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Looking for ancestors related to Frantisek Mynarz and Babora Michshana from the Horni Terlicko, Novy Jicin District (near Ostrava), born in mid-1800's. Also, Joseph Janacek and Frandiski (Mary) Urlicha from Celakovic and Mandrsajd, Czechoslovakia. Anna Skala married John Janacek and immigrated to the US in 1913. Also, Anton Dvorak (Kralvich, Czechoslovakia) and Anna Stochove (Celakovic, Czechoslovakia - born mid 1800's. The parents of Bohmuslav Dvorak were from Samechov Military District Kutna Hora, Czechoslovakia.
email: Woody Minar - - Posted 27 April 1998

Searching for correct Horka where Helen Becickova (b. Feb 26, 1874, d. Jan 20, 1931in USA) was from, and information about her parents, siblings, and grand parents. Also any information on Frantisek Elias of Policky (Moravia?) (b. approx 1845, d approx 1910 in USA) would be of great help. Unknown are exact birthdate, parent names and dates, siblings, etc.
email: Bob Elias - - Posted 29 April 1998

Researching: OTRUBA, HUBA
I am interested in finding out where the Otruba and Huba families were originally from. I know that a branch of the Otruba family emigrated in the 1920s and ended up in Western PA and later upstate NY.
email: - - Posted 29 April 1998

Researching: SCHRINER
(German translation of Bohemian name?) My grandfather was of Bohemian descent and was born in Prague,Bohemia in October 21, 1870 . I know his father was a stone mason and he had 2 brothers, Charlie and Jacob. The only thing different about this search is that my grandfather's surname was Anton Frank Schriner. However, "Schriner" is German. He took the name because when he was 10 years old his mother sent him away after his father died to Germany. He worked in a German flour factory for 2 years and then came to America in 1882 to live with his mother's brother, a baker in Chicago, and learn the trade. What I don't know is his real name. I know it means "stone mason" in Bohemian, as does "Schriner" in German. The reason for his deception was because of a war that was about to break out in Bohemia. His mother did not want him there. He migrated from Chicago to Nebraska later and that is where he met my grand mother. If anyone has any idea how I could trace him please let me know.
email: Candy - - Posted 29 April 1998

Researching: PEKAR
I am seeking information concerning my great-grandfather who immigrated to the US in the late 1800's. He was approx. 12yrs old and came with his sister Margaret, brother Paul, and stepbrother Michael. He said he came from Prague. However, we have no direct info and are looking for any help in finding a Pekar family in Slovakia or the Czech Republic.
email: Garnett L. White - - Posted 29 April 1998

I am researching Joseph Seidl born 2 Sep 1857 to Wolfgang Seidl and Maria Ann Braun in Rothenbaum, Bohemia. Rothenbaum was later renamed to Cervene Drevo, Czechoslovakia.
email: - - Posted 29 April 1998

I am trying to help my mother trace her Bohemian roots. The family name of her grandparents is BOLECH. Vaclav was born in Sept. or Oct.1845 in or near Prague, emigrated to USA through New York and settled in Chicago. He died 6/28/24, and is buried in Chicago in the Bohemian National Cemetery. His wife, Rozalie (maiden name Rosa or Roza) was born Sept 1845 also near or in Prague, came to USA through New York and then to Chicago where she married Vaclav. She died 1/15/1918 in Chicago and is also buried in the Bohemian National Cemetery. She spoke no English. My brother remembers seeing a naturalization paper for Vaclav but it is lost now. Vaclav and Rozalie were married in Chicago and had several children: Mary or Marie (b. 1876 d. 1928 married Kudrna), Helen (d. 1946 married Frank Whiting), Rudolph, Anastazia (married Budds), Rose (b. 3/21/1891 d. 6/1977 married Thomas or Henry Smith), Katherine (married Damiani) and 2 who were stillborn or died as babies (Vaclav, Jr, and Baby Bolech b./d. 1886). The children were born between 1875 and 1891. I assume they were Catholic. Also the cemetery records show that Vaclav sold part of his cemetery lot to the Strobel family, so maybe they were relatives.
email: Pam Hunt - - Posted 27 April 1998

