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I am seeking information on the parents, siblings, grandparents or Czech Republic descendents of the following people: Frantisek Starman b. 1845 Kozlov, Bohemia, Katerina Pohajsky Starman b. 1844 Kozlov, Bohemia. They were married in Kozlov and had four children. Elizabeth (Bessie) Starman b. 1875, Frank Starman b. 1876 -1879, Marie Starman b. 1880, and Katerina Starman b. 1882. The Starmans immigrated to the USA in 1892 coming to Sleepy Eye, MN, then relocated to Cedar Rapids, IA. We would like to find out who their parents, grandparents, siblings were. I can't find Kozlov on any map, but have heard it may have been near the German border. Edward Joseph Kalik b. ca 1877-1881 Rakovnik, may have served in the military as a young man - stationed near Prague. He came from a large family - may have been wealthy. He knew alot about gardening and funiture making. Edward immigrated to the USA ca 1900 with some of his brothers to Chicago. One stayed in Chicago, another moved to Colorado. Edward relocated to Cedar Rapids, IA and married Bessie Starman Spinler ca 1911-1912. Two brothers visited from Czech in the 1920's. Edward had a son born out of wedlock after he had immigrated. He didn't find this out until several years later when the son wrote to him from Czechoslovakia. The son may have been a professional violinist and had married by the time he wrote. Seeking any info on Edward's family (parents, grandparents, siblings and son or grandchildren.)
email: Shay Moore - - Posted 31 December 1998

Looking for any information on family in Czech Poland and Austria. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Victoria Polomcak Firnstahl - - Posted 31 December 1998

Joseph Vrtina was born 21 Feb 1859 in Janovice, Moravia; he married Josephine Ruzicka 18 Oct 1886 in Brno, Moravia. Josephine ws born 1 Jun 1854 in Nove Mesto, Moravia. Joseph died 15 Nov 1917 in Falun, MN and Josephine died 18 Sep 1911 In Falun, MN. Josephine's parents were Vaclav Ruzicka and Anna Catherine Moravec. Their children were: Mary Magdalene b 23 Jul 1887 in Moravia, Joseph, Emma, Anton, Catherine, Adolph, and Agnes.
email: Marianne Brandt - - Posted 31 December 1998

Frank Chalupa was born in 1832 in Bohemia and was married to Frances before 1865 in Bohemia. Their children: 1. Marie Chalupa was born about 1865 and died the same year in Bohemia. 2. Frank Chalupa, born 12 Oct 1865 in Bornic, Moravia; died 4 Mar 1926 at home near Lyman, NE; married Mary Swatek, in 1887 in Plattsmouth, NE. 3. Mary Chalupa was born 25 Mar 1869 in Bohemia and married Thomas J Fanning in 1894 in NE. 4. John Chalupa was born 15 Jun 1870 in Valdislove, Bohemia. 5. Alec Chalupa born 1 Sep 1872 in Valdislove, Bohemia. 6. Another child was born about 1873 and died 3 years later in Bohemia. 7. Joe Chalupa was born about 1873 in Bohemia. 8. Frances Chalupa was born 10 May 1875 in Moravia or Valdislove, Bohemia. She married George Baltes in Feb of 1896 in NE. 9. Antonia Chalupa was born abt 1877 just before leaving Bohemia for America. 10. Sophia Chalupa was born 5 May 1880 in Wahoo, NE and married Harry LaBreck on 27 Oct 1903 in Trojan, SD. 11. Louise Chalupa was born 30 May 1884 in Wahoo, NE.
email: Marianne Brandt - - Posted 31 December 1998

Researching: ZAHRADKA
Searching for relatives with surname Zahradka. Little info available. Thought to have a family band in Czech. Grandfather born in Czech 11/29/1891 Josef Zahradka.
email: Letha Z. Kern - - Posted 31 December 1998

Researching: WENISCH
Ladies and Gentlemen, please help find out the address of Mr. Ronald Wenisch, because the email is not running any more.
email: K.H. Weiler - - Posted 31 December 1998

Wish to exchange info with anyone else researching these names.
email: Katie Bailey - - Posted 31 December 1998

