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I am searching for information/locations of Donauschwabens traveling through Mähren and region during mid 1800's. The locations that have been identified are Obertanowitz, Donavits, Lehovitz, Ohlivitz . The names that have been identified are Stagl, Klinats, Tordy, Csihas. Any search suggestions would be appreciated.
email: Paul Stagl - - Posted 31 July 2000

Researching: LANZER
My father is Konrad Lanzer and his ancestral village is Dolne Lutin (Lutina), which is located in the northeast corner of the Czech Republic.
email: George Lancer - - Posted 31 July 2000

I am researching the Pecinovsky surname (variants Pecina and Pecinowsky). Antonin (b. 1845) and Marie (b. 1850) Pecinovsky emigrated from Bohemia, possibly from near Velis, in the 1860's to Chicago. I believe that their son Joseph is my g-g grandfather (b. 1866), married to Veronica (b. 1869). Joseph's sister Marie Pacinovsky married Harold Schumacher and had at least three children, Harold, Robert and Ida. A Ray Schumacher left message at this site in October 1998 regarding Antonin and Marie. Unfortunately his email address is no longer current. If Ray or any other family member could contact me, I would be most appreciative.
email: - Geri - Posted 31 July 2000

Researching: SCHAUER
My grandmother, Mary Anne Schauer was born 2/12/1879, possibly in Lytomysl, Czechloslovakia. I seek confirmation and the names of her parents. Her father was the mayor of her village.
email: Arline Beryl Lawrence - - Posted 31 July 2000

These are the names of my grandparents. Philip Jacob Soukup was born in Chicago, (only male sibling--had seven sisters) his father Rudolph Soukup was born in Msena, Bohemia in 1948. Philip Jacob married Barbara Slapak who was born near Baraboo, Wisconsion in 1870. Her father, John Slapak was born in Prague in 1836. Her mother's name was Veronica Riha and was born in Piser in 1837. I have pretty complete genealogy of their progeny. Grandfather Jan Hofreiter was born in Rockycany and his wife Antonetter Zima was born in Jlova (met, married, had family and died in Chicago.) I have a pretty complete genealogy of their progeny.
email: Alan Soukup - - Posted 31 July 2000

Researching: KARASEK, MATZA
I am looking for information about my great grandfather. His name was John Karasek. We think he came from Omaha, Ne. and originally from Moravia. He married M. Matza(not sure about spelling). I have no other information about her. They had a son Edward Frank who came to live in East St Louis, Illinois. Thank you.
email: Carolyn Karasek-Needles - - Posted 30 July 2000

I am searching for any information on the Kozelka line that traveled from Bohemia and settled in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. I believe the original set of folks that came to America were Josef and Annie (Turek) Kozelka. They had kids, Thomas, Katerina, Franka and Josef Kozelka. From there the line gets bigger! I am tied into the last names Turek, Kothera, Koubek, Wachuta, Dvorak, Vadicka, Eral, Holicky, Hovarka, Panka, Paulus, Cejka, Wall, Balk, Vana, Olson. If anyone has information about any of these lines that basically stayed in the Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota area please email me. Thanks.
email: Brandi Tanner - - Posted 30 July 2000

Researching: HUBER
Where would the civil or religious (Catholic?) records for the region near the towns of Hartmanice and Spicak be stored? My great grandparents, Anna and Karl Huber emigrated from this area to Little Black, Wisconsin in 1882. Karl was born in Oct. 1836, and Anna was born in Aug. 1837. According to the 1900 U.S. census, they were married in approximately 1859. I am interested in finding the maiden name of Anna, and the ancestors of both people. Any assistance would be appreciated.
email: Gene Bartsch - - Posted 30 July 2000

Researching: GANZ
I am looking for anyone from the village of Veniv (formerly in Czechoslovakia/Carpathian mountains), Today, part of Ukraine. I am especially looking for anyone with the surname Ganz.
email: Sam Genzen - - Posted 30 July 2000

Researching: SLIVA, PILCIK
I am trying to locate the origin of Alois Sliva, with sons Domic, Joseph and Karl Sliva. Any information will be appreciated. I am also looking for information on Jan Pilcik, probably from the Moravian part of the Czech territories.
email: Earline Sliva - - Posted 30 July 2000