Looking for the Melichars from Prachatice and the Stastnys from Brno.
email: Monika Stastny - - Posted 27 April 1998

I am looking for information regarding Joseph A Mertl, my great-grandfather, born 4 March 1830, near the city of Prague, Austria-Hungary. He married Katherine Cerney/Czeriney/Cheriney, born October 1833, near the city of Prague. Her father was William Cerniary. They came to the United State by ship and landed in New York. They then made their way to Gasconade County, Missouri where they purchased land in 1867. Their first two children Frank A. born 7 April 1863/64 and Mary A. born in 1866 were born near the city of Prague. Any information would be most appreciated. Thanks.
email: Helen Meyer - - Posted 27 April 1998

Researching: PAVELEC
Looking for information about pearl button maker Vaclav Pavelec who came to the U.S.(New York City) in the 1880s from Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 27 April 1998

I am looking for information on Bohemian ancestors who lived in the village of Lidmovice, Czechoslovakia near the German border. Family names were Marie Dunooska or Dunovska, Vaclav Dunovsky, Katerina Kuba, Mateje Kuba. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 27 April 1998

Researching: KRALICEK
I would like information on Wesly (Vaclav) Kralicek.
email: Frank Kralicek -
kralicek@flash.nt - Posted 22 April 1998

My Grandmother was Katrine Kavitsky who was born in Krynie, Bohemia around 1880. She married Martin Yurichek from Austria around 1900 in Bohemia. Martin Yurichek was born around 1874. They had 2 children in Bohemia. They moved to New York City in early 1900's and had 2 more children. That is all the Bohemian history of the family that I know. I'd be enormously happy to learn more.
email: John M. Yurrick - - Posted 22 April 1998

Researching: IMMERGUT
I am looking for the family of Philip Immergut. He came to America around 1876 and settled in New York City. He was married to Rosa Steiner and they had five children. Philip was born in Bohemia, possibly Radnitz. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
email: Beatrice Scheideberg - - Posted 22 April 1998

Researching Talaska. I have a George Talaska who sailed on the ship Bremen in May 1873 for America thru Hamburg. He was 19 at the time, born 1854. He was listed as from Bohemia. He might be my Great-grandfather. He may have had brothers in Minnesota but he ended up in Alpena, Michigan and eventually became a farmer in Posen, Michigan. He was suppose to have been a tailor as well. Any help out there.
email: Brian Talaske - - Posted 22 April 1998

Researching: SCHUBERT
My grandfather Wilhelm Schubert, born 1873 in Gurnstorff (or Gunsdorf?), Am Steingrund, district of Freiwaldau, emigrated to Vienna around the turn of the century. I would be happy to obtain any information about relatives.
email: Harald Hick - - Posted 22 April 1998

Researching: PROS
I am searching for any information on the Pros family name. They came from Bohemia to Omaha, Nebraska in the 1880's.
email: - - Posted 21 April 1998

Researching: KRHOVSKY, JANCA
Joseph J. Krhovsky married Anna Janca in Horni Nemchi between 1900 and 1908. Looking for any info as part of family search.
email: - - Posted 21 April 1998

I am trying to get any information on any relatives with the Pomajzl, Brchan, and Slapnicka surnames. Mike (Vaclav) & Veronica Pomajzl left Bohemia around 1862 with 5 boys, Frank, Joe, Anton, James, & Mike, & 3 girls, Mary, Veronica, & Anna. Frank, my Great Grandfather on my Father's side, eventually settled near Wilber, Nebraska, USA. My Grandmother on my Mother's side, who was a Slapnicka, was married to Adolph Brchan. They also settled in the Crete/Wilber, Nebraska, USA area. Any info from the Czech Republic or stateside would be greatly appreciated.
email: Sandi Looking Elk - - Posted 21 April 1998

Researching: SEIDL, BRAUM
I am looking for information about Joseph Seidl born 2 Sep 1857 to Wolfgang Seidl and Maria Ann Braum. He was born in Rothenbaum, Bohemia which was later renamed to Cervene Dravo, Czechoslovakia.
email: - - Posted 21 April 1998

Searching for Batek, Jirik, Sedlaczek, Korinek, Rafesi, Zuendler and Kuehler mainly from Nova Bystrice and Pocatky area in Bohemia. Any info would be appreciated. Visit our web page
email: Peter Batek - - Posted 21 April 1998

