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Researching: HOSACK
I am looking for information on my grandfather, Edward Hosack born in Prague late 1800's, resided in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
email: Eugene Hosack - - Posted 13 September 1998

Researching: YALCH
I know nothing of my background concerning my maiden name - Yalch. Just happened on this site. Have always been told the name was "Slavic".
email: Pat Sharp - - Posted 13 September 1998

I have traced my family back to Winterberg, Austria (now Vimperk, Czech Republic) to Engelbert Gaschler (1836) his father was Johann Gaschler married to Karoline Tanzer of Oberfrauenau, Bavaria. I can not find birth or marriage documents for Johann . this is where I have hit a brick wall. Engelbert married Franziska Friedl in Lambach, Bavaria in 1860 and had my Great Grand Father, Wilhelm Gaschler 1867. Wilhelm came to the US in 1891 as did at least two of his brothers, Engelbert and Alois. They settled in Cumberland MD. Any tips on how to research Czech Archives for Johann Gaschler?
email: Bob Gaschler - - Posted 13 September 1998

Researching: ZALESAK
My father, Jiri Zalesak, from the village of Kuzelov in Morava.
email: - - Posted 11 September 1998

Researching: NOVAK, FRICK, FRIC
Am searching for information regarding Frank Novak born 1891. His wife was Mary Frick (alt spelling Mae Fric) nee. Their son, Otto Frank Novak DOB 4/19/1905 was born in Cleveland Ohio. Any info will help.
email: - - Posted 11 September 1998

Researching: ADAMEK
James Charles Adamek.
email: - - Posted 11 September 1998

I am searching the name Martin Skarban. Dutin, Moravia, or Bavaria. Martin was born February 28 1836. Married in 1863. Left Czec in 1867 to Wisconsin. Martin's wife was Magdolena Asbena (cannot find the long spelling of Asbena). They had one daughter Caroline born September 29 1866. Spellings found as Skarban / Skarvan / Shcarban
email: Charlotte - - Posted 11 September 1998

Researching: CIHLAR, CYHLAR
Cihlar - 1720-1860 - Mnich or Boretin, Bohemia. Seek ancestors and or contemporaries of Matous Cihlar (Cyhlar) who lived in Mnich of Boretin, Bohemia, during the 18th Century. Matous emigrated to Chicago in 1861. I know nothing of these towns. What was the population then and what is it today? What was/is the economic basis for the area? Any outstanding geographic features? Genealogy research has helped me to identify ancestors, but I'd like to put some flesh on the bones. Matthew was a master tailor in his new Chicago, IL, home. What value was there to such service in 1850 Mnich? He had eight children. Was such a large family common in a village?
email: Carroll Cihlar - - Posted 11 September 1998

Do you have any information about the Tampier family, who emigrated to America from the town of Suchdol (near the Austrian-Czech border). Specific names I need searched include John Tampier and his wife, Elizabeth Voolieska. Their son, Frank Tampier, was born in Suchdol in 1868. I would be happy to obtain information on these three people. I will gladly pay a search fee, if required. Looking forward to your reply.
email: Gerry Kuecher - - Posted 10 September 1998

Researching: REZAC, HOUFEK
The following relatives migrated to Wahoo, Tuhe, and Valparasio, Nebraska during the beginning of the 1900's. Trying to build a family tree. Great Grand Father - Rezac, Grand Father - Houfek, Grand Mother - Rezac, All of these relatives left a place in Czechoslovakia called the "Black Forest"? during the Bolshevik revolution. All of them were tailors of fine clothing. Do not know where to start. Have a nice day.
email: Harold D. Houfek, Sr. - - Posted 10 September 1998

Researching: SYNEK
I am searching for any information on any Synek family members. My grandfather Josef Synek was born in the town of Prostejov ,October 14, 1870 in what is now The Czech Republic. If anyone has information on anyone named Synek from the village of Prostejov or anywhere else please contact me. Thank you for your help.
email: - - Posted 10 September 1998

