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Researching: MANZ, NEU, PAAF
Seeking any information about Emelia Manz born in the 1890's and or Johann Neu born 1881 in Bubovina, near Brno. Johann is the son of Joseph Neu born 1860's, where?? Does any one know where the surname Paaf originated from? Thank you.
email: - - Posted 30 September 1996

Researching: RIMOVSKY
I am interested in finding out anything I can about about the origins of the name, Rimovsky. It is my understanding that it is Moravian. A family relative has gathered quite a bit of information about the Rimovsky's in the United States and are currently building a family tree and I am seeing what I can find using the internet any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
email: G.M.Rimovsky - - Posted 30 September 1996

I am doing genealogy on the Pluhar family. I don't know where they came from. Some places say some were born in Bohemia, Russia and Poland. My Great Grandfather's name was Joseph Pluhar. He was married to Sophia Jelenik. My Grandfather's name was Vrataslav Pluhar and he married Marie Kucera. Someplace I've read that Marie Kucera was born in Poland. I would apprecicate any information regarding the Pluhar or Kucera families. They first came to the United States and Wagner, South Dakota in 1907 and then moved to the Cohagen, Montana area about 1911. My great grandparents arrived in Baltimore, 04 June 1907 on the Gera ship. Their last residence was Bersula, Russia. Their last name was spelled Plugar, great grandfather was born in Czaslawa, Bohemia. The children I've found were born in Zelowia, Russia. The immigration card said their Race is Bohemian, Nationality is Russian. I don't know how accurate the immigration cards are.
email: Barb Forcier - - Updated 30 September 1996

Researching: ZACEK
I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Peter Joseph Zacek. He was born 02 February 1898. He said he was born in the small village of Mullenburg, Austria, but he also stated in other documents both Bohemia and Czech. He came to America in 1912 with his two sisters, Edna and Mary Catherine. He was 19, Mary was 17, and Edna was 9. He said his mother, Frances, and father, Peter Joseph, were dead in the old country. He also said brothers, Frank, James and Joseph were also dead. I believe my grandfather and his sisters were children from a first marriage and his mother had died. I think that is the reason he came to America with just his two sisters. He served in World War I and settled in Nebraska, owning a butcher shop. He married Violet Clark and had eight children. My father, Frank, was one of the eight. Only four are still living and I have no information on my grandfather's homeland. I have written to Prague, but they require copies of documents. I have written to Austria with no reply. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Vicki Zacef Sundleaf - - Posted 27 September 1996

Would like to get information on the following names; Kovar from Leskovice; Nepodal, immigrated to Wisconson, settled in Brule Co., South Dakota; Bely or Beli, to Iowa, then to Brule Co., South Dakota; Pipal. Brule county SD was opened to homesteading in the 1880's. Many Czech immigrants came from Chicago and Wisconson to settle here. The town was Kimball, on the railroad. There are several cemetaries with mostly Czech names. We have access to county atlas name indexes.
email: Mayta Nepodal Moody - - Posted 28 September 1996

Researching: ODSTRCILIK
Searching for information on the Odstrcilik family including places of birth and death, dates of births and deaths, and all names and marriages.
email: - - Posted 27 September 1996

Researching Pexa and Smisek families; settled in Veseli and Lonsdale, Minnesota in 1850's. My husband, Ellard Joseph Pexa, son of Ellard Joseph Emanual Pexa and Dorothy Gutter. Ellard sr's parents were Joseph and Mary Smisek Pexa. Mary had a hat shop in Veseli in early 1900's. We would like to contact families linked to this family who shared the good times with them! We have some stories and many old pictures. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 26 September 1996

Researching: CARO
I am researching the family name Caro, My Grandfather was Samuel, born in Prague, My grandmother was Katerine born in Bratislava. Immigrated to the United States in the 1920's. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 26 September 1996

Researching: HOLECEK
I am any interested in any information on the surname: Holecek. 1800's my great grandparents settled in the Linn County area of Iowa. Grandfather was Joseph Holecek, one brother and sister named Mary Holecek born in Iowa.
email: Sharon McCord - - Posted 26 September 1996

I'm searching for information on Hynek Dostal from Borsice, Moravia. I'm a graduate student at the University of Missouri, and I'm preserving my family history on CD ROM. Hynek immigrated to Spillville, Iowa in the 1890s. His parents were Ignac Dostal and Marie Dostalova (nee Gabriolova). Brothers and sisters include Josef, Marie, Filomena, Ludmila, Josefinka, Method, Stanislav, Valinka and Vaclav, also Julia (adopted). Supposedly, he met the composer Dvorak in Spillville and consulted with Dr. Thomas G Masaryk concerning the Czech Declaration of Independence. He was editor of the first Czech Catholic newspaper "HLAS" in St. Louis. Also, Czech consul in St. Louis 1937-1943. Received Order of Knight of St George from Pope Pius XI. Many relatives including parents are buried in Little Turkey, Iowa. I'm putting together a multimedia CD for my graduate project so I need interviews, photos, information, etc about Hynek Dostal and his daughter Ludmila Vanek and my mother Marie Vanek. Thank You, your efforts are greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 25 September 1996

