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Researching: BONDI
I am seeking any information on Frans Karl Bondi who was a student in Prague in 1904. His family was wealthy and had a furniture and a match factory. They lived outside Prague and there were many boys in the family. The only other connection I have is the word Geodesie but I do not know to what this refers. I live in London and. I would be grateful for any leads.
email: Gert Levitt - - Posted 30 November 2000

Researching: BARTUSEK
I am trying to trace the ancestors of Joseph, son of John (a farmer), and Josephine Bartusek. He was born in January 1867 in Oubenice, Bohemia (an Austrian subject). He may have had a sister named Maria, a brother John and possibly another brother, Rudolf. He became a naturalized citizen of Great Britain in 1909.
email: Anne Stuart - - Posted 22 November 2000

Researching: BENKO
I am doing my genealogy, and researching my grandparents who were born in Bratislava. A picture that I have from l881, however, indicates that they may have come from a city spelled Vekie Birtenic or Vekig Birtenic, Czechoslovakia. Is there a village with that name? All your help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
email: Phyllis Williams (Benko) - - Posted 22 November 2000

Researching: ZIMA, SEKAL
I would like contact with anyone doing research on the Zima and Sekal surnames. My great grandfather, Josef Zima, and his sisters, Terezie Zima Cikanek and Barbora Zima Young, came from the village of Bohusov near Blovice to Chicago around 1875-1880. Their father, Vojtech Zima, was born in Bohusov and their mother, Terezie Sekal, was born in Libakovice, just a few miles west of Blovice.
email: - - Posted 22 November 2000

Researching: RIEDL
I'm researching searching the Riedl family from Sumvald, Czech Republic (once part of Austria - Hungary ) (once known as Schoenwalt, Austria). It is in the general area of Olomouc, Prague and Brno. Other relatives migrated across the borders into Germany, Austria, and Poland. My own line migrated to Barton County, Kansas, but I am interested in all Riedl lines.
email: James A. Marples - - Posted 22 November 2000

I am looking for information about Jaroslav Pavlik, born in Kutna Hora and who lived in Cleveland, OH. He married Theresa Korecky of Cleveland. His father was Jan Pavlik who was married to Antonia Chalupa. Theresa Korecky's father was Victor Korecky and her mother was Theresa Dvorak (daughter of Carl and Anna Dvorak).
email: - - Posted 21 November 2000

Researching: KASPAR
I am looking for anyone related to Frank Kaspar, born July 4 1888. He was a musician and maker of clarinet mouthpieces in Chicago, Cicero and Ann Arbor. I am writing a family history and need to locate all ancestors of his.
email: - - Posted 21 November 2000

Researching: RINDER
I am searching for my ancestors whose surname is Rinder, The family came from Vienna. I would appreciate if you can help.
email: V. Visokay - - Posted 21 November 2000

Researching: STERBA
I am searching for Information concerning the family of Vaclav & Antionia Sterba who, I believe, came to the United States in 1903. I'm just starting out, so any information or suggestions would be helpful. Thank You!
email: Karen Warren - - Posted 21 November 2000

Researching: HEILSLER, ANTON
I am interested in checking for my ancestors and roots as follows: Last name - Heisler; Location: Chrast, Bohemia; Time: 1880-1950. Last name - Anton; Location: Chrast, Bohemia; Time: 1880-1950. Thank you for any help you can give.
email: Anna Kocourekova - - Posted 21 November 2000

Researching: HRANICKOVA
Please contact me if you have any information on this surname.
Pavlina Hranickova - email: - - Posted 18 November 2000

Researching: FALESNIK
I am looking for relatives with this last name. My father was Albert Frank Falesnik, his father's name was Frank Falesnik and his mother's name was Mary Falesnik.
email: Mary Borges - - Posted 18 November 2000

These names that are connected in the family tree: Simko, Furto, Povala, Velligan, Villegan, Kukuc, Stas, Lenova, Smolenova, and mine which is Franckey. Irene Velligan Franckey. There are others who have married and carry married names. If interested in them you can e- mail me.
email: - - Posted 18 November 2000

