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My names of interest are the following: Dugas/Dugasova; Kvrvs/Kvrvsova. The towns/cities/villages of interest are: Bratislava, Malacky, Kosice.
email: Robert - - Posted 09 July 1998

Researching: LEHAR
I have hardly any information about my father's side of the family, the Lehar family, except that four bothers emigrated from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 1800's. I believe that most of the four, if not all, settled in Missouri, USA. A family tale has been passed down that a fifth brother was accidently left on the dock and that he may have been the composer Franz Lehar. I have not been able to find anything but the most basic information about Franz. Also, I have no information about siblings, or family except minimal information concerning my grandfather. I would like any information about the Lehar family from the past, or even current European connections, including source towns and villages. Where did we come from?
email: Mark Lehar - - Posted 09 July 1998

Researching: BALLA, KUNDRAT
I am looking for information about the family of Andreas Balla, whose last address in 1963 was "Rozhanovce, Robotnicka c.4, Okres Kosice." He was born around l903 and had a son born about l930 who had a daughter named Marie about l956. Andreas had a second son born about l935. This son had three children as of l963, two sons and a daughter. The daughters first name started with a "K" I believe. Andreas also had a daughter born about l944. This family would be my cousins. My grandmother's name was Catherine Balla who married a Kundrat around l900. My father, Michael Anton was born in August l907 in Rozhanovce. I believe my grandmother had two brothers who she referred to as Berti and Stefan. I would like to know where any of the family of Andreas Balla now live and their addresses. Also any additional information on my grandmothers parents and grandparents, if possible.
email: Michael D. Kundrat - - Posted 09 July 1998

Researching: NOVAK, SHEPEK
Looking for info about my great grandfather, Jan Novak, born in Ceska Rajbna Kres Chrudim, Bohemia. Best birth date I have is feb 23, 1837. His 2nd wife was Mary (Shepek) Novak. Two daughters prior were Mary, b. March 29, 1871 and Anestasia (Stella) b. August 9, 1873. Jan (John) and Mary were wed Oct 16, 1877.
email: John Novak - - Posted 09 July 1998

I am searching for the following surnames/towns: Braun/Secovce; Politzer/Secovce; Zicherman/ Trebisov; Zicherman/Schankocz or Sankoch; Stern/Kosice, Trebisov, Mikohaza; Braun/Bratislava. Many thanks.
email: Nancy Fisch - - Posted 09 July 1998

Researching: BENDA, PROKOP
We are looking for information about the family - Josef Benda who was married to Barbara Prokop - they immigrated to Iowa from Pilsen bringing all but their oldest child with them in the 1880s.
email: Loretta Hanson - - Posted 08 July 1998

I'm searching for realtives in the Polichno area. My grandparents immigrated to the US (via Galveston, TX) in 1906. My grandfather Bohus Bubenicek and my grandmother Marie Kusak both arrived at the same time on the SS Hannover, March 27, 1906. They settled in Moulton, Texas.
email: Jackie Bubenik - - Posted 08 July 1998

Researching: KECKUT
We are searching for ancestors with the surname "Keckhut" from around 1690. Thank you.
email: Mary Keckhut - - Posted 08 July 1998

Bozena Kurkova, b.8-14-1914, (Pokorna) in Ceske Brno (+1982 Prague) Her father Josef Pokorny, b. 4-4-1873, Skrivany, by Cesky Brod, son of Josef Pokorny,(Prisimasy) and Marie b. Hlavikova (Praha) Her mother, Marie b. Jindrova, 1-27-1878, Liban by Kopidlno, doughter of Frantisek Jindra, (Kopidlno), and Anna b. Sussmilich (ova), (Kostelni Hlavno) Kurka Jan b.6-17-1913 (+6-5-1945),killed at Zborovska, Praha, His father, Kurka Frantisek b.2-11-1878, son of Vaclav Kurka, from Krupa and Marie b. (Emlichova) from Zasmuky. His mother Ruzena b. 8-6-1880, biroh, doughter of Josef Benak (Zbiroh) and Terezie Veverkova (Myto-Rokycany) His uncle, Carlos (Karel) Kurka, last known working in Rio de Janerio, became American citizen, the letter to his brother family from Rio to Praha: Carlos Kurka, Engenheiro Industrial dos Antigos Estabelecimentos Skoda s/a em Pilsen Caixa Postal 2275-Tels. 43-4601-23-4699 Rio de Janerio Vaclav Mendlik, b.5-10-1908 Mlada Boleslav, son of Vaclav Mendlik and Anna b. Hajkova, his wife Marie b.12-8-1914, Vaclavickova, Parha-Kosire, her father, Jan Vaclavicek and mother Josefa (Josefina) b. Beranova.
email: Daniela (Kurkova) Mendlik(ova) and Antonin Mendlik, from Prague, Czech Republic, in USA from 1969 - - Posted 08 July 1998

