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My g-grandfather was named Jan (John) Kotal. I have been told it might be a shortened version of another name. Information given us says he was married when he came to America in the late 1800's, but his wife died enroute. He had two daughters from that marriage, Teresa and Mary. Jan was born May 9, 1861 in Czechoslovakia. He died in November, 1915, in Houston, Texas. Jan married my g-grandmother in America. Her name was Antonije (Antonia) Vrana. She was born December 12, 1868, in Czechoslovakia, and died November 24, 1949 in Houston, Texas. Her father was Vaclav Vrana, born 1847 in Czecholsovakia. Her mother's first name was Elizba. Elizba was born in 1845. Antonije came to America in 1899 with her mother, father, brother, and four children of hers from a previous marriage. Antonije's married name was Sterba at the time she came to America. We are at a complete standstill. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 21 September 1997

Researching: CAPEK, NIDL, NIEDL
Looking for Capek from Budov in 1855 to New Orleans and then to St. Louis Also Nidl or Niedl also 1855 New Orleans to St. Louis.
email: - - Posted 21 September 1997

Researching: SAGAWINIA
Grandfather used the name Sagawinia in America. He was born about 1907, either in US or old country have never been able to find out, even after 15 years of research in America. There are no records of him. He spent some time in Dallas Texas. Thank you kindly.
email: Mrs Nees - - Posted 21 September 1997

Researching: KOLAR
I am searching for information on Emil Kolar, who died in the Chicago area in the first week of March, 1945. He left a daughter, Anne born December 23, 1901 (my grandmother) but his wife apparently died in 1926, also probably in the Chicago area. Her name seems to have been Kate, but the family Missal (printed in Vien, 1870) indicates a Barbara Kolar giving it to Anne. Tthere was reportedly quite a fued between Emil and his family (supposedly a large family) which caused him to leave.
email: - - Posted 21 September 1997

I am searching for genealogical information of Benedict Schwanda (Svanda) from Hlinsko, Bohemia.
email: Tom Schwanda - - Posted 21 September 1997

Researching: HRADECKY
My ancestor Venceslaus Hradecky was born in Velke Mezirici, Moravia in about 1750 and he had three sons (Johann born 1775, Venceslaus born 1766, and Antonin born 1777). I am descended from Johann's son Vaclav (born 1800 in Velke Mezirici). However Johann had three other sons (Johann born 1809, Antonin born 1811, Ernest Maximilian born 1816 all in Velke Mezirici). My great great grandfather Vaclav (born 1800) had 26 children in total with three wives, and I have the names of 15 of those children (all born in Velke Mezirici). Two of the Vaclav's sons, Eduard and Josef, moved to Pacov (southern Bohemia, between Tabor and Pelhrimov) in 1876 and started a company there producing distillery equipment. I have compiled a lot of information from the archive in Brno, but as soon as one of the sons moved to another town (or country), it is very difficult to track them. My particular branch of the family is completely documented, but I am especially interested in tracking down the descendants of some of the male Hradeckys who "dead-end" on my family tree in the 1800s.
email: Julien Joseph Hradecky - - Posted 20 September 1997

Searching for Dusatko (ca. 1700-present), Duschatko (ca. 1700-1800), Berka (ca. 1700), Hajec (ca. 1700), Jaros (ca. 1700-1800), Johanes (ca.1800, Germany), Pospisil (ca. 1700-1860), Prochazka (ca. 1700-1850), Turek (ca. 1700-1850), Vancura (ca. 1700-1860) in Bohemia vicinities of Stampouch, Drobovice, Dobrovitov, Trebonin, Krchleby, Dubina, Chedrbech.
email: Ron Johnson - - Posted 20 September 1997

Researching: KLIKA
I am very interested the name Klika. I have found many on the internet, and the origin may be Bohemian or Austrian. I have been told the meaning is either "pump handle" or "door handle." Any information would be excellent.
email: Jay Klika - - Posted 18 September 1997

My grandmother, Barbara Fitak, was born in the county of Arva in the town of Rapcsa (?Rapcsice) in 1894. I am searching for its location in Arva. My grandfather, Michael Hoholak, was born in the county of Saros in the town of Alsokomarnok in l888. I am also searching for it. No modern maps seem to have them. Barbara Fitak was the daughter of Andreae Fitak and Rosaliae Vronka. Michael Hoholak was the son of Theordori Hoholak and Anna Nemcik. Michael emigrated to the US about l909-1910 as did Barbara, but separately. Grandfather's relatives were likely in the Czech part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire and grandmother's relatives in the area around Budapest, an area to which they moved.
email: - - Posted 18 September 1997

