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You can now Czech out the weather forecast and current conditions for the Czech Republic and the towns of Brno, Cervena, Cheb, Churanov, Holesov, Kocelovice, Kostelni Myslova, Liberec, Milesovka, Ostrava, Prague Libus, Prague, Pribyslav, Primda, and Usti Nad Orlici.

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The Family Tree Maker 2008 is now available. It's a great gift idea.

Post your surnames and villages of interest on the internet along with your email contact information. Send email to to add your surnames and villages to this page along with email contact information. There is no charge and the only restriction is that the surnames must be from the Czech Republic - Bohemia or Moravia and related areas. For Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn names we suggest posting at Searching in Slovakia

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You can You can Order Birth and Death Records Online! at It's a great way to add a generation as in most cases you will also get parent's information.

Print out a free 10 Generation Relationship Chart that takes all the mysteries out of First Cousin, Twice Removed.

We have a backlog of months of postings that we are now catching up on. A special thanks to Gary W. Skarka and Gene Kocsis for helping us get messages ready for posting here in the past.

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The alphabetic index to Czeching Out Our Ancestors has been updated with all postings through 31 July 1999.

Czech Chicken Noodle Soup recipe by Alena Getvertova along with memories and traditions about this Czech favorite and great on line reading. Don't miss it.

You will enjoy the Czech, Bomenian and Moravian Christmas site and the Eastern European Wedding Traditions pages.

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To post your surnames and email address leave email to with surnames and locations. The only restriction is that the surnames must be from the Czech Republic, Bohemia, Moravia or related areas.

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