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Researching: SPRADLIN
I'm looking for family members that were born in Kosicky, Republick Czechoslovakia 1884 and Stefanouc, Austria 1882.
email: Cindy Spradlin - - Posted 25 September 1998

Researching: ZAVESKY, WELFEL
Would like to know what part of Bohemia Josef Zavesky came from. He came to USA around 1870's or early 1880's. He came through Galveston, TX and settled in the Moulton, TX area. He was 6 years old when his family came to the US. He was a barber by trade. He married Rose Welfel, who also came from Bohemia. Any info anyone may give will be greatly appreciated.
email: Gayle Zavesky - - Posted 25 September 1998

Researching: ZARICHAK, TROP
Looking for info on Zarichak, Cyril Paul born July 5, 1883. Looking for info on Trop, Julia Helen, born Feb. 17, 1888.
email: - - Posted 25 September 1998

I'm searching for info on Velma Hudec born in 1881 in Savaty Martin, Czec, daughter of Anton Hudec. Velma married Joseph Drobka in Tarntum, Pa in 1897. She died in 1963 in Tarentum. Joseph also died there in1953. They had a son in 1905 named George Drobka. I'm also looking for info on Anna Holes, born in Sv. Michala, Czech, married John Sarlina in 1903. She died in1956 in Tarentum, Pa. John died there in 1948. They had a daughter in 1907 by the name of Mary Sarlina.
email: Paul Heckman - - Posted 25 September 1998

My Grandfather is Edward Gumz of Oshkosh Wisconsin. He married Ellen Miller, also of Oshkosh, Wisconsin around the 1940's. My other Grandfather on my Mother's side is Lawrence Putzer of Oshkosh,,Wisconsin. He married Teresa Heisler, also of Oshkosh, Wisconsin around the 1930's. All of their parents came from Bohemia, Germany and Austria. Those from Bohemia then moved to Brazil for a few years before coming to Wisconsin in America. My name is Benjamin Gumz son of Paul Gumz and Margery (Putzer) Gumz, all of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
email: - - Posted 25 September 1998

Researching: MACHART
Seeking Machart genealogy help.
email: - - Posted 25 September 1998

Looking for information about the Simko family and also the following names that are directly connected to the family. They are Kukuc, Lenova and Stas. Also, three relatives by marriage are: Christina Simko married John Velligan; Joseph married Teresa Furjel; and John married Cecilia Bakos. All were born in Chlebnice, Cz. and lived in East Chicago, Indiana after they married. I would appreciate any information.
email: Frankey - - Posted 25 September 1998

Researching: ANDERLE
Seeking information about family name Anderle. Father is Josef Anderle, born Prague 1921 and raised in Klatovy. His mother was Marie Anderle of Prague and an uncle named Jan Anderle, last known to be living in Plizen.
email: Mark P. Anderle - - Posted 23 September 1998

I am from Holland. I am researching the ancestors of my mother. The oldest ancestor is one Wenceslaus Benda, who is supposed to be born in or around 1713 in a place that is noted here in Holland as: "Laarsen", but this place does not exist in Europe. We suspect that it might be Lazne, because this is pronounced the same way (about) as Laarsen. He was a mercenary soldier, married here in Holland to Hendrina van Beverdam, and never returned to Czechoslovackia, as far as I know. He died in 1783 in Nijmegen, Holland.
email: Huub T.M. ter Beek - - Posted 23 September 1998

Researching: POUKNER, ROYDS
I was told that my grandfather shorten the name, I wasn't raised by my mom or dad and I don't know what it could have been. Is there a special place that I might look up that will help me? My father is still alive but wants no contact with his kids from his first marriage, I am the 2nd to the oldest of 6 kids. My name was Deborah Lee Poukner, my father is Frank Elmer Poukner II, his father was also Frank Elmer Poukner Sr married to Clara Royds, my grandparents are gone so I'm at a lose as to how to find anyone it all stops at my Grandfather. He was born 1/28/1907 and died 3/1961 my grandma Clara Poukner outlived him 30 years, she died in 5/91. Let me know if you can help.
email: Debby Poukner Bracewell - - Posted 23 September 1998

