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Researching: KASPAR
I am searching for information regarding my grandfather, Frank Kaspar. He may have lived near or around Janovice, Czech Republic. He immigrated to the U.S. around 1904 and settled in the Minneapolis, MN area. I am looking for other Kaspars or others who may have also lived in the Janovice/Klatovy area. I am also searching for Kaspars that may be still living in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.
email: Kristin Kaspar - - Posted 26 May 1999

Researching: ZOMACK, CZOMACK
I am researching the surname of Zomack. An alternate spelling would be Czomack. Specifically I am looking for information on a John Zomack, born March 1890. Thanks.
email: Brad Dehoney - - Posted 26 May 1999

I am looking for information regarding the following persons: Frank Bily, b. 22 Jul 1876 vic. Plzen, Czechoslovakia (Bohemia). He immigrated through New York, circa 1898, with brother or uncle. Father's name James and mother's name was Mary Bartusek. Mary Minarik (b. 8 Dec 1881) was married Feb 1902, location most probably Illinois/Ohio/Indiana. She settled in Iowa. Mary Bartusek's father's name was John and her mother's name was Barbara Zika. If you have any information or questions, please please respond.
email: - - Posted 26 May 1999

I am interested in knowing if anyone knows anything about the towns or villages of Strebomislic and Strelohostice. They are in the Czech Republic. According to their citizenship papers, that is where my grandparents came from around 1903-1905. The family names are Soukup and Roubal or Roubalova.
email: Shirley Heaton - - Posted 26 May 1999

Researching: DLOUHY
Researching the above surname, specifically the son of Clarene Dlouhy and grandson of Vincent Dlouhy.
email: - - Posted 26 May 1999

Researching: DUSEK
Would like any info on Frank Dusek, born in Usti Nad Orlici, Czechoslovakia, about Jan 1881. He became a U.S. citizen on Jan. 4, 1923 at the age of 42. He had a brother, Vaclav Dusek, and a sister, Maria Dusek Toman, who lived in Vienna, Austria.
email: - - Posted 25 May 1999

Researching: SIPLA
I am researching the above surname, which has a Hacek^ over the "S" and is pronounced "Shipla". My friend would like any information on his family name please.
email: Ian Beadle - - Posted 25 May 1999

My ancestor, Matthew SLAVIK, and wife, Frances Masik Dudek, had nine children: Antonio, Anna, Vincent, Anna II, Rosa, Frantisek J., Vaclav, FaK., Bessie, born between 1856-1870. Antonio was born in Bohemia. I am not certain about the other places of birth. Antonio married Antonin Hladik in Nebraska in 1882. Interested in locating other people researching this line and parents of Matthew Slavik and Frances Masik Dudek.
email: - - Posted 25 May 1999

How do I locate August 1997, Czeching out Our Ancestors information on Rudolph Klofanda and Celia Nehoda? This couple were my maternal great, great grandparents. Any help would be appreciated. I tried tracing the Klofanda name in Prague and was told it was very unusual and there were no listings. I have a few names back to a town called Sedliska (sp? Could be C with hacek). My grandmother was Vlasta Irma Klofanda, b. Racine, WI.
email: Nancy H. Cole - - Posted 25 May 1999

My family surnames from Benetice, Moravia and surrounding areas are: Urban, Navratil, Kremlacek, Koukal, David, Lstovick, Kotrbova and Stejskal. My family surnames from Veseli Nad Moravou, Moravia and surrounding areas are: Hostynek, Moskalsky, Holas, Kopecky, Blazek, Prachar and Rokos. My family surnames from Kublov, Bohemia and surrounding areas are: Mencl, Jirasek, Macak, Cermak, Zima, Sebr, Kopec, Pavlise, Preisslera, Prus, Spot, Elznic, Broz, Mrazek and Kozlera. I would be happy to hear from anyone interested in exchanging information on any of these surnames.
email: Ms. Sid Sorenson - - Posted 25 May 1999

I am researching the above surnames. Thank you!
email: Mary Adams - - Posted 24 May 1999

