The Problem of the Immigrant

Chapter 14 - Austria-Hungary

As part of our efforts to present different perspectives on the life of your ancestors and the time they lived in, we present chapter 14 from the book "The Problem of the Immigrant".

The chapter features an English translation of the Hungarian Emigration Law of 1903. Most of what is now know as Slovakia fell under the jurisdiction of this set of laws as it covered the entire area of the Austria-Hungarian Empire known as Hungary at the time.

Emigration was discouraged to the extent that anyone who encouraged emigration could face a possible jail term or fine.

The Problem of the Immigrant

A brief discussion with summary
of conditions, laws, and regulations
governing the movement of population...

By James Davenport Whelpley

Chapman & Hall Ltd.

Published 1905


Chapter 14 - Austria-Hungary - Part One

The English text of The Hungarian Emigration Law of 1903

Chapter 14 - Austria-Hungary - Part Two

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