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Searching for information regarding GGP; Josef Doskocil, b: abt 1854 in or around Prague; m: Marie or Mary Podrasky, b: abt 1858; daughter of Joseph Podrasky and Marie Tunkl. Josef and Marie had 7 children. All immigrated to America in 1891. I am searching for GGF and GGM parents and siblings. Searching for information about Katerine Uridil, b: 1833; m: Jan Uridil - last known residence Caslav. Katerine came to America in 1891 with 3 sons: Antonin, Alois and Frank. One son, possibly named Joseph or Jan, remained in Caslav with father. Any information on Katerine, Jan or son would be greatly appreciated. Some in family believe Joseph/Jan may have come to America with his family after father died in Europe. Searching for information/family/knowdege about Vincenze Lastovicka, m: Frantisky Houskova; lived in Rohosci, Cesko-Moravia. Son born abt 1856, Ignac Lastovicka, m: Marie Buchtova, daughter of Anne Plevac and Jacob Buchty. Issue: Franz (my GF), Marie, Alois, Frances, Joseph, and Josephine Lastovicka all from Brno. Any information about the Lastovickas and collateral families will be greatly appreciated. Some of the children born to Marie and Josephine still reside in Czechoslovakia. Efforts to contact them has been unsuccessful. Anyone researching the above names, please contact me and I will be happy to share the information I have. I am most grateful for any help I can get.
email: - - Posted 31 August 1997

I am searching for the family of Maria Hrabik, born in Plzen, CZ, January 6, 1841. She married Wenzel Altman in 1858. Wenzel was born in Austria/Bohemia (family records list both), December 26, 1831. They came to America in 1867. Wenzel Altman was said to have been a commissioned officer in the Austrian Army (this may be hearsay) retiring after 10 years of service. My maternal great-grandfather was Frank R. Tabor, born in Zirovnici district of Pejrimov, region of Tabor, November 28, 1856. Frank Tabor, Sr., married Rosa F. Senold, born in Bohemia, Febuary 24, 1858. In 1925, Frank Tabor visited a sister, a Katherine Kolar in Prague. If there is any evidence of remaining family members, or any information about the parents of the above, cemeteries, church membership; I would be most grateful.
email: Marjorie Altman Miele - - Posted 31 August 1997

I am looking for any information on my great grand parent Franz Rubinova (Frank Rubin) born 01/07/1872 at Bechlin, Bohemia, and his wife Marie Vurm born 02/01/1881 at Horeni Pocapli, Czech. They were married on 04/30/1901 at Vlneves, Chez. and Franz came to the United States in 1910 and Marie in 1912. They had 4 children that were born in Bohemia, Mary, Joseph, Frances, Annie (my Grandmother). Any information as to what their parents names were and other relatives would be appreciated. Thank You.
email: Janet Miller - - Posted 31 August 1997

I'm inquiring about my great-great grandparents from bohemia ,in the 1800's. their surnames Nechodom, Peshek, Tetak, Kokstan, and Huln. They came to Wisconsin in the middle of the 1800's.
email: Bonnie Nechodom Kambach - - Posted 31 August 1997

Researching: SHULA
I am looking for info on my grandfather. His name was Frank C. Shula, born 1901 in Bohemia. We believe in the Prague area but it may not be accurate. He came to the United States around 1904. I would like any info on relatives dead or alive in the Czech Republic.
email: Tracy Stephenson - - Posted 31 August 1997

Anna Sophie Schottek 7/22/1896 - 12/07/1966 Karvinna, Moravia. Came to USA in 1914; Father - Leopold Schottek and Mother - Sophie Schottek. Steve Marinik ( maybe spelled different) Maryannc, Marik, Masaryk 12/26/1882 - 9/27/1941 Mikuluvce, Czechoslavia; Father - Joseph Marinik; Mother - Mary Gavinda; Sisters- Veronica, Rosalee; Brothers - John, Joseph I would like very much to find my roots in Czechoslavia. If you can find anything at all I would be very grateful.
email: - - Posted 31 August 1997

Researching: KASAWAN
I would like to find out the origin of my maiden name "Kasawan". I have not been able to find any information on this surname and other than my father, there are no living relatives. I have been told that it originated in Austria but this was only a guess I believe.
email: Alfred Stinziano - - Posted 31 August 1997

Researching: ORAVETZ
I am looking for any information on the Oravetz family. They emigrated out of Austria-Hungary, but they area they came from is now Czechoslovakia. I do not know the name of the city they came from. Many from this family settled in Beaver Falls, PA. If anyone has heard of this name, or knows anything about this family I would love to be contacted.
email: - - Posted 31 August 1997