I am researching Martin Edward Bugan, b.1890 in Austria. His parents are Stefan Bugan and Anna Zajac. I am trying to identify the parents of Stefan and Anna. The Ozaniak family are cousins in the Bugan tree. They remain in Czech Republic as far as I know. My family has lost contact with them. Martin came to the United States possibly in the early 1900's. He married Zofia Susan Smehyl, b. 1890, in Zilina, Slovakia. Her mother's maiden name is Holesch (or similar spelling). Zofia came to the United States in 1907 at age 17.
email: Darlene - - Posted 18 November 2000

Researching: GACHOV, KOHNOVI
I am looking for descendants of my Great-grandfather, Hermann Gachov of Plana, Czechoslovakia (the one near Tabor). His wife was Theresa Kohnovi, also of Plana, Czechoslovakia. I believe Theresa was born in 1862. She immigrated to the United States in 1904 or 1906. Theresa had 3 brothers, Adolph Kohnovi, Leo Kohnovi and Rudolph Kohnovi (Rudolph did not immigrate to the United States but stayed behind and died in the Holocaust.) Any information on any Gachovs still in Czechoslovakia would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Lauren Anver Mora - - Posted 18 November 2000

Researching: HEJNAL, HALIK
Searching for siblings and ancestors of Jan Hejnal b. July 9, 1872 married Marie Halik b. June 8 1875. Both born and married Catholic in Rozmital Pod Tremsinem, Bohemia.
email: Russ - - Posted 08 November 2000

Researching: FIK, BEZPALEC
Fik and Bezpalec of Netolice. I am looking for information on Frantisek Bezpalec born Nov 10 1865 and the parents of Matej Fik born 2/19/1851 in Pasovice both lived in Netolice prior to coming to the US. Information or pictures of Netolice would be appreciated. Bezpalec was born in House #333 in Netolice and Fik lived in House # 239. I sure this means something to someone.
email: - - Posted 08 November 2000

Researching: SEITZ
My Greatgrandmother , Elizabeth Amelia Seitz' s , g.g.grandfather is Johannes Seitz , landed Philli. Pa. 20 Oct. 1764. He is supposed to be the illegitiment child of a Prince of Bavaria and a girl surnamed Seitz . Raised in a Monestary in Ammer Valley . I would like info on who the Prince could be? Maybe you could help , thank you.
email: James Meckley - - Posted 08 November 2000

Seeking information about the above names. Thomas Machann (1893-1969), son of Thomas T. Machann (1872 -1934,of Czech) and Mary Simecek, 1869-1935, of Moravia. Mary Simecek's parents were Fantiska (?) 1833-1899, of Zadverice, Moravia, and Mary Malik, 1842-1919. and Mary Malek's parents were John Malek and Mary Slovak. All of these, except for Mary Malek's parents, moved to Texas where they died and were buried. Thomas L. Machann married Vera Hnatek, b 15 Dec 1900, in Prague. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with information about any of these families! Thanks.
email: Sheila - - Posted 08 November 2000

Researching: MUDISH, MARES
Recently learned that what we've always believed to be German roots were actually Bohemian or Czech. My Great Grandfather - Nicholas Mares was raised in a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania orphanage. Apparantly, this name was Americanized from his given name of Mudish. He and his wife to be, Theresia Gerstner, grew up in the Good Shepherd Orphanage on the North Side around 1900. Can anyone give me information on the name or anything else related? Don't have new E-Mail address yet, this is the wife's.
email: Bryan A. Barbour - - Posted 08 November 2000

We are trying to find our family history. I must say we don't really know what our family names spellings are. Do you think you can help us find some family names. We are not sure if the names are Czech or Slovak. The family left Europe in 1867. Pribil (Pribyl, Pribyla), Josef Pribil born July 15, 1867; Dvorak, Frantiska z Chobota; Vania, Tousek, Daliman, Male', Kremlikova' - Katerina z Buchova, Aurelia Fibble (Pribil).
email: Carlene Robertson - - Posted 06 November 2000