I am searching for information in the following families: Johana Getgo married Ludwig Gerorge Urban. Joseph huska married Susana Burjan. Looking for information on the Sochan family of Smercany; Anna, Ethel, Eva, Jan, Susan, and Peter of the town of Liptovsky Mikulas. The Tomascek family of Jalovec. The Urban family: George, Ludwig George, and Sophie of Hungary.
email: John Urban - - Posted 18 September 1997

Researching: AMORT
I am looking for information about the Amort family. My ancestor is Matous Amort, and evidently lived around Brloh in the Czech Republic. My grandfather, Felix Amort, was born there in the mid 1800's.
email: Donald L. Amort - - Posted 18 September 1997

I am just starting research on my Bohemian roots. My great grandparents were Jan Bukovsky, born 16 Kuet 1852. Came to St. Louis, MO around 1889 with wife Alzbeta (nee Vovsova) born 19 List 1851. Would like to find out if either had brothers and sisters. They came from Budejovice. Also my grandparents were Henry Ruzicka, born Dec. 13, 1875 and Anna Bukovsky Ruzicka born Sept. 20, 1882. Their name was changed to Rose during WWI. Also from Budejovice and all were Roman Catholic. Henry Ruzicka came with his mother Mary born in 1839 and brother Joseph born in 1881 to St. Louis, MO. I'm not sure when, but think around 1890's. Any info would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 18 September 1997

Researching: KUCERA
Searching for the Kucera surname.
email: James W. Gardner - - Posted 18 September 1997

Am seeking information on the Trucalek family of Prerov, Moravia. Robert Trucalek born 1895; father's name Antonin Trucalek; mother's name Frances Gelinkova. Robert married Bozena Zamycal circa 1914 in Prerov. Bozena Zamycal; father's name is Balticar, mother's name is Maria Kuca. Any details no matter how small would be most welcome.
email: - - Posted 18 September 1997

Researching: KOLVEK, HOZA
Looking for information about George Kolvek born in Czechoslovakia in 1868 and came emigrated to the US (NYC area)possibly 1884. Married Katherine Hoza in NY.
email: Robert M. Smith II - - Posted 18 September 1997

I am just starting to research my roots, so any help will be appreciated. The Tomas family came from Prague Bohemia in 1854, settling in Iowa in 1865 but spending a couple years in Wisconsin. All families in this project lived in Iowa, close to Oxford, since 1900. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Sharon T Barnhardt - - Posted 18 September 1997

Searching for Ashenbrener, Kutil, and Soseck.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1997

Researching: VOTKE, VOZAB
Seeking info about my great grandparents- Herman Votke and Marie (Mary) Vozab. Marie is listed as a passenger on the ship "Hohenstaufen". It arrived in NY on April 24, 1880. She was age 17. Records indicate that she was from Bohemia. Herman was also born in CZ but I don't have info on him. He died in April 1930- Queens, NY. Herman and Marie had children - Frank Henry "Hank", Josephine, Barbara, Charles, Marie (b. 1899 in NY). Herman worked for a furrier in Queens, NY while Marie worked rolling cigars.
email: Lois Childers - - Posted 16 September 1997

Researching: KOZIC, MAJHER
I am looking for any information on the surname Kozic. My great-grandfather Stefan Kozic was born in 1873 in Svinia county, Bresov. He married Sophie Majher. In 1900 he traveled to America, where he settled in New Jersey.
email: - - Posted 16 September 1997

Researching: SOBOTKA
Please provide any information you have on the Sobotka name. Thank you.
email: Jack Sobotka - - Posted 16 September 1997

Researching: SKOKAN
I am searching for my grandmother's family. She immigrated to the US after World War II. She was born in a village called Nicklasdorf. Her name was Irene Skokan. Her mother, Ida was born in Linz-Osterreich. Her father, Otto, was born in Slesien. I regret I have no dates to offer to assist in this search. This is the only information I have. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 16 September 1997

Researching: VYMELAOVA
In July 1958 my mother ,now 82, met a doctor in Brno called Heda Vymelalova. A bit later Heda broke off the correspondence for political reasons. How can we find her if she is alive? Many thanks. Dekuji van.
email: Michael Bryant - - Posted 16 September 1997

