic and his band played on a Sears Silvertone record player. He will be missed by all Polka lovers.

The CD includes my all-time favorites, Tic Toc Polka, Pennsylvania Polka, Too Fat Polka and more.

America's Favorites was released March 29, 1997

Through a special deal with Polygram Special Markets and CDNow we offer this must have CD for only $5.49. A super CD at a super price.

Buy it now!

Other CD's and tapes by Frankie Yankovic

Frank Yankovic's Christmas Memories features Old Fashioned Christmas Polka, Christmas Wish, What Christmas Means To Me, Blue Christmas, Christmas Chimes, There'll Always Be A Christmas, Christmas Doll, Christmas Memories, Christmas In Europe, and Silent Night. We have a super price of $5.49 on it this week!

Please join Animated Johnny in singing In Heaven There Is No Beer.

Born Albert Cernick in Detroit, Mich., on 22 February 1927 and of Eastern European heritage, his first big break came when he played with Carmen Cavallaro and joined Columbia Records in 1950. You know him better as....

We have some of his hits on CD starting at $5.99. Al Cernick passed away on July 1, 1999 after helping to shape the music of the 1950's in America, but his music lives on.

Browse the music of Albert Cernick including RealAudio samples.

The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom is the focal point of Eastern Catholic and Orthodox worship.

Orthodox Slavic Liturgy - SUITE Grande liturgie orthodoxe slave
performed by Choeur Rybine, Valery Rybin conductor.

Includes work(s) by Dimitri Bortniansky, Pavel Chesnokov, and other composers. Published in France by Harmonia Mundi.

 Buy it now!

Benedictine Monks - Divine Liturgy
Published in Germany by Christophorus

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Komitas: Divine Liturgy
The Choir Of St. Gayane in an all digital recording of Nvirum, Srbatsum, and Chashakum composed by Vartabed Komitas (1869 - 1935)
Published by New Albion

 Buy it now!

Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom Performed by the Greek Byzantine Choir
Conductor Lycourgos Angelopoulos

 Buy it now!

Russian Patriarchate Choir
Divine Liturgy for the Feast of St Peter and St Paul
Anatoly Grindenko conducting the Ensemble Moscow Patriarchate Choir

 Buy it now!

Svetoslav Obretenov Bulgarian Slavonic Divine Liturgy
Published by Monitor

 Buy it now!

Divine Liturgy in Old Slavonic by the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church Choir of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As Mark McGwire passes Babe Ruth's 60 home run record this week, we offer Great Speeches of the Twentieth Century that includes Babe's famous "Farewell to Baseball" speech.

Join in McGwire Mania and visit the McGwire home run counter and see Stats Online

The set is available on CD and cassette tape.

Also included on the CD are Ideal Republic by William Jennings Bryan, On The Future Of Women In Flying by Amelia Earhart, Farewell To Baseball by Lou Gehrig, Address To The Nation On The R. A. F. Winston Churchill, Christmas Greetings To The Children Of England by Princesses Elizabeth And Margaret, the famous Address To Congress of Casey Stengel, the Farewell Address of Dwight Eisenhower and over 70 more.

Check out the complete list and hear RealAudio samples from many of the speeches.

 Buy it now!

Polish Polkas - Polish Polkas Other Favorites

Available for the special price of $9.49, this CD has 22 of your favorite polkas.

Track Listing
01. Polish Polka
02. Blonde Bombshell Polka
03. Engine #9 Polka
04. Krakowiak
05. Jolly Fellows Polka/Rolling Rock Polka
06. Who Stole the Keeshka
07. Yiddish Polka
08. Little Green Men Polka
09. Gallup Polka
10. The Hand Organ Polka
11. Everybody Dance Polka
  12. Keystone Polka
13. Hoosier Susie Polka
14. How Good for Me Polka
15. Down the Other Side Polka
16. Copper Polka/Tony's Polka
17. El Rancho Grande Polka
18. Dick's Kick's Polka
19. Wanda & Stack Polka
20. Downtown Polka
21. The Gang's All Here Polka/There Is a Tavern in the Town Polka
22. Hora Staccato Polka

 Buy it now!

Dido and Mimus Magicus

By the Moravian composer, Jan Novak
Rafael Kubelik, Conductor

Jan Novak was born 1921 in the small village of Mahren. He studied under Leos Janacek and Bohuslav Martinu.