Researching: MANAK, PRASEK
Hi. I found this website when visiting another website. I didn't even know it existed but I'm glad I found it. I am looking for information on the following surnames: Manak, & Prasek. My great-great grandfather was Frank J. Prasek, born about 1872 in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. He was married to Josepha Jurach. They came with their children to Lavaca County, Tx, sometime after 1904, from Czechoslovakia. I have family information dating forward from then, but tracing back from then has been a problem. Hopefully someone out there will have a link.
email: Patricia Bastian - - Posted 24 May 1999

Researching: RIHCEK, RIHACEK
Searching for family Rihcek, arriving after 1905,from Bohemia. Frank and Magdelein Rihacek settled in Toledo Ohio. Thank you in advance for any help.
email: - - Posted 24 May 1999

Researching: SVATY
Searching for descendants of Anton Svaty.
email: - - Posted 24 May 1999

Researching: NOVASOD
I am interested in locating relatives in the Czech Republic, which may be from the Prague area. We do not know if the name is still used.
email: Amy Mogonye - - Posted 24 May 1999

Researching: BANICK
I am looking for relatives of my grandfather or any info on Joseph Michael Banick born Feb. 2, 1901. If you have any info please contact me. Thank you very much. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 23 May 1999

Am researching the Frantisek and Marie Vilimovsky family from Bohemia, who immigrated to Chicago. Marie died in Chicago and left eight children and Frantisek then married Anna Veverka (Tesarek) and moved to Cicero, IL. They had a child, Henry. Any little bit of information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 23 May 1999

Researching: ZIKES, DRDA
I would like to post the names, Wenceslas Zikes, born mid 19th century in Pilsen, and Mamie Anna Drda, again...mid century, somewhere in Bohemia. I know that they moved to Vienna, and that Wencelas was a shoemaker. Their Descendants settled in the Denver Colorado area near the turn of the century.
email: Patrick Moore - - Posted 23 May 1999

This family came from around Prague, Krosolesi u Kosetice or Naceredec. My grandmother was married to Jan Benes. Her maiden name looks like Lirnek or Jirnek, first name Jennie Coc, both from same area. Both were born around 1879. They were in Chicago approx l900 to 1906. Jan must have died around 1905, after fourth dau was born and Jennie Benes remarried on marriage license as Jennie Rose, widow of Benish , to a Thomas Bray. This is certainly not much to go on. All are deceased and I have just started to research. Thank You.
email: - - Posted 23 May 1999

Researching: BARCAK
I am looking for information on my mother's family in Osturna, Czechoslovakia. My mother's maiden name was Barcak and she immigrated to Canada around 1927. If anyone has any information, I would be pleased to hear from you.
email: Nadia - - Posted 23 May 1999

Researching: HERCIK
I need info. on the Hercik family, preferably a Lod Hercik, who invented the car bumper and the pump used in open heart surgery.
email: - - Posted 22 May 1999

I have information on Frank Prachar, from Seponce, Kraj, Chrudimsky, Cechach, born Nov. 1849, Bohemia, died May 27, 1906 in Chicago, Ill., USA. He immigrated to US in 1881. He married Katerina Kouba in Bohemia. Children Mary and Josef born there, children Frank, James M., Anna, John and Edward were born in USA. Also looking for information of John Kouba, including birthplace in Bohemia, or any other info. He was b. June, 1862, Bohemia, immigrated to USA 1878, lived in Cedar Rapids Iowa til his death in Aug. 1931. He married May 1885 to Anna Helen Chermak in Marion, IA. John immigrated with brother Frank, and sister Anna. Sister Katerina came separately. Brother Adolf stayed in Bohemia. They were Catholic. Their mother's name given variously as Magdalena, or Barbara, Brozek. Their father's name has been documented variously as Wencil, Francis, Frank, or John. Early information is sketchy, and uncertain, as if he wanted to obscure his past. Any information appreciated.
email: John R. Farley - - Posted 22 May 1999