Researching: MATULA, MICHNA
Ondrej Matula came to Texas via Galveston in the fall of 1850 born in Kozlovice,C.R. John Michna came to Texas in the 1880 and was born in Rychaltice, Moravia, C.R.
email: Frances Holley - - Posted 08 July 1998

The names Kapral, Gortek and Barilla are from my wife's maternal side. Her g-grandparents were born in Czechkoslovakia we believe. They all migrated to the US (Pennsylvania) in the late 1800's. How do I research Paul Kapral, John Gortek and Anna Barilla? They all would have been born mid-late in the 1800's. Thank you for your time.
email: Peter Vaughan - - Posted 08 July 1998

Researching: HLAWA
Hoping that you may assist in digging up more info on the whereabouts of my biological mother, Edith Hlawa. Edith was born in Pilsen, Czech July 16, 1935 to Marie and Richard Hlawa. Edith Hlawa died in Deggendorn in 1969, cause of death undetermined at this point. Richard Hlawa resided in Straubing, Germany until his death in 10/83. Should anyone have any information on this family or anyone with this last name, please contact Laurie Peartree. Edith gave birth to me, her daughter, in Regensburg, Germany on May 25, 1957. From what I understand her grandfather was the bergermeister of the towne at the time. Any info would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 08 July 1998

I am beginning research to learn about my grandparents and their ancestors. My grandparents were Joseph Pospichal and Lenora (Kadrnoska) Pospichal. They lived most of their lives in Omaha, NE. He died c1981 and she c1960. Their children in order were Joseph, Eleanor, Evelyn, Bernice, Betty, and Lester, all of whom grew up in Omaha. Betty and Lester still live in Omaha and Joseph in Gardner, KS. Please advise if you have information on the relatives of Joseph Pospichal or Lenora (Kadrnoska) Pospichal from Omaha, Nebraska.
email: Tom Pospichal - - Posted 08 July 1998

Frank Smolik married Marie Viktoryn 1899 in Bohuslava Moravia. In 1911, they came to USA with 2 children - Rudolph and Frances. Later added 2 more Mae and Ann. Frank and Marie landed at Ellis Island and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Frank worked at the B&O railroad. Joseph Beran married Anna Velisek in Pisek Bohemia. Info on them is sketchy. They too moved to Cleveland, Ohio. They had in total 6 children. Rudolph Smolik married Anna Beran in 1928 (my grandparents). They had 2 sons - Raymond (my father) and Melvin.
email: - - Posted 08 July 1998

Researching: KRAL, KRALL
My great-grandpa came from Czech Republic and we know nothing about him just what his name was (Lobos Thames Krall) and we were told/believed that Krall was changed to Kral. His name could be different. Kral or something different. He had a son who came to California and got married. They were afraid that they would get caught and have to go back so that is why we think they changed their name. They burned everything they got from there and would not talk about it, if you asked they would say not to worry about it. We know he had Brothers and sisters he never saw one of them, and where he lived. But that's all and his dad's name was Lobos who had the Thames I'm talking about as kid. If you know anything please tell me.
email: - - Posted 08 July 1998

Researching Ferdinand Kenzel b. 1867, Bohemia, married Magdelena (Bolata) Braberry b. 1877 Bohemia. Children: George, b. Apr 1887 and Laura b. 1890 both born prior to the family's immigration to the US in 1891. Later children: Ferdinand b. Dec. 1893, Rudolph b. Jul 1896 and Johnny b. Nov 1889, these children all born in West Orange NJ. Rudolph moved to CA in 1922 after having married Catherine Fairley of S. Africa. Lost contact with the family in NJ and just started researching the immigration records for our ancestors. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
email: Jeni Kenzel - - Posted 08 July 1998

