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Researching: ROZINSKY
Any information on surname Rozinsky and the town of Oroszkanya (Ruska Kajna) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any information.
email: Paul Rozinsky - - Posted 30 January 1998

Please try to find any information on my family name, which was Berdishy / Berdishey - than changed to Berdish on Ellis Island. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 30 January 1998

Researching: HARGABUS
All I know is it is Czech, my maiden name Hargabus. Anyone know anything about it?
email: Donna -
MoosezXqzd@AOL.COM - Posted 30 January 1998

Researching: PALAS, PAVLIS
Info on Cyril and Stephania Palas, left Olensa u Rakacin in 1920.
email: - - Posted 30 January 1998

Researching: PEJSA, PEJSHA
My paternal family originates from the Bohemia region in the current day Czech republic. I am interested in learning more about my family heritage. The surname is Pejsa. Sometimes it has been spelled as Pejsha. A brief synopsis of my family history back to Bohemia in the early 1880s. Me (Geof Pejsa), son of Raymond C. Pejsa, son of Charles Pejsa, son of Joseph Vaclav Pejsa, son of Joseph Pejsa (of Bohemia). Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
email: Geofrey Pejsa - - Posted 30 January 1998

I am attempting to locate living decendants in the Czech and Slovak Republics. My Paternal grandparents were John Frank Trn and Agnes (Pesek) Trn. Two sons, John George Trn and Martin Trn were born in Czechoslovakia. My maternal grandparents were Martin Cyril Slovak and Marie (Pavlatka) Slovak. I believe all came from around Velka nad Velickou in the current Czech Republic. My grandparents came to the US around 1920. The Trns first settled in Michigan and then Western Pennsylvania. The Slovaks settled in Western Pennsylvania. John F. Trn b. 14-Aug-1885; Agnes Pesek Trn b. 1889; Martin C. Slovak b. 26-Jul-1893.
email: Bob Trn - - Posted 30 January 1998

Am specifically looking for a Jewish link. Frank S. Soukup born Aug 14, 1866 in Brandejs Nad Orlici, Kraj Chrudim in Czech. Helena Chloboun or Hlebonova (have both spellings for last name) born Feb 24, 1870 in Jarosov, Okres Litomisl, Czech. They are my great-grand parents. They came to Iowa, Frank in 1869, and Helena in 1888.
email: - - Posted 30 January 1998

Researching: ROHLIK
Anton Rohlik was my grandfather and came to US around 1887 from Austria. He had a brother Franticek Rohlik who lived in Mezimosti near Veseli. My brothers and I wonder if we have relatives there. If so we will contact them and provide information on Anton and his descendants.
email: Hal Rohlik -
HalRohlik@AOL.COM - Posted 30 January 1998

Researching Albright, Burger, Butzer (or Putzer), Gakrth (or Garth), Goblirs, Grossman, Hartmann, Kraus, Kretchman, Manert, Metschnabel, Miller, Peierl, Sturm, Trompeter and Wagner. The above individuals are "linked" to the following villages in what was then Bohemia (now The Republic of Czechoslovakia) : Neuhdusel/Neuhdusl/Neuhdusler => Novi Domky; Tachau => Tachov; Piwana => Pnovany; Wesseritz => Bezdruzice; Pfraunberg/Pfrawenberg/Pfauumberg/Pfraneuberg => Primda; Gesna => Jezna; Roshaupt => Rozvadov; Wosant => Bazantov and Purschau => Porejov. I am a direct descendant of the "Butzer/Gakrth" linage and have data back to ab't. 1750 for this Family. I am seeking the birthplace of my Paternal Grandfather who may have lived in the Sudetenland (he later married a Gakrth in the United States who was born in Neuhdnsl, Bohemia). HIS surname was a variant of the present spelling of my surname (Swendner) and was *probably* spelled => "Gchwender or Gschwender" while in Europe, or some such variant. He "claimed" birth in Germany, but it was common practice for those residing in the Sudetenland to state incorrectly such information.
email: Bud Swendner - - Posted 30 January 1998