I am looking for distant relatives with names of Blatny, Wachal and Hamata.
email: Steven Taylor - - Posted 22 May 1999

Researching: HEFERT
I am looking for my g grandfather who came to America from Bohemia. His name was Anton Hefert. I have his naturalization papers and death certificate that say he came from Bohemia, no town listed. Is the name Hefert common to a certain area in Bohemia? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: DeAnne - - Posted 22 May 1999

My name is Denise Kratochvil Mouring. My grandparents were Stefan Kratochvil, b. 12/8/1889, Hasprunce, d. 5/16/39, Baltimore, and Helen Orlik, b. 8/16/90, Studonka, d. 12/3/77, Baltimore. Her parents were Stephen Orlik and Elizabeth Mozne. Helen had a sister named Julia who married someone with the last name Hruz. They came to Baltimore in about 1914. Stefan's sister, Helena, also came to Baltimore, where she married Josef Bisasky. I have information on most of the family of my father's generation but not much before. I am looking for any information anyone might have. Thank you.
email: Denise Kratochvil Mouring - - Posted 22 May 1999

Researching: HAGER
Our family name is Hager. Our grand parents were Joseph and Rose Hager. My father's first cousin was Frank Hager, who survived WWll, in thier hometown of Kuty. I would be interested in hearing from anyone from that region. Thank you.
email: Robert Hager - - Posted 21 May 1999

Researching: OLIVERIUS
We can trace my family back to the 1600's in Bohemia. My Father came from a village outside Praha. We think that the family before the above date, came from England.
email: Charles J. Oliverius - - Posted 21 May 1999

Researching: FERKO
I am a second generation Ferko, born in America. I am looking for any information available. My grandfather was John or Feddor Ferko. He resided in the coal regions of Carbon County Pennsylvania and must have come to USA before the 1900's.
email: - - Posted 21 May 1999

Trying to find the above two families from Tabor, Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 21 May 1999

Researching: KNIZEK, WEMMER
Looking for any information on Frank Knizek, from Bohemia, married to Arina Wemmer. Both moved to America, but we don't know when. I haven't been able to locate them on any ship's passenger lists yet. By 1920, they were settled in Schenectady, NY. Frank worked for General Electric Company in Schenectady. They had a daughter named Anna. It is now know whether Arina Wemmer came over with Frank. Any help would be appreciated. They are my Great Grandparents and I am adopted. I struggle to get anywhere searching for family history.
email: - - Posted 21 May 1999

Researching: SAMEC
I am interested in the surname Samec the Pisek and Protivin area of Czech Republic.
email: Edmund Samec - - Posted 20 May 1999

In March I sent in a search for information on my grandmother Anna Oravetz. I have since obtained additional information which I would like added. My great grandparents were from Osturna, Slovakia and were Roman Catholic. My grandmother also had sisters and brothers named Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, Frank and Michael. My great grandparents went to the US a few times, finally settling back in Slovakia. My grandmother, Anna, was the second youngest (Michael was the youngest) and was born in the US. I would like to know who my great grandparents were. Any information on the Oravetz, Kovalchik or Harabin families from Osturna, Slovakia would be appreciated. I am also searching for information on the Buynak (Bujnak) family from Prague. My great grandparents were Nicholas and Sophia Fristek Buynak. Thank you.
email: Denise Kovalchik Mollo - - Posted 20 May 1999

Looking for any info on Jerome Schwarz, b. Sept. 30, 1948 , d.1885. in Prague and at one time was mayor of Prague. Married Frances Therese Hanzlek, who was b. August 20, 1852. They came to America in the early 1900,s. I will be in Prague in early May and would like to find any relatives. They had several children: Rose, John, Emile and Pauline. Pauline came to America in 1897. I think Rose stayed in Prague. Rose was born July 18, 1883. Her daughter's name was Libia Rezacova, last known address praka 5, Hrebenka 60, Czechoslovakia. I an very excited about this visit and to know more about my heritage. Thank you for any help.
email: Blanche Sneath - - Posted 20 May 1999

