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Researching: ROHLICEK
I'm born and living in Romania. My grandfather was born in Czech Republic and coming in Romania after first war and he died in Romania in 1986. His name was Rohlicek Richard and he had 6 brother and sister.he lived in Visina, Olt village. How can I find any information for my near relations, please contact me.
email: Rohlicek Sorin - - Posted 30 June 2000

Researching: KERNAZ, KERNATZ
We are looking for information about the last name Kernaz or Kernatz.
email: - - Posted 30 June 2000

Researching: GASPAR, VELSMID
Searching for more info on Frank Gaspar b.12-24-1888 in Czech-Slovakia(spelling from death certificate), d. 1-29-1958 in Elgin State Hospital, Elgin IL USA, m. 9-1-1912 to Anna Velsmid. in St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Chocago. I have descendants, need ancestors.
email: Angela - - Posted 30 June 2000

Frantisek Cada, from Pole, Bohemia, and Anezka Valis, from Klementice, Bohemia were married in NYC in 1905. Parents of Frantisek were Josef Cada and Josephine Slavicek....Parents of Anezka were Anton Valis and Magdalina Podlesak.
email: Ann - - Posted 29 June 2000

Researching: ZEMAN, BARTOSCH
Looking for any connection for Joseph Zeman born ca: 1818 Bohemia, who married Dorothea Bartosch born ca 1818 Bohemia, They came to US and ended up settling in Waconia, Carver County, Minnesota. They had 4 children Frank, John, Anna and Joseph. I have no other information for Joseph or Dorothea. Would appreciate ANY help. Thanks.
email: Patty - - Posted 29 June 2000

Am researching matrilineal family tree. Katherine and Frantisek Kozak parents of Rosalia Kozak b. 1826 m. Frantizek Pulec parents of Anna b. 1861 Married Joseph Slansky. Emigrated to America believed around early 1880s. Naturalized 1888.
email: - - Posted 29 June 2000

Researching: SMISEK
I am the grandson of Franz Joseph Smisek who was born near Prague in the 1860s. He came to the United States and settled in Cleveland, Ohio. H was a carpet-layer for Sterling & Welsh Company. He died in 1933. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.
email: R.C. Martin - - Posted 28 June 2000

I am starting a search of my father's surname. The family came from the area of Horni Mesto (Bergstadt) and Karlov (Karlsdorf). My great grandfather, Josef Thondel, was called a "missing son"....killed near Neustadt(???) and my great grandmother immigrated to the US in 1877 with her four sons. Are parish or military records available in these towns? Who do I contact next? Thanks in advance.
email: Bill Thoendel - - Posted 28 June 2000

Looking for relatives from Bohemia, possibly the Zlatov (?) area. Joseph Stefl (1818) married Katie Kadlitz (1922), their son Frank came to the Shawano County area in Wisconsin in 1874. His sister Anna also emigrated to that area. Joe Krummel and Mary Paiser had a daughter, Annie, who became the second wife of Frank Stefl, parents of my grandmother, Lydia.
email: - - Posted 28 June 2000

Researching: BURESH, BREN, PAVEL
Looking for information of Grandparents, Joseph Buresh (changed to Bren) and Lucy Pavel. I believe they are from Moravia.
email: Dianne Crawford - - Posted 25 June 2000

Researching: SCHAUER
My grandmother, Mary Anne Schauer told me she was the daughter of the mayor of Lytomysl and that she had two brothers. I do not know the mayor's first name, and when he served as Mayor,nor do I know the first name of his wife, Mary's mother, nor her maiden name. Mary loved music and sang in a choir and served as first flower girl to a member of the family she declared belonged to "The royal family." This is all I know; except she came to The United States by herself and it was her brother in Ohio who brought her here. We believe she was born in 1879.
email: Arline Beryl Lawrence - - Posted 25 June 2000

