Two Villages in Saris County
Myrtle Gibson


I am by no means an expert on the subject, but in doing genealogical research on my paternal lineage in two Slovak villages in Saris County, I have necessarily learned a little about them, which I hereby pass on in the hope that it may help someone else.

The two villages are Brezovic^ka and Drienov. Brezovic^ka is located in the northeastern part of Saris County, just south of a different and distinct village called Brezovica. In the time of my grandfather's immigration to this country (about 1890), it was called Hamborek, Hungary; it received its present name in 1948. The area of the village is 3.46 square miles, and it was first settled in the middle of the 13th century.*

The L.D.S. Church has filmed the Roman Catholic parish registers of baptisms, marriages and deaths for Brezovic^ka from 1788-1896. Baptisms from 1788-1824 can be found on film #1792033, item 7. Film #1792034 contains baptisms 1824-1895, marriages 1788-1896, deaths 1789-1895, and confirmations 1805-1851. The third and last film for this village is #1792035, item 1; it contains marriages 1889-1895, and deaths 1875-1895. The text is in Latin and Hungarian, and is for the most part easily readable.

In researching the records, the same names appear over and over again. Some of the more common names are:
Bacsa (Bacso, Bacuv, Bacuff), Bujnovszky, Novak, Belis (Belisko), Komar, Kurnyava, Polomszky, Szedlak, Duch, and Kulyaka, to name just a very few.


The second village that I am doing research in is Drienov, which is located directly north of Kosice following the Torysa river. At the time of my grandmother's immigration to the U.S., (again about 1890), it was known as Somos, Hungary.

The L.D.S. Church has filmed the Roman Catholic parish registers of baptisms marriages, and deaths for Drienov from 1743-1895. These include the nearby towns of Obis^ovce, formerly Abos, Lic^artovce, formerly Licsert, and Lemes^any, formerly Lemes. On film #1792013, items 2-5, can be found baptisms 1743-1848, deaths 1749-1847, and marriages 1747-1890. Baptisms 1849- 1895, deaths 1848-1896, and marriages 1891-1896 can be found on film #1792014. Lastly, film #1792015, item 1, contains christening, marriage, and death records of 1861-1895.

Common surnames found in this region are:
Loksa, Miklus, Tkatz, Vanyo, Mihalko, Sedlak, Csonka and many others.

I am presently researching both these villages, abstracting my family names from all the records.

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*Taken from an article entitled Saris County by Thomas J. Kachur which appeared in the Wednesday, June 1, 1994 JEDNOTA.

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