Researching: PRACHAR
Frank Prachar came to the USA in about 1880 with his wife, Katerina and two children; Mary & a brother who were born in Bohemia. Frank died in Chicago and in his obituary it said he was from Seponce, Kraj Chrudinsky Cechech. Does anyone know where this is in Bohemia?
email: John R. Farley - - Posted 20 May 1999

Researching: CHOTINA
My brother will soon be going to the Czech Republic, so I want to add our Bohemian surname with the original spelling Chotina.
email: Laurie Chotena - - Posted 20 May 1999

I am doing my family research and have found that my ancestors listed their place of birth as Bohemia. The links I am searching for are Katharina Gosster, born in Pleschmitz, Bohemia, in 1830. Her mother was Maria Gosster. Katharina Gosster married Carlos Fina on Jan 9,1855 in Lake Linden, Michigan. Carlos Fina was born 1831 in Witkeshen, Bohemia. His parents are listed as Joseph Fina and Katarina Elburger. They lived in Michigan. The family story that has been handed down and never documented is that Carlos Fina was from the House of Hapsburg and did not want to enter an arranged marriage, so ran away to the US. At one point his family tried to get him to come back to the royal family. He assumed the name of Charles Finney. Can anyone help?
email: Susan Atz - - Posted 19 May 1999

Researching: MALECEK, FLICEK
We are researching the family of John J. Malecek and his wife, Mary Flicek, who came to the United States in September of 1893 from Bechyne, Bohemia, near Tabor. They landed at the port of Baltimore. They had two children, Mary and John. They later had eleven more born in Renville County, MN. John was born in 1864 and Mary was born August 8, 1870. We would like to find their birthplaces, John's birthdate and their wedding date, which probably was in 1890.
email: - - Posted 19 May 1999

Researching: SVATY
Frank Svaty (1-29-1865 to 8-7-38), came to America in 1881. His brother Anton came five years earlier.
email: - - Posted 19 May 1999

Researching: LIPTAK
I am trying to locate my father's and my relatives. My father was born in Fenis Huta, Czchoslovakia, on January 3, 1889. He left for America from Bremen, Germany and arrived in America on April 5, 1904. My father's name was John Steve Liptak. He had an older brother who I believe was named Steve. He also had three sisters, Barbara, Elizabeth, and Mary. I would like to know if there are any relatives or descendents that I could make a contact with. Thank You.
email: James Liptak - - Posted 19 May 1999

I am researching the Vostrejsova family. I have traced my great-grandfather, Ignatz Vostrejs, to the town of Roszichy, which lies on the border between Bohemia and Moravia. I have also located a family headstone in St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church Cemetery in Roszichy. The family immigrated to the U.S. in 1882 and took up residence in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. I haven't found a good method of determining if any families still reside in that area. Information on how others have located similar remaining families in the old country would be helpful.
email: - - Posted 19 May 1999

Researching: POSVAR
I was searching my relatives and I saw your link. I am of Bohemian decent. My name is Robin Posvar and I live in Southern California. I would very much like to chat with my relatives that hold this family name too and maybe we could find some common interest. Thanks,
email: Robin Posvar - - Posted 18 May 1999

Researching: GACHA, GAHA, STUGEN
Researching the above surnames, possibly from a small town called Hutka, settled in Wilkes-Bare PA in late 1800-early 1900.
email: Loriann Figorski - - Posted 18 May 1999

These are the surnames I am looking for. They are from my great grandfather and great grandmother. My great grandfather was from Bardejov (spelled bardiov on his immigration papers) and they said my great grandmother was from Kruslav?
email: Timothy P. Burnosky - - Posted 18 May 1999

Researching: VAVRA, BARTSAL
Looking for information regarding Joseph Vavra, b. l845, Marshalltown, IA, wife Anne Bartsal, b. l849, Marshalltown, IA. I have found information on a son John Joseph Vavra, b. l87l, Marshalltown, IA. My Great Grandfather, Frank J. Vavra, was another son, born possibly in Abie, Butler Co, NE. There were several sisters. Joseph died and is buried in Omaha NE, l937. Thanks.
email: Carol Ponec-Nemec - - Posted 18 May 1999

