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 Sony Play Station - Atari 2600 Games by Activision Activision Atari Classics by Activision
for the Sony PlayStation

Venture back to the old school with some of Activision's best Atari games. This collection of 30 classic titles comes on one disk, and more than makes up for what it lacks in graphic and audio sophistication with charm and inventiveness.

Titles include: Freeway, Kaboom, River Raid, Crackpots, Grand Prix, Keystone Capers, Skiing, Tennis, Spider Fighter, H.E.R.O., and many others. The games look and play exactly as they did on the Atari 2600 system, and for those who don't remember playing them, it's very exciting to trace the heritage of the games that are popular today.

Enter a whole different world of gaming by playing classic games on a modern system with technologically advanced controllers. New for 98.

The latest version of our CD ROM list for the Atari computers is CD_LIST7 published on December 15, 1995. The list now totals over 1,500 CD's for use on your Atari computer including:

over 570 CD's that can be used with Photo Show Pro by It's All Relative

14 CD's for use with the SARA series,

9 CD's for use with Atari CD Master

21 CD's for Brian Grier's M.O.S.T. Player

4 CD's to use with the Image Library Viewer

32 Atari specific CD's


See a sneek preview of family history publishing on the world wide web, take a look at the Stanislav Family History created with the soon to be released HTML module of It's All Relative BookMaker.

With a few clicks of the mouse, create a web site for your family history using either our It's All Relative program or any genealogical program that can export in GEDCOM format.

  • The SARA series of Atari front ends
  • Photo Show Pro with Kodak Photo CD Access
  • U.S. Image Library - True Color Series
  • Atari CD Master by Homa Systems
  • World Traveler - Kodak Photo CD's with Falcon/STe Viewers
  • German Shareware with CD-Service of Germany
  • Art for Kids - the world's LOUDEST paint program

    New from Tony Barker, the Moving Pixels Collecion. A CD full of some of the best demo programs ever done on the Atari line and source code for all of them. See how the master of sound and graphics did what he did!

    Stop and take a look at the new home page for Temporary Sanity Design and our friend, Damien Jones.

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