Researching: VITEK
My family name is Vitek. My Great grandparents were Martin and Anna Vitek.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1996

Researching: KUZILIK
I am looking for any information on the surname Kuzilik. More specific-ancestors of Andrew Wilam Kuzilik of Bohemia. Sorry I don't know anymore. Please reply with any information.
email: J. Bailey - - Posted 22 September 1996

I am searching for ancestors in the area of Jablonec. The names would be Cmarada or Otrubah or spelled Otrubak. I am just beginning my family tree, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Sharon Williams - - Posted 22 September 1996

Researching: MACHOVEC
I understand the Machovec family came through Ellis Island in the late 1800s and split three ways: some stayed in New York, others went south to Baltimore, and others to Chicago and the midwest. There's a village NW of Prague called Mochovice -- did the name originate there?
email: Frank Machovec - - Posted 21 September 1996

Looking for any possible relatives with this name (or anything close Holoucek, Holouny, etc.) - alive or deceased. My father's line currently ends with myself, so I'd love any and all information on this surname that records show ending in Strampoch, Bohemia in 1912. I would so appreciate any help; I've been searching now for almost a year. Thank you.
email: Kristina J. Holoun - - Posted 18 September 1996

Researching: VZATEK, ZATEK
I am researching Vzatek, Zatek surname.
email: - - Posted 18 September 1996

Researching: HENAGER
I'm looking for information on a Hans Michael Henager Family. His wife was Anna Maria and they moved from Bohemia to Holland in 1722 then on to America in 1734. They had a son named Conrad Henager. Conrad was 9 when they left Bohemia. Thanks.
email: Jackie - - Posted 17 September 1996

Seeking info on Oupicky/Oupicka family. My partners father Vaclav Oupicky was born in Hradek Nad Nisou 2nd July 1920, later lived in Praha. Had an older brother who lived in Liberec. Parents of Vaclav were Frantisek & Anna who lived in Praha 3 in later years. Have made Email contact with 2 other Oupickys via but no progress as yet. Partner has mother & sister still living in Praha. Only one other family known with same name. Any help appreciated. Dekuji, Nashledanou.
email: Barry Parker - - Posted 17 September 1996

I am researching the following surnames who emigrated to the United States in 1883, Frantisek Sladek born in Sadska, Jicin, and Anna Setkova born in Divisov Tabor-Vlasim. Vaclav Sladek born in Sadska, Jacin, and Barbara Cihak born in Eichelberg. Vaclav Setek born in Divisov Tabor-Vlasim and Marie Nedela born in Stepanov.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: TETEAK
Researching family surname of Teteak. Believed to have emigrated from Bohemia and settled in Wisconsin and Illinois. Any info appreciated.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: RAMBOUSEK,
My grandfather's name is James (Jim) Rambousek. Don't have all the info on dates yet, but will have shortly. I am so excited about finding my relatives! I have always wondered what happened to my mother's side. My grandfather has been deceased a long time, so I could not ask him and it makes it hard to trace people without a little (lot) of help. I believe Jiri Rambousek, an English Professor at Masarykova University, is a relative. I also think Heinz Rambousek is kin to me also. Could you please help in my search for these people? I appreciate anything you can do or info you have. Eagerly awaiting your reply. Thanks so much for your help.
email: Lawana Wright - - Posted 17 September 1996

These are the surnames of my father's family. I did not know them and it has been indicated they were from Lithuania. I'm not sure where that is in relation to Czech. I would like to find any relatives that might be alive in the United States or abroad.
email: Rose Mary Everitt - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: VASKO, TUREK
Seeking info on the Vasko and Turek names and families. They came from Nova Ves, a small village near Havlickuv Brod. Tureks owned a farm. Joe Vasko was a farm hand. Immigrated to the United States in the 1880's.
email: John Vasko- - Posted 15 September 1996

I would like to add my Czech surnames to your posting. I think this is a great idea and look forward to trying it out. I am researching the Vojtisek, Reichl, Dobias, Rybak, Puzejova, and Drazdilova surnames. My grandfather Jan Vojtisek was born in Brandjse nad Orlici, Moravia, in 1889. I know his father was named Johan and mother was Anna Marie Reichl, but I have no other information on either person. My great grandfather Vaclav Dobias (b.1861) was born southeast of Plzen in a small village called Zelezny Ujezd. His parents were Frantisek Dobias and Anna Puzejova of whom I have no information. My great grandmother was Terezie Rybak (b.1863) whose parents were Jan Rybak and Anna Drazdilova all three were from Zelezny Ujezd. There are too many relatives and decendents to list but the names I mention are not that common and if you think you might be related, please email me.
email: John Vojtisek - Posted 15 September 1996