Frank Dominik was born in 1893 in Blancie, Moravia and immigrated to the US in 1911. He lived first in the Chicago area where he worked on street cars. In 1915 he moved to Lansing, Michigan and married Marie Smejsa (Mary Smacey). She was born in Blanice in 1898 and immigrated to the US in about 1911-1913. They resided in Lansing from 1915 until Frank's death in 1975 and her death in 1994. He was employed by the REO Motor Car Co. and Fisher Body. Possible relatives may be the Kurina family in Osage, Iowa and the Vitek family in Southern California. I am interested in any relatives with these last names. I located a Joseph Dominik (d. 1911) and a Frank Dominik (d. 1971) in the Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago. I am a grandson of Frank Dominik.
email: - - Posted 10 September 1998

Researching: FORAL
My great grandfather Josef Foral claimed Bohemia as his home. He left from Havre France onboard the SS FRance in 1882 settling in Town of Spruce, Wis. We don't know where he came from or what family he left behind. Does anyone know if Havre has emmigration records and how to find them? The FHC has a Josef Foral born in Brno in 1826.
email: Bill Fonferek - - Posted 10 September 1998

Researching: ZUBER
John Zuber emigrated from Bohemia in the mid-to-late 19th Century to Dubuque, Iowa, USA. It is believed that he was born in Rokycany.
email: Lowry Z. Day - - Posted 09 September 1998

Researching: KARAS, BABULIK
I'm doing ancestral research on my grandfather Frank Alois Karas and Grandmother Apolina Julia Babulik, both from the village of Vnorovy in Moravia. Frank emmigrated to the United States in 1905, Apolina Emmigrated in 1903. Frank was married for the first time in Vnorovy about 1899. Had one son born in 1901. First wife died approx. 1903. Frank married Apolina in the United States in 1909. Would like any information on my grandparents but especially the Babulik family. Family lore states that she lived "down by the river", and Frank owned approx. 18 acres of land in Vnorovy. How did Apolina know Frank ? Did she work on his farm as a farm hand or milk maid or housekeeper? Any info will be appreciated. What was Franks first wifes name? Where is the one son (his name was Andrew). He lived with Frank and Apolina in the United States, but I lost track of him after the 1920 census.
email: Ray P. Karas - - Posted 09 September 1998

Researching surnames of Doudera, Drobny, Novaka, Bilek, Jesek, Kohout, Moucha, Patric and Prochaska. Matthew Doudera born in Kostelina Lhota, Bohemia in 1832, wife Marie Drobny of the same village born 1841. They had three children Joseph (Elziabeth Moucha) b.1860, Anne (John Mazanek) b. 1862 and Frank (Josephine Neadrost) b.1868 in Hradistko, Bohemia. Matthew died in Hradistko in 1871 and Marie married a man named Frank Jezek and had four children: James, Louis and Mary the fourth died on the ship when coming to America in 1883. The family settled in Alma, Marion County, Illinois. Marie married once again after Frank's death to a man named Frank Kohout. Also researching the surname of Bilek. Genck Bilek and his wife Mary came to America from Bohemia in 1880 with their three children Mary (Kotva) 1868, Emma 1878, and James (Mary Doudera) 1880. Were living in Alma, Marion, County, Illinois as of 1883. Had fourth child, Joseph in Alma in 1894. Research surnames of Moucha, Patric and Prochaska. Vitus Moucha born 1825 in Albrechticic, Bohemia. Vit and is wife Elnora Patric came to America in 1864 with their two daughters, Marie (Joseph Prochaska) b.1858 and Elizabeth (Joseph Doudera) b.1861. Then settled in Chicago, Illinois and had their third child, John in 1866. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Willing to share information.
email: Mary Hiller - - Posted 09 September 1998

Researching Mynarcik, Hudec and Wychopen all from the Czech republic Came to the US in late 1800's and early 1900's. Came into Galveston.
email: Patti Winters - - Posted 09 September 1998

Researching: STEINITZ
Looking for information about the family of Anna Steinitz who died in Mikulov [Nikolsburg] on November 29, 1910.
email: - - Posted 09 September 1998