Researching: HOHOLIK
I am researching the Hoholik family from Lesnica, Czech. Brothers Pavel and Michael came to America early 1900. A brother Andrew remained in Czechoslovakia. I would like to find Andrew's descendants.
email: - - Posted 30 August 1997

Researching: PEREGRIM
I am searching for the ancestory of my grandfather. His name is Walter Michael Peregrim, Sr. His father's name was Michael Walter Peregrim. When Michael Walter came to America it is believed that his name was changed. He sailed from Austria though it was not the country of his birth. Michael Walter never spoke of his ancestory and therefore, it is not even certain where he was born.
email: Delana Peregrim - - Posted 30 August 1997

I am searching for my grand and ggrand parents and a cousin or two. Vaclav Sobotka had two known daughters, Teresie b. 1855 and Katerina. Teresie married Frantisek Dobrovolny and had 4 children, all born in the Borova, Caslav, Pribslava area of Czechoslovakia. Their names were Josephine, b. 1874 and married Frank Slogr, Leopold, b. 1880 and married Marie Caklova b. Sept 1882 in Pdar, Bohemia, Frank, and Marie M. b. 1895. Katerina Sobotka married John Varejcka and their daughter, Marie married Vaclav Tesar who was born in 1870 in Chotebor, Bohemia.
email: Jean Boicourt - - Posted 30 August 1997

Researching: MILCIC
I am looking for information on the Milcic family from Stankov in western Bohemia. They came from the Sorb or Wenish area near Bautsen in the 1600's.
email: Richard - - Posted 30 August 1997

Searching for any information on Hraban family that immigrated to Chicago from Czech in April 1881. Parents named Josef and Marie (Marie's maiden name was Vancura), children Antonie, Anna, Wenzel. Anna married James Jansky in Chicago. Antonie married Anton Straka, then Engelthaler. Antonie's children died in the Eastland disaster.
email: -
rristoff@email.district - Posted 28 August 1997

Am interested in any info regarding Chocholousek from Sedlicka, Czech Republic dating in the late 1800's or earlier.
email: - - Posted 27 August 1997

I'm searching for information on my mother's family name of Hubacek. Grandmother Florentina Jangatova Hubacek came from Bohemia/Moravia with seven or more children in 1900 and settled in Ennis, TX. The children were Carrie, Frances, Charlie, August, Joe, Annie, Cecilia (my mom), and ? Hubacek. They are all deceased now but I would appreciate any information about them or in hearing from any relatives.
email: - - Posted 27 August 1997

Researching: SALVETER, STARK
Searching for information on Anton Salveter and family. He was born in the early 1890's in St. Joachimsthal (now Jachymov, Czech Rep.). About 1900 the family moved to Maffersdorf (now Vratislavice, Czech Rep.). Father - Reinhold; Mother - Anna (maiden name - Bayer); Wife - Elizabeth (maiden name - Stark)
email: - - Posted 27 August 1997

Researching: SPAN, SPAWN
I am researching my great grandfather, Martin Span (name was changed to Spawn in the USA), who came to the USA from Netolice, Bohemia around 1885 or so. He later returned to Netolice where he died. Am greatful for any and all information.
email: James A. Spawn - - Posted 24 August 1997

Researching: MANCOS, MANKUS
Searching for any info on the Czech family, Mancos (Mankus) who came to the USA in the early 1900s.
email: - - Posted 24 August 1997

Researching: HELLER
Searching Heller family, from Prague. Otto Heller was a Dr. that was sent to Terezeinstad.
email: Erich & Carmen Lewitus - - Posted 19 August 1997

Researching: CURIN
I'm trying to find out where our surname of Curin originates from. If you can help me out in any way, I'd be very grateful. I've been told that it could be from Bohemia (now the Czech Republic).
email: Michael Curin - - Posted 19 August 1997

Looking for ancestors, Anton Mrazek b. 1819, wife Mary Prehoda b. 1825 to Illinois with son John abt 1870, leaving dau. Mary Frances Springer behind in Brumovice, Moravia. August Prehoda b. 1819, wife Veronica Klement b. 1820 to Illinois with kids in 1871. Son Bartholomew b. 1847 from Prebecy, Bohemia. Will exchange info.
email: Linda Flesch - - Posted 19 August 1997

If you know your Rabstein, Rapstein, Rabzstejn roots are in Bohemia I would appreciate hearing from you. You could be Jewish or Catholic.
email: Lothar Rabstein - - Posted 18 August 1997