Josef Kostal was born in 1852 in Pisek. He came to the U.S.A. in 1871. Terezie Pavlicek was born in Bohemia and married Josef. Vaclav Kostal, his brother, was also born in Bohemia. I am looking for more information about my great-grand parents' life in Bohemia. They were members of the Pokrok Lipany Lodge #169. I hope you could help me Thanks for your help.
email: Kathleen J. Christian - - Posted 18 May 1999

Researching: TICHI
I understand you are researching the surname of Tichi. My grandmother was Rosenia Alvenia Tichi, daughter of Samuel and Susana Wagner Tichi. I would appreciate any correspondance you have on this matter. Thank you.
email: Marilyn Napier - - Posted 17 May 1999

I am researching the Binder surname. The only information that I have to connect them here is that on the tombstone for Rudloph Binder the following is written: "Geb. in Prachatitz Bohem" (The O has two dots above it) "1860 - 1947". He died in PA (USA). I believe that his parents are Joseph and Agnes (Geb. Zolarsky). If anyone recognizes this area, please contact me.
email: Terri - - Posted 17 May 1999

Seeking Kaempfert / Plath / Schenk / Klein Family information. My name is Denise Plath and I am looking for information on my family for my family History web site. My 6th great grandfather was Joannes Klein who married Margareet gerhardt in 1750 Germany and their daughter Anna Marie Klein married Stephanus Schenk and their daughter Barbara Schenk married Joann Wilhelm Julius Kaempfer 11-8-1850 in Roemisch-Katholische, Bendorf, Rheinland, Preussen. Their grandchild Hermine Kampfer married Frank John Plath Sr and now I am their great granchild. I know Hermine was born in Prussia and I need any information on my family to help know where my family grew up. Please send whatever information you think might help. Thank you.
email: Denise - - Posted 17 May 1999

Please send Information on the following: Jerry Prochazka, B: 10 Jan 1886; D: Jun 1968. Jan Bednarik. Frantisek Bednarik, B: 17 Sept 1860; D: 29 Feb 1940 in Kank, Czech. Thank you for you help.
email: June Bednarik - - Posted 17 May 1999

Researching: EICHLER
I am looking for my mother's (Nicole Eichler) ancestors.I've made a special webpage for informations at I'll try to keep it up to date with all the exact datas that I'll receive if we can do an international website for us all. Many thanks for an answer. I have a GEDCOM file from an Eichler, if it interests you just ask. Jacques Buvat
email: - - Posted 17 May 1999

My gg-grandparents, Leopold and Anna Freund Weil emigrated from the vicinity of Pilsen, Bohemia, 1855-65, to St. Louis, MO. Their daughter, Resie, married Moritz Rederer, also from Bohemia, in St. Louis in 1868.
email: Carol Rederer Achtman - - Posted 17 May 1999

I am seeking information about my great-grandparents, Leopold and Catherine (Bedinars) Shotola. They came to America from Bohemia in 1865 and settled in Racine,WI. My grandfather, Emanuel Gotlieb Shotola, was born in Bohemia & was six months old when the family arrived in America. I would like to find the name of the village or town that my family came from in Bohemia.
email: Judie Zeller - - Posted 16 May 1999

Please add the above surnames. These are all in the Wisconsin area. Looking for more.
email: Jim Linak - - Posted 16 May 1999

Looking for information on the above surnames. Frank Holik was born mid 1800's in Senetin, Bohemia. He had a son, Jan (John Joseph) born 1881. Jan married Marie Rataj, born in Pisek. Marie's parents were Antonie Rataj and Marie Matas. Jan and Marie came to the US in 1906. Frank Brouk was born in Vserhady (spelling?) and came to the US about 1900. Joseph Subrt was born in Hresihlavy in mid 1800's. His parents were Bartholemew Subrt and Clara Heke. Joseph came to the US in 1892. Jaroslav Tregler was born in Motychin and came to the US in the early 1900's. Magdalena Priban was born in Pilsen and married October 1880 to Joseph Kokoska in Chicago. Joseph was born in Bohemia. Also looking for information on Albert Zajicek and sons John, Albert, Charles, and Frank.
email: Jennifer Holik - - Posted 16 May 1999