Researching: VONASEK, SMOLIK
My grandfather, Joseph Vonasek, settled in Chicao the year of the Great fire. We believe that me met and married my grandmother, Anna Smolik there. We understand that he came to America in some sort of sailing boat, and that the voyage took three months. Apparently, the boat ran short of provisions, except for rice. My grandfather never again in his life ate rice.
email: - - Posted 30 January 1998

My grandparents came to the US around 1912 or so. Her name was Anna Vodstrachil and she married Charles Kaplan. They were both from Bohemia. I'm not sure much about where they are from. They moved to Racine, Wisconsin in the US when they were in their teens. My Father went to a Bohemian School and was also an Interpretor in the US Army during World War II in and around Czechoslovakia. How do I go about finding more information about my Bohemian Heritage? Thanks.
email: Miles Wencil Kaplan Jr. - - Posted 29 January 1998

Researching: LEVY, JANSKY
I am interested in finding info on Jacob Levy. He was born in Ochess, Prauge, Bohemia in 1802. He married Josephine Jansky. They had 4 children: Martin b.1855, Mary b. abt 1858, Rose b. abt 1862, and Flora b. 1865. I cannot find the parents or siblings of Jacob. He came to the U.S. about 1868 or before. Any info would be helpful.
email: Ed - - Posted 29 January 1998

Researching: YUKL
Trying to find someone with the same name Bohemian or Czech ancestory. I remember as a little girl my grandmother had postcards from Prague around her house.. think they were destroyed when she passed on. If anyone has any information about this name please contact me soon as my Dad Ernest Yukl would love to hear something and he is 86 yrs. of age.
email: - - Posted 29 January 1998

Looking for any Johanik or Johanick. Let me know. I'm located in northern WI at present.
email: - - Posted 29 January 1998

Researching: FANTL, LEDERER
Any information about Henry Fantl or Veronij Lederer from Nepomuk (Bohemia) would be greatly appreciated.
email: Karl Manheim - - Posted 29 January 1998

Researching: ZLUTICKY
Searching for the family name Zluticky.
email: Thomas Grennes - - Posted 29 January 1998

Researching: MAZOUR
I am trying to find out the origin and region in czech. where my family is from. surname is Mazour. At one point they made there journey from Daweis Nebraska.
email: - - Posted 29 January 1998

Researching: KUBICEK, FERDIK
Charles Kubicek and Anna Ferdik were married 1902 Modlan Czechoslavkia.Anna born 1883 Kladno, Charles born 1876 Milcic, came to Cleveland Ohio 1913. Would like to hear from anyone researching the names.
email: Cindy - - Posted 29 January 1998

I am trying to obtain genealogical information (ascendants and descendants) about my great grandmother, Anna Piskac, born in Czechoslovakia (possibly Chotebor, Bohemia) between September 19, 1889 and September 18, 1890. She immigrated into the U.S. (probably in 1888) and apparently settled in Chicago, Illinois prior to September of 1909 (prior to age 19), probably with her other siblings (at least one sister, Emily) and their mother (name unknown). Anna was definitely living in Chicago, Illinois in September of 1909. Anna supposedly migrated from Illinois to Southern California (likely San Diego County) some time after September, 1909, probably with, or following, her mother and certain other siblings and neices/ nephews, and this was quite possibly around 1926-1927. She married and had children with Harry Mansfield, apparently staying in San Diego County after ~1926-1927, but I do not know whether she was married in Chicago (Cooke County, Illinois) or San Diego County, or which location the children were born in. Anna's sister, Emily (Piskac) Martin, lived in San Diego County (La Mesa) with her husband James ("Hap") Martin during a good part of the latter 20th century (both deceased at an elderly age during the 1980's), and had a daughter named Veronica ("Vera") Martin. Vera's married name was Fagundes. It is thought that Anna may have had an older sister (name unknown) who had a daughter named D. (probably Dorothy or Dorothea) (Piskac) Metzger who currently resides in Poway (San Diego County) and is in her 80's. She apparently has no children (she is still living). As an aside, Anna had a son, born 9/18/1909 in Chicago, Illinois, with Walter Perry Johnson, a Hall of Fame (1936 induction) baseball pitcher for the Washington, D.C. Senators. His location at son's dob was listed as Omaha, Nebraska, although this may not be true. They were unwed. The son was named Thomas Walter Johnson. He was raised by Anna's mother, around or with various cousins. He moved from Chicago to San Diego when he was 17-18 years of age, which would have been ~1926-27. At age ~19 (~1928), he married Kathleen Daisy Argo and had a daughter on May 30, 1932, Noreen Joan Johnson. Thomas died on October 31, 1971. No religious information is know, however, it is thought that it is not Catholic. Any information that could be provided on this family tree pertaining to the Piskac branch would be greatly appreciated. Please advise me as to whether you think this would be possible. She may have had a brother, Anton Piskac (born ~1888-9), who became well known in Czech circles as the Editor of the Hospodar, a Czech newspaper. Thank you for your assistance.
email: Deborah Crossman - - Posted 29 January 1998

