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A Salute to the American Farmer and Rancher

 Evening at a Czech Village
A Salute to the American Farmer & Rancher

A really great CD just released in 2004 with an impressive artist list.

They came from Eastern Europe and made America great. This is the music of the Midwest Farmer.

Songs on the CD are:

Down on the Farm Road Polka - Bob Zagozda and the Polka Joy Orchestra

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie - Frank Siedlik and Bob Zagozda and the Multiple Choice Orchestra

OLD John Deere Polka - Elmer Nemec and the Polka Joy Orchestra

Summertime Waltz - Elmer Schied and His Concertina Orchestra

Horsie Keep Your Tail Up Polka - Karen Olechoski

Hay Farmer Polka - Peter and Paul Wendinger Twin Concertina Orchestra

Springtime Polka - Li'l Richard and His Orchestra

Clydesdale Polka - Frank Remar and His Orchestra

Little Bird Dance - Mark Vyhlidal and His Orchestra

Ducks on the Pond Waltz - Bob Rabe and His Orchestra

For the Chickens Polka - Harold Mitas and His Orchestra

White Horse Polka - Adolf Nemetz and His Orchestra

Golden Corn Waltz - Milligan Legion Czech Brass Band

Horses, Cows & Chickens - Chmielewski Showtime Band

NEW John Deere Polka - Bob Zagozda and His Orchestra

Rain, Rain, Rain Polka - Mitas Touch Orchestra

Let the Sun Shine In Polka - Lenny Rich and His Orchestra

John Deere Waltz - Polka Joy Orchestra

Cabbage Patch Annie Polka - Czesky Eddie and His Orchestra

Old Gray Mare Polka - Multiple Choice Orchestra

Black Crow Polka - Hermie Franzlubbers and Friends

Out Behind the Barn Polka - Leonard Beckwar Orchestra

Old John Deere Polka bonus track

The Farmers & Ranchers Lament "Broke but Happy Polka" - Teddy G and His Orchestra

Available on CD, this recording sells for $15.00 plus shipping and handling.

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