This is my father's name. His parents came from Europe, but I don't know the country. It could be the Czech Republic, but it might be Slovakia. Are there any records I could look up to find out?
email: Mike Harabin - - Posted 23 September 1998

Surnames are Nestrojil and Dopita of Moravia.
email: Marlene Heinsohn - - Posted 23 September 1998

My grandfather, Oldrich Vrany (b. 04-03-1906 d. 04-08-1971) was son of Vavrinec Vrany (b. 1869 d. 29-01-1942) and Anna Stepanova (b. 1874 d. 25-12-1966). My grandmother, Marie Nekvasilova (b. 04-06-1902 d. 1978) was daughter of Alois Nekvasil (b. 1868) and Marie Stepanova (b. 18-03-1877 d. 24-08-1909). Marie Stepanova was daughter of Vaclav Stepan (b. 06-01-1853 d. 10-02-1918) and Marie Vesela (b. 01-11-1852 d. 14-04-1866). Apparently, Vaclav Stepan and Anna Stepanova were brother and sister. The dates also seen to suggest that Vaclav Stepan had a second wife, but the names come from my grandparents' birth certificates.
email: Fabiano Fabris - - Posted 22 September 1998

Researching: VAVRICEK
My husband and I are researching his family name, Vavricek, which is Bohemian. My husband is 3rd generation born in the U.S. Any information about the family name or relatives would be appreciated. Thanks!
email: Kerrie Megonigal - - Posted 22 September 1998

Researching: KALINA
I am searching for my g.g.grandparents...John Kalina and his wife Anna from Bohemia....they arrived in america in 1870. they arrived with my g.grandmother was one year old. Magdelina Kalina b.3-14-1871 . Any info that you would have would be greatly appreciated.
email: Karen E Bruno - - Posted 22 September 1998

Interested in any information whatsoever on the name Husenits. My grandfather John Husenits was born in Bohemia in 1888 and immigrated from the then Austro-Hungarian Empire to western Pennsylvania in 1904. I don't have any information on what town he was from, although some of his records list his name as Jan Husinec, so I suspect that the surname has been Americanized and that there is a possible link to the Czech town of the same name. Thanks.
email: Joel Husenits - - Posted 22 September 1998

Researching: SVEHLAK
My maiden name is Svehlak and I was born and raised in Ennis, Texas. I've been married for 19 years and my married name is Ryan and I've moved to Garland, Texas (45 minutes from Ennis). If your name is also Svehlak, please contact me via the internet. I'd like to know how many other Svehlaks there are in the US.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1998

Vadimsky or Vadinsky from Bohemia near the Sazava River.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1998

Tomandl, Novak, Smisek, Kostelecky were Moravian emmigrants to Nebraska late 1800's.
email: Patricia A Owens - - Posted 21 September 1998

Looking for information regarding the name Ponec (Ponce) and a book written by a man named Prasek, which outlines the history of the name. The book was supposedly written prior to 1918. This Prasek was married to a Ponec. They were endeavoring to claim some sort of title for her from Spain. It seems that some Spanish Aristrocats emmigrated to Bohemia in the l6-l7 century and supposedly the name was changed from Ponce to Ponec. The name is quite rare and the only ones in the USA are descendants of Rudolph Ponec who settled in Omaha, Nebraska. He was born in l859 possibly in Smecna. His parents were Vincenz Ponec and Anna Linert. There are 38 books on the world catalog written by various Praseks. I have been told that possibly "Dejiny Cech a Moravy nove doby" is the book I am looking for. It is part of a ten volume set and Justin Vaclav Prasek wrote several volumes. Other volumes are written by Koran, Svatek, and Rezac. There is only one copy of the book available in the USA and it is unloanable and in California. I am in Nebraska.
email: Carol Ponec-Nemec - - Posted 21 September 1998

Researching: ROSENTHAL
Searching my fathers birthplace and possible family: Rosenthal- born Dobsina, 1898, lived later in Miskolc.
email: Ernie Rosenthal - - Posted 21 September 1998

