Translation of
Common Geographic Terms

Slovak / English

  bana                        mine
  bouda                       shelter house
  brana                       natural bridge
  brana                       pass
  carda                       hostel
  chalupa                     shelter
  chalupa                     cottage
  chrbat                      mountain
  cintorin                    cemetery
  cintorin                    churchyard
  cirkev                      church
  dedina                      village
  dedincan                    villager
  dolina                      valley
  dom                         house
  dvor                        farm
  graba                       stream
  grun                        mountain
  haj                         woods
  hole                        mountain
  hora                        mountain range
  hornatina                   plateau
  hory                        mountain range
  hostinec                    hostel
  hrad                        castle
  hreben                      mountain ridge
  jarok                       stream
  jeskyne                     cave
  jezero                      lake
  kamen                       mountain
  kanal                       canal
  kapitula                    monastery
  katedrala                   cathedral
  klastor                     monastery
  kogl                        mountain
  kopa                        mountain
  kopanica                    farm
  kopanice                    farm
  kopce                       hill
  kopec                       hill
  kostel                      church
  kostol                      church
  kraj                        administrative district
  kupa                        mountain
  lazy                        farm
  les                         woods
  lesy                        woods
  majer                       farm
  mesto                       town
  okres                       administrative district
  ostrov                      island
  ostrov                      peninsula
  planina                     plateau
  pleso                       lake
  plosina                     plateau
  pohorie                     mountain range
  pomnik                      monument
  potok                       stream
  pusta                       farm
  radnica                     town hall
  revir                       hunting reserve
  rieka                       stream
  roh                         mountain
  rybnik                      stream
  sedlo                       mountain pass
  skala                       crag
  skala                       hill or mountain
  sneznik                     mountain
  stanica                     station
  stoka                       canal
  stran                       mountain
  udolie                      valley
  velko-mesto                 city
  voda                        stream
  vrch                        mountain
  vrchovina                   mountains
  vrchy                       mountain
  vrsky                       mountain
  vrsok                       mountain
  vysina                      mountain
  vysocina                    plateau
  zamky                       castle
  zamok                       castle
  zeleznicna stanica          railroad station


  administrative district     kraj
  administrative district     okres
  canal                       stoka
  canal                       kanal
  castle                      hrad
  castle                      zamky
  castle                      zamok
  cathedral                   katedrala
  cave                        jeskyne
  cemetery                    cintorin
  church                      cirkev
  church                      kostol
  church                      kostel
  churchyard                  cintorin
  city                        velko-mesto
  cottage                     chalupa
  crag                        skala
  farm                        pusta
  farm                        kopanice
  farm                        lazy
  farm                        majer
  farm                        kopanica
  farm                        dvor
  hill                        kopec
  hill                        kopce
  hill or mountain            skala
  hostel                      hostinec
  hostel                      carda
  house                       dom
  hunting reserve             revir
  island                      ostrov
  lake                        pleso
  lake                        jezero
  mine                        bana
  monastery                   kapitula
  monastery                   klastor
  monument                    pomnik
  mountain                    sneznik
  mountain                    vysina
  mountain                    kamen
  mountain                    vrch
  mountain                    vrsky
  mountain                    stran
  mountain                    roh
  mountain                    kupa
  mountain                    hole
  mountain                    vrsok
  mountain                    kogl
  mountain                    chrbat
  mountain                    vrchy
  mountain                    grun
  mountain                    kopa
  mountain pass               sedlo
  mountain range              pohorie
  mountain range              hora
  mountain range              hory
  mountain ridge              hreben
  mountains                   vrchovina
  natural bridge              brana
  pass                        brana
  peninsula                   ostrov
  plateau                     vysocina
  plateau                     plosina
  plateau                     hornatina
  plateau                     planina
  railroad station            zeleznicna stanica
  shelter                     chalupa
  shelter house               bouda
  station                     stanica
  stream                      voda
  stream                      graba
  stream                      jarok
  stream                      rybnik
  stream                      potok
  stream                      rieka
  town                        mesto
  town hall                   radnica
  valley                      dolina
  valley                      udolie
  village                     dedina
  villager                    dedincan
  woods                       haj
  woods                       lesy
  woods                       les

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