Researching: MALA
Searching for Jindra Mala, Jirka Mala, and Bedrick Mala of Prague.
email: Bob Everett - - Posted 16 September 1997

I am researching the surnames Henzl and Skrdlant. They are maternal grandparents and emigrated to the U.S. from Sira Zbiroh. I am researching the name of Johanna Vanek or Wanek who was my maternal grandmother. She emigrated to the U.S. from Kardasova Recice. I am also researching the surnames Seda and Vodvorek. They are maternal grandparents and emigrated to the U. S. from the Vysoke Myto area.
email: Harold D. Henzl - - Posted 16 September 1997

Joseph and Anna Mattecheck came to the USA in 1866 from near Praga. He was born in 1833. The orginal spelling is Matejcek changed to Mattecheck. They settled in Watertown Wisc until 1884 when they moved to Webster South Dakota. He died in 1917, she in 1910. They had 9 children. Mary married Clary remarried Paul, Frank, Annette married Euper, Clara married Thompson all born Kindom of Bohemia, Joseph, Aloyis, Henry, Anna married Monzel and Mathias. Think he came with wife and 4 children not part of a family group.
email: Lois & Joe Mattecheck - - Posted 16 September 1997

Researching for Family Tree: Steglik, Stehkik, Valek, and Worjek. My father John Steglik came to this country via Ellis Island around 1911 he was 14 yrs old. His mothers maiden name was Anna Worjek. She married Jan Valek, after he passed away she married John Steglik. They lived around Moravia, which is now the Czech-Republic.
email: - - Posted 16 September 1997

I am trying to locate information on Joseph Vavra, born 1880 in Moravia and died 1932 in Floresville, Texas. He married Anna Kulak who was born 1884 in Praha, Bohemia. She died in 1939 in Floresville, Texas. She was the daughter of John Kulak and Frances (Viviayla) Kulak.
email: Toni Vavra - - Posted 16 September 1997

My direct ancestors are Joseph Holsan & Mary Louda who immigrated from Bohemia with their children in 1881; and Anton Janda and Katrina Kremel (Kremen) who immigrated from Bohemia with their children in 1876. Both families went directly to Cleveland, Ohio, and stayed there. Other surnames involved in this search are: Vondrak (Ondrak), Sery, Pich, Soukup, Musil, Sejba, Kope, and Sedivy.
email: Candice Soine - - Posted 16 September 1997

I am searching for information on the Ratay family, possibly spelled Rataj. Also, I would be interested in information on the Bouska family. This is what I know: My great grandfather was Charles George Ratay. He lived in Chicago, having emigrated from Bohemia (late 1800's). He and his wife had 12 or 13 children including a son, Charles George Ratay, who was the youngest, and was my grandfather. My grandfather married Lillian Ann Bouska in 1923. She was the youngest daughter of Joseph and Anna Bouska, and they lived in Cicero, Illinois. My grandparents had one son, Charles Richard Ratay. I am Charles Mark Ratay. Any information you can provide about the Ratay, Rataj, or Bouska family trees would be appreciated.
email: Mark Ratay - - Posted 16 September 1997

Researching: TOMECEK
Searching the name Tomecek from Horne Zelinice.
email: R.J. Beck-Coon - - Posted 16 September 1997

Seeking information on parents of Joseph Cohn born Prague 1848 and sister Johanna Dub of Pilzen. Also sisters Bertha and Fannie Cohn, brothers Morris and Edward Cohn all except Johanna immigrated to Albany, New York. Am seeking information on parents of Cohn family: Joseph b. 1848, m. Babette Lehman; Edward b. 1850, m. Sarah Mendel; Fannie b. 1866, m. Adolph Lieberman; Bertha b. 1853, m. Emannuel Myers; Morris b. 1860; Johana.
email: James Gingold - - Posted 16 September 1997