Mary Palla born c. 1865 in or around Prague. Married Andrew Martonyi (Martony). Andrew Martony born c. 1865 in Prague. Ran a tour agency.
email: - - Posted 21 September 1998

Researching: JAKL, KRISKA
In search of further info on Jakl listed as earliest settlers in Buttler Co NE, further info on Jakl farmland give by the president 1800's to early 1900's. Researching the family names Kriska and Jakl early settlers of buttler Co NE 1800's to early 1900's from Czech and Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 21 September 1998

Researching: OFSANSKY
I am beginning to search through my family's history and I don't have much to start with. I know my grandfather's name was Ofsansky and it was shortened when his parents entered the country. Anything you have will be a great help to me.
email: Meredith Bledsoe - - Posted 21 September 1998

Researching: SOBOTA, PALIGO
I am searching for anyone in the Sobota family. My grandfather was Frank Sobota, possibly from the town of Kozowa. Also looking for anyone in the Paligo family.
email: Kathie Smith - - Posted 20 September 1998

Researching: SEDJO, PROFANT
I'm seaching for any imformation on John Sedjo born March 19, 1885 In Vazec or Suzan Profant also of Vazec. Suzan had a brother Andrew Profant who come to the United States later. John came to the United States in 1902 deom Breman, Germany docked in New York and went to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Suzan arrived in the United States on April 1, 1907 for an arranged marriage with John Sedjo. They were married April 28, 1907. Suzan and John returned to Vazec on December 31, 1911, while in Vazec Suzan had a son born named John but died in infancy and is buried in Vazec. They returned to the United States on May 30, 1914. John passed away on November 2, 1928. Suzan passed away on April 23 1974 leaving thirteen children, eleven survived to adulthood. Surviving John and Suzan in 1989 are seven children, thiry grandchildren and fifty great-grandchildren and fifteen great-great grandchildren.
email: Cally Riese - - Posted 20 September 1998

We are trying to find information on the above families. The Czap name appears in family documents as both Cap and Czap. Michael Czap and Elizabeth Holub came to Pennsylvania from Czechoslovakia. Their son thinks that they were both from near the town of Prague. Their parents were John Cap or Czap and Elisabeth nee Kaszczak. Elizabeth's parents were Michel Holub and Elisabeth Baczyk. Any information on these names would be greatly appreciated.
email: Joe and Janey - - Posted 20 September 1998

My great grandfather Josef Foral left europe in 1881 from Havre France. He claimed he was Bohemian. I found Foral surnames in the LDS IGI file for a Jan Foral married 1805 in Brno Czech. Republic. I did a phone directory seacrh in Brno and Prague and found many Forals listed. Trying to find connection. There are 3 Foral families in the US, WI, Oklahoma and Nebraska. My great grandmother was Marguerite Stefl (Steffel). She also claimed Bohemia.
email: Bill Fonferek - - Posted 20 September 1998

Researching the family of Vaclav Klir, born presumably near Pilsen or Dresden?, Bohemia around 1850. He married Barbara Liska and had three known children. There were two sons: Joseph (born October 31, 1875), Paul (changed name to Klier), and Rose (married Antonin Hodac). Paul established a shoe factory in Germany and was quite successful. Joseph married Marie Kozler (born June 15, 1873), and the two settled in Skorice, Bohemia. Had four children there, then emigrated to America in 1912, settling in Cleveland, Ohio. Would love to hear from anyone else with the last name Klir.
email: Wesley Klir - - Posted 20 September 1998

Looking for information on ancestor's of Alois Dostalik of Moravia. He was born July 1879 and came to USA in 1898 with brother Jan. He married Marie Zabransky of Austria, born July 1880. Marie came to USA with brother Anton and mother Aneska (Agnes). Her father was Fratisek Zabransky who had died in Europe. Aneska (Agnes) married Fratisek Duskova (Frank Dusek) in Fayette Co. TX. Any information regarding those listed above would be greatly appreciated.
email: Paulette - - Posted 20 September 1998

Looking for information on these family names from the village of Dobriv, near Rokycany, Bohemia, immigrated late 19th century to Nebraska, Ohio, & possibly Pennsylvania.
email: - - Posted 20 September 1998