Researching: SLAFKA
My surname is Slafka, but I don't know if that is an English spelling. My grandfather was born in a town called Dolho, or Dolha, but I do not know what country. He would have been born sometime in the late 1800's. Any information would be appreciated.
email: -
GSlafka@AOL.COM - Posted 29 January 1998

Researching: LIPTAK
I need info. on any & all Liptak decendants. Arrived in US, probably NYC about 1890.
email: Mark Liptak - - Posted 28 January 1998

Researching: PENSEL
According to her death certificate, Catharina Pensel was born on October 14, 1832 in Berg, Bohemia. She was the daughter of Michael Pensel. I am looking for more information about this family. I would also like information on Berg, Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 28 January 1998

Looking for Simerskey or Semersky information. The first Simerskey's in America are buried in Gonzales, Texas, coming here in 1898, Felipe and Maria. We think they came from Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 28 January 1998

Jaroslav Hocky born 4/27/1885 in Domousice, Louny district He was a barrel maker and came to the U.S. in about 1908. He had two nephews Josef Cepl born 3/27/1904 in Solopysky. He was a dentist with two small children at the start of WWII and was never from after 1944. the other was Joseph Pavolsky Also Jan Puncochar born 1846 wife Marie (?) Puncochar 1855 they lived in Studenec there are six by that name they owned or ran a flax farm. They came to the U.S. in the early 1900's 1903-1907.
email: -
JHASKY@AOL.COM - Posted 28 January 1998

Researching: JISKRA
For information regarding the Jiskra's of America contact me.
email: Don Jiskra - - Posted 27 January 1998

I am just beginning to search for my grandparents roots in Bohemia. They seem to have been located in these two towns: Dlouha Trebova: (the names following are for this town) My father, John Emil Machacek was born there 1902. Died in Canada 1970. Annie Stangler, his mother was born in 1876 there. Died in Canada in 1952. Frantisek Stangler, his maternal grandfather, 1834-1901 Born and died there. He may have come from Kreyci or Krijci. Terezie Cejnar (Cynar?), his maternal grandmother, born in 1853 there, married Frantisek Stangler and died in Canada in 1913. His maternal great grandparents were Anton Cejnar of Kolon and Victoria Machacek of Dlouha Trebova. The other town is Vermerovice; The people below lived in this town. Anton Machacek born there in 1873. Died in Canada in 1930. His father, Jan Machacek 1830-1917, son of Joseph Machacek. His mother, Filomena Moravic 1849-1908, daughter of Anton Moravec of Hospodaley (?) and Marie. If you can tell me where to begin, I would really appreciate it. I donot speak the language, but there ia a woman my husband works with from the Czech Republic that will translate for us.
email: Betty Burrows - - Posted 27 January 1998

Researching: MARAK
My father was Robert Joseph Marak (born 21 July, 1928) my grandfather was Peter Paul Marak Jr. I don't know much more than that (other than my father's death date). However, I do know my father's family came from Czechoslovakia.
email: Jean Marak-Clawson - - Posted 27 January 1998

Researching: STENO, STENOVA
Steno family from Kansas. I have been to small village near Brno (I think). Entire cemetary was Steno (or Stenova of course). I am a great, great grandchild. Currently living and working in Germany.
Michael-Laurence Meyer - Posted 27 January 1998