Researching: HANUS, MACH
Looking for any information on my grandparents Leo Hanus & Mary Mach. They both immigrated to the United States in 1907. Leo arrived on the SS Chimentz in 1907 and originally settled in San Angelo, Texas. Joining him was his father and mother and three brothers (Louis, Jerry, and Charles). Very shortly they left San Angelo and resettled in Omaha, Nebraska. My grandmother arrived about the same time landing in Baltimore and went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They both then met in Omaha and my father (Leo A. Hanus) was born on September 6, 1908. My grandfather passed away at the age of 92 and my grandmother about 5-6 years earlier. Both resided in David City, Nebraska, when they died. We have been able to contact some of our relatives in the Czech Republic and have visited them on 2 occasions as well as one visit from them to the United States about 5 years ago. These relatives are descendants of my great Aunt Maria Hanus (sister of my grandfather). She along with 3-4 other brothers did not emigrate to the US in 1907. We know very little about my grandmother's family other than their was some hard feelings and the family was not very fond of my grandfather. This is the reason they both left Europe for the US. Last summer we did make contact with some residents of the town where they lived and actually visited the house where my grandmother was raised. More information on the Mach family would be appreciated. My father and mother (Leo & Kristine Hanus) reside in Columbus, Nebraska. My wife (Lorraine) and I live in Lewisville, Texas, which is a suburb outside of Dallas. We have three children, Debra, Leo Henry, and Amy. Our daughters live in the Dallas area and our son is doing graduate work at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.
email: Leo E. Hanus - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: COLLISTER
Perhaps someone can help me. I only know the Americanized name of my family Collister. Joseph Collister was born in 1809 in Bohemia (Austro Hungarian Empire) and his wife Anna was born 1811 Bohemia. Their one son born in Bohemia Frank J. Collister b. 1849 Bohemia (Austro Hungarian Empire). NOTE: some of the census records say Bohemia other years show Austro-Hungarian Empire. I have no clue as to what Bohemian name Collister could have come from and I have had no sucsess in finding out. Between 1849 and 1856 Joseph and Anna Collister with Frank came to the US. and settled in Peoria, Peoria , Illinois. They established a shoe repair business there. I would appreciate any help. I have contacted emmigration and have not found any record. Therefore I have no village name in Bohemia. Thank you.
email: Ronald B. McComb - - Posted 15 September 1997

This is all new to me. I'm just starting to get involved in family history. I am looking for information for the following surnames: Rodak, Hiszem, and Pavlik. These names are all I have at the moment. I am looking for the parents of a Paul Rodak, born in 1859, in Vysny Pisana, Czech. He was married Nov. 23, 1886, wifes name unknown. Died Nov 23 1925 in Vysny Orlik, Czech. Also looking for information on Anna Hizem, born March 19, 1868 in Nizny Orlik, Czech. Died May 31, 1946 in Nizny Orlik, Czech. Her parents names were Hijacinthus Jakub Hizem, born in 1824 in Nizny Orlik, Married Jun 12, 1859. Death dates unknown. He was married to Maria Pavlik, born 1833 in Vysna Jedlova, Czech. Her death dates are unknown. If anyone has any information on these persons, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.
email: Jana Gentry - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: HOUZAR, SKAREK
Am interested in any information on Marie Houzar, born in Zeletauo, Merren, Bohemia , October 24, 1865. Her father was Joseph and Mother was Marie Skarek. They had six children.
email: Leroy Postel - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: KOZAR, ZUBER
I am just starting my search for my ancestors. I am having trouble finding out what country my great grand parent's villages were in. Also interested in contacting anyone with the same surname as me, Kozar. The info I have collected so far is as follows: My great grandfather was Gyorgy Kozar, born 4/9/1883 in Serene Valo? (Serenchoucy?). He travelled through Austria on his way to America 9/9/1906. He sailed on the S.S.Carpathia. While on the ship, he met my great grandmother (babba). Her name was Julia Zuber. Said to be from Grybov. I am told by family that both villages are Czech yet I am unable to locate them. Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated.
email: Karen Kozar - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: ZAVESKY
I believe my great grandparents came to Texas around 1900. Their name was Zavesky.
email: Natalie Zavesky - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: MODER
I'm interested in finding information relative to my grandfather's ancestry. His name was Oscar Moder Ponce de Leon and he was born in Santiago, Chile. His father, Tomas Moder was also born in Santiago, but his father, ? Moder allegedly came from Germany or somewhere in Eastern Europe. If you need any more information, please let me know, but I don't know a lot more than this.
email: Monica Hayden - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: KUS, RUDA
Seeking information on Charles Kus who came to Baltimore, Maryland from Bohemia before 1890 with brothers Frank and Jim. Their parents were Frank and Mary Kus. A sister, Frances, was left behind. I was told they lived near Prague. Charles Kus married Marie Ruda somewhere here in the states. She was also Bohemian, but I was told her family settled in Chicago. Charles and Marie Kus moved from Baltimore to Highland Springs, Virginia in the 1890's. My grandmother said they moved there because it reminded Charles of his homeland more so than Baltimore. Any info would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: JERAL, ERAL
Looking for any information that might help me to locate ancestors that came to Ameriica form Bohemia around 1840-45. Some information indicates they changed the name from Jeral to Eral on arrival. Settled in Iowa, Pocahontas area.
email: - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: LAGUS, STERNOVA
I am researching our family named Lagus who lived in Prague. We know of Mojzis (Moses) Lagus who lived in Prague from about 1860. He married a Tereza (Sternova), and they had seven children, Zikmund, Albert, Karel, Emil, Marie, Julie and Robert. If anyone has any information about this family I would appreciate hearing from them.
email: Jackie Lagus - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching Blazkovi in Bohemia. Researching Serych from Bohemia in 1915 to Pennsylvania.
email: Deborah Loe Link - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: HLADKY, KOUBA
Seeking information on the families of Vaclav Hladky and Anna Kouba. Vaclav was born in 1866 in Ribne, Chrudim, Bohemia. He emigrated to America and settled in Tama County, Iowa, where he married Anna Kouba. Anna was born in 1872 in Valtinov, Moravia. She emigrated to America with her parents, Frantisek and Frantiska Kouba. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 15 September 1997