Researching: WERNER
Searching Werner from Iglau, Zuckmantel; Ostrava, Vienna 1850-1925.
email: James Werner - - Posted 20 September 1998

Researching: MRKVICKA
Searching for surname Mrkvicka in Palupin, Czech Republic.
email: Louis L Mrkvicka - - Posted 20 September 1998

Researching: PRIKRYL
I am interested in my Czech heritage. My grandfather was Joseph Prikryl from Tlumacov, Czech Republic. Anyone with information about the Prikryl name would be appreciated.
email: Brian Jenkins - - Posted 20 September 1998

Researching: OPICKA
I am trying to find the village, town or city where my Grandfather came from in Bohemia. Every document I have just says Bohemia, Europa. He sailed from Germany in May 1882 and came to Kewaunee, Wisconsin. There are Opicka's living there now so I suspect he came where relatives lived. They have no records so that is a dead end. He was a Doctor in the area, but later moved to Wonewoc, Wisconsin. Again his name is Anton Benjamin Opicka. Any help will be appreciated.
email: James C. Opicka - - Posted 19 September 1998

Researching: SEVERIN
Researching the Severin surname.
email: - - Posted 19 September 1998

Researching: ZELENY
I am investing any relation with Wilhelm Zeleny, he born in Prague at 1843, and died in 1904 in Mexico. I want to know any relation with him.
email: - - Posted 19 September 1998

Frantisek &Ignac Jr. " Enoch" Farnik arrived near Uncas, OK in Spring, 1902 and were followed a month later by their father Ignat, step mother Frantiska (Masek), sisters Frantiska and Antonia. Igna't first wife was Antonia Kalec. My grandfather Frantisek (Frank) homesteaded in Montana and married in 1916, Elizabeth Horinek who was from Atwood, KS. Her parents were Cyril Horinek and Mary Ruda. Would love to share info on any of these names.
email: Michelle Olson - - Posted 18 September 1998

Researching: TESAR, VANEK
Looking for any information regarding any Tesar's who may have come to the Cleveland, OH area around the middle of the 1800's - namely a John Tesar who married an Alzbeta(Elizabeth) Vanek.
email: - - Posted 18 September 1998

I am looking for the families of Frank Tomandl b.1851 in Rouchevany, Moravia, Caroline Novak b. 1855 in Samikovice, Moravia and their parents Joseph Tomandl and Alzbeta Kostelecky and Jan Novak and Filipina Smisek. I am also wondering where the towns were located in Moravia. These people are my direct line ancestors and would like to go back further and sideways also. This is such an interesting hobby that I have been doing it for 18 years. If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it.
email: - - Posted 18 September 1998

Researching: HADINEK
Greetings from Australia. We are researching the family HAadinek. Sebastian Hadinek, d.1828, aged 65, fled castle Gorschuetz Bohemia for Silesia, leaving behind 2 brothers. One was believed to have emigrated to the United States. Any info on this family gratefully appreciated.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1998

Researching: SUTERA, SENKIR
In order to reserach my family tree, I would like to study records and cemetery information in a town that was called Rocevin in the 1800's, located in Moravia. My great-grandfather Vincent Sutera and great-grandmother Vincentia (nee Senkir) Sutera were both born in Rocevin in the mid-1800's, emigrated to Linn County, Iowa in late 1800's. I have been unable to locate any information on this town, and think that the name must have changed or that it was subsumed into a larger town/city that now contains what was the town of Rocevi.
email: Randall Bankert - - Posted 17 September 1998

Am researching my grandfathers name and this is his Baptismal Certificate we have. In effect where do I go from here! Thanks for any help! The book of baptized of the parish Cetoraz, vol. XII,. page 60 indicates, that on 14th of April 1873 in Cetoraz No. 26 was born, and on 15th of April one thousand eight hundred seventy three by P. John Beran priest in Cetoraz was Baptized Rudolf Vacek, Legal son of Frank Vacek, small farmer of Cetoraz No. 26, who is the son of Josef Vacek, farmer of Cetoraz No, 26 and Ann born Berka from Cetoraz No. 28, and mother Marie, born to Matej Dovark, farmer from Porin No. 8 and Marie, born Riha from Porin No. 5. Parish office in Cetoraz, 17th of March 1882.
email: Mary Jo Edwards - - Posted 17 September 1998