Searching for Politzer, also spelled Pulitzer or Policzer and for Politz. Family originary from Pulicka Moravia, but later moved on to Mikulov (Nikolsburg), with a secondary centre in Mako (Hungary). Interested mainly in obtaining information from XVIII and XIX century. My own ancestor moved from Nikolsburg to Mako, probably in late XVIII century and his son Bernard Politzer lived in Cenad (Csanad) today Romanian Banat.
email: - - Posted 21 April 1998

Researching: HOMOLOVA
I am trying to obtain some information on the family name Homolova. A friend now live's in Canada, and she is from the city of Ostrava. Any information would be appreciated, Thank you for your time!
email: Terry Jones - - Posted 11 April 1998

Researching: PAVUK
I would like to search the genealogy of Andrew Pavuk, who came to this country in 1901 from an unknown location. He settled in western Pennsylvania, in Mt. Pleasant, later moving to Farrell PA.
email: M. Pavuk - - Posted 04 April 1998

Researching: REZNY
I am interested in obtaining any information on the Family Rezny in/near Bohemia in the late 19th/early 20th century, especially movements overseas. I am considering doing a central tree of the family, if anyone is interested in helping.
email: Bob Rezny - - Posted 04 April 1998

Researching: ORZECHOWSKI
Looking for any information on the Alexander and Albina Orzechowski family who immigrated to the United States around 1901 and settled in Kingston,Pennsylvania.
email: B. Maddox - - Posted 04 April 1998

Researching: PICH, PICK
I am researching the line of Joseph "Joe" Pich and Barbara, the parents of Katherine Therese Pich, Marie Pich, and John Pich. (Their name was alternately spelled "Pick" on various documents.). The family moved from Bohemia through New York and settled in Burns, Harney County, Oregon, prior to 1915. Katherine is listed as having been born in a town called Ostra Lhots in Bohemia. If you have any further info or would like info on the above people, please contact me.
email: Lisa Hayashi - - Posted 04 April 1998

My Great-Grandmother Marie Eberl was born 26 June 1887 in Konigreich to Antonia Kassel and Josef Eberl. She had brothers, Josef, Karl, Antoine, and Kristof. I am looking for any descendants of these people. My Great-Grandfather, Josef Bidlo, was born to Jakub Bidlo and Frantiska Valinska in 1873 in Redice. Velinsky and Katerina Valentova are parents of Frantiska Velinska. Vaclav Bidlo and Katerina Hyskove are parents of Jakub Bidlo. Josef Bidlo had a brother, Franz. I am also looking for descendants of them. These seem to be tiny, tiny towns so I don't have much hope. But let me know if you have any information! Thanks!
email: Colleen McGhee - - Posted 04 April 1998

Seeing information on the above surnames, all of which settled in the Omaha Nebraska area beginning about l859. They originated from Bohemia and Moravia.
email: Carol Ponec - - Posted 04 April 1998

Looking for info on Kaderabek, Hornak, Burant, Strnad, Cukr, Mandelik. All arrived in the US from Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1872 & 1895. We understand that "Burant" may not have been the original family name, but a derivation of the name of a river in Bohemia. Any help with such a river would be appreciated. All originally settled in the Cleveland Ohio area.
email: Jim Burant - - Posted 04 April 1998

I am looking for the last name Lipyanic or Strihorviski. My grandfather was Matthew John Lipyanic he came over on the boat from Czechoslovakia about 1888. My grandmother Irene Strihorviski, came over 1 year later. They were then married and lived in Allentown Pa. I am looking for any family we may have still living there. Thank You Very Much.
email: - - Posted 04 April 1998

Researching: SEBIK
I am looking for the name Sebik. Anyone with any information can contact me.
email: Alexander Sebik - - Posted 04 April 1998

Researching: STARITZ, RUTTE
I am looking for information on Mary and Wenzel Staritz. Mary had two brothers, Wenzel and Josef Rutte, who emigrated to Wisconsin in the 1870's or 1880's. She had four children, Ernest, Josef, Wenzel and a fourth child. She came from Gross Blatzen (German name) or the Czech name of Blatce.
email: - - Posted 03 April 1998