Researching: SRP, KIZLIK
Searching for information on my husbands family. Josef Srp born 26 June 1847 in Austria. Immigrated to US in 1900. Information on his petition for naturalization states he was accompanied by his wife Anna Kizlik borned in Louny ? , Austria, Two sons: Jon (John) born 22 Jan 1884 Tuchlovick, Austria and Vaclav (Jim) borned 20 Sept 1888 West Point, Nebraska. The family arrived Galveston,TX in early 1900 and settled in Lavaca Co. TX at Sublime. Since the youngest son was born in the US in 1888 it's a mystery as to why they came to the US before 1888 and returned to Austria only to return to US in 1900. My research stops at Galveston, TX in 1900. Anyone with info on these names I would like to hear from you. Thank You.
email: Sybil Srp - - Posted 06 November 2000

Am beginning to research the Morstain name. Son born in 1854 in Edwardsville, IL; have death certificate which shows his parents were born in Bohemia. Parents were Peter Morstain and Anna Neaclaus(?). Name could also possibly be Morstein / Marstain / Morstain. Anyone searching or running across these names, please contact me.
email: - - Posted 06 November 2000

Researching: FUKSA, KUBIEK
Researching Fuksa and Kubiek. My gpa Josef Fuksa b.Bohemia 1883. married Antonie Kubiek(b 1886 Bohemia) on1/20/1906 in Blackburn(Westmoreland County) Pennsylvania. Later on they moved to Yukon Pennsylvania also in Westmoreland county. In 1928 They moved to GreenLake twnshp Grand Traverse County Mi. All of their children were born in Westmoreland County PA The children were Joseph, Andrew, James, Molly(married name Rhodes), August, Edward( infant) ,.Ella (married name Holtzman), Helen (married names were Steele,Amidon) Anna( married names were Tezak, Johnson and Buchner) Anna was my mother and William. All are deceased. My Aunt Molly had told me that Antonie lived in West Virginia before moving to Pa but she couldnt remember where. I would like to know where she lived in WVa. Also any info on the villages my gparents came from in Bohemia. What ships brought them to America. Both gparents died at home in Grand Traverse County MI
email: - - Posted 06 November 2000

Looking for anyone with information on any of the Podhorsky, Nesvacil, Svoboda & Darenova surnames.
email: Linda Nesvacil - - Posted 06 November 2000

Researching: BOUDA
I am interested in finding relatives with the Bouda surname as it was my grandmother's maiden name.
email: Nancy Smith - - Posted 06 November 2000

Researching: HOLUB
I am looking for information on my gg-grandfather, Frank Holub who was born in Bohemia Oct 1839, md. Josephine (Josepha) then immigrated to Chicago, IL, they had 5 children: Mary Joseph, Frank James, James, and Edward. I am desperate to find out where and when this couple came to the States and who in Bohemia they were related to.
email: Sunnie Skiles - - Posted 06 November 2000

I am researching the folowing names: Preucil, Mach, Micka or Mitska, Michal VanCura, Krizkova, Urbankova. James Preucil (1830-1877) born Lsten near Porici, married Marie (Mary) Mitska or perhaps Micka.went to Chicago in 1877. I Don't know the first name of James' father but his mother was Carolina Michal (maybe Micheal) Her family had a farm. James had sisters Mary,(married a Smerz) Anna (married Frank Sedlacek) and a brother Josef. Children of James and Mary: Mary(married a Brejahn), Joseph Edward (married Barbara Smerz), James,(married Nelly?) infant, Anna (married Dr. F.J. Hellebrandt), Barbara (married Wiilliam Gielzinki), Frank(married Emma Mach), Emma (married Andrew Erlicher). David Mach from Valterice Jilemnice(1833-1911). His parents were Pavel Mach and Anna Krizkova. David married Katerina VanCura from Cinoves Kralo Mestechecco??. Her father was Jan Vancura, mother Anna Urbankova. Moved to Chicago in 1874 Children born in Chicago: Rudolph, Emma, Edward, Otto, Adolph, and Julia.
email: Kay Ellickson - - Posted 05 November 2000

Our "American-ized" surname is Buzzendore. However, our ancestors in Czech were known as "Bozidar". Most of us are presently located in the Lancaster County, PA area. We don't have much information about our ancestry, but would like to know more. I'd appreciate it if you would add our surname to your list though. Thank you. Kelly (Buzzendore) Parmer.
email: - - Posted 05 November 2000