Searching for Sykora, Kazimour, Bruzek, Liska, Dvorak, Cmunt, Rezabek, Hruska, and Meracky. Sykora: Frank b. 1882 in Skorice Kraj Pizen, Bohemia. Liska: Caroline b. Skorice Kraj Pizen, Bohemia. Hruska: Anton b. Caslavi, Bohemia. Meracky: Mary b. Caslavi, Bohemia. Bruzek: Barbara b. 1884 in Bohemia, naturalized 1913, d. Cleveland 1959. Kazimour: Frank b. 1878 in Bohemia, naturalized 1913, d. Cleveland 1964. Would appreciate any information about the above surnames of my Bohemian ancestors who all immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio (west side).
email: S. Terry Woods - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: MOLNAR, MERUNKA
I would like to add the names Molnar and also Merunka, but i think that the latter is Czech.
email: - - Posted 15 September 1997

Researching: SVEC, ZIGMOND
We are researching the family of Joseph and Mary Svec of Krempach, Czechoslovakia. The family resided here prior to 1900. We are researching the Zigmond family that originated in Krempach, Czechoslovakia prior to 1902. If you have any information on the family of Simeon Zigmond or Joseph and Mary Svec, please contact me.
email: Elaine Pletsch - - Posted 15 September 1997

I am researching the surname Slama and Uherka. My grandpa was born 1862 in Kuklik. He moved to Hluboka okres Havlicku Brod as a young lad. He married Frances Beranek born 1864 in Hluboka. Need information on their parents and brothers or sisters. Also need location of Kuklik. ggrandfather Vincent Uherka born 1847 in Ubusin, married Terezie Beranek born 4 Jul 1850 in Chlum, Moravia. Emigrated to Iowa, then moved to Tabor, South Dakota area in the 1870's. Would like info on parents and brothers and sisters of each.
email: Benjamin Slama - - Posted 14 September 1997

We are planning a trip to the Czech Republic next summer and are interested in finding out more about our ancestral origins and perhaps visiting the villages where our greatgrandmothers and greatgrandfathers lived. Do you have any research available on the surname Skalican or Kubala? Thanks!
email: Susan and Tony Skalican - - Posted 14 September 1997

Researching: HALLA
I am looking for any information regarding the Halla family. I am 3rd generation American. In the US the family is from the New London Connecticut area. Any help would be Appeciated.
email: Vartan Tiger Halla - - Posted 14 September 1997

Researching: GIEB
I 'am researching our family name of Gieb which is from North Bohemia in Czechoslovakia. I would appreciate any information on Gieb and would like to hear from any other Gieb's.
email: H. Gieb - - Posted 14 September 1997

Researching: YANDA, JANDA
I am researching the surnames of Yanda or Janda. My great-grandfather's name was Vaclav Janda. He was born in Lestina (?) in 1876. His parents were Jan Janda and Anna Dudyoha; all from the county of Vysoke Myto. My great-grandfather immigrated to the Waterloo and Cedar Rapids area of Iowa. Subsequent to immigrating to Iowa Vaclav Janda changed the spelling of Janda to Yanda.
email: Mike Yanda - - Posted 14 September 1997