Researching: POKORNY
I have been searching for my family history for years. I have my family creast from the 1400's. It has been hand down to the oldest son to oldest to present. If you can help me in my journy.
email: M.Pokorny - - Posted 31 December 1998

Researching: ZIKMUND
Looking for the surname Zikmund, the town Jenikov. Any info on the above would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 31 December 1998

I am researching the surnames "Forte" and "Kukacka' or "Kukachka" . these are the surnames of my great-grandparents and they came from Bohemia and settled in Minnesota/later Hillsboro, Traill county, North Dakota. Later they lived in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.
email: - - Posted 31 December 1998

Searching for additional information on Janecek, Kutes, and Kvech families and descedents. All came to Chicago area originally.
email: Sue M. - - Posted 30 December 1998

My paternal grandparents were John Kavlick who was born in Szepsi, Hungary on June 1, 1881 and Mary Balazs Condo from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. They were married on June 1, 1901 in Perryopolis, PA. They settled in Western Pennsylvania where he worked in the coal mines. My maternal grandparents were Joseph and Anna Hudec Rehanek. Joseph was born in Prague in 1879 and came to the United States via Baltimore when he was two years old. The family settled in the Western Pennsylvania area (Mt. Pleasant, PA). Joseph also worked in the coal mines. The last surviving member of his family, his youngest brother, Edward Rehanek, passed away this past year at the age of 99. His last known address was in the Baltimore area. Anna Hudec was born in the United States on June 30, 1882. Her family was also from Mt. Pleasant, PA. Any information on the surnames mentioned would be greatly appreciated.
email: Mary Carol Kavlick Litman - - Posted 30 December 1998

Researching: SURINA
Any information on the surname Surina would be appreciated. My grandfather, Joseph Surina, is interested in any other Surina families out there.
email: Tracey Surina - - Posted 30 December 1998

Researching: SMRCKA
Searching for info about my grandfather. Name was Vicenc Smrcka. He lived in Busin, a small village near Sumperk. Interested in any relatives or friends who might have known him or any of his family.
email: John Schultz - - Posted 29 December 1998

Researching: YUNKMAN
I have tried to e-mail, the person requesting information about a Frank Yunkman, without success. My father's name was Frank Yunkman and his father was Joseph Frank Yunkman. Apparently I also had a great-uncle who's name was Frank Yunkman.
email: Jade Yunkman Meyer - - Posted 29 December 1998

I am seeking additional information about my great grandfather, Joseph Samuel Platzer. He was born January 5, 1874 in Boskovice, Moravia, Czech. His parents names were Bernard Platzer and Mary Catherine (Masaryk) Platzer. Bernard was a shoemaker by trade. His siblings names were Adolph, Max, Arose, Augusta, and Teresa. He immigrated to the U. S. in 1904. I would greatly appreciate a response from anyone who may have information regarding the Platzer/Masaryk families.
email: David & Mina Higgins - - Posted 29 December 1998

I am doing my family history. My great, great Grandfather was born in Bohemia around 1817. His wife also was born in Bohemia around 1841. Their names are listed below. John Kortanek (aka "Kortonic" "Kortonick") died 12/22 1894 {Naturalized November 2, 1868}, Catharine (nee unknown) Kortanek died 7/26 1883. They lived in Cleveland Ohio. I believe John came to the United States sometime between 1850 and 1860. They may have come here as man & wife, or she may have come here separately. Can you provide any additional information?
email: Bob O'Neill - - Posted 29 December 1998

Researching: HRANKA, HUSTAK
Am looking for any info on the name of Hranka. Grandfather Martin Hranka who lived in Tasov (about 15 miles from Hodonin) Morava. There were 6 boys and 5 girls. Also looking for any info on my mothers side, surname Hustak. Grandfather JAN Hustak had 2 sons, Luvik and Boleslav, and daughter Helenka. They lived in a small town of Bzova, Morava.
email: -
WALTJKH@AOL.COM - Posted 29 December 1998

Researching: KORANEK
I'm researching the name Koranek. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
email: Robert Koranek - - Posted 28 December 1998