Researching: HOLECEK, MATLAK
Holecek family from Soustov or Pozinovice, Sumava area...or Matlak family from Janovice near Peljimov. I have beem lucky to contact some family of my grandfather living in or near Pocinovice, but have been unable to locate any relatives living in the area of Peljimov. My grandmother was named Maria Matlak (maiden name) and married Josef Holecek, then came to America about 1920s. They returned to live in Pocinovice in 1922, but after one year came back to live in America permanently. Dekyi!
email: Gail Bland - - Posted 17 September 1998

I am researching my great grandparents, John Vodicka / Wodicka and Marie (Mary) Klecak / Kligak. John was born in Kresetitz, Bohemia in about 1849 and emigrated to America in 1869. He was a cooper. Marie was born in Bahno, Bohemia in about 1850. It is unknown when she emigrated to the US. They lived in NYC on Ridge St, on E.54th St and then on 73rd St. Their five surviving children were named Rose, Emma, Louise, Charles and Joseph. Any information on them or on the places in Bohemia they came from, would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1998

My name is Milan Rezabek, born 20 zari 1935 to Josef and Anezka (Rackova). Otec pochazi od Koterova, matka z Kysic u Plzne. Oba jsou stale na zivu (otec 90, matka 86) a od roku 1946 jsme bydleli a oni stale bydli v Plzni-Doubravce, Habrmanovo nam. 4, drive nam C. Ullricha. Ja jsem maturoval z Gymnazia na Mikulasskem Nam. a vystudoval jako inzenyr v Brne na VUT. Od roku 1959 jsem hral s orchestrem Gustava Broma a v roce 1965 jsem vyhral prvni cenu stipendium na Berklee School of Music v Bostonu. Vratil jsem se v roce 1967 a odesel s rodinou-legalne v unoru 1968. Po osvobozeni Rudou armadou jsem v Americe, rodina se vratila a zije v Brne.
email: Milan Rezabek - - Posted 16 September 1998

Researching Sachnik or Zachnik or Sachnyk from the area of Upper Silesia (Moravia) - particularly the area of Jemielnica, Gasiorowice, Strzelce Opolski. Migrated to Frydek, Tx in 1892. What became of the ones left in Europe?
email: Martin Sachnik - - Posted 16 September 1998

Researching: KREJCI
I am looking for relatives of Karel Krejci, father of my wife Elizabeth. Karel Krejci was born in Znojmo, Moravia in 1914. He was the youngest son of Frantisek and Katerina Elisabet Krejci, who lived in Satov, Moravia. Karel had one brother - Frantisek and five sisters - Anna, Wilhelmina, Aloise, Therese and Marie (I'm not sure of the exact spellings of the names as I don't speak Czech). Karel Krejci's first wife was named Helena and had a daughter (also named Helena?) circa 1946. Karel immigrated to Great Britain in 1948.
email: Chris Godsmark - - Posted 16 September 1998

Researching: VACLAVIK
Searching for information about Anton or Adolf Vaclavik, emigrated from Bohemia to Michigan, USA circa 1850 Wife's name Frances.
email: J. Case - - Posted 16 September 1998

Researching: PETRACEK
Last name Jiri Petracek age 38 living in Prague or small town outside of Prague called Horlove?
email: - - Posted 16 September 1998

Researching: HARTMANN
Benedict Hartmann, born November 5, 1882. Was a resident of Batskhka or Barnwald Senftenberg Bohemia. I do not have many details. I have just begun my search. I do have 2 documents that I am unable to translate. One is a military pass and the other is some sort of certificate.
email: Linda Singer - - Posted 16 September 1998