Seeking family of Lawrence Stefan born c 1846, died January 1939 near or in Asch, Czech. Also, his daughter Lena Stefan, married name unknown. Johann Biedermann, and his son Michael. Johan still living in 1913 in or near Asch.
email: Doris - - Posted 08 July 1998

Researching: HANZLIK
I'd like to add the family name of Hanzlik to the registry. I am looking for any information on the Hanzlik and Kanusek families. Anyone with information on these families please contact me.
email: Janet L. Hanzlik -
HANZLIKJ@LEE-DNS1.ARMY.MIL - Posted 08 July 1998

Researching: ZEINER, LOWY
Family belived to come from town of Fischern. Bruno Robert Zeiner born 1898. Came to Britain 1938/9 as refugee. Wife Hynda Lowy-Zeiner Any information on the family gratefully recieved.
email: - - Posted 08 July 1998

Most of them lived in the Sudetenland / Moravia. The villages or cities were Sternberk, Lobnig, Babitz (Babice), Tillendorf,Ribnitz, Rautenberg. After WWII the Bock family moved to Germany near Frankfurt / Main. I'm searching especially for Bock, Kratschmar and Tomanek. But all inputs are welcome.
email: Wolfgang Bock - - Posted 08 July 1998

Looking for any information for Johann Tauer b. 1830, married to Margretha Helget b. 1835, immigrated to MN about 1866 from Schulligau, Kreis Pilsen, Bohemia. Children were Mary, George, Theresia and Joseph. Thomas Stadick b. 1834, married Anna Fitzthum b. 1846, and immigrated to MN in 1866. Their children were Thomas, Joseph, Cecelia, Catherine and John. Agnes Heger or Hager b.12-28-1849 in Moravia. She probably immigrated alone to MN in 1875. She married Bernard Matsch in 1877, their children were Louisa, Mary, Johanna, Emma, Rosa, Theresia.
email: Jane - - Posted 07 July 1998

Researching: SKERIK
I have recently become interested in possible relatives that might live in the Czech Republic. My grandparents were born in Bohemia and imigrated to the United States in the middle to late 1800's. We have been unable to find any record of them prior to there life time in the United States. I relize that its a remote possibility that I would be able to locate anyone that would be a relative in the Republic but it would be interesting to see if there is anyone with the Skerik Name. Thanks for your time.
email: Richard K.Skerik - - Posted 07 July 1998

Researching: CHOURA, VLCEK
Choura and Vlcek came to America around the turn of the century thru Ellis Island from Myto Bohemia. Frank Choura w/ his mother, dad and sisters. Josephine Vlcek w/ her brother Andy. Frank and Josephine were married on the 31st of May 1902 in N.Y. City and later settled around Pittsburgh, Pa. We have some contact with the family of Frank Choura here in the U.S. and a little knowledge of his life before he came to America. However I would like to find any records reguarding Josephine Vlcek, D.O.B. Jan. 1st, 1884.
email: Linda A Baker - - Posted 07 July 1998

Researching: TREBON
Looking for information on the Trebon family.
email: Dennis Zewiske - - Posted 07 July 1998

Researching: BOBEK, JENISTA
Do you have information on Bobek and Jenista families who came from Moravia to Racine Wisconsin 1854 & on to Caldwell Kansas 1865? Mathias Jenista and John Bobek.
email: - - Posted 07 July 1998

My grandfather, Albert (Vojtech) Dolezel was born in Ledenice in 1879. His parents were John (Jan) born April 14, 1838 and Anna Dolezel born in 1851. Anna's birthname was Hlozik.There were 8 brothers and 1 sister when they came to the USA and settled in Michigan. We do have the names of some of the ancestors from Bohemia, but would like to know about relatives still living. We are researching the Keckhut name and have traced it to 1690, Lorenz Keckhut. We do not know where he was born. The descendents lived in Bavaria, Germany, but it is thought that Lorenz may be from Bohemia. We have heard there was a town of Keckhuti or Keckhutin.
email: Mary Keckhut - - Posted 06 July 1998

Researching: KNEBEL
I'm from Victoria, TX. Please add my Knebel name to your list and possibly research ancestry and family name in the village of Kuncice.
email: Mr. Knebel - - Posted 06 July 1998

