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Researching: MRKVICKA
Looking for Mrkvicka surname in a small village of Nove Kestrany near Strakonice.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: STODULKA
I'm looking for information for the surname Stodulka from Moravia.
email: R. Stodulka - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: SVAB
I am interested in information on my grandfather's family. His name is Jon (John) Svab. He immigrated through the port of Galvestion, TX USA from Policka, Bohemia in 1914 with his wife Antonio and sons; Bohumil (Robert), Frank, John and Joe. His wife died of throat cancer shortly after their arrival. He first settled in Wiemar TX and then later in Hallettsville TX.
email: Larry Svab - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: GETZIE
Researching the Getzie family name.
email: Nathan Getzie - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: STIKA, SVEC, LUZER
I am researching the families of Stika, Svec, and Luzer. I am new to this so I may not quite know what I am doing. I have very little information about Svec and Luzer, but have more on Stika. I will add more to this as I get it.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: VTIPIL
I'm interested in learning more about my family history. I'm currently living in Weisbaden, Germany but I'm from the United States. My brother and I have a been doing research on our name. I know there is a Jaroslav Vtipil working at Czech Technical University but I cannot get in contact with him. Hope to hear from someone soon.
email: Don Vtipil - - Posted 04 January 1998

I am trying to find anything before my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Michal Palko born about 1860. Married Anna Balentrcath. Lived in Bravica and in Marhon. They had 7 or more children. Johannes, Michael, Andrej, Helen, Anna, James and Mary. Johannes M. Palko born 1882. Married Anna Babinchak born 1888. Johannes was born near Marhan, Austria (North of Presov). After WWII their homeland became Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia? The family lived during the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph and the feudal system I'm told. Michal was a carpenter and built grist mills for the "lord" on the estate. One mill was on the Topla River and was constructed entirely of wood, even the gears. Descendants of Michal number over 300 in the United States. Helen, James and perhaps 2 other siblings remained in Marhan.
email: John Seymour - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: MARTINEK
The Martinek family is from South Central Bohemia. Villages include Chmelna and Pravonin. Have information back to early 1700's on some parts. Interested in sharing data.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching the Schebel, Schiebel, Schiebl, Schebl, and Schibl names. I am searching for information about my ancestors and about the family name history. My Ancestors supposedly migrated from Bavaria / Swabia to german speaking parts of Moravia. They lived in Ruprechtov (Rupprecht), County Wischau and moved to Prosetsch, County Blansko in approximately the 1807 time frame.I am also interested in ancestral history of Ruprechtov or other places in Moravia where they could live. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Ladislav - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching gggrandmother Maria Kasparis (Mary Ellen Kasparides) born in Prague. First husband Lugurg Cisek (Czek); dau. Emma born Hartford, Ct. 1879 & 2 sons. Second husband Jacob Metzger; son William, daus. Nell & Lena born Springfield, Ma. Maria died 1926 in Springfield. Anyone have any of these names in their background?
email: Bill Sabo - - Posted 03 January 1998

I am looking for information on my ancestors: Moritz Brichta came from Zilina. Mayer Liestany and his wife Hannah Furst were from the Moravia area I believe.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: ROSOL
I have been trying to do research the Rosols. My father says that his father was born in Poland and came to the U.S around 1900. Is it possible that my grandfathers family is really not Polish? We have had a hard time trying to trace the origins of our family. Is this the site that perhaps can help in this project? Any help would be a great help.
email: John D. Rosol -
Karvakintu@AOL.COM - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: PAJESTKA
Grandmother was 4 yrs old when she left the old country. Grandfather Karol Pajestka was 18yrs old when he left Poland. Looking for any possible relatives. Do not have a lot of family history.
email: Monica Drake - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching Woodwaski & Muscha surnames from Bohemia. Any information will be appreciated!
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Searching for Descendents of Adam Docekal of Prague area, born about 1850. Also looking for Joseph Konvalinka family of Scaliz, Bohemia, born Aug. 20, 1848. Four of his daughters emigrated to the USA about 1890/1900. Did he have any brothers or sisters?
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

I would like to post my name and information about my family in hopes that someone could give me information on some of my families still living in Czech. My name (maiden name) is Helen Vitek. My Grandparents name's (on my mother's side) were: Frances and Frank Zabodniak. My Father's name was Joseph Vitek. My mother had sister's named: Emily, Hattie, Mary, Frances, Lucy, and a brother named Joe. Joe had a son named Frank and a daughter named Irene. Please e-mail me about any information on my family. Thank you.
email: Helen Vitek (McGreevy) - - Posted 03 January 1998