I am looking for information on my great-grandfather Johann Schwibitzer, born April 25, 1860 in Zwittau (Svitavy) Moravia. He emigrated to the USA around 1882, changed his name to John Francis Switzer, settled in Iowa in 1887 and married Katherine Sweetman of Skibbereen, Ireland. His parents were Franz and Johanna Schwibitzer -- her maiden name was Schneweis. Franz was a peasant farmer.
email: Larry Gibson - - Posted 28 December 1998

I would like to share any information on the Hitschfel family from Baunau., Bohmen. My grandmother was Emma Hitschfel who was born in 1883. She came to the US in 1906 with her brother Anton, born April 1, 1880. Their parents were Joseph and Anna Pawel Hitschfel. Siblings who remained in Bohemia were Karl, Hedwig and Marie. Karl had a son Franz who had a daughter Inge Hitschfel Hasse Marie's children were Annerle and Ferdinand Zach. Thank you.
email: Maureen Sansing - - Posted 28 December 1998

Researching: SUSEN, SUSAN
I have been searching the above ancestor for years and would like to know if anyone in the Czech Republic knows of any one with the Susen / Susan name that can help locate what village or town Joseph Susen born 1812 and came to America ion June 27, 1855 with his wife and some children. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You.
email: Dorothy Sherrell - - Posted 27 December 1998

I'm researching the given Czech surnames. All families were known to have immigrated to America during the 1800's. The Zeleny, Sutera and Petr surnames were from the area of Jihlava Moravia. Some of the villages are: Pohledec, Divisov, Nove Mesto Na Morave, and Rovne. I'm researching the lines of Joseph Zeleny, Anna Sutera, and Johan Josef Petr. The Frank (Frantisek)Tupy family originates from the village Smolec in the district of Tabor. Joseph Havlik originated from Kacerov near the town of Kralovice in the district of Plzen. Joseph Voboril came from the village Kozoholdy, near the town of Habry in the district of Caslav. I'm also resarching Mary Vocasek, who married Joseph Zeleny in Oklahoma approx. 1897/98. I have no family information on her prior to her marriage to Joseph Zeleny. She gave Nebraska as her birthplace on the 1900 Census. Other family surnames are Martinek and Shelker whose origins were Bohemia. The Martinek and Shelker families immigrated to Lincoln County, and St. Louis, Missouri in the mid 1800's. I would appreciate any assistance with the above surnames and villages.
email: Phyllis Zeleny - - Posted 27 December 1998

Researching: KYMLA
Last name Kymla from Czech Republic.
email: Gerry Kymla - - Posted 27 December 1998

My father is Emil Loskot and his family came to the Unites States from Praque. My website is Amateur Genealogy researching the surnames Loskot, Palzewicz, Leaveck, Bishop, Bayee, Rabitoy, Leduc, Lalonde, Holland, Amos and many others. Check them out I am researching the Loskot name. I have been in contact with other Loskots in the Czech Republic and the name seems common, but finding a direct link to my family has been difficult. The first Loskot to come to America was James Vaclav Loskot and his wife Mary. They came with their three sons in the late 1890's. I would appreciate any help you could give me and would be happy to place a link to your website onto mine. Just let me know if you would like a special icon or a regular link. Thanks!
email: Kelly Peters - - Posted 27 December 1998

Researching: KUDRNA
My surname is Kudrna, the village my relatives come from is Brno.
email: Terri Kudrna - - Posted 27 December 1998

New York City, the Handlir and Karlick families. My fathers family hails from the east side of Manhattan. Moved to Ozone Park in 1920's and then two Bohemia N.Y. when the Depression hit. Bohemia was or is a Czech enclave on Long Island New York. It has a czech cemetary where my grandparents are burried. In the center is a statue of the patron Saint Jan Huss (pardon my spelling).
email: - - Posted 23 December 1998

