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Researching: BRICHTA, LUSTIG
I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Maximillian Brichta. His wife was Regina Lustig. Both were killed in WWII. Regina's father was Gottlieb Lustig who was born 1857. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 10 December 1997

Researching: KVECH, BABUREK
Looking for Kvech and Baburek family information. A tabulation of US Kvech families at present is well underway. Sketchy ancestral information points to two different Kvech immigrants. Francis Josef Kvech was supposedly born in Streloohortic, Bohemia in 1878 and his wife Frances Baburek was born in Caslavz, Bohemia in 1882. They immigrated to the US around 1900 and settled in Baltimore, Maryland.
email: J. F. Kvech - - Posted 10 December 1997

Currently researching the Cubr family and the Kratochvil family from Hvozdany (near Blatna or Breznice). I have research back to 1799. Contact me if you are a Cubr!
email: Rose L. Green - - Posted 10 December 1997

Looking from information on Andrias or Tobias Papcum. They moved from Kluknoi, Austria to Pennsylvania in the 1890's. Named was changed to Pepson. Also looking for information about Matthew and Mary Medvec.
email: Don Mc Naughton - - Posted 10 December 1997

I'm seeking information about Joseph Earl Paveletz. All I know is that he was born in Bohemia est. 1812. His wife was Magdalena, b. est 1815. They immigrated to St Louis in 1854 via New Orleans with their children: Franz, Anna, Catarina, Maria, and Johann according to passenger lists. More children were born in MO. Family rumor is that they came from what is now Prague. I read in the Nase Desjiny that possibly immigrants to St. Louis came from area surrounding Pilsen. They were Catholic. Any help or suggestions will be most appreciated. Thank you.
email: Pam Atteberry - - Posted 10 December 1997

My great-grandfather Leopold Silhavy was from Pohor, now Pohori in Bohemia. He was born there 10 Nov 1853. He was a forester on the estates of Count Bela Hadik throughout Austria-Hungary. Leopold married a lady in waiting to the Hadiks, Matilda Yankovich on 25 July 1880, and they had 7 children before Leopold's death on 31 May 1900. He is buried in Sabinov, Slovakia (where Matilda's family comes from). Any information on the Silhavy family or the region of Pohor will be appreciated.
email: Maura Petzolt - - Posted 08 December 1997

Researching: MLINEK, MLYNEK
I live in Brno and I would like to have any information about family Mlinek or Mlynek in America.
email: -
MLYNEK@UNISTAV.BOHEM-NET.CZ - Posted 08 December 1997

Looking for family members of Frantisek Suran of Jestrabi & wife Katerina Hnilo, daughter of Jan Hnilo & Anna Bures. My grand mother was Frantiska Suran, born 7 Feb 1899 and married to Wladislaw Talanda of Poland.
email: - - Posted 08 December 1997

Researching: RADIL
It is believed my great grandfather John Joseph Radil came from Prague in the 1880's or 1890's and settled in Connecticut. A Joseph Radil came to the US about the same time and settled in the midwest. I would like to know if and how they may have been related.
email: -
Radiobobb@AOL.COM - Posted 08 December 1997

Researching: BRAUN, MELCHER
We are searching for a Bohemian town from which our Braun and Melcher relatives came. The name of the place is, as close as we can read the script, is as follows: Rofskaupl. The handwriting on the document we have is very difficult to read, but I hope that we are close enough on the spelling that it can be located. Thank you very much.
email: Dr. E. A. Richards, P.E. - - Posted 08 December 1997

Anton Werner (from Arnultovice, near Nov Bor) was a glass-cutting master who came to Badalona (Barcelona, Spain) between 1881-1885 with his husband Anne Fritsche (from Kamenick Senov). We'll acknowledge any information about these surnames in the area of Nov Bor.
email: - - Posted 08 December 1997

Researching: ERBAN
I am researching my family surname: Erban. Barbara Erban b. c 1821 Bohemia (widow of Vaclav/Vanes/Wencelaus) son: Charles Erban b. c1852/55 Bohemia (machinist) dau: Veronica Hattie Erban b. c1860 Bohemia They emigrated together before 1878 to Providence, RI, USA Any information on this name most would be appreciated!
email: -
DianneV91@AOL.COM - Posted 08 December 1997

Researching: SLIFKER, SLIVKA
I live in Baltimore and know of all my relatives here, but there was supposed to be some in one of the Dakotas. Anyone whose last name is Slifker (Slivka) I would like to hear from them.
email: -
BruNet333@AOL.COM - Posted 08 December 1997