My grandfather, born Joseph Masaryk in Strada in 1884. Surname spelling changed to Masarik by US immigration at Ellis island. I cannot locate the village of Strada, exactly in the pre-WW I maps of the regions. Looking for information as to any brothers, cousins, or uncles with same surname. Thank you.
email: Dennis Masarik - - Posted 03 January 1998

I am interested in the Lesikar (or Leshikar) family from Moravia. In Czech the name is spelled with a diacritical mark over the "s". Visit my home page at
email: Arnold V. Lesikar - lesikar@STCLOUDSTATE.EDU - Posted 03 January 1998

Trying to research Pavelec family from Louzna, Razim from Czech and then moved to Vienna, I think the same for Blaha. eventually moved to Chicago area.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: DRNEC
I'm reasarching the name Drnec. Ondrej Drnec was born 01/06/1762 in Prikosice. He was a farmer who lived at #192. Joseph Drnec emigrated to the United States when he was 19 years old. He lived the rest of his life in Chicago Illinois.
email: Michael J. Drnec - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching Pavelec from Louzna. Razim and Blaha from Czech then to Vienna, and eventually to Chicago.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: KANITZ
Searching for the Kanitz surname.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: SRAIL
Seeking info on Joseph Srail (b. 1883 Czech d. 1937 Chicago) from the village of Rokycany (abt. 15 Mil. E of Pilsen?).
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Searching for Johan Eichelhardt who left Moravia for England c1690, and to America c1710. Name may be Iglheart OR Iglehart. Had at least 2 sons. May have been a Count or Baron.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: WACKERLE
I know nothing about the name Wackerle. Is Wackerle a Czech name?
email: Donna Faye Wackerle -
halwac@SWBELL.NET - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: KASPAREK
I live in Grand Island, Nebraska. I am looking for any information about ancestors of Adolph Kasparek. We think he came from Czechoslovakia to Chicago, Illinois in the late 1800's. He had a son named Henry that moved from Chicago to Odell, Nebraska in the early 1900's. Any information would be appreciated.
email: Jim Kasparek - - Posted 03 January 1998

Moritz Reimer, son of Franz of Passek, Mor. and Josefa Klein of Reschen married Theresia Baier of Josef Bayer (d. louchka) and Cacilia Kreisel (dau of Josef Kreisel and Zazilia Kirshnerin) on 5/8/1871 in d. Loucka with children born in d. loucka: Moritz Karl-1/13/1871, Josef-12/28/1873, Karl-2/19/1875, and Edmund-9/7/1876. Josef Baier b. 12/17/1812 in Rybnicek to Josef Bayer and Klara Halbenhauer, dau. of Wenzel. Zazilia Kreisel b. 9/1/1821 in d. Loucka to Josef Kreisel and Zazilia Kirchnerin. Josef and Cacilia were married 11/26/1838 in d. Loucka. Dad Josef was from Ribnik and farming in Ujezd and Klara noted as from Ridec amd Cacilia Kirschner was noted as from Eulendorf. Josef and Cecilia's children: all born in d. loucka--Cacilia b. 10/25/1839, Josephina b. 1/27/1841, Anna Magdelena b. 5/2/1842, Maria b. 3/19/1844, Theresia b. 8/23/1845 d.?3/7/1917, Emilie b. 9/13/1849, Joseph b. 4/30/1851, Ambrose Hieronymus b. 5/29/1853, Emilie b. 5/7/1855 d.?12/31/1859, Wilhelm b. 9/3/1856 d.?9/11/1866, Rosa b. 11/12/1857 d.?4/30/1858, Ferdinand b. 4/8/1859 d.?12/31/1859, Rosa b. 3/6/1862, and Eduard b. 3/25/1864.. Philip Krestin of Johann Krestin of Sumvald and Magdalena Stoppel of Sumvald married Barbara Scimek of Joseph Schimek of Sumvald and Barbara Beil of Sumvald on 11/26/1827 in Sumvald. Their son, Nicodem (Nicolaus) was born in Sumvald 12/7/1828 and he married Anna Siegel of Johann Siegel and their children were all born in Sumvald: Marianna b 5/24/1857, Franzisk a b. 12/9/1858, Josefa b. 10/8/1860, Karl b. 9/22/1862, Magdalena Anna b. 7/22/1864. He then married Judith Krmela, widow of Johann Krmla and dau. of Josef Hecl of Svebohov and Anna Kordicek of Zvole. Their children were: Kristina b. 12/5/1867 and Hermina b. 9/30/1869. Nicodem became a widower again and returned to Sumvald and married again, possible Josefine Tschepp and need data on her. Karl Kreisel (son of Josef Kreisel of d. Loucka and Cacilia Kirchner of Eulenberg) married Josefa Kunz (dau of Karl Kunz of Pinkaute and Theresia Kober of d. Loucka) were married in Pinkaute on 2/16/1860 with all children born in d. loucka-Josefa b. 5/13/1860, Cacilia b. 4/20/1862, Anna b. 2/9/1866, and Walburga b. 3/13/1869. Johann Schoen b. 11/25/1858 in d. Loucka to Anton Schoen of d. Loucka and Anna of Josef Kreisel of d. Loucka and Cecilia Kirschner. Josef Schreiber of Oberlangendorf (son of Josef Schreiber of Chrises and Barbara Habermann of Mariakron) married Anna Bayer of Josef Bayer and Cacilia Kreisel (both of d. loucka) in d. loucka on 8/16/1870. Their children were born in either unter or oberlangdorf: Joseph b. 9/24/1871 (Unter), Moritz b. 10/4/1873 (Ober), Theresia Hedwig b. 10/10/1875 Ober and d. 7/2/1876, and Eduard b. 5/19/1877. Would like to go further back in family history, as when first arrived in Moravia. Has anyone checked village chronicles of these villages as well as Brevenec to see if emigration out of villages is noted? what was going on in these villages as it appears there are large numbers of people moving out of this area for America 1875-1890 in relation to the population of the villages?
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