Researching: VANEK, SOUKUP
Matej Vanek and spouse had possibly 16 children in Czechoslovakia. Of these 4 names are known. 1. Jan (b. abt 1887 d. abt 1950) remained in Czechoslovakia. He had a son, Jan (1911-1983), who also had son, Jan (1911-1985), who had a daughter Marie, who has a son, Miroslav. The three others emigrated to Chicago: 2. Matej 3. Josef abt 1876-abt 1955 4. Karel. One of the three is thought to have died without children living. No other information known at this time. Frantisek Soukup emigrated to the United States United States, settling in Tennessee or Kentucky. His sister's grandson, Zajicek, is in Czechoslovakia searching for descendants in the United States. Do you have any suggestions for further search avenues?
email: Jayne W. Dye - - Posted 05 November 2000

Researching: TUCZEK
I am hoping to find out something of the Tuczek family that came over to England in approximately 1850 and set up a firm of bespoke bootmakers in London, Nicolaus Tuczek of - Bond Street, Jemyn Street etc. Their ledgers are in the Westminster Archives. Common family names other than Nicolaus seem to be Frances and Wenzeslaus. I would be interested to make contact with anyone related to this branch of the family, especially the daughter of a Beryl Jean Tuczek who married a James McKenzie Boyle; the daughters name was Frances Jane McKenzie Boyle. I am also keen to find out as much as I can of the family before the original Nicolaus came over to this country. I believe they came from Drahno Augezd, Rokycany.
email: - - Posted 05 November 2000

I'm looking for information about my great grandparents and 2nd great grand parents. Josef Necas was born in Teleci # 81 on 3 February 1871. Josefa Karasek was born in Puste Rybne # 60 on 22 July 1874. Josef's parents were Frantisek Necas from Teleci # 81 and his wife was Rosene (Roxene) Filipi, from the village of Landrat # 2. Josef died on the ship on his way to America and was buried at sea. Josefa had 2 sons when they came to America in 1909. They were my grand father, Joseph Nechas and Emil Nechas ( they changed the spelling of Necas when they came here). Josefa's parents were Jozef Karasek, a worker in Puste Rybne # 60 and her mother, Josefa Sabart, was from the village of Krasne # 8. At the time of this certificate they were living at Puste Rybne # 106. Josef and Josefa were married on 8 November 1896 in the church in Puste Rybne. Vaclav Base was the name of the priest who held the ceremony in the Evangelic (reformed) Church. The records are in the parish Puste Rybne, book 1, page 7 - number of records 5. I'm hoping this information will help me in finding more information on my family in Czechoslovakia.
email: Robert E Clark - - Posted 05 November 2000

I'm looking for information about my 2nd great grandmother. Her name is Josefa (Sabart) Karasek from the village of Krasne # 8. Her husband my 2nd great grandfather was Jozef Karasek. He was a worker in Puste Rybne # 60. Their daughter, my great grandmother, was Josefa Karasek (Necas) (Filipi) and was born on 22 July 1874 in Puste Rybne # 106. My great grandmother came to America in 1909 and lived in Eden Prairie, Minnesota until her death on 10 May 1952, Her 1st husband was Josef Necas who died on the way to America and was buried at sea. She later married, Antone Filipi That is all the information I have on Josefa (Sabart) Karasek I'm hoping she has more relatives in Czechoslovakia, Thanks for any help.
email: Robert E Clark - - Posted 04 November 2000

Researching: KUBIN, KUCHERA
I have a large family tree online with descendents of Mathias (Mates) Kubin, born 1821, but also including siblings and ancestors up to Franticek Kubin, born about 1715. Locations include Vyskytna and Branisov in Bohemia; Blue River, Wisconsin; and homesteads in McPherson, Kansas. Associated names include Kuchera (aka Kucera and Goodsheller), Strnad, Stramatova, Horka (Horky), Hovorkova, Trnkova, Trefil, and Doubek. See our web site for more information. I have a Kuchera tree (aka Kucera and Goodsheller) with several hundred names that extends back to Joseph Bermann and Karina Nowakinn of Chralin or Bergau, Bohemia, born about 1770. Granddaughter Elizabeth Horky married Vaclav or Wenzl Kuchera, emigrating to Blue River, Wisconsin 1858. Some of the children moved to McPherson, Kansas, and other family members ended up in Republic County, Kansas. Website includes photos of a gold coin dated 1800 from Bohemia passed down through the American Kuchera descendents. Associated names are Kubin and Strnd.
email: Teresa Gallagher - - Posted 04 November 2000