During my visit to Policka in 1990 to search for my Topinka and Drahos ancestors, I was told by Mr. Jan Edelman, the Mayor of Policka, that a member of his staff, Mrs. Marie Klanicova, had discovered that one of my maternal great grandfathers, Jan Drahos (b 1800 in Ceska Rybna, Bohemia, d 1878, probably in Ceska Rybna), had married Katherina Vackova about 1862 in Borova, not far from Ceska Rybna. Katherina was born in 1832 and died 1871 in Prosec, also close to Ceska Rybna. Her parents were Jirikovi Vackovi (also spelled Vavek) and Kateriny Vojtechove. My great grandparents, Jan Drahos and Katherina Vackova/Vacek, had two daughters. The first was Anna Drahosova (my grandmother), b Jan. 26, 1864 in Ceska Rybna, died in 1940 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Anna married my grandfather, Frantisek (Frank) Topinka in 1887. He was born in 1859, probably in Oldris, Moravia (about 15 miles from Ceska Rybna). He died in Ely, Iowa (near Cedar Rapids, USA). Frantisek and Anna immigrated to the USA, in 1887. Frantisek's brother, Josek, Jr., b June 26, 1850 in Oldranec, and his father, Josef Topinka, Sr., b 1829, possibly near Policka, immigrated to the USA circa 1889. The second daughter was Amelia Drahosova, b ?- d ?, in Ceska Rybna. Amelia married a Mr. Pichel in Bohemia and apparently remained there until her death. My Iowa relatives were in contact with her prior to World War II, but never heard from her again. I, too, found no trace of her during my 1990 visit to Ceska Rybna. I am told that the parents of my great grandfather, Jan Drahos, were Josef Drahos (Drahosovi), b. abt. 1775 (possibly earlier) in Ceska Rybna and that he married Terezie (last name unknown). She was born about 1777 in Mokrysova (?), Bohemia. I also am searching for information on another Anna Drahosova, born 1788, also in Ceska Rybna, house #49. That's the same house where Jan Drahos, one of the godparents of my grandmother (also named Anna Drahos), was living at the time of my grandmother's birth in 1864. My grandmother's other god parent was Franz Skala, who also lived in Ceska Rybna.
email: Thomas L. Stafford - - Posted 30 July 2000

I am searching for the names Kalous and Smetak, from the areas of Privetice, Svinna, Maly Ujezd, Zbiroh and Kamenec, all in the Plzen area. An other name of interest ins Cerny, from the Hlohovice, Rockaney and Plzen area. The time period was 1800s.
email: Ron Kallaus - - Posted 22 July 2000

Researching: KUDRNA
I know very little of my family history, other than that my paternal grandfather's name was Robert James Kudrna, b. 1906, Lincoln, NE, possibly to a Joseph W. Kudrna. In my research, I have found a Joseph W. Kudrna in Saunders Co., Prague, NE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
email: David Kudrna - - Posted 22 July 2000

Checking out Malecek (alternate spellings Malleczk, Mallezek), believed to have been born in the Prague area, June 1815, immigrated to St. Louis, MO, 1850 with son Joseph (b. 7 SEP 1848) and daughter Mary (b. SEP 1846).
email: Dick Malecek - - Posted 22 July 2000

Researching: JANOSEK
I am searching for Jiri Janosek. His last address was Mosty 61, Cesky Tesin, 737 01.
email: Heinz Sladek - - Posted 22 July 2000

Researching: KOZEL, KALINA
I am searching for all the information I can find on my ancestors in the Czech Republic. I have been told that my Kozel ancestors helped in the formation of the Kozel Beer Brewery. My grandfather just passed and we would like to get in touch with our relatives in the Czech Republic, along with learning about our heritage. My grandfather's name was William Kozel, of Norfolk, Nebraska. His father's name was John Kozel and his mother's name was Emma Kalina (maiden name). If you can help me out I would appreciate it!
email: Cathy Kozel - - Posted 22 July 2000

Researching: HEJDA, FUKA
Please add Jan Hejda. (John Hejda) to your list. He was born in Bratislava, Bohemia on February 9,1886, the eldest son of Mathew Hejda and Marie Rozuma. He came to the United States in 1904 and lived in Baltimore, Maryland. He married Anna Barbara Fuka who was born in Baltimore on August 2,1885 and died there on March 12,1939. John died on June 17,1962. John had several brothers and sisters and was photographed with them on one of his last visits to his homeland in 1925. I would love to share this photo with any members of the family or learn what has become of them and his parents.
email: C. Louis Raborg Jr. - - Posted 18 July 2000

