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Rusin Elite Society

The Rusin Elite Society, Branch #2, is shown in a 1928 group picture taken at Saint Nicholas Greek Catholic Church.

We thank Rich Custer for providing the following background information on the Rusin Elite Society.

The Rusin Elite Society was founded by Father Joseph Hanulya and its newspaper was called Rusin/The Ruthenian -- much more information is in the book Our People by Paul R. Magocsi.

I think the Rusin Elite Society was most active in the Cleveland area, as I'm not aware that they had any branches in Pennsylvania. They were also responsible for founding the Rusin Cultural Garden in the Cleveland city Rockefeller Park's Cultural Gardens.

Branch #2 was located in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio.

The Elite Society is now long-gone, and the Carpatho-Rusyn Society's Cleveland chapter has assumed care for the gardens and we now put on a Rusyn cultural celebration every year at One World Day held at the park in September. This year's One World Day is September 13.

Rusin Elite Society, Branch #2 - 1928

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