Researching: ROHLIK
Anton Rohlik was my grandfather and came to US around 1887 from Austria. He had a brother Franticek who lived in Mezimosti near Veseli. My brothers and I wonder if we have relatives there. If so we will contact them and provide information on Anton and his descendants.
email: -
HalRohlik@AOL.COM - Posted 26 January 1998

Researching: BUCHKO, BOBELLA
Have no information on this family, Know we came from Slovakia. Migrated to U.S.A. in early 1900's. Micheal Buchko, my grandfather, was in WWI, in the old country. Migrated to U.S.A. & worked in Pensylvania, then later moved to Gary, IN where he worked for US Steel. Charles Bobella, my grandfather, I only know her came here in early 1900's, lived in Linton, IN. & died in a coal mine accident. All I know he came from Slovakia. Any information on these names would be appeciated.
email: Joe Bobella - - Posted 26 January 1998

Frank S. Soukup born Aug 14, 1866 in Brandejs Nad Orlici, Kraj Chrudim in Czech. Helena Chloboun or Hlebonova born Feb 24, 1870 in Jarosov, Okres Litomisl, Czech.
email: -
Gray00@AOL.COM - Posted 26 January 1998

Anton Werner (from Arnultovice, near Nov Bor) was a glass-cutting master who came to Badalona (Barcelona, Spain) beetwen 1881-1885 with his husband Anne Fritsche (from Kamenick Senov). We'll acknowledge any information about these surnames in the area of Nov Bor.
email: - - Posted 26 January 1998

Researching: TATARKA
I don't know much about my ancestory and I am trying to find out. This is new to me so please help if you can. My surname, Tatarka, is from Czech, Slovakia area. I know I had some relatives in Ohio back in 1922 but that is all I know in
Mahoning, County. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Kerrie - - Posted 25 January 1998

Researching: TYRKAS
I am from Sydney. Looking for anyone following up the family name Tyrkas, origins are in Nove Dvory.
email: Geoff Hughes - - Posted 25 January 1998

Because I'm aware of the many changes in country boundaries; I'm asking for information from anyone recognizing these names. Anybit will help me to find a long-ago family for my Grandson!
email: Gramma K. aka Janice Kingirski - - Posted 25 January 1998

Family members were born in Moravia near Hostalkova. Vsetin and Hovezi came to the US between 1882 and 1896. John Gajdosik born 1836; Frank Gajdosik born 1869; Joseph Kaspar born 1836; Katherina Kocurek born 1851; Martha Kalarik born 1845. Galveston immigration records were destroyed. Searching for 10 years without success.
email: Frank Baethe - - Posted 25 January 1998

Researching: SVIKA, STIKA
Any information about the name Svika or Stika would be helpful.
email: - - Posted 25 January 1998

I am searching for any info about Komenda or Wanacek from Pilsen. Also any information about the Komenda name.
email: Jeff Komenda - - Posted 25 January 1998

My g-grandfather was Anton Novak, he immigrated to U.S. settled in Ohio. Baptism certificates shows parents as Jan Novak and Frantiska Dusek Novak. Grandparents as Tomas Novak and Katerina Kolar Novak and Frantisek Dusek and Petrana Krejci Novak. Certificate states lived at Studena. I belive his oldest son was born in czech. Any help would be appreciated. Especially location of Studena.
email: - - Posted 25 January 1998

Researching: KORANDO, AREMAN
Looking for Matthew Korando who came from Bohemia to America with his wife Katherina and three children. he later married Christine Areman. The spelling of the names may be wrong.
email: - - Posted 25 January 1998

Antonia (Anna) Kolosak (Kolas) married Ludwik Kendzierski ;and they lived in Pittsburgh,PA . Where they were born is a mystery I want to solve. If the names sound familiar, please e-mail me.
email: Janice Kingirski - - Posted 25 January 1998

Josefa Matschl was born Oct. 7, 1886 in Pleschen, Austria. Sister Theresia Matschl, brother, Alois Matschl. Parents Johann Matschl, born March 25, 1850 in Pleschen. Mother, Catharina Albrecht born in 1850 dies 1905. Please contact if you have any info on Matschls or Pleschen, Austria.
email: Mary Scott - - Posted 25 January 1998