Researching: SLANEC
I have no clue what village(s) my ancestors are from, but my surname is Slanec. I was also wondering about the supposed castle with the same name. Do you know of this? Any information on these questions will be appreciated. Thank you.
email: - Lyndsey - Posted 18 July 2000

My great-great-grandfather, Mathias Kubicek, born 1/7/1847 in Nezamyslice, Bohemia, came to Baltimore on November 25, 1872 with his wife, Theresia Hansal from Neuhaus, Bohemia, and his mother, Anna Vavra. A three-month-old baby also disembarked in Baltimore, but no family history mentions the baby again. Mathias' father, Josef Kubicek died in Bohemia. His mother, Anna, remarried Anton Vavra, who arrived in Baltimore with his wife and children, Franz 17, Anna 14, Barbara 9 and Josef 8. Mathias Kubicek and Thersia Hanzal were married October 14, 1872 in Bohemia. They settled with the Vavras near Milligan, Nebraska and had 12 children (Joseph 1872, Anna 1874, Emil 1876, Lillian 1877, Louis 1878, Fred (my Great-Grandfather) 1880, Joseph 1881, Mike Jr. 1884, Charles 1886, Estella 1889, James 1891, and Edward 1893). I am looking from information from Bohemia regarding Mathias and Theresia as well as their parents. I am also interested in learning more about Nezamyslize and the surrounding area. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
email: Shari Enger - - Posted 18 July 2000

I am researching my Czech and Moravian heritage, surnames Sadilek, Skodak, Dobrovic and Hrino. I believe my grandfather with the surname Sadilek came from the Prague area and immigragted to the Chicago area around 1910 at the age of 16. He met my grandmother, Emma Skodak (Skodakova), there and married. After five children and cross-country laboring, they settled in mid Michigan. The other ancestors I am searching for are Slovak; Dobrovic and Hrino. Unfortunately, I do not know the year of their arrival or the name of the ship. I believe that they worked their way through Pennsylvania (coal mines) to Ohio (sugar beet farms); then to Detroit and finally, mid Michigan. I am just starting out in this search. If you have any information to share, I would greatly appreciate it. Dekuji! (Thanks!)
email: - - Posted 18 July 2000

Researching: BRUNCLIK
I am interested in genealogical information on family surname Brunclik from the Czech Republic, city unknown.
email: Richard Mach - - Posted 18 July 2000

My mother's maiden name is Lazansky. I understand that her family migrated from a village called Jankov. I don't know where the Stodola family came from. I understand that there is a building in Prague directly across the street from the National Theatre on the banks of the Vltava River, at the foot of the Charles Bridge. If you can help me learn more about the information I am forwarding you, I would be so grateful. I can't wait to visit your country some day. Thank you.
email: Peter Stodola - - Posted 12 July 2000

I am searching for the family of Joseph Peschek or Pescek. He came to America, married Mary Peshek 1857-1922 and lived in Dillonvale, Ohio. I am also searching for family of Josephine Martinek 1870-1921 and Joseph John Martinek 1866-1926.
email: - - Posted 12 July 2000

Researching: SEVIK, schefcsik, GRAF, YENDLE
I am looking for my wife's great-grandparents, John Sevcik (Schefcsik) born 11 April 1878 in Blansko, Anina Moravia, who married Rose Graf on 27 January 1906. His parents were Thomas Sevcik and Mary Yendle and his siblings are Joseph, Anna, Mary, and Fannie.
email: Paul Brewster - - Posted 12 July 2000

I have another posting and just wanted to correct some of the information I gave. Grandfather Alois John Bocek was born in 1885 in Prague, Czechoslovika. His mother was Frances Hermanek Bocek and his father was Francis Bocek. Frances and Francis had several children. Bessie married Vasclav Hladik. The names of her sisters were Mary (Marie), Stastia, Rose and, maybe, Anna. Her brothers were Ben, Frank, John and Alois, my grandfather. He came to Wisconsin by way of Canada around 1913. He married Mary Plirsky. We still have cousins in Strancice in the Czech Republic. If you are a relative or have information, please feel free to contact me. Thanks.
email: Rose Bocek Gerow - - Posted 12 July 2000

Researching: CEJKA
Bessie Cejka was born in Ceske-Budijovice 10 Feb 1893 to Frantisek Cejka and Marie Klepetko. I am looking for information about her immigration to the United States and English-speaking family members with interest in communicating with me.
email: Pat Dvorak - - Posted 12 July 2000