The ancestors of both of my paternal grandparents came from, where I've always called, Czechoslovakia. I am very interested in seeing if anyone from my blood line still lives in the Czech Republic. My g-grandfather is Frank Joseph Homolka, born 9-3-1871 in Hlinska, Czechoslovakia. My g-grandmother is Christina Marie Sterba Homolka, born Feb. 16, 1885 in Dacice (Ducica or Dacaci), Czechoslovakia. She had approximately 6 siblings all who emigrated to the United States and settled in the Mid-West (Kansas, Missouri) except for once sister. My grandmother believes her name is Anna Peterka (??). She was the only child to remain in what became Czechoslovakia. She remained in Dacice (Ducica or Dacaci). She was the only relative, including the parents, who remained behind. Peterka should be her married name and she had around six children. The parents to Anna and Christina Sterba (my gg-grandparents) are Frank Joseph Sterba (Jul.3, 1847 also born in Dacice [Ducica or Dacaci] to March 1931) and Mary Stepanek Sterba (Aug 25, 1847 to Feb 7, 1936). According to stories my g-grandmother told my grandmother, Dacice was a 2 hour walk from Prague (or Praha). My grandmothers father was born in Hlinska, Czechoslovakia to Joseph Homolka who was born circa 1928 also in Hlinsko, Czechoslovakia and he died April 11, 1891 (apparently from pneumonia returning with his family to the 88 acres him and my g-grandfather bought in Kansas) and Katherine Vopova (no vital statistics on her). I have less information on my paternal grandfathers side. His parents are Joseph George Severa and Kathryn Pachta. I believe they were both born in or near Munden, Kansas to parents who had already emigrated from "Czechoslovakia". I am interested to go further back on the Severa and Pachta side as well as the Homolka, Sterba, Vopova and Stepanek side. I am very interested to find relatives related to Anna Peterka (??) the sister of my g-grandmother who was the only relative to remain in Czechoslovakia. They lost contact with her when my g-grandmother died in 1940.
email: - - Posted 06 July 1998

Researching: ADAMEK
My great grandmother,grandmother, grandfather and great uncles came to usa settling in Chicago ILL. Name is Adamek, Joseph, Frank, Della, George, and Marie would appreciate birth information immigration visa info and if some relatives are still there.
email: - - Posted 06 July 1998

Researching: CERMAK, JIRAVA
I am looking for 3 great uncles, Charles, James, & George who were born about 1876, 1877, & 1878 in Cleveland, Ohio. My grandfather, Frank born 1879, was their younger brother. Their parents, Charles Cermak and Marie Jirava Cermak, were born in Bohemia. The four boys were orphaned about 1885. They were sent to live with different relatives. At least one of the older boys married and had two sons.
email: Tom Overman - - Posted 06 July 1998

Jakub (Jacob) Humpal, born in Ujzed, Vita Volyn, Budejanice (South Bohemia) in September of 1827. He was married to Mary Spindler. He died in 1917 in Atkinson, Nebraska. These were their sons: Frank Lewis b. 1/1/1865; Joseph b. March 1853; James b.October 1854; Karel born before coming to U.S. Vaclav born before coming to U.S. Charles J. b. September 1866; Lewis Frank b. October 1868; George b. September 1871; Edward. Anton Tasler b. 1/16/1832 Kunvald Zamberk, Kralove Hradac, Byohodocesky, Austria-Hungary m. Josephine Rouse (b. 6/3/1841 d. 4/17/1921 in Atkinson, NE) 1/28/1859 in Austria. He died 8/20/1894 in Atkinson, NE. Children: Infant 1859; Anna 11/15/1860; Anton A 11/24/1863; Josephine 4/7/1866 She was only 6 weeks old when they came to the U.S.; Mathilda 11/13/1868; Mary 10/14/1870; Joseph 10/28/1872; Joseph 11/6/1874; Framces 4/8/1877; Barbara 10/1/1879; Frank 1/21/1881; Albena 10/28/1883.
email: - - Posted 06 July 1998

I am looking for information regarding the family of Marie Chmelarova. Born in Kvacicich, C.S.R. on Nov. 5 1920. Her mother's name was Marija and her father's name was Frantisck. Marie married a man named Predrag Matijasevic, a Montenegran Serb, in Yugoslavia and gave birth to a girl, Mariana, and a boy, Nenad in 1946. Marie died on June 18, 1957.
email: Patricia - - Posted 06 July 1998