Researching: SCURLA
Any information on Anna Scurla born 1871.
email: - - Posted 08 December 1997

Researching: KALIVODA
I am new at this but would like to know any info on my name, Kalivoda. My family is all around Cuba Ks.
email: - - Posted 08 December 1997

My father, George was born in this country (Montana), but by Grandfather was Born in Vienna, and my Great-grandfather in Zizilice, Bohemia. Grandfather married Lilian Fillipec (or Filipec) in this country, I don't know too much about her family, but they were from Chicago, and originally Moravia. Great-grandfather, Anton, who had a brother, Joseph (?), living in Zizilice, married Marie(?) Kulhanik (spelling may have been anglicized) from the same village. Would appreciate any more information on my ancestors, also information from that village, Zizilice (by Kolne?)
email: John Kovarik - - Posted 07 December 1997

Researching: SIMON
Im just getting started at this stuff and i was trying to find out about my grandfathers parents that came from Czech. All I know is their names so far. The name is Simon I was wondering if you have heard or seen any other spelling because it just doesn't look right to me. My grandmother told me it was changed, but she couldn't tell me what it was before you have any ideas. My great grandfather and grandmother came to the US from Prague so I'm told. What I know is they have a daughter Josephine and my grandfather Stanley J Simon. My grandfather lived in Omaha, Nebraska.
email: -
BSimon5871@AOL.COM - Posted 07 December 1997

Researching: JILECEK
In quest of any information on my grandfather, Joseph Charles Jilecek. He was born in or near Prague, on February 29, 1864. He emigrated to the USA around 1880 to avoid military conscription. He resided in Detroit, Michigan. His trade was cabinet making. He died in May, 1935 Would like to learn about his family,who stayed in Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 07 December 1997

I am researching the paternal side of my family: Frank Stary and Anna Fojt has at least three children, probably more. 1. Mary (Marie) was born 22 Mar 1876 in Moravia and died 17 Jul 1956 in Cleveland, OH. She married Josepf Simunek (b. 13 Jan 1874 in SIBRIN, d. 13 May 1929 in Cleveland, OH). They emigrated to the US via Ellis Island in 1906 and 1907, respectively. Four of their 7 children were born in Moravia: Mary (b. 20 Apr 1898, d. 25 Jul 1948), Natalie (b. 18 Feb 1900, d. 3 Apr 1989), Francis (b. 5 Aug 1904, d. 8 Jun 1974) and Julia (Lillian) (b. 15 Jan 1906, d. 16 Dec 1985). Helen, Anastasia and Joseph Anthony were born in Cleveland, Ohio. I have much more information going forward. 2. My g-grandfather, Frantisek (Frank) STARY was born on 8 Sep 1879 in Lupova, Moravia and died 1 Jul 1946 in Cleveland, OH. He married Mary Zacek (b. 28 May 1879 in Lehradie, Moravia, d. 27 Jul 1953 in Cleveland, OH). They emigrated to the US via Ellis Island in 1909 and 1913, respectively. Two of their 8 children were born in Lipova: Frank (b. 25 Mar 1907, d. 16 Sep 1963 in Cleveland, OH) and Ludwig (Louis) (b. 27 July 1909). George, Stanley (my grandfather), Rudolph, Vlasta (Patricia), John and Joseph were all born in Cleveland, OH. More information going forward. 3. Julie Stary is mentioned in Frantisek's obituary with the last name Burianek(ove). Several other brothers are mentioned (not by name) in various letters and other documents. The town of Lidice is also mentioned in oral history from my grandfather. I know the town was destroyed during WWII but don't know if the family was residing there. Also, my grandfather remembers receiving a photograph of his grandmother's (Anna Fojt) grave in the 1950's but has since lost it. I'm looking for any information on my g-grandfather's other siblings, birth/death/marriage information on Frank Stary and his wife Anna Fojt and any other relatives. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
email: - - Posted 07 December 1997

Researching: WANEK
I need info. on any & all Wanek decendants.
email: - - Posted 07 December 1997

Researching ancestry of Koch, Von Drashic, and Davidek. Do you know of Paul Koch (born 1854), Katherine Von Drashek, Mary Koch (born around 1882), Pauline Koch (born 1884), Emily Koch, James Koch (born 1892)of Michigan(?), Antonia Davidek (born around 1870), Joseph Koch, Agnes Koch, Charles Koch? The Koch family originates somewhere in Bohemia. Interested in learning more about these families. All replies will be answered.
email: Ruthanne DuBelko - - Corrected 03 December 1997