These are the surnames of my mothers ancestors. They came from the Bohemian towns of: Uherce, (old name; Auherzen) Chotestov (Chotieschau) Vondi-Ujezd (Wasser-Aujezd) Vstis(Stich) Losina (Lossin) Mantov (Mantau) Ves-Touskov (Taschkau-Dorf) Prehysov (Przeheischen). My mothers ancestors came to New Zealand from 1863 to 1875. If anyone has any information on any of these families from Bohemia please contact me to exchange information, Thank-you.
email: Marie Griffiths - - Posted 16 September 1998

My name is Jo Donovan and I am searching for my Bohemian ancestors and possible relatives both here in the United States and the Czech Republic. My great grandfather, Michael Svec was born on February 3, 1863, somewhere in the Czech Republic. He obtained his citizenship papers in the State of Washington on September 27, 1890, and his certificate states that the area that he came from was under the rule of Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria. He had two brothers by the name of Frank Svec (Swetz) who settled in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Joseph Svec (Swetz) who settled in Forest, Washington. My great grandmother, Annie Clara Jira was born on August 12, 1865, in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and she had six sisters, Mary (Young) born in Bohemia, Bozena Young), Minnie (Mashek), Emma (Holub), Helen (Turek) all born in LaCrosse Wisconsin, and Antonia (Prosek) born in Kansas. Michael Svec AND Annie Jira were married on October 24, 1894, in San Francisco, California. They had three children, Vera, Frank and Charlie. Vera was my grandmother. Charlie died at the age of eleven, and Frank married and had two sons, David and Richard. I've been told that they might have been adopted by their step-father, a Roland Herbert, after my great uncle's death in 1930. I would like to find David and/or Richard, or any of their descendants as I have a couple of family documents that rightfully belong to them. I have some old family photographs that my grandmother told me were her aunts and uncles in the "old country". I have no way of knowing if they were Svecs or Jiras. The backs of these old photographs are written in Slavic, and it looks like they were taken in a village (?) Eisenschmel, Wachtl, Wien. Thanking you in advance for any help you can give me in my quest.
email: Jo Donovan - - Posted 16 September 1998

Researching: STOLAR
My gg-grandfather Joe Stolar came from Bohemia with his wife (name unknown) and 9 children. I have no date as to when they came but would be interested in any information as to when they at least came to America they settled in Walker Iowa. Thanks in advance.
email: Ronda - - Posted 15 September 1998

Researching: RADA, PETRILLA
I would like any information anyone may be connected to Andrew Rada born in Czechoslovakia abt 1876 died in New Jersey area in 1961. He was married to Mary Petrilla who was born in Yugoslavia abt 1885, she died in 1930. Their children were: Susan, Elizabeth, Katherine and John.
email: - - Posted 15 September 1998

Researching: KREJCI
Searching for Krejci.
email: Glenn A. Krejci - - Posted 15 September 1998

Researching: KUBIK, POSTAL
We are looking for relatives of Emanuel Kubik, born 1861 in Bohemia (city unknown) and died in Saginaw, MI in 1895; and Mary Postal Kubik, born 1862 in Bohemia (city unknown) and died in Saginaw, MI 1951. Believe they were married in Bohemia and immigrated to the U.S. between 1875 and 1881. Your help will be appreciated.
email: Nancy Kubik - - Posted 15 September 1998