Family names of Pleiner or Pliener. Also, Malley. US locations in St. Anthony/Freeport, Minnesota. Please advise.
email: - - Posted 18 August 1997

Researching: SLAVIK, BRABEC
Hi! I'm looking for my mother: Anna Slavik Brabec born on 06 November 1933 in Brosarry, Zerezui. Her sister's name is Eva Slavic Brabec, father's name is Francisco Slavik, mother's name is Maria Brabec. They moved to Chile in 1948. I was born in 1954. Aprox in 1959, she left Chile without a known destination. Today I live in the US and have been looking for her for the last 28 years. Not knowing the country where she might be, makes my search almost imposible. Every time I have an opportunity to make any kind of contact that means a little bit of hope, I try it; this is one of those... I would sincerelly appreciate any piece of information or help you can provide that will help me locate her. Thank you very much.
email: Abraham Lewit -
A_LEWIT@BIGFOOT.COM - Posted 18 August 1997

I am researching the following Czech Surnames: Adamek, Branda, Skalicky, Svoboda, Uher, Urban & Zvolanek. The Adamek Family came from or near Kluky, Bohemia and the Branda Family came from or near Holice, Bohemia. The families that I am following settled in Kansas in the mid to late 1800's. The Adamek's were from Cleveland, Ohio before coming to Kansas. Some of the Adamek's worked in New York for a short time before coming to Cleveland, Ohio. The Branda family were early settlers in Ellsworth County, Kansas Noble Township. Frank Branda Sr. was married to Anna Urban by Francis Swehla on May 19, 1879.
email: - - Posted 18 August 1997

Researching: MACHA
Grandfather Joseph Macha b. Oct 1861 in Austria, emigrated to U.S. in 1881. Wife Marie b. Oct 1871 in Austria. They settled in Shiner, Lavaca County, TX and had been married 10 years and had 9 sons by 1900 U.S. Census. Oldest son, Joseph, may have been born in an earlier marriage. All children born in TX. This is a branch of my family I knew nothing about until very recently. Will be grateful for any information regarding Joseph and Marie, their ancestors, and any descendants. Thank you.
email: Sandra M. Appleby - - Posted 18 August 1997

Ella Moravek b 12 Nov 1856 Vysoke Myto Czech d 18 Dec 1946 Esbon, Jewell Co KS. John Spacek b 3 May 1850 Malinec Bohemia d 12 May 1938 Esbon, Jewell Co KS. Anna Baxa b 9 Aug 1860 Klatovy Czech d 17 Mar 1941 Esbon, Jewell Co KS. Mathias Moravek b 1821 d 9 Jul 1874 Esbon, Jewell Co KS. Christina Elish b 17 Jul 1823 d 25 Apr 1897 Esbon, Jewell Co KS. Mathias Spacek b 11 Apr 1825 Malinec, Bohemia m 21 Aug 1849 Malinec, Bohemia, d 1907 St. Louis MO. Mary Nowak b 1820 Partoticich Bohemia to Joseph Nowak of Partoticich Bohemia and Maria Klassterka of Radkovice, Bohemia. d 27 Sep 1909 St. Louis MO. Vaclov Baxa b 27 Mar 1826 Klatovy Bohemia m 1848 d 26 Feb 1919 Cuba, Republic Co KS. Anna Janda b 13 Apr 1827 d 4 Apr 1919 Cuba, Republic Co KS. Josef Spacek b 1800 Malinec Bohemia. Jiriho Spacek b 1775 Bohemia d 1830 Bohemia m Therezia Sip. Maria Kriz b Meckov, Bohemia to Simon Kriz and Ludmila Pumpa d 1849 m 1820 Malinec Bohemia Josef Spacek.
email: Mary Johnston - - Posted 18 August 1997

Researching: WALICZEK
Researching Frantisek Waliczek, he was born in Bohemia about 1874, parents died from some plague when he was 14, he was raised by an aunt and moved to Teschen, Silesia as an adult to find work.
email: - - Posted 18 August 1997

I am wanting additional information on the following families: Franz Joseph Tschakert (would like additional info. on this family) to son Wenzel Tschakert (later changed spelling to Jaccard) b: 1810 Dist. Court of Bohmisch Leipa. Dist. Leltmisch, Parrish Bohemia d: 2 April 1879 Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri area; Married: 31 January 1832 in Bohemia Rosalie Werner (daughter of Joseph Werner from Biel #2 Bohemia. Would like additonal info. on this family) b: 10 July 1809 Bohemia d: 1879-1879 Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri area

