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Favorite Songs of Bohemia

 Favorite Songs of Bohemia

The Favorite Songs of Bohemia are sung by Standa Prochazka and Viera Prikazka. They are accompanied by the Rudolf Urbanec Orchestra.

Songs on the cassette include Haj husicky haj, Cestarska piseh, Danuska Polka, Ceska muzika, Sobekurska polka, Ruzovy kvet, jetelicek u vody, Az budou trumpety zpivat, Zelene haje, Ticha noc, uz je to divno, Z Prahy az po Brno, Roztouzena Polka, and Loucim se s vami kamaradi.

In English, the songs are Go Little Geese Go, Road Fixers Song, Danuska Polka, Bohemian Music, Sobekruska Polka, The Blooming Rose, Clover Leaf Polka, When Trumpets Play, Green Woods, Dark Night, Long Time Ago, From Prague to Brno, Yearning Polka, and So Long Friends.

Available on cassette, this recording sells for $9.00 plus shipping and handling.

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