Am looking for information on my family history starting in Prague, Czechoslvakia. Family names are Sirovatka and Bicek. My great-grandparents were immigrants from Prague. I don't have too much info to go. Thank you.
email: Judy Miller - - Posted 14 September 1997

Researching: KOCH
Researching the name Koch from Bohemia. All information and correspondence is appreciated.
email: Ruthanne Dubelko - - Posted 14 September 1997

Researching: CERNIN
The family immigrated to the U.S. probably between 1850 and 1870 with a stop in New York prior to settling in Vining, Iowa. The names John, Anna and Wensel Cernin have been mentioned as well as Czech cities Prague and Hradec. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 14 September 1997

Researching: KNOTT, STUMM
I am interested in the Knott and Stumm names.
email: Bernard Disteldorf - - Posted 14 September 1997

Researching: DRAZNIK
Searching for the Draznik family. My grandparents came from Luzna, Czech, a small town West of Prague. I live in Joliet, Illinois USA. I am aware of a Mateja Draznik on women's Slo team (shotputter). Also Draznik used by Czech-Orienteering Team.
email: Robert A. Draznik - - Posted 14 September 1997

Researching: MASEK
Looking for informaion on Josef Masek, my great grandfather reportedly born in 1844 in Czech, then moved to St. Louis, MO. Especially interested in finding Czech city of origin, relatives in Czech Republic.
email: F. Stephen Masek - - Posted 12 September 1997

Researching Prasil (Praschil), Strelec, Kuncl, Regal, Peroutka, and Cerny. I have information to the eighteenth century on Prasil family - they were from Domazlice in Western Bohemia. But I need information especially on the Kuncl family that was situated in the U.S. in Cicero and Berwyn, Illinois - the Prasil's were there as well. My grandmother was a Prasil (Julia Prasil) and my grandfather was a Kuncl (Charles Kuncl). My great grandparents on my grandmother's side were Jiri (George) Prasil and Anna Strelvoca (Strelec) from Domazlic in Bohemia. Jiri was born in 1862 and died in 1936 and Anna was 1869 to 1908. I am going to visit The Czech Republic next year (1998) and I hope to go to Prague and Domazlice to see what I can of my ancestral roots. Any information will be helpful.
email: Fr. Benedict Auer O.S.B. - - Posted 12 September 1997

Researching: CHLUP
Searching for Joseph J Chulp and family, town of birth unknown.
email: - - Posted 12 September 1997

Thomas Molacek b abt 1830 in Osek Co. Chridim, Czechoslovakia d. 1894 in Huen Nebraska, USA. He was married to Anna Kuchura, birth date unknown. Known children are: Frank, Thomas, Lewis(possibly Alois),Wesley, Sophy and Anton. Anton is my great grandfather Anton M. Molacek b15 Jan1852 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, d 1924 in Becker Co, Minnesota. Married to Marie Katheryn Vavra, b 7 Mar 1854 in Lotovana, Moravia. d Oct 1930 in Becker Co. Minnesota. Anton and Marie had 13 children all born in Nebraska. Most of the family moved to Minnesota about 1911. One of their sons Anton Roland Molacek (my grandfather) was b 7 Feb 1881 in Huen Nebraska. Married to Christine Maruska, (b 1 Jan 1888 in Breckenridge, Minnesota) Christine was the daughter of Albert and Anna Markusa. Albert was born in Minnesota and Anna was born in Bohemia. Willing to share information.
email: June Sarte - - Posted 11 September 1997

Researching: DOKTOR
Today I live in France and I am looking for my background name. My grand father name was Marcin Doktor and was borned in Katy near Zakopane Poland (near Czech Republic) the 6th of november 1902. Thank you very much for your help.
email: Reynald Doktor - - Posted 11 September 1997

I am searching for the members of the family Ungerleider, who emigrated from the southeastern Czecholsavkia to Teplitz Schonau in the early 1800's. The family was active in the Jewish community and , one cousin left in 1938. Another possible spelling for this name could be Hungerleider.
email: - - Posted 11 September 1997