Researching Sasek, Strez, Mares, Tvrz; I am researching my husband's g-grandparents Jan Sasek, Jr. b. 1850-1860 Jehnedla. He m. Rozalie Unknown b. 1850-1860 Ondraze. They emigrated to the U.S. 1891-1892 and settled in Saline Co., Nebraska. They had two sons, John and Frank. Frank settles in Illinois, m. Barbara Tvrz b. and had one child Jeanette Sasek. John settled in Nebraska, m. Frances Vostrez b. 1877 Nebraska and had Otto, Elsie and Victor Sasek(my husband's father). They divorced, and Frances m. Albert Mares b. 1871 (possibly) Otrocin, Beroun, Praha. They had Carmen and Bertram Mares. I am particularly interested in info on Jan Jr. & Rozalie Sasek and their parents, John Vostrez b. 1823-1856 Vyhnanov, Kostelec & Anna Hroch Vostrez b. 1849-1894 CZ (parents of Frances) and Anton Tvrz b. Mestecko, Krivoklat & Johanna ? Tvrz b. Ruda, N. Strasice (parents of Barbara Tvrz). All of them settled in Saline Co., Nebraska. Thanks.
email: Charlotte Sasek - - Posted 08 September 1998

Dale D. Chalupnik (Halupnik) of Prosec, Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 08 September 1998

Researching: KULA
Hi, I am looking for information on my g-grandparents. I know very little. Thomas(?) John Kula is buried in Denver, Co. and his wife Mary A. Kula passed away about 1910 and is buried in Fort Morgan, Co. It is my understanding that they came from Bohemia. Any information or help you can give would be very helpful. Thank you.
email: Kathy Mathews - - Posted 08 September 1998

Researching: ZALESAK
Please add the name Zalesak to you alphabetical list. The town of origin is Kuzelov in Moravia. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 08 September 1998

Researching: SAVKO
Researching family name Savko.
email: - - Posted 08 September 1998

I am looking for any information on James Hecl who was born in St. Johns, Bohemia in January 1838. About 1868 he married Mary Marek (born in February 1848). They had five children in Bohemia (John, James, Elizabeth, Anna, and Mary) before coming to the USA in 1884 and settling in the Rice County, Minnesota area. They had one more child Albert. Their son John Hecl was born in about 1869. He married Mary Rose Sticha (born in Minnesota in March of 1872) in 1898. Any information on any of these people would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
email: John Helcl - - Posted 07 September 1998

Researching: HARVAN
I am an 18 year old college student interested in learning more about my ancestry. I know all my grandfather's brothers and sisters were born in Czechoslovakia, but he was born here, in the US. His name is George Harvan. His sisters were Julia, Margaret, Rosa, and Claire (all deceased.). He had one brother, Ted (deceased).
email: Jennifer Harvan - - Posted 07 September 1998

I am researching information on the rare surname Adamik (variants Adamcik, Adamek, etc.). I have always been told relatives came from Poland, but I think they must have just left from a port there, since the name seems to be Czech/Moravian. I have anecdotal evidence that relatives came from Moravia. Came to New Orleans in the 1880's, and settled in central Texas towns of Wheelock and Bryan. Current family are in the Waco and Dallas, Texas areas. I have received some email from northern Germany, where some families apparently emigrated.
email: Jason M. Adamik - - Posted 07 September 1998

Searching for the Doctor/Doktor family, a Jewish family from Horice (Horitz in German) in Bohemia. George Doktorís parents, Isidor and Theresia, came to New York in the 1890's from the town. He had a brother named Adolf. There was also a relative named Emmanuel Doktor in New York who was a witness at his wedding. Pauline Salz from Bohemia. married George Doctor in New York. Pauline was also Jewish and had a brother named Joseph. I am going to Prague and Bohemia on a genealogical trip and would appreciate any leads on which Horice I should visit (north Bohemia near Poland, south Bohemia near Austria.). We are assuming it is the South Bohemia town. Also trying to find out where relatives went before and after the Holocaust.
email: Pauline Reich - - Posted 07 September 1998

Researching: KARTARIK
My name is Kelli Kartarik and I am checking out my ancestry (what nationality is Kartarik).
email: Kelli Kartarik - - Posted 07 September 1998