I am searching for information on surnames Chudek, Czudek, Cudzik, and Sniek in the Grodek, Hradek, Milikov villages of eastern Czech Republic. I believe this is my grandfathers birthplace. Does anyone have a city/village directory with names of current residents in this area, or where can I get a directory for my library?
email: Robert John Chudek - - Posted 13 September 1996

Researching: LINEK
Looking for information on the Linek family.
email: - - Posted 13 September 1996

I am seeking any information on Rudolph Plonder, m. Anna Scheidler, both d. 1944, in Karlsbad area (village of Fischern?). Children: Edmund, Melitta, Gertrude (my mother). He was a local area architect, and perhaps built first underground movie theater? Thanks.
email: - - Posted 13 September 1996

Researching: VYKOUKAL
As far as we know, our ancestors were from Zlin, Czech Republic. I am 43 and have become very interested in the Vykoukal name. Thank you very much.
email: Pat Vykoukal - - Posted 12 September 1996

Researching: DOKTOR
Trying to locate the Doktor family if there are any surviors. My grandfather lived in Durrmall and Marinbad, the names of my grandparents were Joseph and Teresa Doktor, my father's name was Emil. I had a great uncle named Ludwig and another Robert. Last heard from them was about 1932 they were living in Durrmall where my grandfather owned a Tannery. Would appreciate any information if possible as my older brother (80) and me (71) would like to find some family before we pass on.
email: Robert Doktor - - Posted 12 September 1996

Researching: VYKOUKAL
As far as we know, our ancestors were from Zlin, Czech Republic. I am 43 and have become very interested in the Vykoukal name. Thank you very much.
email: Pat Vykoukal - - Posted 12 September 1996

Researching: MALEC
Researching the surname Malec from the Tabor area in Bohemia. Visit our
Homepage. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 08 September 1996

Researching: CMOLIK, SOBOTKA
Anyone knowing if there are relatives from above name from town of Rozmital. Can contact George Cmolik through Chris Cmolik or can contact him directly at 604-767-9454 in British Columbia Canada. Anyone having roots in Rozmital pod Tremcinem. Fathers name Vaclav, mother nee Sobotka (Marie) left for Canada circa 1909. Vaclav date of birth 26 April 1884. Marie date of birth 15 December 1887.Thanks!
email: Chris Cmolik - - Posted 08 September 1996

I am interested in the Kollar, Kuna, and Hrapchek families who, I am told, lived in the St. Mklas village in the Carpathian mountains north of Vienna. I am especially interested in the Kollar family and Matej Kollar and his wife Suzanna Hrapchek. They were my great grandparents. Thanks.
email: Jim Kollaer - - Posted 07 September 1996

Researching: CHOMOUT, DORNAK
I am searching for the surnames of Chomout and Dornak. I know that Chomout goes back to Borotin in the Tabor District. Vaclav Chomout married Rosalee Barton in the late 1800's and their children were named Vaclav Jr., Anton, Aneska, Frank, Karel, and Joe. Anton, Frank, and Joe came to the United States and settled in the Wharton County area of Texas. Aneska still lives in Borotin. Anton married Annie Dornak in El Campo, Texas and raised their family there. Any information about either of these two surnames would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
email: Richard A. Chomout Jr. - - Posted 05 September 1996

Researching: STIKA, SUK, BEDNRS
I am researching the Stika, Suk, and Bednrs surnames all in the Maladabozeca, Jicin area. I can give specific localities and probably birth and death dates on most of the above names.
email: Barbara Myers - - Posted 05 September 1996

I am researching the Spacek, Schluda, Tichotin, Pumpa, Nowak, Kriz, Manzelly, Klassterka, Janda, Baxa, and Sip surnames all in the Malinec, Medssina, Meckowe, Patoticich, Radochowech, Zdaslaw, Tohozno, Bezdekau and Klatov area. I can give specific localities and probably birth and death dates on most of the above names.
email: Barbara Myers - - Posted 05 September 1996

I am searching the Cermakova, Dlouhy, Hebrantova, Iravovova, Rajman, Shindler, Semencova, Slenicka, and Soukova surnames all in the Sykorice & Zbecno area. I can give specific localities and probably birth and death dates on most of the above names.
email: Barbara Myers - - Posted 05 September 1996

I am searching for the Kohautek, Vanek, Vanos, Bartosch, Duschkova, Hauk, and Klema surnames. They are all in the North Moravian area of Busin (the one closest to the Polish border), Schildberg, Hosterlitz, Jawornitz, Klosterly, Bartelsdorf and Rabenau. I can give specific localities and probably birth and death dates on most of the above names
email: Barbara Myers - - Posted 05 September 1996