My relatives have lived in Czech for about 300 years. The Greiner family (my grandparents) were sent back to germany during WW II. I have marrige certificates dating back to 1839 but cannot make out the name spellings very well. any info or correct spellings of these names is appreciated. my family resided in Milesice, okr. Prachatice and Shonberg, okr. Prachatice.
email: - - Posted 25 January 1998

I'm currently researching the Klaisner family. My Great grandfather Anton Klaisner b.3-6-1878-d. 5-3-1941 immigrated from Bohemia to Chicago. While in Chicago he met Josephine Ptacek b.7-11-1877-d.1-12-1923. and married. They had two sons Edward James Klaisner and George Klaisner. Joephine parent immigrated from Bohemia there neames were Frank Ptacek and Josephine Halik.I'm trying to discover what part of Bohemia they immigrated from. If you can help in any way it would be much appreciated.
email: Mark Klaisner - - Posted 24 January 1998

I'm researching the family Galla from Domazlice and Stankove Czech. Also the Fiat family from Pilsen. Associated name also in Matousek Rocycany, Czech. Looking for info on 1/2 brother of my gg grandmother Antonie Fiat. His name was John Stokr lived at Duchcova 93, Ladovitz, Czech. in 1910-1912. Dominick Galla born in Domazlice b ca 1840. Wife unknown. Perhaps a "Mrs. Miller" says a grandaughter, first name Dory b 1830 "Bohemia". Dominick had two sons Frank and Charles, also daughter Katherine. Frank born in Stankove Aug 13, 1864. All 3 eventually emmigrated to Chicago area 1885-90. Wife of Frank Galla was Antonie Fiat b. Dec 26, 1866 in Pilsen, the only child of Domicik Fiat and first wife who died when Antonie was a baby. She was raised by paternal grandparents. Dominick Fiat remarried and had son John with new wife. This son took the mother's last name Stokr (spelling?). Children born in Pilsen of Dominick and Antonie (Fiat) Galla: Frank, Theodora or Dorothea b. June 2, 1887. Emmigrated 1889 to Chicago on ship Rhaeria (spelling?). Close friend or relative Vaclav Provosnik of Rokycany wrote leters to the Galla family ca 1912. Would like to locate relatives.
email: Linda Sochnuk - - Posted 24 January 1998

My Great GrandFather was Franz Kaaden. He left Bohemia in the 1880s and travelled (emmigrated) to Australia. Here he married a Lena Rettig from (now Germany) and fathered many children. Of the eight three lived to become adults. His wife died and he re married. I have found people with the name Kaaden in Germany but they were sent out of Czechoslovakia at the end of World War II. They could give no more history. I have found Van der Kaadens in the Netherlands but had no information on their family history. The town of Kaaden as described in a 1911 encyclopedia is now called Kadan (with some accents that Ii cannot print). I cannot find any Kaadens in Europe. Did some people just take the town name as a surname prior to leaving or is it a real name?
email: Russell Kaaden - - Posted 24 January 1998

Researching: KOTSCHWARS
Information about Kotschwars in the Reichenberg, Gablonz, Freidland, Achia-Boehisch.
email: Terry Kotschwar - - Posted 24 January 1998

Researching: CINK
I am looking for information regarding the Cink family. My relative was Joseph Cink who immigrated from Bohemia. My information says he was born 5-4-1847 Village Chotend Plzen. I have a family history compiled by my Great Uncle Arthur Cink. He told his son Jerry that this Joseph had 3 brothers but when they immigrated, they split up and did not keep in contact, in case one was "caught" they wouldn't all be deported, as they did not know the law in the U.S. We don't have any information to support this. I know that this is the correct surname as my parents have been to the Czech Republic and have seen tombstones with this name.
email: Randy Cink - - Posted 24 January 1998

Researching: WENZEL, FREUND
My grandmothr's maiden name was Wenzel. My grandfather's name was Freund. They lived in Cunnersdorf by Lubow, Zitau in Germany . The Czech border is just behind the mountain which my father said he could see from his bedroom window.
email: - - Posted 24 January 1998