Searching for Mares, Matous, Hartle, Frank and Showlova from the villages of Zdic, Chodoun, Cernin, and Jeckovice.
email: - - Posted 03 April 1998

Researching: TARENT, HOEM
Would like information on a Joseph Tarent born in Bohemia 3/1858, married Antonia Hoem born 1856 . Emmigrated to Chicago around the turn of the century. Had 4 children Anton 1893 to 1959 Marie 1895 , Ann, and Josephine. Marie was my grandmother. They owned a tailor shop in Chicago until moving to a farm in Indiana sometime in the 1920's.
email: Cliff Berger - - Posted 03 April 1998

Researching: SHIMALA
I have just started searching, so I don't have a lot of information. The name I am researching is Shimala, Frank and Veronica. I have no village name yet. Thank you for your help.
email: Kathy Shimala - - Posted 03 April 1998

Josephine Bunata and Mr. ??? Kose were born in Kutna Hara, Bohemia. They came to the US (NYC) in 1863 and married. Their daughter, Emma Kose, married Charles W. Hlavac in NYC in 1886. I don't know what village my Great Grandfather (Charles) came from. I believe Hlavac's mother was Fanny Prochazka (died NYC 1889). Emma Hlavac remarried John Fica, who may have come from Moravian Bohemia.
email: Sheila Biles - - Posted 03 April 1998

Please help a novice looking for ancestors of Joseph Kouba and wife, Anna Dvorak, who were married in 1865 and emigrated to the US in 1895 with 3 children. Joseph was born in 1829 in Zharachovista, son of Aodandre Je Kouba and Anna Rosena Nemec. Anna Nemec was the daughter of Vaclava Nemec of Zborovia. Anna Dvorak was born 7/24/1833 in Kojakovice, daughter of Jan Dvorak. Jan was the son of Frontiska Dvorak. Anna's mother was Kathryen (Katherine) Cuta, daughter of Simona David, who lived at Hrochovist #25. Jan's second wife was Johony Rozina Divoky Shemarek. Anna's Godparents were Franticek and Barbara Novatny (Novotny). Where do I start? Thanks for your help.
email: Berni Donnelly - - Posted 02 April 1998

Researching: ALEVA
I am having a hard time finding information regarding my last name. I have been told it has not been shortened. Can anyone help?
email: Geoff Aleva - - Posted 02 April 1998

Researching: CODEK
I am trying to locate anyone that knew or knows of descendents of Stanislav Codek. He lived in Prague during World War II. He was married and, I believe, had one son. I know that he might have come to America during or after the war. The address that I have was last used in 1948. It is: Stanislav Codek, 1 Listopadu 806 or 804, Prague, Czechoslavakia. Any information would be extremely helpful.
email: Sara Blersch - - Posted 02 April 1998

Researching: PESOUT
My mother came from the village of Chotebor in Bohemia. Her maiden name was Frances Pesout. I would appreciate any information regarding the Pesout family in Chotebor.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1998

Researching: KOSMATA
I am from the Czech Republic and I am searching for anyone with the Kosmata surname. This name is originally from Southern Bohemia and is not common. I found that there might be Kosmatas in America. I had never heard that some of my ancestors moved to America, so it would be a great surprise for me to find relatives on the opposite side of the earth.
email: Pavel Kosmata - - Posted 02 April 1998

Looking for family of Albert Klicpera, b. 4/07/1877, in Bohemia, m. Marie Svoboda in 1909. Marie was born 3/31/1885 in Podebrady. Moved to USA in 1909. Marie had a sister, Frances. Albert had two brothers, Joseph and John, who both lived in Bohemia as of 1942. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1998

Looking for information on surnames Bohac from Kraji Taborskem; Kolka, Ptacek and Bocinsky from Klenovice; Dusek from Prptivin (near Pisek); Sedlacek from Cernysovice; Havel from Sudomerice; Habard, Mysenec, Posedel, Vesely, Hrastel and Krughel, unknown home city. All came to US during the 1870s and 1880s and most settled in Chicago, some in North Judson, Ind., Krughel/Hrastel families in Iowa.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1998

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