Researching: SMAYDA, SMIJDA
I'm looking for any and all information on Matthew Smayda/Smijda. He came to the US in the very early 1900's and had 1 son and 4 daughters. I am told that he was from Ruznio, Austria at the time and it's now in the Czeck. Republic. Anything that anyone can give in the line of help in tracing his roots would be so, so kindly appreciated! Thanks for your help and time!
email: Kelly Whitelock - - Posted 25 June 2000

I am looking for imformation on Paula Norvert she born in Posen, she married with Wilhem von Zedtwit born in Usikowo, Posen in 1848 and died in Dresden in 1917.
email: - - Posted 23 June 2000

Barbara Kachelmeier, born in Vollmau, Bohemia, 10/11/1849. George Martinka, born in Pfraumburg, Bohemia, 1/8/1849, mother's name was Barbara Zischka. We'd appreciate any information. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 23 June 2000

Researching: GAYER, GAIER, KAJER
I am searching for information on the Gayer, Gaier, Kajer names, in the villages of Mysline, Mirovice, or anywhere in and around Orlicke.
email: - - Posted 23 June 2000

Researching: DVORAK
Searching for Wencel and Mary Dvorak. They had a son, William Joseph Dvorak in Sept 28, 1893, Muscoda WI. They were from Bohemia, at least my great grandmother, Mary Dvorak spoke Bohemian. I don't know what town they were in. William Joseph Dvorak had 3 brothers, Frank, Joseph, Vandy. Vandy lived most of his life and died in Janesville, WI. No date for that. Also Frank did not live in Muscoda most of his life. Possibly Janesville for him also. Joseph was the father of Paul, Robert, Kathryn. Kathryn is in a nursing home and Robert is an avid fisherman. Paul is the widower of Veda Dvorak. He died in 1990. If anyone knows where my great grandparents were married or were born, please let me know.
email: John Dvorak - - Posted 23 June 2000

I am researching Dockal and Zubalik. Dockals were from Jersin, Slovakia. Marie Zubalik from Meinzelska. Joseph Dockal was born 1831 and died 1933. His son Frank was born 1888 and dies 1952 ib America. He married Apolenna Zubalik June 29, 1913 in Vienna. She was born 1891 and died 1959. Her father was Joseph Zubalik.
email: - - Posted 23 June 2000

Seeking information on the following Bohemian surnames and the villages of their origin: Kudrle from Lipowic or Lipovice, district of Prachatic, county of Pisek; Juzek from Kvasnov; Poradek from Hracholusky or Hracholusk, district Netolice, area of Prachatice and region Pisek; Hazukova (or Hazulka) from Vitejovic; Sautempl from Vostrov; Stejkoza from Vitejovic; Kuta from Wejrov and Javornice. (spellings may vary, e.g. Kudrle became Kurdle in Maryland). Would appreciate contact with anyone who has an interest in any of the above names, not just those with families from these communities. Have some information to share and hope others do, too. More detail if anyone is interested: Albert/Adalbert (or John) Kurdle; born ca 1820; emigrated 1882 to Sioux City, Iowa from Lipovice (Lipowic), district of Prachatic, county of Pisek, Bohemia. Most of the family emigrated to Sioux City, Iowa but one son each went to Baltimore, Chicago and to Russia. Rose/Rosalie Juzek (Juzekova or Juzkova); born ca 1821; originally from Kvasnov --married to Adalbert Kudrle and emigrated with him to Sioux City, Iowa, 1882 --relatives (brothers or cousins?) John, Martin, George Juzek also emigrated to Sioux City, another to Baltimore, MD. Bartholomew/ Bartolomej Poraadek --a member of infantry regiment number 11 when he married Mary/Marie Kudrle in 1871 at Vlachobrezi (today, it is Vlachovo Brezi) --emigrated with wife Mary and her parents, Rose and Albert Kudrle in 1882 --Father and father's parents: Matous Poradek, a farmer from Hracholusky, district Netolice, area of Prachatice and region Pisek in Bohemia (or Hracholusk No 8), a son of Jan Poradek, a farmer from Hracholusk No 8, and his wife Katerina Sautempl from Vostrov No 18. --Mother aand mother's parents : Maria Hazukova, a daughter of Josef Hazulka a cottage man from Vitejovic, and his wife, Terezie Stejkoza from Vitejovic No 8. Allied line is Kuta Agnes Poradek, sister to Bartholomew, married Anton Kuta and did not emigrate, but two of their sons did. We have a Kudrle and Related Families web site on If anyone would like to visit, please contact me for an invitation.
email: - - Posted 23 June 2000