Researching: ZMUDA
Researching Catharina Zmuda from the town of Debiec.
email: - - Posted 16 May 1999

I searching for the Czech Names of Kolar and Zvanovex from the Montgomery MN area. Hajek was my Dad's Family name. He was born in Hovezi, CZ in 1888. His Mother's name was Veronika Hajek. I have no info on my G-Dad (Hajek) ? Frank Hajek of Hovezi, born Jan. 11, 1888, served in the Austrian Army. He came to the USA in June 1914. He served in the US Army, too. He married my Mother, Lillian Kolar, in 1925. My parents settled in Wellington, Tx. They are both buried there. I have a distant relative, Blazena Matochova, living in Hovezi, CZ. Anyone having info or interest in the above Czech families, please let me hear from you. Thanks.
email: Eddie R. Hajek - - Posted 16 May 1999

Researching: HABERMAN
I am researching the name Haberman. I have researched as far back as when they came over to the United States in 1870 from Ceske, Trebova, Bohemia. Their names were Wencl and Theresa Haberman. They brought over children Mary, Theresa, Wencel and Emmanuel with them. Also a brother of Wencl's came too. I also know that his father and mother came over in 1871. Their names were Wencl and Rosa Haberman, along with children, Rosa, Frederick, Adolphus, Josepha and a few others. Would like any information about them prior to this time in Bohemia.
email: Sherry Lynn Harbal - - Posted 15 May 1999

Researching: ASCHERL
I am researching my family history and would appreciate any information on the "Ascherl" family, from the region of Stara Hut, Bohemia, now in CZ. Many thanks.
email: Mike Daniels - - Posted 15 May 1999

Researching: KRAL
Researching Kral Where is the town of origin in Bohemia? Is there a Crest? Is there additional information about the Kral name somewhere?
email: Jim Kral - - Posted 15 May 1999

Researching: LORENZ, WERNER
I am searching for any information on Stephan Lorenz, born 1830 in Bohemia. He and his wife, Rosina Werner Lorenz, came to LaCrosse, Wisconsin in 1863, along with her sister, Francheska Werner. Stephan came from the German town of Prausse, now called Brusov in Bohemia.
email: Gary Lorenz -

I am looking for information on the Ribar family. Anton Ribar and Marie Rohel were married and lived here in Chicago, Illinois. Anton's family came from Bohemia. I have no connection from Chicago, Illinois to Bohemia of the Ribar Family. Anton and Marie had five children, Anne, Louis, Martha, Anton and Henry. Louis is my father-in-law. Louis Anton Ribar was married to Jean Magnuson. They had ten children, Lynn, Margret, Louis Jr, Gail, James, John, William, Thomas, Mary and Robert. I am married to James (Jim). The family is quite large with all the grandchildren and great grand children; however, we have no records or family history information pertaining to Anton Ribar's family. He was born April 18, 1887 in Bohemia and died in 1963 in Chicago, Illinois. If you have any information, please email me.
email: Carol Ribar - - Posted 15 May 1999

Searching for family history of my father, John Sladek, born 1880 in Divisov. His parents were Frantisek Sladek from Tabor, Vlasim, and Anna Setkova from Divisov. His maternal Grandparents were Vaclav Setek from Divisov and Marie Nedela from Stepanov. His paternal Grandparents were Vaclav Sladek from Sadska, Jacim and Barbara Cihak from Eichelberg. Any details or further information on these families will be greatly appreciated.
email: M. P. Sladek Heinz - - Posted 14 May 1999

Seeking any relatives with the Frimmel family name originally from Slovak & Czech Republic. Any know relatives of Zuzana Strapcova born 11 Apr 1922 - Zazkov, Dolny Kubin Region, Slovakia.
email: Ivan Frimmel -
Ivan.Frimmel@COMPAQ.COM - Posted 14 May 1999