Researching Pycha, Jelinek, Moravec, Vondra, Zdarsky, Kalla, Halas, Fiala, Cipek, Cerny, and Frus.
email: - - Posted 03 December 1997

Ggm Katerine Uridil (nee: Rady; Mother: Bohaty) came to America in 1881 with 3 of her sons. Ggf Jan and one son remained in Europe. The last known residence was Caslav, near Prague in Czechoslovakia. The name Uridil has been spelled Uridel and Uridal in America. Katerine and son Antonin eventually settled in North Judson, Indiana; Alois (my GF) and Frank settled in Chicago, ILL. I have no information about the family in Europe. It is believed that the son who remained with Ggf Jan was also named Jan. It's possible that he came to America, with his family, after Ggf passed away. Some think he came by way of Switzerland. I would very much like to contact any of Jan's descendants or anyone having knowledge of these family surnames. Perhaps we can link all the way to Prague. Thanks for the help and interest.
email: Beverly S. Aylor - - Posted 03 December 1997

GGgf Vicenze Lastovicka, m: Frantisky Houskova-lived in Rohosci, Cesko Moravia. Ggf Ignac (Ignantz) Lastovicka, m: Marie Buchtova, daughter of Jacob Buchty and Anne Plevac; also from Rohosci. GF Franz, m: Anna Kucer-they resided in Brno. Franz had 5 siblings, some of their descendants still live in and around Brno and Prague. Efforts to contact them have been unsuccessful. Ayone with knowledge of the above family surnames who is willing to exchange and share information would be a joy and a tremendous help. Together we can form the links back to and thru Czechoslovakia. Any help is appreciated and welcome.
email: Beverly S. Aylor - - Posted 03 December 1997

Searching for family or information on Ggf Josef Doskocil; b:~1854 in or near Prague. He married Marie/Mary Tunkl (b:~1858) daughter of Josef Podrasky and Marie Tunkl. Ggp emmigrated to America, with 5 children in 1891. My research has stopped in Europe with Ggm & Ggf. I am most interested in contacting anyone with knowledge of the above family names to share information. Thanks for the interest and help.
email: Bev Aylor - - Posted 03 December 1997

I am trying to find the origin of my family names. The best that I know is that they came from the Prague area. But as I search, I am not having any luck finding these names: Chobot, Franz, Valenta. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.
email: S. Alley - - Posted 03 December 1997

Family came to the US in 1905 Abord the ship SS Frankfurt from Halenkovice Moravia. Trying to research family tree and there are possibly 3 spellings to my mothers maiden name of Sternnadle. Which could also be Sternadl, Strnadl, but I also have in the family tree the following last names: Clements, Knitchal, Cevorova, Sudalak, Strauss, Michalik, Werner. Any connections in the late 1800's are a possibility of being GreatGreat Aunts and Uncles. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 03 December 1997

Researching: LOKAJ
The surname of Lokaj and the village of Dubovy Lhota in Bohemia region. Please add this name to your list. Thank you.
email: Jan Blackford - - Posted 03 December 1997

My grandfather , Charles(Karel) Budin was born in Bohemia,Austria, in 1871. My grandmother , Josephine Zeman was born in Bohemia, Austria, in 1874. They were married in New Jersey in 1895. Charles ws one of five brothers and a sister who emigrated to America. The others were John, Anton, William, Henry and Mary Budin. I am looking for the descendants of these siblings in order to fill in the family tree. I am also hoping they will have information on the home towns they originally came from. Josephine Zeman also had an older brother, Joseph Aaeman, who moved to Chicago. If he is anyone's ancestor I would be interested.
email: J. Lyons - - Posted 03 December 1997

Researching: TUREK
I am researching any information that you might have on the family name Turek. Thank you for any help that you can provide.
email: - - Posted 02 December 1997

Am researching the Prausa, Pelnar (Polnarsch) and Kustka surnames. Josef Prausa and the Simon Polnarsch (changed to Pelnar) families immigrated from Bohemia in Oct. 1855 and settled in the Northern Wisconsin area. I'm interested in any other Prausa's that might have come over too. In addition, I'm trying to locate the family of a Marie Kustka Prausa who died in 1898 at the age of 29 yrs, leaving her husband, Charles N. Prausa and four children. Her father might be John Kustka. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Robin Prausa - - Posted 02 December 1997