Researching: KATRNAK
I'd love to find out more about my father's family. Moriavian born, name is Fabian Katrnak born on January 1 (I believe 1920). His mothers name was Marie. Siblings are Florence (Flo-Flo), Frank, Anne, Rose and a younger brother (don't know name) who was institutionalized for most of his life. My father lived in France, then Canada and then the US. Any information regarding family history, their background, ancestors and their locations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
email: Marie Katrnak Hudson - - Posted 06 July 1998

Researching: SPRIGLER
I am trying to find out any available information on the name Sprigler. One web search led me to an article on Kladno, Bohemia which had an illustration done by a K. Sprigler in the 1500's. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
email: Melaine Sprigler - - Posted 06 July 1998

David Katz born 2-27-1887 married to Regina (Ruchel) Eisenberg born 12-9-1886. son #1 born 1910; #2 born 1913; dtr. born 1915?; #3 born 1919; #4 born 1921. Came to USA in 1928. Sarah (Sura Risha) Eptein b.12-10-1900 White Russia near Minsk? came to USA in 1909 to NYC, NY married in Ny 1918 to: Joseph Drucker b.1899. Son of Marcus Drucker family from Russia-Poland bordertown.
email: Linda Katz Cohen - - Posted 06 July 1998

Researching: BAROCH
Researching Baroch from Kreis Ausig (Sobochleben). Any information on family members also from this region at or around the time of WW2.
email: Marco Baroch - - Posted 05 July 1998

Researching: DRTINA
I am researching for family name Drtina, especially ancestors of Franz Josef Drtina and Josef Drtina. Information is greatly appreciated.
email: Tore Drtina - - Posted 05 July 1998

I am looking for information on Franticek Vanecek born in July (?) 1920 in Prague. He was director of a theater "Spolek Cesktch Spisovatel{ Beletrist{ Maj" on Pstrosova Ulice Cislo 23, Praha II. His parents were called Maria and Lambert (or Norbert?) Vanecek and lived at 10 Dlasdena, Praha I. Franticek and his friend Freddy Herrgott left Prague in February 1948 for Brussels where they met my family (Hauben-Enstone) and stayed until November before leaving for La Paz, Bolivia, later to Lima (attended engineer school), and maybe to the States. Any information would be greatly apreciated.
email: Nickie Greenwood - - Posted 05 July 1998

My surnames are Plaschko, Hanika, Wachs, Reichert, Walter, and Hochberger from Kuschwarda and later in Vienna, Wurzberg, Graz, Steiermark, and Prague. I am very interested in finding the city of Kuschwarda and Graz, Steiermark.
email: Rose - - Posted 05 July 1998

I'm looking for the surnames Kulhanek and Czaikowski. If anyone has info on these names please contact me.
email: - - Posted 05 July 1998

Researching: STEFL, STEMMLER
My father is Charles Arthur Stefl born in Dunbar, Pennsylvania in 1920. His father was Charles Edward Stefl, which is also my name. He was born in southwestern Pennsylvania I believe, perhaps Connellsville and was married to Margaret Stemmler. His father was Anton Stefl who is buried in Mt. Pleasant, PA. I don't know if he was born there or in Bohemia. He would have born sometime in the late 1860's or early 70's I would imagine, but I don't have any more information beyond this. If you might know of how these folks got to this country and why they left the old country, please let me know. Thank you.
email: Charles E. Stefl - - Posted 05 July 1998

Researching: MICULKA
Researching Miculka.
email: Bob Cummins -
Bob.Cummins@SEMATECH.Org - Posted 05 July 1998

Looking for info on great-grandfather Joseph Hudecek. Looking for info on Joseph Hudecek born approximately 1853 in Bohemia came to US in 1870 married Frances Svoboda in Omaha NE on Feb 14, 1887. Had 8 children. Did he have brother names Thomas and Anton?? What were Joseph's parents names? He came fron Near Prague. Any info helpful.
email: Lynne Richt - - Posted 05 July 1998

Searching for any information on Frank Alois Karas,immigrated from Vnorovy (Moravia) to the U.S. in 1905. Born 1876. Also searching for info on his son Andrew born in Vnorovy approx. 1900. Looking for any and all info on Franks second wife Apolina Julia Babulikova, from Vnorovy, born in 1884. Immigrated to U.S. about 1903.
email: Ray P. Karas - - Posted 05 July 1998