Researching: KOPETSKY
I am interested in finding out information about the family and the religious background of my grandmother, Frances Kopetsky, who was born in Iowa.
email: Ann Seaton - - Posted 24 January 1998

I am looking for information on my grandparents who emigrated to the U.S. from the Czech Republic around 1910. They settled in Little Bohemia in New York City. My grandmother's name was Rosa Stampfl. I believe her maiden name was Janosovitz. Grandfather was Frank Stampfl. His parents were Leonard Stampfl and Maria Slerbarz Stampfl. Any information would be welcomed. Thank you.
email: Kay McElrath - - Posted 24 January 1998

Trying to extend [into the past] the pedigree of my great-grandfather, Frank Holub [also Holop, Holup, Hollop] who was b. in Bohemia prob. Feb.14, 1850 [or Feb.14 1852]. His father was Martin Holub b. Bohemia in 1810 and d. Norman, Kewaunee Co., WI, in 1894. His mother was Josepha Holub [father was Adalbert Holub] b. Bohemia in 1813 and d. Norman, Kewaunee Co., WI, in 1888 [or poss. 1885]. Siblings of Frank Holub [from U.S. census] thought to be Joseph b. 1850, Anton b. 1854, and Albert b. 1856, all b. prob. in Bohemia. All came to America bef. 1870. Frank Holub marr (1) ca 1870 to Mary Arpin. Frank Holub d. 1941 in Fence, Florence Co., WI. I am puzzled as to their exact place of origin in Bohemia, though I have an original "tauf shein" presumably for Frank. It seems to show he was b. Feb. 14, 1850, at Rokitzan [present-day Rokycany??], Plzen, Bohemia, but other places also mentioned in "tauf shein" e.g. Castle at Liblin, Radminitzt, and St. Johann Nepomuk Church. Any help appreciated.
email: - - Posted 24 January 1998

Both sets of my maternal great-grandparents, Hanbousek and Novak, came from somewhere in Bohemia. ( The Hanouseks possibly in or around Prague.) Joseph Hanousek and wife Anna Penurah (or Ponurah--this is phonetic spelling only) came to Belle Plaine, IA in 1876 with child John, 3. They then had Emil, Frank, Anna and Charles, my grandfather. Charles was born 1883 but listed birthdate as 1880 on his marriage certificate to Emma Novak in 1902. They lived in Belle Plaine and Marshalltown, Iowa and had seven children, the oldest of whom was my mother, Sylvia Hanousek. I would like to connect with either Hanousek or Novak relatives and find out the ancestral locales in Bohemia, now Czech Republic. I live in Woodinville, a suburb of Seattle. When we visited Prague last year, we found 71 Hanouseks and countless Novaks in the phone book. Help!
email: - - Posted 24 January 1998

Researching: CABA, VENECEK
My ancestors Vaclav Caba and Josefa Venecek were married near Pisek approx 1861. Any information, please advise.
email: Frank Caba -
TABITHAASHLEY@MSN.COM - Posted 23 January 1998

I am researching my maternal grandfather's family. they were reported as coming from outside Prague. The oldest Malenky was Jan, or John in English. He was born in 1860 and died in 1931. He came over into the United States without his wife or children. He remarried in the United States to a Rodblaska and eventually settled in the western Pennsylvania. Five children were born to this couple: Andrej (Andrew), Zofia (Sophie), Pavel (Paul), Zuzanna (Susanna), and one more child. The second Jan (John Malenky) came over with his brother Michel (Michael), however, it is unknown if the mother came with them and later returned to Europe or never came at all. A daughter was born to the 2nd Jan Malenky and a Zofia (Sophie) Magera in Connecticut in the early 1900's. Her name was Irene. We are assuming the port they came in at was in Connecticut. All of the 2nd generation and their families also moved to western Pennsylvania where they found the elder Malenky. My grandfather was a younger brother of Irene Malenky. He inherited his father's and grandfather's name of Paul. (My grandfather married Rachel E. Ferringer). There were 7 children total in his family. The Malenky's are very confusing to follow. Many names were repeated throughout the generations, mainly Pavel (Paul), Mary, Zuzanna (Susanna), Michel (Michael), Jan (John), and Andrej (Andrew).
email: Cheryl Fenton -
FentonCE@FLAGLER.EDU - Posted 23 January 1998