Searching the towns of Vlachy and Secovce in the Slovak Republic, and Okres Melnik and Hostin u Vojkovic in the Czech Republic. My father is John G Lesko, born in Windber PA July 1, 1909. He married Mildred Shimko, born October 27, 1913. They were married in Windber PA on April 13, 1937. The best man was Joe Sabo, and the Maid of Honor was Mildred's sister, Elizabeth "Bessie" Shimko Conjelko. There were 7 children, John, James, Joseph, Barbara, Michael, Peter, and Bernadette. He died May 17th, 1964. Mildred Lesko died January 5, 1998. John G Lesko's father was born around 1882, and his birthplace is the town of Spisske Vlachy in eastern Slovak republic. I have his will, made in Windber, October 26, 1911, which states that he was a member of the First Catholic Union, and the Slavonic Lodge of America. His name is spelled Leshko in the will. I think that John Lesko was previously married to Maria Macej, Linglar, Saris, in 1906, and had a daughter named Helen. John G Lesko's mother was Mary Stefanko Lesko. She was born in Austria August 28 1882 and died in Windber PA on 5 May, 1952. She was previously married to a man named Vlasac. She came to the United States on 1899, and came to Windber in 1901. She raised two girls, Helen Lesko Sura, 1906-1984, and Anna Lesko, 1903-1928, and John. She had a brother Peter Stefanko, and a sister . She was the daughter of John and Anna Sepec Stefanko. My mother is Mildred Shimko Lesko, born in Windber PA, 26 Oct, 1913. She was the daughter of Michael Shimko, 19 Feb, 1878 to 27 Dec, 1952, and Mary Shipek Shimko, 9 Sept, 1884 to 11 Oct 1962 Michael Shimko's mother was Maria Shemulak from Secovce, Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. Mary Shipek's mother was Ann Polivka Shipek from Hostin u Vojkovic, also in the Czech Republic. Her father was Felix Shipek Their children were Elizabeth "Bessie", Anne, Lillian, Michael, John, and Mary Ann. She had a brother Charles Shipek, and his children were Charles, Lillian, Elizabeth, Ellen, Joe, and Edward. Michael Shimko and Mary Shipek were married 14 June, 1902 in St Nicholas Church in Duquesne, PA. Mary Shipek was a niece of Rev. Damascene Polivka from Bohemia, who served as the first pastor of "The First Slavish United St. Mary's Greek Rite Catholic Church" in Windber, PA from 1900 to 1904.
email: John Lesko - - Posted 15 September 1998

Researching: RIPKA
Looking for the surname of Ripka. Interested if there is any connection with Herrnhut Germany and the Moravians in the Late 1720's or later? Thanks and God Bless YOU!
email: - - Posted 15 September 1998

My wife's ancestors came from Billerbeck stadt Pyriyz kreis in Pommern.The earliest ancestor we have is Johann Friedrich Breitkreutz who married and lived with Regine Kreklow at this location in the early 1800's.We would appreciate any help from anyone because we cannot travel overseas to research. Thanks and God bless all.
email: Donald Jewell - - Posted 15 September 1998

Looking for anyone with name Stursa, thought to be either Bohemian or Moravian, In MN in late 1800's. Looking for relatives / children / grandchildren etc. of John and Barbara Kovar, married in Bohemia, immigrated to MN /WI in 1850's. Looking for any relatives of Skalicki, in Owatonna MN in 1900.
email: Henry Kovar - - Posted 15 September 1998

Researching: HOUFEK, JHORES
On the paternal side of my family, going back, our information stops with Mathies (or Mathias) Houfek, born 1830, came to the US (Wisconsin) in 1865, and died 1914. His wife was Anna Jhores, born 1835, died 1915. Mathies was from Bohemia, I believe. We would like to find out more information about him, his ancestors, his life, etc., plus descendants in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic today. Also Anna Jhores. Thank you very much,
email: Susanne Houfek - - Posted 15 September 1998

My name is Cindy (Tomandl) Talbot and I am searching for any information that you can find on my family members. The only information I have is that my Great-Grandfathers name was Joseph Tomandl and that he immigrated to the United States when he was 14-16 years old. The town of Domazlice may be where he came from. Joseph had a brother, George Tomandl who stayed in Czechoslovakia and died in the war. Also, he married a Mary Rouse who is also from Czechoslovakia, but I don't know where. They met when they lived in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Medford Wisconsin. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
email: Cindy (Tomandl) Talbot - - Posted 14 September 1998

I am researching my relative, Vaclav Hruska, born 1809 in Jenikov, Bohemia. He was a farmer, Catholic, and came to the USA with his family in 1870. He married Marie Houfek, born 1823 in Bohemia. My great-grandfather, Vaclav Hruska, was born Nov 7, 1857 in Jenikov, Bohemia. He married Anna Fiala. The families resided in Nebraska with my great grandfather moving with his family to Montana before 1906.
email: Connie - - Posted 14 September 1998

Researching: KOSIOREK
I was wondering if you would have any information on my name Kosiorek, any Information would be helpful.
email: M. Kosiorek - - Posted 14 September 1998