The cantana Dido was first performed at Brno in 1967.

Composer Jan Novák's haunting choral rendition of Vergil's ancient poetry commences with the voice of Dido the queen, foreshadowing a tragic tale of love and duty. Widely acclaimed in Europe, Novák's "Dido and and Mimus Magicus" is now available to American audiences in a CD recording.

Novák was fascinated by the sound and rhythm of Latin poetry. His "Dido" brings the sound and fury of Vergil into the home, the classroom and the symphony hall.

Virgil's Dido is a limited edition CD available directly from Bolchazy-Carducci Publishing. The CD comes with a 40-page libretto in Latin, English, and German.

For full ordering information, visit or jump right to the order page for Dido.

Folk Musical Instruments

Length: 61 minutes
Original Release Date: 1996
No. of Discs: 1
Stereo recorded in studio.

Folk Musical Instruments is a very unusual CD that lets you experience the unique folk instruments of eastern Europe.

Real Audio samples from selected tracks on this CD are available letting you hear some of the unique folk instruments from eastern Europe on this most unusual CD.

01. Melodie De Bergers
02. Petite Eglise D'Istebna
03. Melodie De Bergers
04. Un Tilleul
05. Nuty Sabalowe
06. Przodek
07. Przodek Oberek, Polka
08. Melodie De Noces
09. Marche
10. Okragly
11. Melodie De Voyage De Noces
12. Oberek, Descendant La Colline
13. Polka Drygana
  14. Kujon De Lowicz
15. Wierchowe
16. Air Ancien
17. Czardas
18. Mazurka De Noces
19. Okraglak
20. Je Suis Mouille, Mon Cheval Est Mouille
21. Krakoviak
22. Polka
23. Oberek
24. Sztajer
25. Pim-Pam

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Antonin Dvorak (1841 - 1904)
Biblical Songs, Gypsy Songs, Evening Songs and Liebeslieder

Released in 1995 by Supraphon, this CD features Benno Blachut, Tenor; Alfred Holecek, Piano; Vera Soukupova, Alto; Ivan Moravec, Piano; Jindrich Jindrak, Baritone; Ferdinand Pohlreich, Piano.

Real Audio samples from the tracks on this CD are available.

 Buy it now!

Hungarian Dances (8) and Slavonic Dances

by Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

 Buy it now!

Ukrainian Village Music

Ukrainian Village Music
Historic Recordings 1928-1933

Produced by Chris Strachwitz

The music on this re-issue CD from 78 rpm records was recorded between 1928 and 1933. The package includes liner notes by Anisa H. Sawyckyj and Richard K. Spottswood.

RealAudio samples from two of the tracks are available for your preview.

 Buy it now!

Buy it now!

Hooked on Polkas

by Joey Miskulin & The International Festival Orchestra.

Hooked on Polkas is published by K-Tel Records and is part of their famous "Hooked On...." series of records CD's and cassette tapes.

If your favorite polka is not part of a Hooked on medley on this CD, we will be surprised! Browse through the song listing below.

Hooked on Polkas is $8.49 for CD and $5.49 for tape.

Buy it now!

You'll also love the sequel Hooked on Polkas 2 by Joey Miskulin and K-Tel Records featuring Hooked on Czechoslovakia, Hooked on Slovenia, Hooked on Poland, Hooked on Bavaria, and more.

Czech It Out

This Czech folk album was released on 20 September 1994 by Acoustic Disk.

Czech It Out features the music of Radim Zenkl.

The CD was engineered and produced by David Grisman in stereo.

We offer this hard to find Czech folk CD for $15.49 as our CD of the week.

The Czech and Slovak medley on the CD features Petrovice Castle, Blue Eyed Girl, Good Night My Dear, Dance Dance, and Twist.

Dance, Dance (Tancuj, Tancuj) is one of our all-time favorites and the theme song of our internet site.

Buy it now!

Radim Zenkl has recorded Strings and Wings and a RealAudio sample of the CD's tracks is available. Radim Zenkl plays mandolin on Strings and Wings and the album features Tony Rice (guitar), Jerry Douglas (dobro), Bela Fleck (banjo), David Grisman (mandola), Mike Marshall (mandocello), Krishna Bhatt (sitar), Carlos Reyes (Paraguayan harp), Bryan Bowers (autoharp), and Rob Wasserman (bass).