My names of interest and towns are: Anna Rompot from Martinace, Bohemia. Josef Bednar from we believe Vela Shanta, Bohemia Albert Koutny from Moravia. We believe the Bednar name was short when they came to USA, from Bednarik?
email: - - Posted 05 July 1998

Researching: LEDERER
I am researching the history of the Lederer family, which I traced back to Doudleby Nad Orlici (North East Bohemia) where my ancestors lived since at least the 1780s. In the second half of the 19th century members of this family moved to Vienna, USA, Svitavy, Nachod, Hradec Kralove, Vysoke Myto, Prague, Chocen, Luze, Litomyshl, Jihlova, Pardubice, and elsewhere.
email: - - Posted 04 July 1998

Looking for Joseph Hondl (Hondle, Hondl, Hundl) immigrated to US from Czech early 1900's. Sons were James Joseph and Thomas. James was my grandfather. He lived in Dickinson, ND until approx 1926, ten moved to Washington state. Can't find this name anywhere.
email: - - Posted 04 July 1998

I am researching the ancestors and descendants of great-grandfather, Antonin Apfelbeck and his wife Marie Vachalova who came to America in the late 1800's and settled in Omaha, Nebraska. They were from the Domazlice area of Bohemia. Lucia Holainova, wife of Joseph Mlynek came to Collyer, Kansas, from the Opava Ostrava area of Moravia. Lucia's mother, unmarried at the time of her birth, later married Valentina Palicka, who adopted her. Towns of origin for family members are Adamek, Sykora, Tichpad and Palicka of Proskovice, Holain of Proskovice and Stara Vis, Jadamek of Proskovice, Janeck, from Stara Bela, Kanclir, Sujik, and Tylecek from Stare Vis, Kelnar from Proskovice, Krejcicek, Kucera, and Kudelka from Stara Bela, and Vavra from Stare Vis and Stara Bela.
email: Mike McLaughlan - - Posted 04 July 1998

I would like to learn more about my great grandfather Martin, born 1829 in Budweis, Bohemia. He married Mary Spindler, born 1838, Budejovice, Bohemia. They immigrated to America in 1865. I have a brief history of them since they arrived in America. My question: Is there another whole side of the Sabatka family still living in Bohemia? I am planning a trip to Bohemia in 1999 and would like to visit the towns of their childhood and get to know any distant related Sabatka's.
email: - - Posted 04 July 1998

Looking for the spouse and ancestors of Vaclav Buna, born about 1751, died 15 Dec 1844 in Kolin, Kolin, Bohemia. Also interested in any information regarding his children: Anna Buna Birth : 13 Jun 1797 Bohemia Death : 12 May 1879 Kolin, Kolin, Bohemia; Jan Buna Birth : 12 Mar 1798 Kolin, Kolin, Bohemia; Marie Buna Birth : 1807 Death : 1865. Researching Falber. Looking for the ancestors of Vaclav FALBER (d. 1844). Married to Alzbeta Vlachovska. They had the following children: Falber, Josefa Ludmila Birth : 19 Mar 1789 Cerny, Kostelec, Cesky Brod, Bohemia Falber, Josef Birth : Abt Jun 1793 Death : 30 Sep 1793 Cerny, Kostelec, Cesky Brod, Bohemia Falber, Terezia Antonia Birth : 18 Oct 1794 Cerny, Kostelec, Cesky Brod, Bohemia Falber, Antonin Emanuel Birth : 15 Sep 1796 Cerny, Kostelec, Cesky Brod, Bohemia Death : 24 Apr 1858 Kolin, Kolin, Bohemia. Looking for the spouse and ancestors of Anna Maria Skrivanova: Birth : 1 Feb 1764 Novy Kolin, Kolin, Bohemia Death : 29 Jan 1818 Kolin, Kolin, Bohemia Her mother was Dorota Skrivanova. Looking for the ancestors of Josef Kominek. He was married to Katerina Stejskalova. Their son, Alois Kominek married Josefa Burdova. I do not know for certain, but suspect the Komineks lived in the Lany, Kutna Hory, Bohemia area. Researching the ancestors of Josef Burda, married to Barbora Kuchynkova. They had a daughter, Josefa Burdova. Believed to have been from the Kolin or Lany areas.
email: Cassie Elam - - Posted 04 July 1998