Looking for history on family members who moved to US through Canada in early 1900's. Grandfathers family last name Nahodil, was misspelled when his brother came through immigration first. Name was spelled Nahodyl by immigration officer and our family has used it ever since. Grandfathers first name was Ludwig, and brother was John. Ludwig, I think was born in Moravia, but not sure. His father was traveling tradesman. There were twins somewhere in the family.
email: Dick Nahodyl - - Posted 14 September 1998

My g-g-grandparents each lived in Bohemia/Czech Republic and came to Chicago, Illinois in the late 1800s. Towns in old country where they and their ancestors lived include Hresihlavy, Holovousy, Dolany, Chric, Slatina, and before that Waltersdorf (Moravia). All e-mail will be answered. My web site has additional info at Thank you.
email: Dave Schubert - - Posted 14 September 1998

I am searching for information on my ancestors. They immigrated into the United States sometime in the mid to late 1800's. On the 1880 Texas Census their name was listed as Subizek. Later on it is spelled Zubicek. They were born in Bohemia. Their names are as follows John Subizek Born around 1830 Wife Marie was born August 15, 1834 in Jablunce Moravia. Her maiden name was Batlova. Their children are as follows, John J. born around 1859, Joseph born around 1866, Thomas born around 1868, and Theresa born around 1875. All of the children were born in Bohemia according to our records. So the family actually immigrated to the U.S. sometime between 1875 and 1880 when the census was taken. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate you sending it to me.
email: Tamika Doby - - Posted 14 September 1998

I'm looking for information on the following people: John Kolbaba, b: Chruduim, Bohemia; Anna Cerney, b: Skuck, Czechoslovakia; Katherine Benyshek, b: Manitowoc, Wisc.; Frank Havel, b: Dolni Stupno, Rokycany Bohemia; Joseph Havel (Josefa Havla), b: Dolni Stupno Rokycany, Bohemia; Anna Jezek, b: Civice Rokcany Bohemia; Frank Benyshek; Anna Culek.
email: D. Touslee - - Posted 14 September 1998

I have just begun research on my husband'a Czech lines. The following is all I have to go on. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. Josef Spacek was born 1 Sep 1860 in Bohemia/Moravia, according to the census. He immigrated to Texas in 1883. His death certificate says his father was also a Josef SPACEK, mother unknown. He married Mary Linhart, born 8 Dec 1859 or 1861 in Bohemia. Her parents were Simon Linhart and Mary Magdalen Drajak. The census says they were from Bohemia. A relative says they were from Pribore. The closest I found was a town called Pribovce. I am also looking for info on Cyrill Netardus, born 14 Aug 1863 in Frenstat, Moravia. He married Marie Bartosh, born 5 Jun 1866 in Moravia. Cyrill's parents were Frantisek Netardus, born 9 April 1835, also in Frenstat and Anezka Drozd, born between 1830-1839 in Moravia. They all immigrated to Texas, via New Orleans, in 1880. Frantisek's parents were John Netardus and Anna Vymetal, both of Vsetin.
email: Mari Spacek - - Posted 14 September 1998

Researching: NOVAK, MARCEK
Searching for family of Andrew Novak. Came to USA about 1903 from Czechoslovakia, brother Steve or John came over, don't know if they came together. Brother John or Steve and sister Anna (married name Marcek, been told she was a red-head) stayed in Czechoslovakia. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 14 September 1998

My great-grandparents came from Bohemia. My great-great-grandparents Jon and Johanna Subera came from Trojany; Their son-in-law, my great-grandfather Josef Melichar, came from Koryta. His wife was Josefka Subera. My great-grandfather Frank Selement also came from Koryta and his wife Josie Bohn Selement came from Dolbrice. In the late 1870's and early 1880's they came to the United States. The Melichar and Subera grandparents homesteaded near Caldwell, Kansas and the Selement-Bohn grandparents homesteaded near Yukon, Oklahoma. I am very interested in finding others from these families who came to the United States.
email: Don and Melinda Norton - - Posted 14 September 1998

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