Looking for any relatives of my great grandfather, Antonin Benes, baptised on 6-28-1859 in a chapel in Bucina. He was the son of Vacslav Benes (resident and small furrier of Vysoke-Myto) and his wife Katerina, who was the daughter of Jan Votroubik (small farmer from Bors #50). Antonin went on to marry Frantishka Hlavfka from Budejovice, Bohemia, and they immigrated sometime in early 1884. We believe they came to America via Galveston Tx, but cannot confirm this as there are not many records in Texas during this year. They went on to settle in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha Nebraska area. I do not know if Antonin had any brothers or sisters, yet this area seemed to be a popular spot with Czech immigrants, so they must have known someone living there. Hearing from anyone with Benes surname would be intersting, even if we don't have a match with our ancestors.
email: Barb Derocher - - Posted 14 May 1999

Researching: MACAL
Looking for relatives named Macal.
email: Merardo Macal - - Posted 14 May 1999

Researching: ECKSTEIN, KEIM
I have records dating back to 1770's in the villages of Schilligkau (Sidlakov) and Neuhauesl (Nove Domky) for the Ecksteins and Keims of Bohemia. The Ecksteins came to America in 1857 and 1864. They settled in the New Ulm, MN area. For this line of Ecksteins, I have excellent resources, documents, and photos for anyone researching this family line.
email: Dan Eckstein - - Posted 14 May 1999

Researching Joseph Makovec, Catherine Ruzicka, Frank Lupomechova, and Catherine Vasicek, my great grand-parents who came from Austria-Bohemia and Eastern Bohemia. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Evelyn (Makovec) Lancour - - Posted 14 May 1999

I am researching these surnames of ancestors from Bohemia. Brabec, Mrkvicka from Kestran, Bohemia. Pesina, Samak from Prague, Bohemia. Danek, Jilek, Portele from Litomysl, Bohemia. Looking for any information past or present on the above surnames. Please contact me if they are familiar names to you. Thank you.
email: Kathy Hertzog - - Posted 14 May 1999

Researching: BARTA, NOVAK
I am looking for information regarding the names Barta & Novak. Jon Barta came from Tabor to America around 1860 with his wife Anna and 2 or 3 children, Mary, Frank and possibly John. The youngest child Albert was born later in the U.S. The family settled in the Manitowac, Wisconsin area and later moved to Antigo about 1878. Jon Novak came to America from the area West of Prague about 1862 with his wife and 2 children, John (B.D.1858),and Mary (B.D.1856). The son John married Catherine ? and lived near Reedsville and they had 21 children including 4 sets of twins! Mary Novak married Frank Barta and lived near Antigo and they had a total of 6 children, Mary, Charles, John, Anna, Frank (my dad) and Anthony (who died as a child). This is all the information i have and I would appreciate any additional facts that may come my way. Thank You.
email: Mary Ledoux - - Posted 13 May 1999

Researching: VILIMEK
Please add my surname, Vilimek, to your list and post my e-mail address for correspondance with those who may want or have information.
email: Dino Vilimek - - Posted 13 May 1999

Researching Broz, Linhart, Horkelova, Simecek, and Konecny I am interested in finding out information about my paternal great grandmother's family, Mary Linhart who married Frantisek Broz, son of Josef Broz and Katerina Horkelova Simecek of village of Mnisi in Moravia. I am also looking for any information on my paternal grandmother's family, Helen Konecny who married Frank Brosh(Broz) in Karnes City, Texas in 1915.
email: Dennis R. Brosh - - Posted 13 May 1999

Researching: DOUBRAVA
The surname I am looking for is Doubrava, the first name was John. Do you have any record of this name? Thank you very much. He was born about 1825, but we have no city.
email: Denny Thompson - - Posted 13 May 1999

Researching: KLEMPA
Please add Klempa to your surname listing.
email: Nancy L. Hagen - - Posted 13 May 1999

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