Josef Pragr, son of Jan Pragr and Alzbeta Srakova of Vlceves (near Tabor, Bohemia). Josef m. Katerina Fuk, d/o Votjech & Dorota (Kuzderkova) Fuk. Their dau. Elnora m. Albert Chaloupek. A widowed Elnora came to US with her chrn 1874 & settled in Tama Co, IA. Her dau, Katerina Chaloupek m. Vencil (Vaclav) Starits. Katerina b. Ceske Budejovice, Bohemia. These are my great-great grandparents. Their dau, Emily Starits m. Vaclav James Kucera, son of Albert and Mary (?Novak or Kizova?) & lived Tama & Marshall Co. Iowa. Siblings of Vaclav Kucera lived in Nebraska. Vaclav Starits was s/o John & Anna (Peehar) Starits. This family (from Ylubena, Bohemia) came to Tama Co, IA c1865 with chrn Vaclav & Anna. I published book "Czeching-In, the Chaloupek, Starits & Kucera Family Record" in Jan 1997. Copies still available. All data re: these surnames most welcome.
email: - - Posted 02 December 1997

Researching: CHARVAT
I am searching for relatives with this last name. My family came from Klobouky, Czech. The Sirny's and Bavlnkas settled in Wisconsin in the early 1900's. I have information some dating back to the late 1600's that I am willing to share. I am in need of more information on the Charvats.
email: - - Posted 01 December 1997

Searching for siblings of Wenzel (Vaclav) Zavesky (b. 12 Sept 1854) in Prague area! He married Antonie Janda (b. June 1872) in 1898. They lived in Boston, MA. His parents listed on the marriage license were Annitry Zavesky and Karolina Pacholika. Her parents listed were Frank Janda and Mary Bluekovie. In 1900 the census listed Charles Stepenek as living with the family. Both men were tailors. Antonie Janda Zavesky had a sister who lived in Los Angeles. My mother never met her. I have no addresses except family history that said both grandparents came from the Prague area. Many packages were sent by my grandmother to her relatives during the time between the wars. Any more information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 01 December 1997

Any info on surnames: Pycha, Vondra, Moravec, Jelinek from Caslav area of Bohemia. Kalla, Cipek, Halas, Fiala from Vir and Rozsec n. Kunstatem villages in Moravia. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 01 December 1997

Researching: BUDIN, ZEMAN
My grandfater was Charles (Karel) Budin, emigrated from Bohemia, Austria, to New Jersey, USA., around 1890. He married Josephine Zeman, also from Bohemia, Austria, in 1895. Charles was one of 5 brothers and a sister who emigrated. Their names were Anton, John, Charles, William, Henry and Mary.I would like to know the rest of my cousins, and trace my great grandparents.
email: J. Lyons - - Posted 01 December 1997

Researching: MARKVART
I am searching any information on the surname of Markvart.
email: -
micromark@SPRINTMAIL.COM - Posted 01 December 1997

I have been researching my last name, Zierhart (changed from Zierhut), I had thought that it was German, but I have located a marriage certificate of my Great-Grandfather, Matthias Zierhut, and he lists his place of birth as Austria/Bohemia and his sister's marriage certificate lists place of birth as, simply, Bohemia. I would love to find out anything more that I can, as I have been stumped trying to follow this line for some time.
email: - - Posted 01 December 1997

Researching: KODYM
Family Name Kodym, Town of Humpeloc or Humpolec or Brn. Looking for family relatives. My Grandmother was from Bohemia. Her family name was Kodym. One of her relatives was an artist, as she brought some of his paintinga with her.
email: - - Posted 01 December 1997

Researching: TRINKA
I am looking for any and all information pertaining to my great-grandmother, Emily Trinka. I know that she was born in Czechoslovakia in May of 1911 (approx.) She had one sister that I know of, however, I do not know he name. Anyway, she came to the United States when she was about four years old through Ellis Island. She lived in New York and later worked as a housekeeper. Her husband and my great-grandfather, William Trinka worked as a chauffer for a family in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The only other thing that I remember is that at Christmas great-great, as she was called, would make houska (I am not sure if this is correct spelling). I thought that might give an indication of where she lived in Czech.
email: Ruth Trinka - - Posted 01 December 1997

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