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Konference Ministru Spoju Socialistickkych

This month's wallpaper features a Czechoslovak telephone operator at work in 1958.

It is taken from an engraving on a Czechoslovakian stamp.

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Czechoslovakia+stamp The stamp was issued for the "Konference Ministru Spoju Socialistickkych" at Praha in 1958.

Original drawing and engraving by M. Stretti and L. Jirka

The internet has made it easy to bring families back together and even take a virtual tour of your ancestral village.

The odds are that typing your surname into Google will find you a match in the old country.

With the ability to connect to the Czech republic or Slovakia in seconds in 2007, it's hard to remember that connectivity between Czechoslovakia and the United States was not that easy 50 years ago when this stamp was issued.

Many families lost contact during World War I and World War II.

As the original immigrants to America died, family ties were broken.

The last of the known family in Czechoslovakia died or moved.

Language became a second barrier with the new generation born in America.

As a Communist country during the Cold War, many families lost contact with each other in the 1950's and 1960's.

Even if you could connect the call, the cost of a Transatlantic call was beyond the means of many families in this era.

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What's New Here | Slovak Genealogy | Czech Genealogy