Surnames of relatives include Praska (Prastka), Parizek, Zak, Roztacil, Hurka, Rohan, Broz, Vagnerova, Tepla, Broz, Hrouda and Uher. Many from the Pasek (Paseky) area. Family came to the US about 100 years ago settling in Iowa and California.
email: -
SUMDOC@ALUM.MIT.EDU - Posted 04 July 1998

Looking for Nemecek. Looking for Velatia, where is this. Also for names, Kostura and Serotnick.
email: Debbie Hale - - Posted 04 July 1998

Researching: CHARVAT
Searching for info on Charvat - settling in Chicago turn of century.
email: Diane Charvat - - Posted 04 July 1998

Researching: SHULA
Looking for shula, from Bohemia 1902-1903. Vaclav and Alzbeta with one child Frank Peter. Settled in Cleveland then to Illinois Coal City are. Other names kinked are Hana and Abl.
email: Peggy Siksnus - - Posted 04 July 1998

Researching: VITEK
I am interested in my family lineage. I have a fair amount of info that my grandmother has compiled and I would be interested in anything else that anybody has on the Vitek name.
email: Joe Vitek - - Posted 04 July 1998

Researching: FAIFERLICK
Seeking family of Peter Faiferlick from Bohemia, daughter Eva (Evelyn) born 12/25/1864, deceased in Webster County, Fort Dodge, IA 11/24/1945.
email: - - Posted 02 July 1998

Wesley Horak's birthplace was Opatave 1862. Tomas Talasek's birthplace was Czechoslavakia 1890. Alois Boudny's birthplace was Brunn, Moravia 1896. Frank Boudny's birthplace was Koberice, Czechoslavakia 1862. Mitchell Stiba's birthplace was Prague 1845. Josef Mikeska's birthplace was Zadvercich 1839. Rozina Wentricik Mikeska's birthplace was Zadvercich 1845.
email: Richard and Sharon Talasek - - Posted 02 July 1998

Researching: URBAN
I'm looking for information on my husband's great grandfather, Frank Urban. He was married to a woman named Mary. He would have come to the U.S. around 1900 from the border areas of Austria - Hungary - Poland. He and his wife and some of their children are buried in the Saint Stanislaus Polish Catholic cemetery in Mammoth, PA. I know this is not much to go on for research purposes. I am hoping that someone out there is related by marriage or blood and can help us. If you have any information on Urban families that came to the U.S. during this time period from these countries would you please contact me? I will look at anything to help us. Thank you.
email: Carol and Philip Urban - - Posted 02 July 1998

Researching Yackulic, Babur, Baber, and Baburek. Joseph? Yackulic left Czeck approximently late 1800's for USA. Baber family left Czeck approximently 1885 for USA. Need any information on either family.
email: Lindy Yackulic - - Posted 02 July 1998

Researching: ROUSAR, SODOMKA
John Rousar (b. 1845) and Barbara Sodomka (b. 1846) immigrated to America in 1874, I think into Baltimore. They settled in Racine, Wisconsin with their children. I have very limited knowledge of these ancesters, any help would be appreciated.
email: Peg Rousar-Thompson - - Posted 02 July 1998

Researching: WILDOVA
My birth mother is Justina E. Wildova from Joslowitz, Czech Rebublic. Born in 1930's. Family supposedly died in wartime. Any link to possible living relatives or paper trail of dead ancestors greatly appreciated. Have same surname? Let's work together.
email: Victoria Wild Jandran - - Posted 02 July 1998

Searching for descendants of Vaclav Burant, arrived in USA in 1874 with his wife and five children.
email: Jim and Judi Burant - - Posted 02 July 1998

Researching: KOHOUT
Researching information on my grandfather, Josef Alois Kohout. He was born near Prague (Jenstyn, not certain of spelling), July 9, 1863. He had an uncle, Francis Kohout, who was a concert master in Prague. Any information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 02 July 1998

Researching: KALAS, KALASH
I am searching for anyone with the last name of Kalas, or Kalas(h). My last find was my great Grand Mother Veronica Kalas(h) wife of Joseph Kalas(h). The Bohemian spelling has a ' above the s which makes the sound "sh". so the spelling can vary.
email: - - Posted 01 July 1998

