The Cunard Steamship Line

The Steamer Servia, Cunard Line
05 October 1899

Steamships like the Servia above and the Saxonia below were part of the Cunard Steamship Line at the turn of the century. The circulars of the Hungarian Government circa 1904 made the Cunard Steamship Line the only authorized line to carry emigrants from Hungary to the United States.

This was done to prevent price competition that would make emigration from Hungary to the United States more affordable and increase the number of immigrants leaving Hungary.

Guenter Junkers has obtained a list of sailings which he has made available to us.

If anyone knows additional information on the Cunard Steamship Line between Fuime and the United States during this time period, please let us know via email to so we can add the information to this page.

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The Steamer Saxonia, Cunard Line
Circa 1900

Photographs courtesy of the Detroit Publishing Company Photograph Collection of the Library of Congress and a gift of the State Historical Society of Colorado in 1949.

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