I am trying to research the name Vaclav Fikac, he is my husbands grandfather, he came from Vel Bor (we think) Bohemia. Vaclav came to the US before WWI and enter into the US thru Galvenston, TX. He was born May 31, 1884 or 1885. His father is also Vaclav Fikac and mother was Marie Skala, both from Bohemia. He married a Kamila Ullman in St. Louis, MO. on September 29, 1909. They had five sons of which only two lived to a full age, three died at very young age. I am not sure if Vaclav kept in touch with family. I also believe some of his family lived either in Malovice, Netolice, or Ceske Budejovice. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help given.
email: June and Bob Fikac - - Posted 06 September 1998

Researching: SOUKUP
Searching for Wenzel Soukup from Klattau (Klotovy) or Prague. Wife's name - Maria. Had a son, Jacob born 26 June 1830 who immigrated to Wausau, Wisconsin in 1881.
email: - - Posted 06 September 1998

I am looking for information about my Grandfather, Joseph Francis Curny, (which is now spelled Churney). He was born March 15, 1893 in Hrabusice. He was married to Elizabeth Jackovic. Her father's name was George while her mother was Elizabeth Witko. Any information on the three families will be greatly appreciated.
email: Mike Churney - - Posted 06 September 1998

Looking for info on the name Blachnik; spelling may also be Blacknik or Blatnik. My grandfather, Francis Blachnik, was born in New York City in 1909 and lived most of his life in New Jersey. Parents names unknown, but came from Bohemia.
email: Michelle D. Lee - - Posted 06 September 1998

Researching: GUNTHER
I'm trying to gain information on Marianna Gunther from Schlagenwald, born approx.,1926.
email: Alan R. Black - - Posted 06 September 1998

Researching: MACHACEK, EZER
Alexander Machacek born 1862 in Stare Mesto, Moravia (Approxamately 25 miles North West of Sumperk.). I am searching for any information related to the Machacek family. Any information provided will be greatly appreciated. Johann Ezer born 1880 in Rokytnice v Orlickych horach. Emmigrated to USA July 1911. Served in K.K. Landsturm Bezirks Commando No. 6 zu Eger and was discharged in 1909.
email: Wallace Whisenhant - - Posted 05 September 1998

Czech name Serek or Sherek from the village of Vostravici. I am looking for information on the family of Martin Sherek or Serek. He was born 11/11/1858 in Vostravici and married Aneska Kalus of the same village. They came to America, with their first son John, from Frydek Mystek to central Texas through Galveston in 1889. We know nothing of Martin, even if he had brothers or sisters left in Czech. We know very little about Aneska's family. She spoke of a sister who was blind and a brother who was killed in the army. Sherek is not a common name, so any information you may have will be appreciated. Searching for Tepera from the village of Bilany. I am looking for information on the name "Tepera". Josef Tepera was born in Bilany near Kromeriz in Czech. He came to America twice, once in the late 1800's and again with his family in 1900. He immigrated to central Texas through Galveston. There is an "Anna Tepera" buried at Svaty Hostyn but we are unable to get any information on her. She was born 1874 and died 1933. As far as I know, all the "Tepera's" in the USA can be traced back to Josef Tepera. Maybe there was a spelling change at immigration? There are very few "Tepera's" in the Czech Republic and we are unable to make a direct connection the their family line. The Tepera's in Prague think the name may have a "Finnish" origin. Does anyone know anything about this name? Or have any thoughts?
email: Dorothy Palmer - - Posted 05 September 1998