Researching: PESCHKA
Searching Peschka. Known to have immigrated to USA in late 1800s.
email: Shirley Peschka - - Posted 23 January 1998

Seeking information about ancestors and living relatives with surname Klaudi; Claudi; Klaudy; Claudy or any variation thereof. Josef Klaudi (Chemical Engineer), my grandfather, emigrated to USA around 1909. He was the son of Josef Claudi (Chemiker in Prague) & Johanna Kritz. Also a Ritter Von (Karl Leopold) Klaudy former mayor of Prague, Member of Parliament & solicitor (children: Lidenko, Carl & Fritz). Johanna Claudi & Therese Claudi Roja, daughters of Josef & Johanna(ne: Kritz). Fritz Stein, son of Johanna Stein (ne: Claudi). Josefa Korn; George R. Klaudy; Karl Klaudy. Decendants of Martin Claudi, who migrated from Italy to Rudolfstadt around 1768. I have a photocopy of a hand written family tree sent to my father sometime in the 1960's from a Jana Klaudi or Stein living in Zurich, Switzerland. Willing to share information.
email: Leopold C. Klaudi Jr. - - Posted 23 January 1998

I am looking for info on Jpseph Hudecek, parents were Jacob and Teresa Hudecek. Joseph was born about 1858 in Bohemia. Need info about siblings, when he or family came ot US, village their from in Bohemia etc. Joseph settled in Omaha NE and married Frances Swoboda in 1887. They had 8 children Frank was my grandfather. Any info would be helpful.
email: - - Posted 23 January 1998

Researching: TLUCEK, ZLY
My father was born in Mistek to Alois Tlucek and Mary Zly in 1906 and am wondering if any relatives by either name live in Moravia today.
email: - - Posted 23 January 1998

Researching: CERNIN
I'm researching my family history, and according to my grandmother, her grandfather's name was Cernin. Growing up she heard stories that her family once lived in a palace (I assume Cernin Palace?). Her grandfather immigrated to the United States in the 1800's and settled in Iowa. He married a girl named Anna, but it's not clear whether he married her before or after immigrating. My grandmother also wasn't clear whether it was Anna or her grandfather whose last name was Cernin, but she believed it to be my grandfather. Thanks a lot to anyone that can help me! I really appreciate it!
email: - - Posted 23 January 1998

Jan Oborny was born 1801 in Znojmo Studenec in the province of Moravia and he married Frantiska Kubista. His son is Frankisek Oborny was born February 2, 1830 and died February 15, 1893, Wilson, Colfax County, Nebraska, U.S.A. Frankisek married Josefa Chiba in Czechoslovakia. Maria Oborny was born March 25, 1823, Domaslavica, Tesin Ceskv, Czechoslovakia and her father was Josef Oborny. Barbara Oborny was born 1808, Domaslavica, Tesin Ceskv, Czechoslovakia and her father was Johann Oborny. Joannes Oborny (male) married Anna Chrobakova (female) January 28, 1845, Tesin Cesky, Czechoslovakia. Marie Oborny (female) married Jan Krtitel Fiza (male) January 25, 1843, Tesin Cesky, Czechoslovakia. Please help me finding more info of these above, and I am willing to share what I have. Thank you for your time.
email: Joe Oborny - - Posted 23 January 1998

Interested in learning more about the Kulik, Jonas, Dlouhy, and Holec names.
email: - - Posted 23 January 1998

Researching: FLODR
I am looking for information regarding my ancestors. My name is Roman Flodr born in Kyjov, 26, May, 1960. My father is still alive, Frantisek Flodr, born in Zdrava Voda okres Hodonin on 12/7/1931. His Father was Alois Flodr. My question is were family name Flodr comes from? To my knowledge it is a local name to Jizni Morava and not very common to rest of Czech Republic.
email: Roman Flodr - - Posted 23 January 1998

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