Radim Zenkl has also recorded the CD Galactic Mandolin.

Music Of The Tatra Mountains

Music Of The Tatra Mountains by the Trebunia Family Band is packed with 72 minutes of the music of the Tatra Mountains that includes songs of Spis, the Slovak Republic and areas to the north now known as Poland.

The CD was created as an all digital recording in 1995.

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Mass Glagolitic / Amarus

Written by a Moravian, performed by the Czech Philharmonic Chorus, and featuring a Rusyn soloist, this CD sure does qualify for CD of the Week.

The CD was digitally recorded in 1996. Composed by Leos Janacek (1854 - 1928), artists on the CD include Gabriela Benackova, Soprano; Eva Randova, Alto; Vilem Pribyl, Tenor; Sergej Kopcak, Bass; Jan Hora, Organ.

Conductor is Frantisek Jilek, leading the Ensemble Czech Philharmonic Chorus and the Ensemble Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra.

Also on the CD is Amarus composed by Leos Janacek (1854 - 1928). Artists for this work are Kvetosjava Nemeckova, Soprano; Leo Marian Vodicka, Tenor; Vaclav Zitek, Baritone. Conductor Sir Charles Mackerras leads the Ensemble Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Real Audio samples of tracks on this CD are available for your preview.

More information on the music of Leos Janacek is available at the Leos Janacek Homepage, the Leos Janacek Chronology, and Classical Music Leos Janacek site.

Visit the Glagolitic Mass Page for background on this Mass and its history.

Buy it now!

Eddie Blazonczyk and the Versatones

Polka Time 20 Of The Best
Published 08/30/95 by Cleveland International

Produced by Steve Popovich and Eddie Blazonczyk the CD is available for $14.49 and $9.99 for cassette.

Buy it now!

All The Best - 20 Polka Favorite by Madacy Records

All the Best is available in both CD ($5.49) or cassette ($2.49). 20 Polka favorites was recorded during 1991 in stereo.

Buy it now!

If you are looking for something a little different, The following old-time Slovak and Hungarian tunes are now available on audiocassette:

"A Mosquito's Wedding" and "Sweet Berries" by J. Kalman and His Band (recorded in 1908);

"Girls, You Better Hold Your Fellows" and "Berci, You're Not A Man" by Hungarian Orchestra (recorded in 1908);

"Slovenskii Chardash" by Ciganska Hudba (recorded in 1913);

"Ja Som Prishel Chardash," and "Chi Znash Moja Ljuba" by Filova Ciganska Orchestra (recorded in 1913);

"Hej Karchmarka Chardash" and "Najnovshie Chardash" by Berkes Bela (recorded in 1913).

Side two of the audio tape contains classic Russian balalaika tunes. Also, all of the selctions on the audio tape were transfered from 78 rpm recordings which were made in the early 1900s.

East Europe Connection intentionally retained the character of that bygone recording era, i.e. we did not filter out the characteristic "popping, crackle, and hiss" that were always present in the sound from old victrolas. We did however eliminate the experience of jumping up and swearing when the needle got stuck in a blemish in the record!

If you're having a wedding or family reunion this Summer and want to fill the hall with some tunes from the past this is your number. When you get tired of seeing people dance the "Slide" and "Chicken Dance" slip this tape in your machine and just stand back and watch some real down home foot stomping begin and see Grandma get an extra boost of energy. This fine audio tape is available from East Europe Connection.

The price of the audio tape is $12.00.

ORDER the cassette from Eastern Europe Connection, Attn: Laurence Krupnak, 1711 Corwin Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

For additional information on the cassette e-mail

Polka Party - The World's Greatest Polkas by the Stanislawski Polka Band

Digitally mastered for ultimate sound quality.

The Bohemian dance music that has spread across the continents is highlighted on this collection of the world's greatest polkas. When the Czechs, Slovaks, and Poles left their native land for America, they brought their music with them. Hey there's a party going on; you'll have a barrel of fun.

The CD is published in the United States by Compose and we offer it to you at the unheard of price of $3.99 for the CD.

Buy it now!

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