The Slovak Garden
A Home for American Slovaks Inc.

Mission of the Slovak Cultural Center

The Slovak Cultural Center promotes the following educational and cultural aspects of the Slovak Nation for American Slovaks through the following activities:

1 - Slovak Garden operates a full time library and museum which is open to the public daily, free of charge, from 8:00 A.M. until 12:30 P.M. This is the only American-Slovak library and museum in the southern part of the United States.

2 - Publishes 1,500 copies of the 12 page quarterly bilingual (Slovak and English) newspaper, "The Floridian Slovak". It informs the American Slovaks of their culture, life in Florida and promotes Slovak music and heritage amongst its residents, One hundred and twenty copies of this newspaper are sent to the Slovak cultural institutions in Slovakia and throughout the world.

3 - A quarterly publication is sent to all members of Slovak Garden informing them of Slovak Garden activities and life in general in Florida.

4 - Since the year 1952, on the first Sunday in March, it sponsors the annual "Slovak Day" on the grounds. There is a varied attendance of 400 to 1200 depending largely on weather conditions in Florida and in other parts of the country. Those in attendance are provided an authentic Slovak Dinner, Slovak music and a cultural program. On this occasion one of the distinguished members or prominent Slovak American figures is honored as the "Slovak Man/Lady of the Year" and awarded a handsome plaque in recognition of his/her life long dedication to Slovak culture and heritage in America. Attendants at the Slovak Day come from all parts of the United States, Canada and Slovakia.

5 - Fellowship dinners are sponsored throughout the year to commemorate various dates and holidays at which are served traditional Slovak foods, Slovak music for dancing and sing-a-long sessions. This includes days such as Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Christmas, Easter, Harvest time and so forth. Attendance varies from 80 to 150, depending mostly on the feast being observed, time of the year and again weather conditions.

6 - An annual scholarship of $1,000.00 (One thousand dollars) culture is awarded to three students who study the Slovak history, heritage and culture.

7 - Keeps in close contact with numerous American-Slovak newspaper and periodicals also with the Slovak radio programs in the United States and around the world by mailing or faxing to them general information on the Slovak life, culture, tourism and activities in Florida and the United States.

8 - Maintains a close contact with the American Embassy in Slovakia and also the Slovak Embassy in Washington, D.C., the Ministries of Culture, Foreign Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Slovakia. On a regular basis they are furnished with information about Slovak life and activities in America.

9 - Assist Slovak groups and individuals such as students, bvsiness persons, doctors, professors and so forth, visiting the United States and Florida. Also encourage the legal Slovak residents of the United States to be good, loyal and decent citizens and assist them also in filing essential documents.

10 - Encourage travelers to know their Slovak heritage better and those of non-Slovak heritage to become better acquainted with Slovakia.

11 - Translate documents and letters for those who have difficulty with either the Slovak or English language.

12 - Wrote and published three books, two in the English language, "Slovaks in Florida" and "Two Worlds-United States and Slovakia" and one in the Slovak language "Cesty Zivotom" (Roads of Life). The librarian had written several booklets and leaflets related to the religious heritage of Slovakia. These publications are offered for sale in the library/museum during the Slovak Day commemoration, the Fellowship Dinners and other events related to Slovak culture and heritage.

13 - Files are kept on Slovak personalities who played an important role in the development of the United States as they perpetuated their Slovak heritage.

14 - Donate modest financial assistance to the various Slovak not-for profit organizations which promote the Slovak culture and heritage, such as Slovak newspapers, periodicals, radio programs and calendars. Also regularly furnish articles and news worthy items related to Slovak Garden and the Slovak culture, heritage and condition in Florida. 15 - Provide modest low cost housing to American-Slovak citizens 55 years of age or older who are compelled by various health requirements to relocate to Florida but are financially unable to purchase their own home.

16 - Maintain contact with various Slovak-American 'fraternal, social and cultural organizations in America to help them establish branches in Florida and exchange books, bulletins and artifacts. Also to assist the members of these groups to relocate to Florida.

Sincerely yours,
Andrew F. Hudak II
President - Slovak Garden

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