1.	Francis "Franz" Tschakert (he never married 
      we have his Civil War Sword)
	b: 30 September 1831 Bohemia
	d: 1885 near Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri b: Peace Cemetery
2.	Carolina E. Tschakert  married  ----- Haman
	b: 19 January  1831 Bohemia
	d: 5 Dec 1910 Chicago,  Cook Co., Illinois
3.	Stephen Tschakert
	b: 18 June 1836 Bohemia
	d: bef December 1910
4.	Francisca Tschakert  married: Frederick Mueller
	b: 15 August 1839 Bohemia
	d: 18 April 1917 Lakefield, Jackson Co., Minnesota
5.	Wenceslaus Tschakert  married: Sarah Miller
	b: 13 March 1843 Bohemia
	d: ----------- at Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri
6. 	Mary Tschakert 
	b: 10 June 1845 Bohemia
7. 	Joseph Tschakert 
	b: 14 October 1848 Nestadlt, Bohemia
	d: bef December 1910
8.	Marie Anne Tachakert  (THIS IS OUR LINE)  married:  Charles Geltz
	b: 24 May 1853 Neustadtl, Bohemia  
	d: 19 February 1917 Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri
This family immigrated to the U.S. in 1870. We do not know were they entered the country. Appreciate any assistance on these two family lines.
email: Lettie Lee Geltz - - Posted 18 August 1997

Searching for my husbands mother's family. Grandfather Anton Pondelicek born 16 Sep 1880 Mirosov Co. Rokvyany CZ. Grandmother Anna Levora born 17 Jul 1879 Pilsen CZ and her mother Magdalina Schima born 1847.
email: Lexi Jamieson - - Posted 12 August 1997

My names are, Schoner, Schvner, Schonerer, Schvnerer, Vetsla. My Great grandma was Katarina Vetsla and she Married Georg Schvner, They had Veronica (Vera) and Monika Schvnerer. My Father is Heiner Schvner he was born in Eger Germany now part of the Czech Republic called Cheb. If you have any information on these names date or times I would greatly appreciate it.
email: Heinz Schoner - - Posted 12 August 1997

Researching: GREGOR, NOVAK
I just found out my grandmother's parents: Edward Gregor and Catherine Novak were Bohemian. This information was from the 1900 census. They were living in Texas, Pennsylvania, Wayne County in 1900. They arrived in US around 1884 and were married in US the next year. This is all I know right now.
email: Maureen Brennan - - Posted 12 August 1997

Surnames: Hammer (1800-1900); Hohler (1800-1900); Rauch (1790-1875); Sazer (1790-1875); Schroeder (1790-1875); Theyerl/Theirel (family surname) (1750-1900). All from Wellperschitz (Erpuzice) and Lomnicka and Hurz (Zhorec), B. Plan, G. Weseritz. Interested in information about this town and surnames especially THEYERL. Interested in finding out about my Theyerl ancestors from Wellperschitz (Erpuzice) and Lomnicka and Hurz (Zhorec) and surrounding area. Would like to speak with anyone familiar with Theyerl surname. Members of above named families landed at Baltimore 1873, then to Wisconsin All help appreciated. Thanks.
email: Mike Dellger - - Posted 12 August 1997

Looking for information about the Congregation of Bohemian Freethinkers, located in Chicago in the early 1900's. My grandparents, Joseph Stepan and Albina Zika, were married there on Aug 21, 1900. I think my parents, Laddie Soucek and Lillian Stephan, were married there Jul 11, 1925, and I was baptised there in March, 1927. Any information at all might help me locate other family members.
email: Lorraine Soucek Richards - - Posted 09 August 1997

Researching informations about Anton Altmann, born in Detrichov (Dittersbach) - Bohemia in 1779 and relative family names Frenzel, Hillebrand, Schwertner, Hirschmann, Linke, Elger, and Krause, all my ancestors. Josef Altmann, born in Detrichov (Dittersbach) in November, 12, 1827 (grand son of Anton Altmann) and his wife Julianna Krause (born January, 6, 1830), migrated to Brasil in 1877. I'm researching relatives from these familys in Bohemia. I would like to know about the city they came from and if there are descendants of the Altmann family still living in Bohemia.
email: Rubens Altmann - - Posted 09 August 1997

Researching: STROMPF
Searching for the family name Strompf. (Brno, but all other cities are interesting). Who knows families with this name?
email: - - Posted 09 August 1997

Researching: SLAHATA
I am trying to locate information regarding my mother's family, which was either Czech or Slovak. Family name Slahta. Thank you.
email: Beth Whims - - Posted 09 August 1997