Researching: KLOVRZA
Researching into Klovrza from the Benesov / Kutna Hora provinces. My grandmother lives in Podveky and I found out one of my great great grandparents emigrated to South America. My father and mother cam to England in the late 60's where no other information of Klovrza exists. Any information regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 23 June 2000

My grandfather was Vaclav Stillerove' (Stiller) born in Kladno 1877. He married Bozena Kottazena and they lived on a faram in Druzec. I want to visit relatives in the area,but no one can find the addresses from grandfathers last visit 30 years ago. Frank Jr. married Hanna and their daughter is named Yanna. She married Joseph..... Would love to find relatives.
email: - - Posted 23 June 2000

I am researching great grandparents that immigrated to U.S. from Tyssic (or Tyssa) Bohemia Austria in 1883. Their last names were Puschner and Ruprich. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Karen Alexander - - Posted 23 June 2000

Researching Julius Weissman and family of Malacky (Jenkendorf).
email: Dan Weissmann - - Posted 23 June 2000

Researching: HONDLIK
Trying to determine ancestry of Albert Hondlik born 11/30/1860 in the village of Hraska in Bohemia. Any connection would be appreciated.
email: M.J. Maloney - - Posted 23 June 2000

Researching: VOLCIK
The Volcik family was from Vestin in the Czech republic.
email: - - Posted 22 June 2000

I am trying to find any information on my Czech ancestors. My maternal grandfather's name was Frank Cyril Tokar. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on April 21, 1903 and died in Helena, Montana, USA in March, 1973. He had about 12 brothers and sisters. I do not know his parents names. The surname was not Tokar in Czechoslovakia. It was something like Tokarovich or Tokarich. I am not sure, and I don't know what village they came from. Thank you for your help.
email: - - Posted 22 June 2000

Researching: SILHA
I am searching for information regarding the Silha Family that settled near Tunnel City Wisconsin and later in Lacrosse Wisconsin. Names include Jacob Silha Sr. and Jr. and Thomas Silha.
email: Paul Vogel - - Posted 22 June 2000

Researching: DUSEK, ONDRACEK
I'm looking for information on the following individuals and their families. Jan (John) Ondracek (1848-1929) and Anna Dusek (1844-1921) were both born in Bohemia in the state of Tabor, and possibly the county of Milevsko - the village may have been Bozetice. Both Anna and Jan emigrated to the U.S. with their families between birth and 1870. They were married in 1870 in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Nebraska in 1872. I appreciate any help anyone can give!
email: - - Posted 22 June 2000

I am trying to find out if I have any living reletives in the Czech or Slovak republics. My great grandfather John Shremshock came over to the U.S. in the early 1900's. His surname was changed to Shremshock. We believe that it was originally spelled Chremsak. He settled in Logan's Ferry, Pennsylvania and worked in the coal mines.
email: Patrick Shremshock - - Posted 22 June 2000

I am searching for my ancestors, Karl Huber line. His son Johann Huber and daughter Agnes Walliisch {Anton}. I will appriciate any and all information.
email: - - Posted 21 June 2000

Researching: HENKEL
Searching for Henkel from the village of Nova Cervena Voda (was Neurothwasser in 1830).
email: Peggy Lofland - LOFLANDH@FLASH.NET - Posted 21 June 2000