Seek info on ancestors & descendants of Martin Holub b. 1810 of Olesna (also Woleshna, Volesna) / Liblin near Rokycany, Bohemia, his wife Josepha (maiden name also Holub) b. 1813 of same place. Their known children were: Johan (John, Jan) b abt 1838 & marr Anna Sinkula and lived Wisconsin & Nebraska; Josepha b 1839 marr John Schleis and lived WI; Wenzel b abt 1842 and poss d Milwaukee; Mary b abt 1844 marr (1) Joseph Pelnar & poss marr (2) Wenzel Schauer & lived WI; Joseph b abt 1847 marr Mary ______? & lived & died Menominee, MI; Frank, my ggfa, marr (1) Elmere (Mary) Arpin & marr (2) Dorothy Ohlfs & marr (3) Sophia Anunson & lived WI; Anton b abt 1854 poss marr Sophia ________? & poss lived & d in Milwaukee; and Albert b abt 1856 who poss d in Menominee, MI. All children except Albert b. in Bohemia. In about 1860 the entire family was in Kewaunee or Manitowoc Cos., WI. Related families are probably those of Joseph & Theresia Holub and Adalbert & Catherina Holub.
email: - - Posted 05 September 1998

Researching: OSLICK, SOVICH
I'm looking for information on Oslick & Sovich. I only know that my great-grandfather came over to America in 1890's from Czech. His name was John and his brother Andy came with him. John settled in Jefferson County. I know that my great grandfather Sovich, was a grave digger in Andrian and Punskaruney area.
email: Teresa Oslick - - Posted 05 September 1998

Researching: SKWOR, KACIREK
Frantisek Skwor b.1817, came to the U.S. in 1843, settled in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Married Katerina Kacirek, who was b 1821. Their children: Frantisek (Jr.) b.1842;; Mary b. 1847; Joseph b. 1848; Barbara b. 1850; Catharine b. 1857; Wenzel b. 1859. They came from or near Praha, Bohemia. Are there records in Prague (Praha) of Frantisek Skwor or Katerina Kacirek living there prior to 1843?
email: - - Posted 03 September 1998

I am looking for more Folda's and any family history you may have. Thank you.
email: Brook Folda - - Posted 03 September 1998

Researching: FAITEL
My husband's family name is Faitel. I don't believe this is the original spelling as I am not able to find this surname in any Czech index I've ever come across. American census records state Martin Faitel (b. Nov. 1854) came from Tyn (Tynna?) Bohemia in 1901 to Michigan, USA. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have heard of this name or could suggest a possible spelling of the original name.
email: - - Posted 03 September 1998

Researching: KLINKO
Researching Klinko.
email: Jay Klinko - - Posted 03 September 1998

Researching the above surnames. The names have several different versions. My grandparents lived in McKeesport, PA area.
email: Judy Chavez - - Posted 03 September 1998

Researching: SIEGL, VOLLMAU
Researching the above surnames from what was Vollmau, Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 03 September 1998

I am doing research on my Slovak family history. Please help if you can. My grandfather, Anton (Anthony) Novobilsky, was born June 17, 1885 in Trenchen (Trencin). He was a mason by trade. He came to the USA via Ellis Island, I think, and settled in New Jersey, where he died in 1946. My grandmother was born Katherina Konkol on November 24, 1884. She lived somewhere in Spiski (or Spisska) County in the mountains, in Austria/ Hungary. At age 21 she came to the USA. She married here and died in 1944. I took a trip to Trencin a couple of years ago, but I could find no Novobilsky's there. My great- grandfather, John Meiser, Sr., was born December 16, 1867 in Nurshan, Proinz, by Pilsen in Bohemia. My great-grandmother was born as Theresia Bohm on October 15, 1869, in Tushkau N.151 also by Pilsen. Do you have any additional information about these families, both earlier and European family members to the present? Thank you for your help.
email: - - Posted 03 September 1998

Researching: STEJSKAL
Researching Stejskal from Bechyne, Tabour, 1871, to Milligan, Nebraska.
email: Denise M. Vorce -
DMVSAV@AOL.COM - Posted 02 September 1998

Researching: BUDER
My ggrandfather, Florian Buder b. Abt 1811 in Austria (Bohemia) d. 1860-1870 St. Louis MO. m Rosalia (surname Unk), Their children Reinhold W., b. 6/15/1853 in Austria d. 12/29/1909, Wicks, Jefferson Co. MO. (my grandfather), Anton F. b. Abt 1839 Austria, Edward A., b 11/1840 Austria d. 5/27/1920, Cairo, Alexander Co., IL, William b. Abt 1843 Austria and Gustavus b Abt 1851 Austria. Seeking Rosalia's surname and confirmation of dates and Ancestors and descendents.
email: Charles R. Winer - - Posted 02 September 1998