Researching: PESL, CHARBA, ZIGAL
I am looking for information on the surnames Pesl and Charba. They lived in Kobyli, Moravia until 1907. They emigrated through Galveston, Texas, and settled in Cistern, Texas. Antoinin Pesl was a saddle maker who married Mary Charba. The other family, Zigal kived in a small village named Luky, Moravia.
email: Mike Zigal - - Posted 03 September 1996

Researching Kadlec, Glaser, Bilkova, Fabesova, Nevoralova: 1) John Kadlec Arnold B: 10/10/1951 Jacksonville, Florida Son of 2
2) Vera Maria Kadlec B: 5/5/1933 Prague, Czechoslovakia Mother of 1 Daughter of 4
3) Karel Kadlec B: 11/26/1937 Prague Brother of 2 Son of 4
4) Ladislav Kadlec B: 5/24/1984 Budiskovica (Moravia) Father of 2 & 3 Son of 6
5) Yana Glaser B Prague Wife of 4 Mother of 2 & 3
6) Karel Kadlec B: 11/8/1855 Litohor (Moravia) Died 2/2/1937 Father of 4 & 8 Husband of 7 Son of 12 & 13
7) Berta Kadecova maiden name Bilkova, B: 4/26/1866 Lesonice (Moravia) Died 1/3/1952 Prague Wife of 6 Mother of 4 & 8
8) Karel Kadlec B: 11/24/1889 Konice Died 12/11/1970 Son of 6 & 7 Brother of 4
9) Jan Kadlec B: 1846 Died 1934 Brother of 6, 10 & 11 Son of 12 & 13
10) Antonin Kadlec B: 6/3/1864 Litohor Died 1/16/1955 Brother of 6, 9, 11 Son of 12 & 13
11) Frantisek Kadlec 9/20/1849 Died 9/20/1943 Brother 6, 9, 10 Son of 12 & 13
12) Jan Kadlec B: 6/7/1816 Litohor Died ? Father of 6, 9, 10 ,11 Husband of 13
13) Frantiska Kadlecova Maiden name Fabesova B: 10/5/1822 Litohor Died ? Wife of 12 Mother of 6, 9, 10, 11
14) Jiri Kadlec B: 4/13/1786 Slavice (Moravia) Died ? Father of 12 Husband of 15
15) Ruzena Kadlecova Maiden name Nevoralova B: 7/17/1793 Litohor Died ? Wife of 14 Mother of 12
16) Josef Kadlec B: ? Died ? Father of 14 Husband of 17
17) Marianna Kadlecova Maiden name ?, B: ? Died ? Mother of 14 Wife of 16
email: John K. Arnold - - Posted 02 September 1996

Researching: KALIVODA
We have just started searching for information on our Surname: Kalivoda - My father came to the United States shortly after WW1 from near Budapest, Hungary, but many Eastern Europeans (Czechs, specifically) tell me the name is Czech- Any help would be appreciated.
email: Grant Kalivoda - or - Posted 31 August 1996

Looking for any info on the family of Vaclav Loos, born 21 Jun 1874 Libusin, Bohemia. He first married Anna Ibl. She died in 1898 in Libusin in childbirth. Her son survived and was raised my Vaclav and his second wife, Marie Ruzicka who married abt 1901 in Smecmo, Bohemia. Marie Ruzicka was born 6 Mar 1884 in Libusin. Vaclav was the son of Vaclav Loos. He had brothers - Joseph born abt 1870, Frank born abt 1876 and Anton. Marie Ruzicka was the d/o Vaclav Ruzicka and Maria Anna Novatny. She had siblings - Anton, Frank, Anna, Ruzina, Vaclav, and Antonia. Marie Ruzicka and Vaclav Loos were my great-grandparents. Their oldest son, Vaclav Loos was born 16 Nov 1901 in Libusin, Bohemia. He was my grandfather. I am looking for ANY info on any members of these families of Loos, Ruzicka, and Novatny.
email: Kim Conley - - Posted 29 August 1996

I am searching for the ancestry of my g-g-grandparents, Vaclav Vtipil and Anna Sopek. Vaclav was born in 1841 in the area around Pusta Kamenice and Krouna south of Vysoke Myto in Eastern Bohemia. He married Anna Sopek in Prague in 1867. I have no idea where she was born. They came to the U.S. that same year, first to Baltimore, then they settled in Kansas. They later lived in Nebraska. Their name was Anglicized to Steeple. Any help on these names is greatly appreciated.
email: Bryan Tinlin - - Posted 28 August 1996

My great-grandfather, Jozef Vosoba, came to the US about 1865 and was admitted under the name of "Wosoba", which his children here continued using. The "V" or "W" (German v-sound) is a dialect often heard in south Bohemia, and the correct name is really "Osoba". My great-grandfather came from Brezi - Kluky, little villages just east of Pisek. He was a mystery man, and we know little about him, no photos, and would appreciate anyone with any information on people by any of the 3 spellings of names contacting me.
email: - - Posted 26 August 1996