I am researching Frantisek Cada, born in Pole, Bohemia, around 1894. Her father was Josef Cada; her mother, Josephine Slavicek. Frantisek married Anezka Valis from Klementice, Bohemia. His father was Anton Valis; mother, Magdalina Podlesak. They were married and lived in NYC.
email: Pat Fick - - Posted 08 July 2000

Researching: ZUFA, SIVAR
My great grand father was Yahn Zufa and his wife was Zuzanna Sivar. Their daughter, my grandmother, was named Alzbeta. She was baptized in Slovensko. District Moldava. Diocesi.Kosice on 29 March 1895. Her birth date was 26 March 1895. Her godparents were Yan Kapcar and Hnna Salvary. The home address was Semsa 30. They came to the United States about 1908. Yahn Zufa immigrated first but he never sent for them. So Zuzanna and her sister Catherin, who lived on a farm, sold some cattle so Zuzanna could bring her children to the United States. Alzbeta's brother's name was George. He was about two years younger. I should have relatives in their 60's and they should have grand children like myself. If there is family there I would like to communicate with them. I would eventually like to take a trip and meet them.
email: - Phyllis( - Posted 08 July 2000

Researching: JIRSCHELE
I am looking for the ancestors of Josef Jirschele, who emigrated to Wisconsin in 1853 from Landskron, Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 08 July 2000

Researching: SVARC, SWARTC
I am looking for descendants of Bohemian immigrants, William and Emily Svarc (also seen it spelled SWARTC) in the United States. My grandmother was Rose Svarc who immigrated with them in 1912 and married Paul Kovar in 1918. She was the younger sister of William, I believe; her parent's names were Albert and Mary. The 1920 Census lists them living at 377 Union St, Allentown, Pennsylvania. William and Emily were naturalized in 1919. Three children are listed: Wilhemina E., born in Kansas around 1914; Alma H., born 1915 in Illinois and Emile W., born around 1917 in Massachussets. Looking for cousins.
email: Carolyn d'Almeida - - Posted 08 July 2000

I would like to contact anyone with these unusual surnames in their family tree, or with knowledge of any one with these names, in the Czech Republic or USA. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 08 July 2000

Researching: RUTTE
My grandfather came from the Sudetenland and consequently would be regarded as German. I have, however, genealogical information that goes back to 1750 about relatives that were born and raised and lived in the area of Kauba, Kleinblatzen and Konradsthal. In any event I would be glad to share what I have with anyone interested in the information, German or Czech. I have a cousin who just returned from a visit to this area and was fortunate enough to run into the present day mayor of Kleinblatzen who invited them in for coffee and a great visit.
email: Duane Rutte - - Posted 07 July 2000

Researching: LAZEK
My wife and I own a villa (now a B & B) in County (Okres) Rakovnik. The last private owner was a Baron, Dr. Engineer Jan Lasek of Teplice. We would like to know more about his family. He was born in 1888 and died in 1970. We offer special rates of $15 per person per night to all Czech-Americans doing research in the Czech Republic. Guests staying five days or longer have free pickup and delivery at the Prague Airport. We offer apartments with washers and dryers for long term stays. We love helping our guests find their relatives. My wife and I will assist with research for families from the villages of Hredle, Krusovice and Revnicov in the County of Rakovnik, Czech Republic.
email: Ronald Winkles - - Posted 07 July 2000

Researching: EMS
Researching the surname Ems from the village of Bistrau.
email: Ludwig Ems - - Posted 07 July 2000

Researching: VOCU, MALECEK
I am searching for information about the Vocu family. They came from the town of Lommies, near Praha, in the state of Bohemia. My great-great-grandfather, Joseph Vocu, and his wife, Anna Malecek, came to the United States in 1880 and settled at Crete, Nebraska. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Kathie Thornton - - Posted 07 July 2000

I am searching for information about John Koches (or possibly Kocis) who, according to a social security application in 1936, stated that he was from the town of Krivany. John's birth date was 25 November 1875 and he was the son of John Koches and Anna or Emma Stedina. He immigrated to the United States around 1895, stopping first in New Jersey but finally settling in Beaver Falls, Pa. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Sharon - - Posted 07 July 2000