Researching: GRABARIC, MASON
I am searching for information on my great grandfather and relatives left behind in the old country. Andro Vinca Grabaric was born on Nov. 30, 1884 in Lasovac, Austria according to his naturalization papers. He came to the us in 1912 via Bremen, Germany. His wife Katherine Mason was born on Nov. 23, 1889 in Korenovo, Austria. Their marriage was arranged. The naturalization papers list them as Jugoslavian, race Croatian.I know all the recent info. on them, I am trying to research the family left behind in the old country if it is possible. I would be very grateful to be contacted about any information.
email: - - Posted 09 August 1997

Looking for my Grandmothers family. Marie Ema Meixner was born on Oct. 31, 1902 in Schonfield, Bohemia. She was married to Julius Waltl on Aug. 29, 1926 in Hamborn, Germany. Her father was Carl Meixner and her mother was Anna Peter. After their marriage they migrated to the United States. If anyone can help me find my family please email me.
email: - - Posted 07 August 1997

Searching for info on John Anthony Nejdlik (parents Martin Nedjlik and Maria Bacik) married to Elizabeth Mary Jiricek (parents Martin Jiricek and Eva Kazik).
email: - - Posted 07 August 1997

Researching Prochaska or Prochazka. I am looking for any information on Joseph Prochaska from Bohemia, who married Josephine. They had one child Frank who was born in 1872, and at least two other sons, which I don't know their names. I know that Frank lived in Wisconsin. I would appreciate any information that anybody has.
email: Steve Prochaska - - Posted 07 August 1997

Researching: JANSKY
I am researching Joseph Jansky (born 1819, wife Katrine, from Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 07 August 1997

I am interested in finding the roots of my maternal grandmother who married Henry Hrdlicka. I believe her maiden name was Zimola (I'm not sure about this spelling). Her name was Mary and lived in Wahoo, Nebraska after moving here with her parents around 1900. I'm not sure when Henry's family (the Hrdlickas) arrived here. I am told she immigrated here from Bohemia or Moravia. I always thought this side of my family was Bohemian until someone in the extended family said they had found a Moravian tie. I have never seen that research. Anyone out there? I am a grandson, age 41, living in Texas. But I was born in Wahoo and still have relatives in Nebraska.
email: - - Posted 07 August 1997

Researching: KILISZEK
Josef Kiliszek was my great grandfather. The Kiliszek family was orginally from Bohemia but the only records I have is placing him and his children in Dortmund Germany until 1906. Josef's father was named Anton Kiliszek. Any information on the Kiliszek name would be greatly appreciated.
email: Timothy Jon Kilishek - - Posted 07 August 1997

Researching: HRON
My surname is Hron; I am looking for ancestors in the Czech Republic. My grandfather's name is Albert Hron. Any information, please? Visit the
Hron Family Facts Database.
email: Sheila Whiting - - Posted 07 August 1997

I am searching for the surname Kramer. John (Johan) Kramer was born April 23, 1840 in Melkendorf, died March 13, 1927, in Kenosha Wisconisn, came to United States July 1893, wife Mary Kutcher born 1833, died July 27, 1913. Three sons John Jr, Alois ( Aloysius) and ??, Alois Kramer born in Milkendorf on April 2. 1867, died March 13, 1954, came to United States onboard the "S S Weimar" July 15, 1893, wife Theresa Werzitze born August 30, 1866 Bennish, Died October 6, 1906, two daughters Mary and Anne, son Louis born June 21, 1891, Melkendorf died November 19, 1974, married Katherine Seiberlich born October 9, 1898 Reichenbach Germany, died December 19, 1983. Any information is welcomed.
email: - - Posted 07 August 1997

Researching Lopatkovich, Schaier, Mentz, and Krupit.
email: - - Posted 07 August 1997

I am researching the last name of Philips, Filip, Phillips surname if anyone has information please reply. Thank You.
email: - - Posted 07 August 1997

Researching: SRNEC
Searching for information on the surname Srnec in Blucina.
email: Alfred J. Srnec - - Posted 07 August 1997

Researching: BUKACEK
I am researching our family name of Bukacek which is from Moravia in Czechoslovakia. I would appreciate any information on Bukacek and would like to hear from any other Bukacek's.
email: - - Posted 16 April 1997

Researching: SEBETKA, DLASK
I am looking for any information on the Sebetka or Dlask family name. I do not know the village, but I do know that they are of Bohemian / Czech descent. Any information on these names would be greatly appreciated. They are the names of my grandparents.
email: - - Posted 16 April 1997

