The Harvilla Family

Harvilla, Velas, Kacmar, Kovac

Both of my parents are from the village of Huncovce, Slovakia. This is the Humenne section of Slovakia. The closest major city is Kosice.

My Father, Michael Harvilla, came to the U.S. in 1931. My Mother, Susan Velas, came to the U.S. in 1939. They were married in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, at St. Cyril and Methodius Roman Catholic church in 1941.

There are several Harvilla's living the Bethlehem Pennsylvania area. The Slovaks emigrated to Bethlehem to work in the Bethlehem Steel mills. The Slovaks also emigrated to Johnson City New York, to work in the shoe factories of Endicott-Johnson Shoes. (My Father, Michael, did this with his brother Joseph)

Michael Harvilla. Born 15 Sept 1913 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He moved as an infant back to Huncovce, CzechoSlovakia.

Michael died 01 February 1994, at age 80. in Johnson City, New York. He is buried in the Slovak Catholic Cemetery on Riverside Drive, Binghamton, New York. Michael was a member of St. Ann's R.C. Binghamton, NY. (Sister church of St. Cyril and Methodius R.C. Binghamton, NY).

Time Line for Michael Harvilla

15 Sept 1913 - Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1913 - 1931 - raised in Huncovce, CzechoSlovakia

1931 - At age 18, send by his Father, Thomas to be with his brother Joseph in the USA. The next time he went back to Huncovce was in 1973 with his wife Susan (Zuzzanna Velas).

Michael's Family

Father: Joseph Harvilla
Mother: Anna Harvilla (maiden name not known)
(Note Betty Jacobs' (Binghamton, New York) mother and Michael's mother are sisters)

Oldest to youngest
Joseph (Johnson City) (born in Phila. Pennsylvania) (still alive)
Infant (died in Phila.)
Michael (Michael) (deceased)
John (Huncovce) (deceased)
Steve (Huncovce) (deceased)
Martin (Huncovce) (deceased)
Anna (Huncovce) (deceased)
Mary (Huncovce)(born when Michael was already in America)
(Mary is still living in Huncovce (as of April 96)

Susan's Family

Father: Thomas Velas
Mother: Susan Velas (maiden name was Harvilla, yes Susan Harvilla) (strange but true!)

Oldest to youngest
(all born in Huncovce.)
Mary (died at 69) lived in Brantford Ontario. She was married to John Kacmar. Their children, Anna, Mary, John, all live in Canada.
Martin (died at age 20, gun accident at a wedding)
Anna (died at age 72-73)
Susan (still going strong)
John (died at age 71) (Married Alsbetha (Elizabeth) still writes to Mom)

Any additional information is welcomed.

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