Researching: BLAZEK
Researching Frank Blazek. He arrived in the United States from Moravia in l894. He settled in Waller County, Texas. He married Veronica Rubac, second wife (unknown name), and Anna Mynar in Texas. He may have been married in Moravia prior to immigration? He had a sister Mary in Moravia. She had son, Frank, who came to New York in the 1930's. Do not know town of origin. Any help appreciated.
email: Clifford E Maduzia - - Updated 26 August 1996

I am searching for the ancestors and descendants of my great great grandfather - Ferdinand Strobl von Ravelsberg, believed to be born in Bohemia around 1865. I would appreciate any hints.
email: Piotr Rajski - - Updated 26 August 1996

Researching: BYDALEK
I'm currently researching the name Bydalek, which originated somewhere in Moravia. This much is known, my Great Grandfather, Martin Bydalek was born in Poland/Prussia in 1857 and emmigrated to the United States in 1878. Possibly his father and Uncle, Michael and Joseph were from the same area, Michael born in 1833, and Joseph in 1830 in Moravia. Where, I do not know.
email: - - Updated 26 August 1996

Searching for information on Nejedly, Olic, Arbes, Woller, Winkler, or Piebl families. Jakub Nejedly was a master carriage builder in Nyskov No. 4, district Beroun. John, son of Jakub, was born May 30, 1939 in Hyskov Bohemia and immigrated to the United States around 1870. Ignaz Arbes was a master furrier at Staab, area Pilsen, Bohemia. Any information on the people or that area of Bohemia would be appreciated.
email: John W. Nejedly - - Updated 24 August 1996

Researching: KANYOK, WOREL
Johann Kanyok (or Kan'ok) married Anna Worel (or Wherle, Wo'rl) and their first child, Aloisia, was born in 1863 in Rossitz (Rosice), a village near Brno (Brunn), Moravia. They had three more children before 1870 (Joseph, Frank, and Anna) and moved to Pecs, Hungary, about 1870, where five more children were born (Hugo, Charles, Matilda, John and Leopold) and then emigrated to Pennsylvania about 1886. Aloisia married Antal Schlosser, born in Oslavany, Moravia (also near Brno), in Hungary in 1884. I'd love to get any info on these German-speaking families, who called themselves Bohemians, and thus may have originated anywhere in the Czech Republic. I've written the Czech Archives in Prague - are there any other potential sources? The LDS, unfortunately, has not been allowed to microfilm old church records there. Reply to John Gordon Canyock
email: John Gordon Canyock - - Posted 23 August 1996

Researching: RYNES/RYNESH
I'm searching for information on the following families: Rynes/Rynesh. Probably came from either the region of Trebon, Czech or Prague in the mid-1800s. Once in the US, some of the family emigrated to Omaha Nebraska. Any information is appreciated.
email: Nancy Rynes - - Posted 23 August 1996

I am researching these ancestors: The Dworzak, Fleck, Hertl, Liepold, Pusch, Steidl and Winkler families and their descendants settled in Mankato and Heron Lake, MN, coming from Triebendorf, Moravia (Trebarov, Cz Rep) and Reichenau, Moravia (Rychnov, Cz Rep). Triebendorf and Reichenau are near Maehrish Trubau, Moravia (Moravska Trebova, Cz Rep). One Fleck family settled in Fayette County, TX, and had 14 children. All the others were from Rosshaupt, Bohemia (Rozvadov, Cz Rep), also settling in Mankato, MN. These families came to the U.S. between 1865 and 1885. We visited these places in the Cz Rep in 1992, and will be happy to exchange information on these families and/or places. Would really like to find living descendants of some of these families in Europe. Especially am looking for any family of Alois Hertl (born in Triebendorf) who lived near Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1948 and had 4 children and 11 grandchildren.
email: Lou Bradshaw, San Antonio, TX - - Posted 21 August 1996

I am looking for information on the Janouseks. My great grandfather was born in Susice village Bohemia, 1824. He had three wives. #1 was Magdalen Brozan. #2 was Marie Zovoracek, #3 was Anna Specka. Anna was my great grandmother. My great grandfather was Albert (Vojta) Janousek. They immigrated in 1875. I need Albert's parents and other family members.
email: Dennis Janousek - - Posted 20 August 1996

I'm researching the Wendl, Houdek, Hosek, and Novak strains of my family tree, all originating from the Pisek / Tabor area of Bohemia, all emigrating to Iowa between 1855 - circa 1870. Please write!
email: Steve Wendl, Anamosa, Iowa - - Posted 20 August 1996

I am looking for information on the following individuals. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Pries (Trubenz), Schneider (Trubenz), Frieb (Trubenz or Sumwald), Maneth (Uterlongendorf / Dlouha Loucka), Gruntz (Uterlongendorf / Dlouha Loucka), Franz (Uterlongendorf / Dlouha Loucka), and Wieser (Uterlongendorf / Dlouha Loucka). Also if you have any information concerning these villages, I would like to know more about them.
email: Michael J. Hickey - - Posted 20 August 1996