I am searching for Howorka, Howarka, Hovorka emmigrated 1874 from Bohemia to NYC.
email: - - Posted 21 June 2000

I am searching for any information on Francis (frank) E. Turek, his wife Marie A Harvalik, and daughter Catherine who moved from Prague to Grand Rapids Michigan in 1891 or 1892. Also his best friend who sponsered them. Frank was married in 1890 after losing his first wife and childern in a epidemic.
email: Robert Turek - - Posted 21 June 2000

Researching: PALKO
My Grandfather's parents came to America from Czechoslovakia. I developed an interest in my ancestory around the age of 16 and unfortunetly my grandfather's health was too bad to get information from him. My father and my half-brother are the only ones to carry on our name that I know of. Any information about this name would be helpful. I don't have the actual names of my Great-Grandparents.
email: Tracy - - Posted 21 June 2000

Researching: SHERIK
Our immigrant ancestors, Matej & Anna Skerik came from Jehnedi, Bohemia. It's NE of Prague near the Polish border.
email: - - Posted 13 June 2000

Researching: KADOUN, LANDA
Am searching for any info on the Kadoun ancestors, and any Landa ancestors.Immigrated from Vesely,Bohemia in the late 1800's,to the port of New York. Scattered from there. I have a Katie Kadoun and her son,Thomas. Am also trying to find something on any of these names,as well as other ancestors.
email: Karen Kadoun - - Posted 13 June 2000

I am looking for any information on my great-grandfather born in Bohemia, son of Wenzel Dolezal and Anna Kribesch. I would dearly appreciate any information you may have on my relatives.
email: Sharon Johnson - - Posted 13 June 2000

I am looking for descendants/relatives/ people with the same surname as: Kotvojs (or Kodweiss), Zelenka (from Czech repbulic - Horepnik), and Hirschmann (from bonyhad in Hungary). Please contact me if you may be related and I will share what information I have.
email: Fiona Kotvojs - - Posted 13 June 2000

I am researching the above names.
email: Geneva Gauen - - Posted 13 June 2000

Researching: BOUSE, POKORNY
Looking for relatives of Wenzel Bouse and Antonie Pokorny from Bobrova.
email: Harold E Bouse - - Posted 13 June 2000

Researching: KOPET
I am trying to develope a Kopet family tree. If you have any information on kopet please email me.
email: - - Posted 10 June 2000

Researching: BARTL
I am searching for my great grand father his name maybe Joseph Bartl from what was Nuemark Austria and is now Vseruby in the Czeck republic(zapodocesky Kraj). That is where my grandfather came from in 1890 and settled in New Ulm,Mn any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Jim Bartl - - Posted 10 June 2000

Researching: MAKOVSKY
I'm a Makovsky as well and I'm doing a family tree. I know most of my ancestors are from Bohemia. But when I was looking through your site none of my family members were listed. If you could help with my reaseach? If it helps my grandfather name is Adaolph Makovsky.
email: - - Posted 10 June 2000

Researching: SVEC
My name is Ronald Svec and have relatives who lived in Zichovice, Okres Stasecky, CZ. Would like any information about that area.
email: - - Posted 07 June 2000

Researching: KOMON
My parents were born In Czechoslovakia.The province of Morava.I am not sure of the city. I am trying to find out more of my Czech heritage.I was born in Canada. Our surname is Komon. We think this may have been a Germanic name. Would like to get more information. Please help. Thank you.
email: Johnnie Canuck - - Posted 07 June 2000

Johann Frantisek Hubalek may have come from Lukavice in Sumperk or Usti nad Orlici. He landed in New York March 15, 1890, but we do not have the name of the ship. We were told he had a wife and two girls with him and his wife died and was buried at sea. We do not know who took the little girls. We would also be interested in information about Anna Pirkl Klekar who came to America in 1875, also Janecka and Neskora all from the Holesov area.
email: Jerome & Joy Hubalek - - Posted 07 June 2000