My Great Grandfather Frank Mayerl (1878-1951) married Emily Treasa Weiss (1887-1953). Emily's (or Emelia) parents were John Weiss and Treasa Lehner (1862-1928). I believe Treasa's father was John Lehner. John Mayerl and Annie Steiner both were born in Bohemia. They [and/or their son-also John Mayerl (1829-1912) who married to Anna Padlesack (1840-1908)] came to the United States around 1868. (I found the original travel passport as well as a document, "Intent to be Naturalized" dated 1876 with my grandmothers items when she died.) They arrived at the port of New York. John and Anna were the parents of my Great-Grandfather Frank Mayerl. Any information on any of my relatives would be greatly appreciated! I would especially like to try and find out if any of my Lehner / Mayerl relatives are still alive and would like to contact them! Thanks again! I am researching my mother's side of my family and came across some old letters from cousins in Czechoslovakia (dated 1956 & 1957). The first one was from: Rudolf Lehner, Rokycany 6/I (Place#6), Czechoslovakia and was addressed to my Great-Grandfather Frank Mayerl who lived in Cato, Wisconsin, USA. It was written to my Grandmother Helen (Mayerl) Scott and was signed "With regards from your cousin Rudolph and family." The second letter was from: Pavel Lehner, CSR- Pilsen, Slovanska' and was addressed to my Grandmother Helen (Mayerl) Scott who lived in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA. The letter states that Pavel (or Paul??) was nineteen at the time, so would be around 62 right now? He wrote "Every Sunday we come to see my grandparents in Rokycany." I'm assuming Rudolf is his Grandfather, so I don't know if he would be alive yet? Pavel stated in his letter he lived in Pilsen, which was a metropolitan area of West Czechoslovakia. Paul also wrote a portion of the letter to my Mother Cynthia Scott and Aunt Sandra Scott. With the letters their were also three family pictures with names written on the back: (Please excuse any spelling mistakes as these are hand written in German or Czech and I only know English!) Picture #1: Hier obeu: Ich, (J or Y ?)aroslaus-frau Anna; unter wieder Paul (Jor Y)aruschka; meins frau Mary, und der ?Sohn, Rudolf mit ?seine frau Elisabet; und unserer ?hund dabei; Mit J or Y?rus vom alle familieu; deiu C Rudolf Picture #2: Ich sende das Photo unsere familie un sommer our weekend. Obeu: Ich Rudolf fater, frau Anna und sohn J or Y aroslaus mu or it Lis Unteu: Paul, Sohn von Sohn Rudolf, J or Y aruschka focher von Sohn J or Yaroslaus, in Mitte: miene frau Mary, dau die Elesabeth, frau von Sohn Rudolf. Picture #3: Die Tochter von sohn J or Yaroslav ?heish? J or Yaraslava. Heute ish schou viel gr?scr?
email: Roxanne Gollata - - Posted 04 November 2000

I`m researching these names: Podhorsky, Svoboda, Slankovik, Darenova, And Nesvacil. Thank you for any help.
email: Norma Pourchot - - Posted 04 November 2000

Researching: LHOTA
I was investigating where exactly my family name came from and happened to stumble on to this site. Can anyone send me information concerning my last name. Lhota?
email: Jason Lhota - - Posted 04 November 2000

I am just starting to research our genealogy. The family is said to be from Bohemia. I don't know city or towns. On father's side - Joseph Maruna was born in Bohemia sometime after 1850 and before 1880. His parents were Albert and Barbara Maruna. He married Barbara Janear, probably in Cleveland, Ohio. On mother's side - Frank Macha, b.1885 in Cleveland, married Stella Hejl, b. 1886, in Cleveland. Stella's parents were John Hejl and Barbara Skala. I don't know were they were born. If any of this sounds familiar please contact me.
email: M. Maruna - - Posted 03 November 2000