Researching: GOBLIRSCH
Researching Goblirsch: George Goblirsch b. 1862 in Zemschen, Bischofteinitz, Bohemia. Married to Barbara, children were, Johann b. 1857, Maria b. 1859, George b. 1862, Katherine b. 1864, Adam b. 1868. Those that Immigrated to the United States settled near Morgan Minnesota. Any information is welcome.
email: Eric Goblirsch - - Posted 16 April 1997

Carl Kadlec (Charles) Came to US in 1900 from Bohemia, I think he came in through New York . Settled in Chicago and Wisc. Had at least three wives, Marie Svoboda, she died between 1904-1010. second wife Marie Zach B.1889 Bohemia d.1919 Braceville, Illinois. Third wife I know nothing about.
email: - - Posted 16 April 1997

Looking for any information leading to John (Jan) Chott and (Frank) Frantisek Chott, who emigrated from Bohemia to St. Louis in about 1852. Their father may have been named Jacob Chott. Jan Chott (b 1812 Bohemia, d. 1876 Jeff. Co. MO) was married to Anna Otawec (b. Bohemia). Children born in Bohemia: Mary Chottova (married ____ Herman); Albert Chott (b. 1832, d. 1915 Jeff. Co., MO., married MARIE KADLETZ (b. 1840 Bohemia)); Anna Chottova (b. 1836); Wenceslaus Chott (b. 1839, m. Anna Suda (b. 1842 Bohemia, father: Matthew Suda)); Joseph Chott (b. 1841, m. Frances Skvor (b. 1846 Bohemia)); John Chott (b. 1851, m. Mary Blecha (b. 1857 in MO, father: Wenzel Blecha (b. 1827 Radnicty), mother: Mary Moder (b. 1833 Plsen)). Frantisek Chott (b. 1825 Bohemia, d. 1913 Jeff. Co, MO, m. Barbara Novak (b. 1827 Bohemia, father: John Novak, mother: Mary Bouse)). Children born in Bohemia: John F. Chott (b. 1848, m. Philomena Pintner (b. 1857 Bohemia, father: John Pintner, mother: Mary Fatscht)); Frantisek J. Chott (b. 1851, m. Barbara Swaller (Svehlova).
email: Rhonda Chott Baker - - Posted 16 April 1997

Researching: SRNEC, CIHAL
Family name is Srnec from the village of Blucine. I am search relatives to my Grandfather, Arnost Srnec who lived in Blucine, Czech Republic and immigrated to the United States in 1905. He had several relatives, all lived in and around Blucine. He was married to Amelia Cihal and had three children; Arnost jr; Jindriska; Jeri and a second son. Ny father, Arnost jr. went to the first and second grades at school in Blucine in 1902 and 1903.They immigrated to the United States of the "SS Chemits" out of Bremen and arrived in the City of Baltimore, State of Maryland in the United States.My Grandfather, Arnost sr. was a Locksmith in Blucine.
email: - - Posted 16 April 1997

Researching: MALY, MALA
Please excuse me since I'm a rookie at searching the old country. Any help anyone can provide I would appreciate. My grandfather Otto J. Maly (sometimes Mala in Bohemian) was born on 03 May 1890 in Trebechovice (?) near Praha, Bohemia. His parents were Alois and Marie/Maria. Otto emigrated to the U.S. from Bremen, Germany on 07 April 1907 on the vessel Chemnitz. Now I would like to know how I may research the Maly family in Bohemia. I'm most appreciative for any help!
email: - - Posted 16 April 1997

Researching: ZISKA
We Ziskas emigrated from England to Canada in 1960 and it was then I found out our name was of Czech (Bohemian) background. Having thought, since I was a boy, that it was Danish because my grandfather on my father's side came from the Faroe Isles (Under the Danish Flag) and he was the root of the English branch of the family. I would dearly appreciate any information on how the name became transplanted from Bohemia (Czech) to the Faroe Isles? Yours in anticipation.
email: Maurice Ziska - - Posted 15 April 1997

Researching: KRALL, PSENCIK
I am interested in finding information about my StepFather's family. His name was Hayward Emmitt Krall and his parents were Joe Villan Krall and Emily Psencik Krall. His Father, my Step Grandfather, came to San Angelo, Texas from Caldwell, Texas as a little boy. I do not know were in the Czech Republic their family originated, but I am positive it was somewhere in Moravia.
email: Clyde Cantrell - - Posted 15 April 1997

I am just starting to search my ancestors and no one has done this before. I would appreciate any information on the Kostka, Vladic, Vailes, and Stehlik names. I do know that all of these families ended in the Chicago area. Thanks for your help.
email: - - Posted 15 April 1997