Srnec, Arnost, born Blucina house #23 Blucina, son of Josef Srnec, farmer in Blucina and his wife, Regina, born Rainhardtova, mother: Amalie, daughter of Martin Chhal, farmer in Pristonice and his wife Marie, born Weissova. Brother of Arnost Srnec: Jaroslav, born 20th April 1898 in town register in Zidlochovice. Marriage of Arnost Srnec with Amalie, born Cihalova was in Brno in church of St.Tomas, dated 17th February 1896. Amalie Chihal was born in Pristonice, house #24 on 5 december 1873. Father, Martin Cihal, farmer, son of Jan Cihal, cottager in Optovice and his wife Jenovefa, born Sevarova. Mother; Marie, daughter of Matej Weis, farmer in Hrusovany and his wife Katerina, born Sopouskova. Arnost Srnec born 29 July, 1869 in house #18, Blucina, father Josef Srnec, farmer in Blucina, son of Antonin Srnec, cottager in Blucina and his wife Johana, born Kleinbauerova. Mother, Regina, daughter of Frantisek Rainhardt, cottager in Blucina and his wife Apolonie, born Flodrova. Brothers of Arnost Srnec; Josef, born 8 aug. 1862 in Blucina, house #21; Rudolf, born 2 March, 1867 in Blucina, house #18; Alois, born 2 March 1867 in Blucina, house #18 and he died on the 19th of December, 1942 in Blucina. Josef Srnec, son of Antonin and Johana Kleinbauerova Srnec, house #11, Blucina married Regina, daughter of Frantisek Rainhardt and his wife Apolonie Flodrova of house #18, Blucina. Regina Reinhardt was born on 12 May 1840 in Blucina, house #18. Josef Srnec was born 17 October 1834 in house #11, Blucina, son of Antonin Srnec and grandson of Tomas Srnec and his wife Veronika Zrunka Srnec, a miller in Nemcice. Brothers of Josef Srnec were: Karel, born 14 January 1836 in house #11, Blucina and he died on 25 July, 1858 in house #145; Antonie, born 10 January, 1846 in house #145, Blucine. Johana Kleinbauer Srnec was born on 22 January 1812 in cottage #4 in Blucina. Her mother Apolonie was the daughter of Josef Waltr. Brothers and sisters of Antonin Srnec; Frantisek, born 27, January 1799 in house #11, Blucina; Apolonie, born 27 December, 1799 in house #11, Blucina, died 29 December 1799; Juliana, born 16 February 1801; Katerina, born 7 November 1804; ntonie, born 27 January 1807; Matrj, born 7 February 1809; Antonin, born 13 May 18ll and Barbora, orn 1 November, 1812. Tomas Srnec married Veronika, daughter of Frantisek Zronka of Nemcice. Veronica Zronka was born 10 January 1780 in Zidlochovice in house #165 and her parents were Frantisek Zrunek and Rosalie. Tomas's brother and sister were Marie Anna, born 3 Jun 1764 and Jakub, born 11 July 1766.T omas, son of Martin Srnec married Juliana, widow of Ondrej Chroat. Ondrej Chrost married Juliana Zatczila on 14 January 1748. Brother and sisters ot Tomas Srnec; Mariana, born 15 July, 1723 in Nosilav; Alzbeta, born 13 September 1731; Mariana, born 22 March 1734; Jan, born 15 August 1736; and Katerina, born 16 April 1739. Martin Srnec, son of Jan Srnec married Mariana, daughter of Havel Weylupek in Blucine on 19 January 1723.
email: Alfred Srnec - - Posted 11 September 1997

Researching the surnames of Dolansky, Pliml, Benda, and Lasky.
email: - - Posted 11 September 1997

Researching my grandfather: Petr (Peter) Zacek born in 1894 in Molenburk, district Blansko, Czechoslavkia. Parents: Vaclac (James) / Frantiska (Frances) Jiruska Zacek. The children: Frantisek (Frank) / Vaclac (James) / Josef (Joseph) / Maria (Mary) married Hoffman & Novotny in Texas / Adolfa (Edna) married John Vulk in Texas. All children were born in Czech. Godfather Peter came to America abt. 1912. Have not been able to find pass. lists that has them (Peter / Mary / Edna) on coming to Galveston, TX. port. Would like to know if you can possibly assist on finding info of these families? Thank You.
email: Janet Peters - - Posted 11 September 1997

Looking for Kosatka or Koshatka from Nove Vsi (Nove Vse?) near Pisek.
email: Art Kosatka - - Posted 11 September 1997

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