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LDS Filming Update - Slovakia

Filming is virtually complete for the parish records held in: Levoca; Presov; and Kosice. It is half done in Bytca. Most of Eastern Slovakia is done; catalogued and is available. Portion of central Slovakia is done.

No matter what village your ancestors came from, it is advisable that you ascertain the village where they worshipped. Some towns were too small to support a parish. Some of the LDS entries are cross referenced to the parish. Others are not. Your parish might be there and you will not access the records that you need unless you know this village name.

You can ascertain the parish by accessing: Magyarorszag Helysegnevtara (Gazetteer of Hungary) by Janos Dvorzsak, 1877. This is available at every LDS Family History Center in the Core Microfiche Reference Collection (this fact was recently mentioned in a post by Doug Holmes). There is an index at the end of the fiche. Of course, you will have to know the name of the town in its Hungarian variant. Dan Schlyter's book: A Handbook of Czechoslovak Genealogical Research gives you a good explanation on how to use this gazetteer.

Once you know the location of your parish, you will have to determine the modern name for this place. You can use the Administratives Gemeindelexikon der Cechoslovakischen Republik, 1922. This is also available in every LDS Center in the Fiche collection mentioned above.

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Posted and Current as of 19 October 1996

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