Researching: BUKACEK
I am researching our family name which is Bukacek my fathers family were from Moravia in Czechoslovakia any information on the background of Bukacek or anyone else with the same surname please respond to my email address.
email: Susan Bukacek - - Posted 15 April 1997

Researching: BARZAL
I am searching for information on my ancestors. My grandfather, Stanislaw Barzal was born in Ostrau (now Ostrava) in 1888. He emigrated to the USA and had four children. I would appreciate any more information on the name Barzal or other relatives. Thanks
email: Steven Barzal - - Posted 15 April 1997

Looking for information on my Grandfather's family and relatives. The Matejshek's were from Dittersbach, Bohemia and Spindler from Liebentahl, Bohemia. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 09 April 1997

Researching: KAHLICH
I am researching the surname Kahlich from Mankendorf. I appreciate all your efforts to help me.
email: Herbert Kahlich - - Posted 09 April 1997

I am searching for information about the Kurtz family who immigrated to Dillonvale, Ohio in 1913. Annie Kurtz and her brothers Charles, Emil, James and sisters Josephine, Mary, and Sophia immigrated from Kladno, Bohemia. They also may have traveled with their step- brother Emil Brabec and step-sister Anna Brabec. Mary married Oldrik KERNER in Bohemia and they had two children there, Andy and Frank, they left Ohio and moved to Phillips Wisconsin. James married Theresa Marie Borufka in Bohemia and they also had children there. Their parents names may have been Joseph Kurtz and Anna Scjlantz or Kirchma, as far as I know the parents never came to America. Birthdates range from 1890 to 1901. Please E-mail me if you have any information about this family.
email: - - Posted 07 April 1997

Researching: JANU, EY
Am searching for the following: Anyone related to the Janu family who resided in Lidice, Czechoslovakia. There were nine children at the turn of the century. My mother, Frances Janu married Karl Ey in the US in 1919. She was born in 1891.
email: Frances Miller - - Posted 07 April 1997

We are searching for any Kurcinik's who might be in the Czech Republic. Stephen Kurcinik immigrated from Czechoslovakia around 1907. His parents were Stephem Kurcinik and Catherine Klabnik. We are not sure if it was the Czech Republic or Slovakia. We can locate no other Kurcink's in the US except for 2 uncles here in CT. We beleive Stephen Kurcinik's brother immigrated to the US with him, but returned to Europe after several years. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Steven Kurcinik - - Posted 07 April 1997

Jan Podhajsky was born in 1841. His father's name may have been Josef. His brother may also have been named Josef. Veronyka Jilek was born in 1844. Her mother's name was Anna. Her brother's name was George. Jan and Veronyka married. Their first child was Anna Helen, born in Czechoslovakia, 10 July 1867. Their second child was John, born in Osiko, Litomysl, Bohemia, 25 December 1869. Soon after, the family left for America. I would like information on parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, unkles, and cousins of Jan and Veronyka.
email: Gary Podhajsky - - Posted 07 April 1997

Am researching the names Socha, Bubela, Bilek, Kasmiersky, Polach, and Krumpholz. These are my ancestors who immigrated to Texas in 1872-1874. They settled in Fayette, Colorado and Wharton Counties. Would like to correspond with anyone who might know these names.
email: - - Posted 06 April 1997

I am researching the following families who immigrated to Texas from Bohemia and Moravia: Pustejovsky from Mnisi, Moravia; Janis from Lubnik (near Lanskroun), Bohemia; Svab from Lubnik (near Lanskroun), Bohemia; Laza from Hovezi and Zelekovice and Rakova and Zadverice, Moravia; Kubes from Horni Hermanice, Bohemia; Blazek from Horni Hermanice, Bohemia; Jurica from Hovezi, Moravia; Fojt from Hovezi, Moravia; Ozima from Luzkovice (near Zlin), Moravia; Jaluvka from Mnisi, Moravia. I have about 2000 people who are of Czech ancestry in my database at: I am glad to share my data with anyone who is interested. Many of the people in my database still live in the Czech Republic.
email: Patrick J. Janis - - Posted 06 April 1997

Researching: BAILEY
Looking for the location of two cities, Vargony and Vorosvagas. Does anyone know where they are located in the Czech Republic? Thanks.
email: Jennifer Bailey - - Posted 06 April 1997