Researching: KRAUS
I'm looking for information about Yulius Kraus and his wife, Hena Kraus (born in 1916) and two of their children. They lived on Natkazanska Ulize 228 Praha III, until 1940-41 when they went to Michalovska. No one has heard from or about them since the move. Please contact me if you have any information.
email: Yehuda Engel - - Posted 05 July 2000

I am looking for information about Peter Karwatt, born June 1865, in Oberschlages, Neuhaus, Bohemia and his spouse, Rosalia Wadourek, born Aug 1862, Niedermuhl, Neuhaus, Bohemia. They came to Baltimore on the Weser in 1881 but settled in Pierz, Minnesota by 1885. Eight children lived to adulthood. I will share information.
email: Robert Gauen - - Posted 05 July 2000

Researching: SUKA, CODA
I am looking for information about Kasper Suka and Mary Coda from Bohemia. I don't know when they came to the United States. Their daughter, Catherine Suka, was born in 1867 in the United States, I believe. If anyone can help, please e-mail me.
email: - - Posted 05 July 2000

Researching: RADEY, RIDEY, RADY
I am looking for information on the Radey Family. They came over to America in July of 1870. There were two brothers, Matt and Albert. And there was Josefina who was Matt's wife at the time. They came from the town of Domazlice in Bohemia. Albert was born April of 1857 and Josefina was born 1848 in Germany. (We've found different spelling of our last name from some records. Radey=(Ridey,Rad'y, And the spelling here was Ready & Reedy) Josefina's surname was Livac', Lavac', Levash . They ended up settling in the Leopois, Wisconsin area. I would appreciate knowing any additional information about the family history and knowing if we still have relations in that area.
email: Jeff - - Posted 05 July 2000

Researching: BROZE
I am searching for information about the Broze family. Any information would help.
email: Stavinoha - - Posted 05 July 2000

Researching: FIKAC
I am searching for information about Vaclav Anton Fikac. He came to Galveston, Texas in 1907 from Vel Bor (Velky Bor), Bohemia. He came alone on the ship "Chimnitz" from Breman, Germany. He was 23 years old and listed as a farmer or farm laborer. He left Galveston and moved on to St. Louis, MO. where he married. He then moved on and lived in East St. Louis, Ill. and he and his wife and children moved to Chicago, Illinois. He had five sons of which three died at a very young age (infants), two lived: James Anton and Edward Anton Fikac. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: June - - Posted 02 July 2000

Researching: PRASIL
Please add the Prasil to the surname list.
email: Frank Prasil - - Posted 02 July 2000

Researching: JINDRA
I am interested in tracking Gertrude Jindra, born in Vienna, Austria around 1930. She worked in the Lancashire cotton mills, England, on a work exchange program immediately after the war. She either returned to Vienna or immigrated to Canada about 1950. Any information would be gratefully received.
email: Julie Shaw - - Posted 02 July 2000

Researching: HRDLICKA
I am searching for my mother's family- Hrdlicka- and I am missing links! As far as I know they are from Bohemia and were Jewish. If anyone has any information, please let me know.
email: Jodie Barnard - - Posted 02 July 2000

Researching: HELLER
I am researching the Heller surname in Krinec.
email: Erich Lewitus - - Posted 02 July 2000

Researching: MACH
Looking for geneological information on Mach family from Tisnov, Czech Republic. Especially interested in time period of 1850 to 1920.
email: Richard Mach - - Posted 01 July 2000

Looking for information on Joseph Tietel family born 3/2/1850 in Dubi. Wife was Juliana Vobel born 5/4/1849 in Chomutov. Her parents were Anton Vobel born 9/14/1820 in Vsestudy.Married to Anna Rossler born 8/24/1821 in Nova Ves. Looking for any info to any of these.
email: - - Posted 01 July 2000

Researching: PALLAN, BIBLIK
Searching for any information on Rudolf Pallan and his wife Elizabeth Bublik. They came to the USA in 1890's and settled on the southside of Pittsburgh, Pa. They had 11 children of which 4 lived: Rudolph; Wilhelmina; Mary; & Elizabeth. Rudolf was naturalized a US Citizen in 1906. Letter writing contact continued into the 1940's till the end of WWII. Rudolf was born in 1857 and Elizabeth in 1865. They were wed on Oct. 31. We do not have the year. Rudolf died in 1932 and Elizabeth in 1951 in Pittsburgh, Pa. USA.
email: - - Posted 01 July 2000

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