Researching family of Zapalac and Anderker. Karel Zapalac left Bohemia in 1871 and arrived in Texas. Emil Anderker and family left Dittersdorf circa 1906 and arrived in Texas. Any info on these two families will be appreciated.
email: Robert Kirkland - - Posted 19 August 1996

Researching Macak, aka Machak, and Pitoniak families. Macak and Pitoniak first settled in Pennsylvania then Macak moved to Ohio and Pitoniak to Michigan. Any help on these two names would be appreciated.
email: Ed & Mary Ann Machak - - Posted 18 August 1996

Frantisek Benda married Anna Urban and had a son named Vojtech Benda. Thomas Maxa married Catherina Kucera and had a daughter named Anna Maxa b. 1816. Vojtech Benda married Anna Maxa and they had 6 children, the first of which was born in 1843. All the children were born in Trebone, Bohemia. I have lots of infomation on these 6 children, but nothing more on the parents or grandparents, or any further back.
email: - - Posted 17 August 1996

My ancestors came from the Obora/Pilsen area in the mid 1800's and settled in the Yuba/Hillsboro, Wisconsin area. I am researching the Bulin, Stanek, Kolash, Kosa, Rott, Beranek and Housner families.
email: - - Posted 16 August 1996

Researching: HOSTAK, CHRZ
I have interest in the following surnames, Hostak or Chrz.
email: Brian Hostak - - Posted 16 August 1996

Continuing my search for family related to Barbara Wettengel born 21 January 1785 to Franz and Katharina Wettengel of Netscheten near Pilsen. Alternate spellings include Wettengel, Wettengl, Vettengel, or Vettengl.
email: Garry - - Posted 13 August 1996

Researching: SISKA
Looking for information on Albert Siska before 1900's in Bohemia. Married to Caroline (last name unknown) from Moravia.
email: Kathylene Siska - - Posted 13 August 1996

Searching for information regarding the Pokorny, Zahajsky, Kolar, Kucera, Husa, and Hrbek families who all lived in the mid-1800s in a string of villages south of Pribram, Bohemia, along the road to Pisek.
email: Gerold Pokorny - - Posted 13 August 1996

Researching: SKODAK, MOTYCKA
Searching for information about George Skodak, b. either Austria or Moravia, date unknown, presumed 1840-50. Also son, Michael George, apparently born near Vienna 29 Sep 1873, m. Mary Frances Motycka (Moticka) 1895. She had three brothers and one sister (names unknown). Motycka family with Michael George came to U.S. in 1903 and eventually settled at North Liberty, Indiana. Have children of Michael George and Mary Frances but need ancestors, towns, etc. for family history being written.
email: Larry Koehler - - Posted 11 August 1996

Researching: MALARIK, MALARK
Researching the Melarik family which was sometimes spelled Malark. The family originated from Czechoslovakia and settled near Snydertown, Pennsylvania.
email: - - Posted 10 August 1996

Researching: SIROKY
I am looking for Siroky ancestors from Bohemia. John P. Siroky, or Ivan Siroky. Need help!
email: - - Posted 10 August 1996

Researching: BLACHNIK, SUCHY
I am searching for ancestors/descendants on the Blachnik and Suchy names. Here is information about them that I found in a book: Frank Blachnik, Sr., born 02 July 1814 in Habrec near Novy Jicin in Moravia, came to America in 1867 with his wife to La Crosse, Wisconsin. She was born in July 1828 in Stepanov near Budejovice and her maiden name was Anna Suchy. He came to Dakota 15 May 1870 and took up land near Tabor. He died 10 July 1899, and she died 04 November 1910. Their son Charles F. Blachnik resides at Yankton in retirement with his wife, born Hamberger, and a son Frank farms near Bon Homme with his wife, born Petrik. A daughter, married to Frank Kralicek, resides near Utica.
email: - - Posted 07 August 1996

Researching: KOSUT, KOSUTH
I am not sure how to go about finding information on my fathers family. I will take any help I can get. Looking for information on the Kosut or Kosuth family.
email: George C. Kosut - - Posted 07 August 1996

According to the marriage text of Marie Krechler, the only information I have on the Krechler family is that she was the daugher of Karl Krechler (Weaver) and Caroline Widelechner -- both alive in August 1893 and both were catholics. She was born in Tresti, Moravia, on 6 Nov 1864. She was married on 13 August 1893 to Frank Hanschl. Migrated to the United States in 1904. Interested on any information on the Krechler family.
email: Marie Krechler - - Posted 07 August 1996

Researching: KOBZA, MINAR
Researching the Korba family of Herbortice (Landskroun area), and the Minar family of Herbortice (Landskroun area).
email: Rudolf Minar - - Posted 06 August 1996