Seeking passenger list of ship "Salior" Bremen to New York May 15th 1880. My Grandfather Frank Krepela immigrated to New York in 1896. He became a naturalized citizen in 1913. He married Henrietta Philips. They had four sons, Aldrich, Frank, Ernest, and Herman (my Dad). I am trying to locate the town? Village? in Bohemia where he came from, any information will be greatly appreciated.
email: Al Krepela - - Posted 06 April 1997

Researching: MISSENDA
I am looking for the village that my grandfather, Andrew Missenda, came from. He came to either Ellis Island or Norfolk, Virginia. I am not sure when he came over. If you could provide me with any information at all, it would be greatly appriciated. I can be reached at this e-mail address through my grandaughter. Thank you for your time.
email: Jim Missenda - - Posted 02 April 1997

I am very interested in any information related to Rudolph Klofanda and Celia Nehoda. They came from Bohemia and were my great grand parents.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1997

Researching: HURYCH
I am looking for relatives of my father's uncle, who came to U.S.A. probably during last two decades of the last century and lived in St. Louis. Also, if anybody knows what is the root of the name Hurych and/or what it means. Other people with the name Hurych in the U.S.A are welcomed to write me, as well.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1997

I am seeking any information regarding Vaclav Vanek, son of Jan Vanek and Marie (Wildman) Vanek. Vaclav was born in Bohemia 9/28/1847, possibly near the village of Ostrevic, althought that information is uncertain; he died 10/26/1936 in Bridgeport, Michigan. Vaclav came to the U.S. around 1867 and later married Anna Majer, also born in Bohemia. They settled near Bridgeport, MI. Their children were Ludislov (nicknamed Jerry, settled in Texas), Charles (who settled in Frankenmuth, Michigan), Frank (Saginaw, Michigan), Ella (Bridgeport, Michigan), Vlasta, and Olga (Birch Run, Michigan).
email: Van Vanek - - Posted 02 April 1997

Martin Krivanek born 2 Oct 1749, Okrasovice, Trebic Parish, Moravia, married 7 Oct 1773 to Anna Czebek. They had Jan Krivanek born 8 Apr 1780, Okrasovice #8 Trebic Parish. Jan married 23 Oct 1798 at Racerovice, Trebic to Mariana Krejci born c1780 at Trebic. They had Josef Krivanek born 14 Oct 1811 at Okrasovice #7, Trebic, died 14 May 1875. Josef married 3 Feb 1835 at Pozdatky, Trebic to Mariana Sichtanec born 8 Feb 1812 at Klucov #25, Trebic, died 20 Oct 1842. They had Antonin Krivanek born 5 Jan 1837 at Pozdatky, Trebic, died 22 Nov 1889 at Mustang, Canadian County, Oklahoma Territory, USA. Antonin married 21 Nov 1865 at Kozichovice, Trebic to Josefa Smejkal born 21 Mar 1843 at Trebic-Domky, Trebic Parish, died 30 Aug 1944 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Josefa's parents; Frantisek Smejkal born 2 Mar 1818 at Radslavice #14, Zdar nad Sazavou, Trebic, died 15 May 1851 at Stritez #16 Trebic Parish. Frantisek married Mariana Benes 1 Feb 1842 at Stritez, Trebic. Marianna born 8 Sep 1815 at Stritez, Trebic, died 13 Oct 1888 at Stritez #16. Frantisek Smejkal parents were Josef Smejkal born 27 Jul 1778 at Svarenov #6 Zdar nad Sazavou, Trebic, married Rozalie Kazda born c1783. Josef's parents were Jakub Smejkal and Mariana born c1750 in Moravia. Mariana Benes parents were Josef Benes and Anna JISA born c1790 in Moravia. Anna's father was Jakub Jisa born c1760 in Moravia. Martin Krivanek's parents were Josef and Mariana Usipany born c1724 in Trebic. Josef Krivanek's parents were Jan and Katerina Mrakes born circa 1700 in Trebic, Moravia. These are my ancestors. I would like to find more information on these ancestors, and contact living relatives in the Czech Republic.
email: Juanima Dolezal McFarland - - Posted 02 April 1997

Researching: NEJEDLY
Looking for any information on the Nejedly family from Hyskov, Bohemia or any Nejedly family in the United States.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1997

I am researching the names Hornyak, from Bodva Szilas, Hungary, and Dzugany, Dzugansy, from Bodva Vendegi, Hungary. I believe these villages are on the border of Czech. and Hungary. I know the borders of these countries have changed, and I am not sure where to research.
email: Rosemary Miller - - Posted 02 April 1997

Researching: PACELA
Researching Pacela. Relatives possibly from Sucharney (sp?).
email: - - Posted 02 April 1997

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