Researching: PINTA
Beginning search for ancestors from Bohemia. Great-grandfather was born in bohemia in 1860. His name was Anton Pinta and he married a women named Anna. I have no idea what village he was from so I may not have enough information yet to do much good. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anton came to America and settled in Iowa. Thanks!
email: - - Posted 07 June 2000

Family names are Portisch and Schembera (Schoembera, Schoembora, Schömbera, or Schömbora) Towns sre Tattenitz (Tatenice), Kreis Olmütz, Austria (Czech Republic) Mührau (Mirov), Kreis Olmütz, Austria (Czech Republic). I am looking for information on Florian Schembera (Schoembera, Schoembora, Schömbera, Schömbora) and his wife Maria (nee Portisch) Schembera. They emigrated from Tattenitz in the last week of August of 1853. Maria is said to have been born in Tattenitz. Her birth date was February 8, 1818. Florian was born in either Tattenitz or Mührau on February 2, 1810. There children were also born in Tattenitz as follows: Anna (September 14, 1847), Franz (circa 1849), Theresia (March 9, 1850), Viktoria (circa 1852), Sophie (Sophie Viktoria?) (December 25, 1852). After arriving in the United States they bought a farm and lived near Windsor/ DeForest, Wisconsin and attended North Windsor Methodist Church. Windsor is not far outside of Sun Prarie, Wisconsin. They and a number of their children are buried in the North Windsor Methodist Cemetery about a quarter mile from the church on Meixner Road. The church is located at 7523 Meixner Road South, DeForest, Wisconsin (not far outside of Madison). Aside from information about these families here in the United States, I am especially interested in information relating to these two (2) families prior to their immigration to the United States and any descendants that may be living in Europe. I speak German fluently so a response in German is not a problem. Thank you.
email: Mike Davis - - Posted 07 June 2000

I am looking for the family of William Swedensky. He was married to Ida Nunnelly in 1906 in Iowa. Children --Jesse, Beulah, Cleon, and Ester. Any information will be appreciated.
email: Betty - - Posted 02 June 2000

Researching: MACHEK
We are looking to hear news from George and Elena Machek who visited and worked in Canada (Ottawa) in 1968 and returned to Czechoslavakia around September of that year. We will visit Prague this summer and would like to see them again. George was an engineer.
email: John and Simone Joanisse - - Posted 02 June 2000

Researching: HUBALEK
Searching for information on Johann Frantisek Hubalek in Lukavice.
email: - - Posted 02 June 2000

Researching: DEDEK, DORNAK
Victor Dedek born 1873 in Bohemia. Immigrated to Lockhart or Schulenburg (Caldwell County or Fayette County), Died around 1819 - supposedly murdered. Married Mary Dornak. Children: Rudolph, Emil, Frances Marie (b. 1910), Marie Albina (b. 1913). Wife Mary died after Marie Albina's birth in 1913. Victor remarried a woman named Annie. Had two more children: Pete and Agnes. Daughter Frances Marie baptised at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Schulenburg. She married Maurice Teltschik of Weimar, Texas in 1931. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
email: Jaime Dilger - - Posted 02 June 2000

I am researching the Vondras family and the Svejkosky family, any information you may have will be appreciated. Thank you .
email: Jim Vondras - - Posted 02 June 2000

Trying to establish the ancestral roots of Adolph P. Kakac, aka in the USA as Kakacz, Kakatch, Kakatsch; b. 15 February 1868 in Jimramow in the area of Bohemia, Austria, now Czech Republic, and emigrated out of Hamburg, Germany on 7 October, 1886 arriving in New York on 20 October, 1886. He traveled immediately to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. He married Anna Chrudinsky (aka Chrudimsky) on 11 May, 1890. Anna's mother is Barbara Chrudinsky b.1832 and father's name is Frank Chrudinsky b.1828 in the Bohemian area of Austria.
email: Kenneth (Kakatch) Huebbe - - Posted 02 June 2000

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