Searching for information for Andiel from Mies (Stribro), Roch from Schwan, Wettengl from Chrantschowitz, Schwert from Poplowitz and Herdl from the same area. Most of these families have been traced to the Mies/Stribro area at the turn of the century.
email: Gary Schleifer - - Posted 05 August 1996

My mother is an avid Czech history and genealogy fan. She lives in Crete Nebraska, near Wilber - she has reached quite a few "dead ends". Her book, The Kuklis and Oliva Family in Bohemia details what she's found so far. Please contact me if you'd like to exchange information or contact her direct at Sandra Breitkreutz, 644 Norman Crete NE 68333.
email: - - Posted 04 August 1996

Researching: POKORNY
I got a response to my posting here. They were looking for Antonia Pokorny. While I was reading the message I got disconnected from AOL and lost the message and sender. Will they please resend it.
email: Darrin Svehlak - - Posted 03 August 1996

Researching: MUDRA
Looking for ancestors and/or descendents of the following people of the Mudra family starting with the three brothers, Jan, Franz, and Antonin of Bohemia
Additional information on their descendants is available.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1996

I am seeking information on an opera singer who was a member of the Prague Opera in the early 1900's. She sang under the stage name of Anna Bernharte. She was born Anna Sedlacek. Her brothers, - Anton, Vaclav and Jaroslav - and her sister Katherine, all emigrated to the United States. Anna was the common law wife of a hat manufacturer in Prague named Anton Bartos. Jaroslav returned to Prague for a visit in 1930, with his daughters. They spent two months at Anna Bernharte's villa. During World War II however, they lost track of Anna. His daughter, Blanche Sedlacek Gondin, would like any information about her aunt Anna Bernharte.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1996

Researching: HRONISH
I am researching my Czechoslovakian heritage and am interested in any information regarding my great great grandfather whose name is Alouis Hronish. Family information indicates be was born in Prague in 1851.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1996

Researching: HALLATSCHEK
Looking for any information on my father's family. All I know is that his name is Franz Hallatschek from the town of Pfaffenschlag.
email: E. J. Shearn - - Posted 22 July 1996

Researching: SUSANK, LAMIKA
I am looking for family links. Anthony Susank was born in Prague 08 February 1849. He married Mary Vicker Lamika born in Vienna. They immigrated to the United States sometime prior to 1880. Their children were born in Creston, Iowa; many of them later migrated to Kansas.
email: E. Susank - - Posted 22 July 1996

Researching: MATHEWS, PLISKO
Looking for information on the familes of my great grandparents, Mathews and Plisko.
email: E. J. Shearn - - Posted 22 July 1996

Researching the Horak, Holec (Holets), Smekal, Sedlacek, Jehlicka, and Chlebova familes. The Horak family was from Vamberk area of Rychnov nad Kneznou. The Other families origins are unknown. They immigrated to Iowa, Johnson and Linn Counties.
email: Barb Horak - - Posted 20 July 1996

Researching the Kubalek, Pelisek, Jokes, Pecka, Zamrzla, Kout, and Chromosta families from the area near Velka Ves, Lukavec and Pacov, in Pelhrimov pre-1905. The Kubalek and Pelisek immigrated to Iowa, Tama County. Visit our
Girvan Family Homepage for more family information.
email: Barb Horak - - Posted 20 July 1996

Researching: NOVAK, BEDNAR
I would like information on a small town, Ronaf, Moravia. Also information on family of John Anton Novak and the surname Bednar. Thank you.
email: J. Minyard - - Posted 20 July 1996

Slovakia and Moravia, Gbely, Senica, Nemice (Brno-venikov) We invite you to visit our homepage at
email: Frank C. Meduna - - Updated 17 July 1996

Researching: MACHALEK
My mission is to connect with the Machalek family that originated in the southern Moravian towns of Uherske Hradiste and neighboring Maratice. I live in Minnesota and have direct knowledge of cousins and their descendants in the Saint Louis and Chicago area. Would like to learn more.
email: - - posted 16 July 1996

Researching: FRIEDEZKY
Looking for information on the Friedezky family of Troppau/Opava.
email: Kevin Gillissie - - posted 15 July 1996

Looking for descendant of Frank Cerny, born 05 June 1805 in Meda-Ujized, Bohemia. He died 14 March 1897 in London Township, Freeborn County, Minnesota. He married Marie Mudra. We have
additional information on his descendants available.
email: - - posted 15 July 1996

Researching: KONTRA
I was told my grandfather was Slovak. Peter Kontra was his father, but where they came from is unknown.
email: Kevin Gillissie - - posted 15 July 1996

One of mt great great grandfathers was named Adelbert Magdosko, maybe Magdoska. He married Marianna Kadryk. They had a daughter named Anna who was born 09 August 1887 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. Would like to learn more about either surname.
email: - - posted 15 July 1996