I am trying to find out more about the family ancestors who lived in Bohemia pre-1842. My greatgrandfather was born in Vilasova (Vilasovy) Lhota (Lhoty), former estate Petrovice, Sedlcany County, Tabor Region, in abt. 1842. He served in the Austrian Army from age 17 to age 24-25; was a tailor's apprentice in Austria, then moved to Zluchin, believed to be a pastorate, to marry Barbara Pekarek and raise 5 children. Jan Hinovsky and family arrived in this country June 14 1884, and they settled in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of the family remains in this area today. I have extensive decendant list, but lack info on Jan's parentage. Also, does anyone know how to access historical info pertaining to towns/areas listed above. Willing to share info I have with anyone interested.
email: Vince Hlinovsky - - Posted 23 December 1998

I do not know any regional information. My grandfather was Andy Pilney. He lived in Dillonvale, OH. I think he died in 1975. I believe the family name was spelled either Pilny or Pilne before coming to the USA. I don't know which generation was the first in the USA. I know there are Pilney's in the Minnesota region but, I don't know them. Visit the
Pilney Family Facts Database.
email: - - Updated 27 October 2007

Researching: VANECEK
Looking for information on Frank Vanecek, b. 1850, in Bohemia Czech. Republic and d. 1924 in St.Louis, Missouri. Wife Mary, b. 1860, in Bohemia and d. 1933 in St. Louis. They had 8 children Jerry, Edward, Frank, Louis, Josephine, Charles, Annie and Mary.
email: - - Posted 23 December 1998

Frank Kletecka, from Pisek, married Anna Kumher, from Pisek. Karl Vorel from Jestebnice married Barbara Fanfule, whose relatives were in Miratice, Czech in 1926. Please contact me if you have any info on these names or places.
email: Barbara Kletecka-Maughmer - - Posted 23 December 1998

My gggggrandfather Frantisek Komerous (Komeraus?) born January 1821 in Blovice. Came to United States?, probably 1840's. Lived in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, died 1906. First wife Barbara?, may have married in Blovice area. Any information on his family, descendents in Czech Republic, etc. greatly appreciated.
email: Bill Groth - - Posted 22 December 1998

I am searching any information about one ancestor and ascendants. His name was Jacob Graubener (Jacques Graupner wrote in French during his marriage in France in 1808), born in 1782 in a village nammed Brisau near a town called Wiessen in Moravia (Mvhren) then it was the Austro-Hungarian empire. He was a soldier of the Austro-Hungarian empire and made prisoner during the Austerlitz's battle or Ulm's battle. His father was Franz Graubener, her mother was Vironique Vbatzik. Firstly, I would like to know the current name of the village named Brisau and also the current name of the town named Wiessen (Brisau was nearby from Wiessen in the province of Moravia) and if it was possible de locate them. Secondly, I would like if someone knows the name Graubner and Vbatzik in the province of Moravia and any details about any of those people, possible living descendents,etc.? Thank you very much.
email: Cadalen Bernard - - Posted 22 December 1998

Researching: BLAHA, BLINKA
Am interested in relatives and descendants of Anna Blaha Blinka and Josef Blinka. Present information is that Anna was daughter of Jiri Blaha (born ~3/5/1821) of Hovezi. Anna married Josef Blinka in early 1870's and had one daughter Mary (~10/18/1875) prior to emigrating to Texas around 1877. Josef was supposedly son of Pavel and Anna Blinka, siblings Pavel,jr., Tom, Martin, Maria, Katerina, Rozina. Blinka family may have come from a village named Hrochovecku or Hruskuvlhu. Location information may not be reliable / spelled accurately.
email: Harold S. Blinka - - Posted 22 December 1998

Looking for information on: Nemecek, Jiri of Vespadly, b. 1796; Nemecek, Lorenz of Vsepadly b. @ 1766; Vyktorova, Katharina of Vsepadly b. @ 1766; Nemecek, Jacob of Vsepadly; Pertrzelkinova, Maria of Vsepadly; Pertrzelka, Leonard of Vsepadly b. @ 1736; Sleisse, Mary of Zdeslav b. October 22, 1845 and d. August 14, 1919 Purcell, OK; Sleisse, Vaclav (James) of Cernikov b. December 14, 1813; Vlachova Marketa of Mynec b. September 22, 1812; Sleisse, Philip; Matejovic, Katharina; Vlach, George of Mlynec b. @ 1782; Cizek, Barbara of Chudenice b. @ 1782; Cizek, Mathias of Chudenice b. @ 1752; Kavanova, Katharina of Chudenice b. @ 1752. I am also desperately looking for a ship list of the passengers on the ship Moravia, sailing from Hamburg and arriving in the US on May 6, 1884. My great-grandfather was Joseph Nemecek -- born August 20, 1836 in or near Vsepadly. I know he was a tavern owner/farmer and at one time was in the Zeugs Artillery, Command #10. Any information regarding any of this would be appreciated.
email: J.C. Nemecek - - Posted 22 December 1998

