The remains of the extraordinary sacral architecture of the chapel of Saint Jacob, are located in the center of the city, on the border of the Urban Memorial Reservation.

The recent archeological excavations revealed the remains of four sacral buildings within the site, located at what was once the center of the ancient village of Saint Vavrinec (Laurentius) in the eastern part of the old town Bratislava.

The Project of the Foundation is to seek further financial support to conserve, restore and present this extraordinary monument to the public.

The oldest part of the monument is the medieval rotunda of Saint Laurentius, built around 1100, as the parish church of the original village. This is the oldest known medieval building found in the historical town of Bratislava.

Discoveries of human skeletal remains are evidence that the site was once a burial place before the construction of the chapel. After the construction of a new three-nave basilica the original rotunda was replaced by a Romanesque ossarium (burial chamber) consecrated to Saint Jacob.

In about 1400 the ossarium was rebuilt in the Gothic style, which testifies to the great richness of the surrounding settlement, located close to the medieval town fortifications.

Due to static destruction the carner was rebuilt again, before the first half of 15th century, the internal and external walls being decorated by fresco-paintings. Architectural elements were composed of sandstone imported from Austria. The parish church and the chapel were torn down in 1529 when the town was threatened by a Turkish siege.

Estimated costs: 100 000 $

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