Researching: MASIN
I am trying to put together a family tree of the surname Masin, which originated in Losany or Mancice. If anyone has any information, I would love to hear from you.
email: Darsha Masin - - Posted 03 November 2000

I am looking for anyone Czech or surrounding area who is looking for the surnames of Otrembiak (otre~biak) and Pekelnik. My grandparents came from there and i know they left family behind. My father used to send them packages in the late 40's and early 50's. My grandfather's name was John Otrembiak; my grandmothers name Anna (Pekelnik) Otrembiak. If anyone knows of their family or anyone who is looking for relatives in america please email me.
email: Elizabeth Colavito - - Posted 03 November 2000

Researching: HUBL
I am looking for ancestors in the village of Radnoves in Moravia, of Czech Republic, who may be related to me. My Great-grandparents, Anton & Frances (Ezna) Hubl and family, migrated from there in 1883.
email: LeRoy L. Hubl - - Posted 03 November 2000

I need information about the following people: Peter1 Protivinsky - no information; John2 Protivinsky B: 12-24-1846 Znim, Moravia, Czechoslovkia M:Maria; (Mary)Veronica Nezveda B:7-2-1853 M: 10-31-1874; Children:Charles3 B:abr 1875 D: abt 1894; Tersa3 b:Oct 1877 in Bohemia; Mary3 J. B: 9-12-1879 in Bohemia; John3 B:4-25-1881 in Vienna, Austria; Constantia3 B: 9-12-1890 Ainsworth, NE USA; Frank2 Protivinsky M: Frances Bruckner Immigration 1885 Brown Rock County NE; Joe3 B:abt 1890 in Indiana d:abt Nov 1941 Oklahoma City OK.
email: Barb Callahan - - Posted 02 November 2000

Researching: DUKATNIK
I would like information on my grandfather, Jan Dukatnik, who emigrated from Vsetin, Moravia in June of 1906 to Seaton in Bell County, Texas via the German boat Cassel. I believe he came through the port of Galveston, Texas although I am not sure. Thank you.
email: Ellen Dukatnik Van Winkle - - Posted 02 November 2000

Researching: HORA
I am just starting my search for family members of Vaclav (James) Hora who left Bohemia in about 1922 for the United States. His only known relative is his brother Mike, who also came to the United States. They were born in the city of Zaklekov. Any information or help will be appreciated. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 02 November 2000

Researching: CHADA
I'm trying to research information on my great grandfather, Casper Chada from Tabor, Bohemia. He immigrated to Iowa in 1857 (or 1867) with his wife and 2 children. He stayed in Cerro Gordo Co. with a Jacob Hunchess, whom he knew from Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 01 November 2000

Researching: NEJEDLO
I'm searching for all information about the Nejedlo surname. My Grandfather, Rudolf Nejedlo, who was born in 1885, came from Zelezny Brod.
email: Joachim Nejedlo - - Posted 01 November 2000

I am searching for information about my great grandparents from the Czechoslovakian records. Anna Sahulka(various spellings Soholky) was born July 23, 1857 in Prague (Praha), Bohemia; parents Joseph Sahulka and Mary Nishor. Anna Sahulka married in Bohemia (abt 1876) Joseph Hurt. Joseph Hurt born (abt 1850) in Bohemia, parents unknown. Joseph Hurt and Anna (Sahulka) had one daughter in Bohemia, Bessie Hurt born Abt 1877. Joseph Hurt and Anna (Sahulka) and Bessie Hurt immigrated to USA. abt 1880. Then went to Howard County, Nebraska. Joseph Hurt was a farmer. Anna (Sahulka) Hurt married in Howard County, Nebraska on September 5, 1896 Joseph Poskocil. Joseph Poskocil born May 27, 1850 in Brayne , Bohamer; parents Weneslaus (Vence) Poskocil and Barbara Blaha. Joseph Poskocil immigrated to USA abt 1890. Joseph Poskocil was a farmer in Sherman County, Nebraska. I have the Nebraska Marriage, and Death records of Joseph Poskocil and Anna (Suhulka-Hurt) Poskocil. Am interested in getting the Birth, Christening, Emigration/Immigration, Census, Siblings, Parents, any info on those listed above. Thanks in advance for help.
email: Marilyn K. Huddleston - - Posted 01 November 2000

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