Researching: CHONKICH
Searching for any information on the Surname Chonkich.
email: Art Fingerle - - Posted 22 December 1998

Researching: BENDA
I am looking for info on Stelovich, Bohemia. Grandfather's name is Josef Benda. Very little info available.
email: - - Posted 21 December 1998

I am looking for information on the following surnames: Shosta and Klemenek. Both are from Moravskaolvik(?) Thanks!
email: Mary Shosty - - Posted 21 December 1998

My surnames and corresponding villages in the Czech republic are as follows: surname Mikusch, Ublo, Jaegerndorf, Sternberk; surname Schneider (Frank), Olomouc, Ves Dlouha.
email: Kelly Thielen - - Posted 21 December 1998

I cannot confirm the locations. These locations were found in a great aunt's papers with the supposed locations and dates of birth of her parents, both from Bohemia. I've written them out as I found them. Rauscher, Goobold Mana Geburt Geminde Brachaditz Bohemia. Foitl / Voitl, Fishaer Gemeide Ludweis Kleinzmietsh Kreis Pardveis Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 21 December 1998

I am having a little trouble getting ifo on Struhar and Nevertil. My grandmother was Mary Struhar Nevertil.
email: Sheere Guth - - Posted 21 December 1998

Researching: KARDA, HILSKY
My family name is Karda and my mothers maiden name is Hilsky. Both families came from Bohemia. I thought that we knew everyone in the US that had these name but since the onset of the Internet I have seen some we did not know about. I have called some people and talked to them but have not as yet documented much. We need to do this.
email: Phil Karda - - Posted 20 December 1998

Researching: NERER, NEHRER
I am searching for my relatives with surnames Nerer or Nehrer. My gg-father has changed our surname to Nerer, all previous generations used Nehrer. My gggg-father was born in Trebostovo near Martin around 1780. I am trying to find out where originated his father and previous generations. Any information would be appreciated. I live in Warragul, Australia.
email: Pavel Nerer - - Posted 20 December 1998

Researching: UDLINEK, NOVAK
I am attempting to obtain information about my grandfather, Rudolph Udlinek who immigrated to the USA, marrying Mathilda Novak in Howells, Nebraska and settling in North Dakota, later moving to South Datkota and eventually moving to Idaho. All I know is that he was born in Bohemia February 13, 1879.
email: - - Posted 20 December 1998

Researching: BAUR
Looking for information on the surname Baur. I hope I am searching in the correct area! My grandmother's death certificate lists her birthplace as Trokavec, Bohemia. Any help appreciated! Thanks.
email: Anna Marie Ligtenberg - - Posted 20 December 1998

Researching: PAVEL
Looking for Joseph Pavel, born in Bohemia 1830's, married Francis ???, immigrated to US 1867.
email: - - Posted 20 December 1998

Researching: HAMAN
Looking for Haman from Telnice u Brna.
email: - - Posted 20 December 1998

Researching: DURACHKO
Name is Martin or Joseph Durachko. Any Durachkos from Czechoslovakia.
email: Sue - - Posted 20 December 1998

I am searching for some of my grandparent's families that came from Bohemia, Slovakia and Moravia. Anton Soukup married Anna Mary Roubal. Josef Kovarik married Katerina Harustak. They all came to the United States around 1900-1910. The Harustak's are from Lubina, Slovakia. Anton Soukup came from a town in Bohemia which I beleive was Strelohstic. Would appreciate any information you can give me. They all resided in St.Louis, Missouri.
email: Shirley Heaton - - Posted 20 December 1998

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