Easter Traditions

Easter now comes and that brings up a new list of traditions. The main one being the blessing of the Easter basket which is still carried on and some of the foods therein.

Many of the traditional foods are available at the market such as the ham, eggs, and kolbasy .

The Paska (Easter Bread) and Kolac must be homemade and the one item that I must make every year is Sirok, an egg roll or egg cheese.

What can be more satisfying than the Saturday afternoon before Easter. Lent and the days of fasting and abstinence are ended at noon.

The Easter Basket has been blessed by the parish priest and is setting on the table. Cut a large slice of Paska, Spread on an adequate portion of homemade butter, cut off a piece of Kolbasy to a small dish and add a boiled egg, a slice of Sirok, and a generous helping of horseradish mixed with beets.

Follow it up with a large cup of coffee and kolac.

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