Researching: JUROS
Researching Juros.
email: Michael Juros - - Posted 02 September 1998

Researching: KUPA, MOTTL
I am researching the names Kupa and Mottl. My grandmother Francis L. Kupa married my grandpa Vladimir W. Mottl. They came to Chicago, Ill. from Czechoslovakia in 1913. Francis died in 1924. We are trying to find any information about Francis that we can. Francis was thought to have sisters that came to America with her. Any help would be greatly welcomed.
email: Janet Nemecek - - Posted 02 September 1998

I am trying to locate the town my great grandparents lived in around the late 1800's. The name of the town was Durand and it was located in Austria-Hungary which after the war was Czechoslovakia. I am unsure what area the town would be located in now (Czech Republic or Slovakia) or if it still exists. Reference to Vienna Woods and Budapest make me think it may be located in Slovakia. My great Grandparents names were Emma Huss and Aurel John Marczely. They both came to America when they were teenagers. Their parent were Ludwig Marczely / Irma Just and Samuel Huss / ? Fischer. If anyone can help locate the town of Durand or any of my relatives please contact me. Any suggestions on where I can look on the Internet to find this info would also help. Thank you.
email: Mike Marczely - - Posted 02 September 1998

Researching: ZISKOVSKY
Just beginning to search the Ziskovsky name. My grandfather Joseph Ziskovsky came from Bohemia to the U.S. around 1888 with his father Alois, mother Mary, and brother Alois. They lived in St. Paul, Minnesota. A sister Mary was born in St. Paul. the brother Alois became a priest and monsignor. He taught at the St. Paul seminary, then had a parish job at St. Matthews church in W. St. Paul. My grandfather said they came from a town called Vesily in Bohemia.
email: Frank Ziskovsky - - Posted 02 September 1998

Researching: POCZEKAJ
My maiden name was Poczekaj. I was told this name is Czech. Is this correct?
email: Corrine Gauthier - - Posted 02 September 1998

Researching: KOLARIK
Looking for the Kolarik family from Brnik.
email: Janice Hajek - - Posted 01 September 1998

Would appreciate any information on Bartos family of Pitin near Uherske hradiste, Vrba of Sanov (same area near Slovak border), Mikes of Luhacovice. Alos Nadvornik and Hornik families of Ostromer/Sobcice area (near Hradc Kralove and Lazne Belohrad), Kotyk and Podzimek families of Chotce and Nova Paka (same area as Nadvorniks).
email: Ramona Murphy Bartos - - Posted 01 September 1998

Searching (all settled in NE Wisconsin): From Bohemia (Tabor area?): Vojtech (Albert) Vondrachek(Vondracek) b:1813 d:1891 married Frantiska (Frances) Brazda b:1820 d:1892; Joseph Jerabek b:1831 d:1891 married Mary Benes b:1834 d:1919 (daughter of Josph Benes and Sudmilla Verstata); Paul Foreyt b:1815 married Anna Shimek b:1823 Joseph Heyek (Hajek) married Mary Suchan, their son Wencel b:1816 married Anna Prikop b:1823 Jacob & Anna Geigel's son Matthias b:1830 in Honositz, Pilsen d:1902 married Catherine ? b:1820 d:1919 Geisge Peterl and Susanna Frauta (b:1800's). Many descendents of these people are located on my family page:
email: Dennis Vondrachek - - Posted 01 September 1998

Researching: TIR, THIER
I'm looking for any information on the Jan Thier (Tir) fmaily borned in 1864 in Ceake, Budejovice or the Joesph Thier family born 1892 in Budejovice Czech.
email: Al Chandler - - Posted 01 September 1998

Researching: MUSULIN
I'm looking for the Musulin family. The latest I can go back is around 1910 when "Bob" Musulin came to America. His given name is "Bloosh" (sic). His wifes name was Nora. They had three sons that lived in California. I know that's no help, but I hope it's a start.
email: Carol - - Posted 01 September 1998

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