Researching: GUETTLER
I would like information on Oscar Guettler. Born Jan 1877 in Leutmannsdorf, Silesia Germany came to US in 1886. Son of Gustav Guettler.
email: - - Posted 01 July 1998

Researching: UHLIG
I am seeking information on some of my ancestors. My gggrandfather Daniel Uhlig, born 1815, Saxony, and his wife Johanne, born 1824 Saxony. They came to the U. S. in the 1850's and settled in Texas. Their children are (son) Ernest, born 1844, Saxony, (son) Louis, born 1850, Saxony, (dau) Amelia, born June 4, 1853, Saxony, (dau) Mary Ela, born 1864, Colorado County, Texas. A relative, Rudolph Henry Uhlig, born Nov 7, 1872. I need the names of the parents of all 3 individuals. I would like to know which port they entered. A. Uhlig Burris
email: -
- Posted 01 July 1998

Just found your Czech genealogy site. Can you help find those interested in my Bohemian surname - Mrkvicka. The Mrkvicka ancestors are from a small town, Kestrany or Nove Kestrany which is near Pisek. Other related surnames: Hastaba, Schovanec, AND Cervenka.
email: - - Posted 01 July 1998

My Great Grandparents, Joseph Kostecka, b. 1855, and Franrioka Bockova, b. Nov. 29 1851, in Sachsengrun. Children were Vaclav, b Mar 16, 1879, in Vranov, Anna b. Feb 15, 1881 in Hornstupno, and my Grandmother, Maria, b.1890 in Burmoso(?). The family came to the states in 1892. Franrioka was writing to a Friedrich Bock in the 1920- 30's at Unter-Reichnau, C Folkenau ad Eger #175. Czechslovakia. Any connections or information would be appreciated.
email: Gerald Ripley - - Posted 01 July 1998

Researching my great grandparents and their ancestors, born in Tuschkau, Bohemia, which is now the Czech Republic. Anton Haala, Sr., was born in 1819 in Bohemia and died in Bucyrus, Ohio, USA in 1898. He married Veronica Dol(l)hoff (Tollhopf) who was born in the same area in 1822 and also died in Bucyrus, Ohio in 1906. They were both buried in the Holy Trinity Catholic cemetery there. Anton, Sr.'s parents were Antonia and Marie (Pecher) Haala who lived and died in Tuschkau, Bohemia. Anton, Sr. had three siblings that I know of: John Haala (1838 - 1914) married to Margaret Gullong (1842 - 1899), Theresia Haala, and Magdalena Haala. This is all I know of them. Anton, Sr. and Veronica had five children who all preceded them to this country and settled in Bucyrus, Ohio. They were Nikolaus (1864 -1952) married to Anna Beran, Mary Margaret Haala (1852 - 1941) married to John Schott, Joseph Haala (born 1867, no death year noted), Mrs. Wentz Muhr (no dates or given name available), Anton, Jr.(1859 - 1908) married to Magdelena Gabriel (1868 - 1953), my grandparents, who are buried in Holy Trinity cemetery in Bucyrus, Ohio. They had seven boys: Lawrence, Carl, Frederick, Edward, Francis, Anton, and Joseph, my father. I would be interested in any information available that anyone could give me.
email: Carol Haala Walkins - - Posted 01 July 1998

Researching surname Krzmarzick. John and Barbara (Fleischmann) Krzmarzick emigrated from Decenice, Bohemia in 1862. Came to Wisconsin and several years later settled near Sleepy Eye, Brown County, Minnesota. Would like info on village Decenice also.
email: Peggy Tauer - - Posted 01 July 1998

Researching families of Anton Herrgesell b.c.1820 and wife Franzisca Kretschmer b.c.1819, resided Engelsberg, Austria (now in Czech) in mid 1800s. Had daughters Johanna b. 1854, Antonia b. 1857, Hermina b. 1859 and Francis b. 1861. The family immigrated to the USA, settling in Milwaukee, 1870 and then Ludington, MI.
email: Barb Thomas - - Posted 01 July 1998

Any information as to members of these families with first names including: Menachem, Yehuda, Hillel, Chaya, Rochel, and Klara would be most appreciated. Many of the members of these families perished during the Holocaust in WW2 at Auschwitz.
email: Emil Grossman - - Posted 01 July 1998

I am looking for anyone with the surname Harabin or Haraben.
email: Michael Harabin - - Posted 01 July 1998

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