I am looking for relatives of my mominka ans tata. Mominka was Srefanie Pavlisova born at Olesa U Rakysane near Praha on September 11, 1896. My tata was born in Neroun on June 19, 1894. My mother came to the U.S. around May 2, 1920 and my dad arrived about 1915. My dad's name was Vaclav Palas.
email: Jo (Palas) Hrouda - - Posted 03 January 1998

I have numerous unlinked family groups with history in the Grodek / Hradek, Millikaw / Milikov, Jablunkov / Mosty u Jablunkova areas of Czech Republic in the 1880's. Numerous family groups have been discovered in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Minnesota, Illinios, Indiana, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Scotland, Germany, and Brasil. I am working on seven unlinked Chudek/Czudek family groups that will eventually tie together.
email: Robert Chudek - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: KABERN
Frank Kabern 1853 from Msene, Czecholovakia, krestni knihy sv.26 str.78 nro. exh 203, krestni knihy sv. 26 str. 132 nro. exh. 204 diplom frankisek kabrna 1862 cislo 71220.
email: - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: PETRZELKA
Looking for the Petrzelka family from Prague, CZ.
email: Phillip Wright - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: KOHEL
Trying to respond to the Kohel info and got a user unknown. How do I contact you.
email: Al Kohel - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: DUSPIVA
Looking for Frank Duspiva who left Bohemia by way of Austria in the 1860's or 70's. along with two other brothers.
email: Glenn W. Duspiva - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: BUKACEK
I am researching our family name of Bukacek which I believe is fom Moravia. If anyone has any information on Bukacek please contact me.
email: - - Posted 01 January 1998

I'm searching for information on my Grandmother, Mary Celovsky (Celoski) who was born in Czechoslovakia around the year 1890. Immigrated to the US and resided in Columbia county Mt. Carmel. Her fathers real name was Mendik before changing to Celovsky. He had married a lady from the village or town of Celova and therefore took the name of Celovsky.
email: Mary Ann White - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: SILAR
Vincence & Frantiska Silar left Cerme for the U.S. through Galveston, Texas and settled in New Ulxas and Industry, Texas about 1850. I am interested in information about their family in Cerme, Czechoslovakia before 1850.
email: Margaret Jenkins - - Posted 01 January 1998

I am researching the surnames of Gajdosik, Gaidosik, Kaspar, Kalarik and Kocurek. These families emigrated to the United States arriving at the Port of Galveston, Texas on / about June 1890. According to the minimal information available, these families originated in or around the town of Vsetin, primarily from Hostalkova & Hovezi. If you have any information, please contact me.
email: Frank Baethe - - Posted 01 January 1998

Jan Podhajsky was born in Bohemia in 1841. His father's name may have been Josef. His brother may also have been named Josef. Veronyka Jelik was born in Bohemia in 1844. Her mother's name was Anna. Her brother's name was George. Jan and Veronyka married. Their first child was Anna Helen, born in Czechoslovakia, 10 July 1867. Their second child was John, born in Osiko, Litomysl, Bohemia, 25 December 1869. Soon after, the family left for America. I would like information on parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins of Jan and Veronyka.
email: Gary Podhajsky - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: MOLACEK, VAVRA
I am searching for the ancestors of Anton Molacek born Prague Czech. 15 Jan 1852. He married Marie Katheryn Vavra born Morava Czech. 21 Oct 1854.
email: Victor Sarte - - Posted 01 January 1998

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