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Some artists that will appear here in the next few weeks are the best musicians of both the Czech Republic and America.

A great introduction to the Polka music of the Czech Republic is Czech Polka Festival by Lubomira Panka and the Slava Kunst Ensemble of Prague, The Hank Haller Band of Cleveland Ohio, The Czech Melody Masters, The Strahovanka Kapela the Rudolf Urbanec Orchestra, the Lesanka Ensemble of Plzen, the Jindrich Bauer Brass Ensemble of Prague, the Karel Hardena Orchestra of Prague, Director Frantisek Adamek, the Kubesova Dechovka Brass Band, everyone's favorite - Morovanka Brass Band, the well-known Veselka Ensemble, and the world famous group Budvarka.

The polka is sort of the national dance of Czech gatherings. It caught the imagination of the world on its way from a birthplace in a small Czech town.

Polka won its dominant place in dancing circles as it suited the need and desire for fast tempo along with suave and grace. It became the national dance of the Czech people in the mid 1840's.

The polka came from Bohemia and took its name to honor the Poles who were heroes to the Bohemians after their unsuccessful revolution.

The famous Smetana and other Czech composers elevated the dance to operetic amd concert levels.

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