Searching for the following names in the following towns: BENES--Krasolesi u Kosetice, VACLAVIK--Kosetice, ZASMUCKE--Kramolin, SULZE--??, NOVOTNY--Burenice, MACHOVEC--??, HANOUSEK--Kosetice, KRAL--Kosetice, SEDIVY--Kosetice, ROSA--Kosetice, LINHART--Svatonice, Horni Zahori, Tresne, Dobesice, Boresnice, HRADEK--Tresne, Horni Zahori, WITUJ (MARA) Zahori, Tresne, POSKOCIL--Tresne, Horni Zahori, BUDIVONKova--.?, ZIZKA--Tresne, PICHLIK--Chlaponice, Horni Zahori, Krasov, Louka, Boresnice, BUZEK--Nepodrice, JANDA--Jamny, Dobesice, ZAK--Vlastec.
email: - - posted 11 July 1996

Researching: HRADECKY
My great great great grandfather Johann Hradecky was born in the late 1700s in Velke Mezirici. His son Vaclav had three wives with whom he had 26 sons. I know the names of four of those sons. Cyril's descendants live in Ottawa, Canada. Frantisek had a son named Antonin, and Antonin had a son name Frantisek. Josef (1847-1929) had no children, but with his brother Eduard (1854-1926) moved to Pacov (between Tabor and Pelhrimov) and founded a factory there in 1876 which built turnkey distilleries throughout central Europe. Eduard had 7 daughters and one son, Josef (1897-1963) who was my grandfather. My father, Julien (1924-1996) immigrated to Canada after 1948, met my mother here (she was born in Zlin and emigrated in 1938 as a child with a group of Czechs who were building a factory in Canada for Bata Shoes), and had two children, Sara (1961- ) and me (1957- ). If you think you may be related, please contact me.
email: Julien J. Hradecky - - posted 10 July 1996

Looking for information on the Bioszkupics, Mach, and Machevej families from Vidovany, Slovakia, near the Czech border by Dubovce and Nietra.
email: - - posted 09 July 1996

Looking for information on Holik, Brouk, Subrt (Schubert), Heke, Matas, Rataj, Tregler, Priban, Kpkoska, Zajicek, Nedoma, Blahnik, and Svihlik. Frank Holik born mid 1800's was born in Senetin Bohemia. He had a son Jan (John Joseph) born 1881. Jan married Marie Rataj born in Pisek. Marie's parents were Antonie Rataj and Marie Matas. Jan and Marie came to the US in 1906. Frank Brouk was born in Vserhady (spelling?) and came to the US about 1900. Joseph Subrt was born in Hresihlavy in mid 1800's. His parents were Bartholemew Subrt and Clara Heke. Joseph came to the US in 1892. Jaroslav Tregler was born in Motychin and came to the US in the early 1900's. Magdalena Priban was born in Pilsen and I believe married after coming to the US to Joseph Kokoska. Joseph was born in Bohemia. Also looking for information on Zajicek, Nedoma, Blahnik and Svihlik.
email: Jennifer Tharp - posted 08 July 1996

Researching Cvrkal (Corkal, Cvrkl, ?Corkel, ?Cirkel), Kroupa, Durbab, and Bacek surnames from Tasovice/Znojmo in southern Moravia. Miroslav Cvrkal was the son of Filip Cvrkal and Anna Kroupa. He was born in Tasovice, Southern Moravia in 1889. His paternal grandparents were Jan Cvrkal and Anna Durbab. His maternal grandparents were Jircho Kroupa and Anna Cvrkal. He immigrated to Schuyler, Nebraska in the early 1900's (Probably 1906). He worked in a lumber yard for his uncle. (?Surname - may be Husak.) He married a Vinci Bacek in Schuyler, Nebraska in 1910. He emigrated from Nebraska to Manitoba, Canada circa 1912-1914.
email: Jim Corkal - - posted 08 July 1996

Researching: SMISEK
Stop at our
Seeking All Smisek's Genealogy Page for information on the Smisek Family.
email: Stacy Smisek - - posted 07 July 1996

Researching: RUCKERT
I am looking for any information on the Ruckert surname. Franz Ruckert was born 18 August 1851 in Bohemia. His parents were Hugo and Frances Ruckert. Franz Ruckert came to the United States in 1869.
email: Bevery Remza Veness - - posted 07 July 1996

I am searching relatives with the name Hanicak. My grandparents emigrated from the village of Novy-Hrozenkov, Moravia, in 1906. Their names were Jan Joseph Hanicak and Katerina Leskovjana Hanicak.
email: Vicki Hanicak Nicholson - - posted 07 July 1996

The Svehlak family comes from Vlachovice, Moravia, Czech Republic, very near the Slovakia border. The Pokorny family is from Vsetin, Moravia. The Polasek family is from Zlin. Interested in any family information.
email: D. Svehlak - - posted 01 July 1996

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