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Kurima is located southwest of Svidnik along road between Dubinne and Kucin on the east bank of the Topla.

Families did not always emigrate together. Sometimes the father would leave for America and send for his family as soon as he had enough money and a chance to evaluate the new country. Sometimes the father came to America to work on a temporary basis.

The following information was gleaned from the Roman Catholic parish records from Kurima, Saris County, Slovakia. The parish priest had the foresight to note those fathers who were in America at the time the death of a family member occurred:

Zoscsin, Andras of Dubine. March 2, 1884- death of son, Andras, 2 1/2 years of age. No spouse mentioned.

Katuska, Janos of # 65 Kurima. July 14, 1884-death of daughter Maria Zsuzsanna, 2 1/2 years of age. No spouse mentioned.

Katuska, Janos of Kurima. March 4, 1886-death of son, Andras, age 1. Spouse, Maria Repka.

Golias, Janos of Kutsin [Kucsin]. Oct. 20, 1895-death of daughter, Maria, age 12. Spouse, Anna Kovaly.

Ivan, Josef of Kurima. Oct. 26, 1895-death of daughter, Anna, age 1 1/2. Spouse, Erzsibet Rysanky.

Krupka, Andras of # 180 Kurima. Jan. 17, 1891-death of son, Andras, age 2. Spouse, Maria Randar.

Hadamus, Andras and spouse, Maria Marticsek, arrived in Neo Boraci/New York/ Citybus [City], Dec. 1, 1882. Their destination was Stocktown [Stockton], Luzerne Co., PA. Their son, Janos, was born there Oct. 18, 1887. [I suspect the parish priest, Josef Adamovik, was a relative of this couple which accounts for the specific information given in the records.]

Anyone proficient in Hungarian is invited to translate these entries. All information is as found in the Kurima church records, except for the diacritical marks which I was unable to include. Brackets enclose information I have added.

1891 February 1, 1891, Baptism of Andras Kolibab, son of Janos Kolibab, munkas[worker], and Anna Golias of #176 Kurima. [After the baptismalentry, comes the inserted information]: Kolibab, Janos tovseinyesey Amerikaban valdleto roz Golias, Anna neje mogesett a gyeranek Cron ban vilage torvenj szevent tosveley es.

1891 Died January 22, 1891 Buried January 26, 1891 Anna Csolek, daughter of Tamas Csolek, telkes,Kurima and Illona Rocsek, Amerika

1905 A szulok utofagos harassagva altal Avrveny [Czerveny is a possible surname here] esiltetvau, a Krijvzitast, az apcnievenak bejejyzesid a Kassaipuspiki Habisag 1905 nov 2~an Relt 2791 szanmi leivalaval elvsudelti.

Harassagva lepett [All of the following entries are preceeded by this phrase in the church records]

Tlyek, Janos; Tlyek, Andras; es Tirga, Zsuzsanna fiaval. 1907 jul 8

Hudak, Andras; Hudak Gyorgy; es Czalek, Zsuzsanna gR[Greek Catholic] szalok fiaval 1907 jul 15

Mager, Andras; Mager, Andras; es Repka, Maria fiaval 1907 jul 15

Groholy, Andras; Gocs, Andras; es Martonyik, Maria fiaval 1907 aug 5

Hvisgy, Anna; Hvisgy, Janos; es Breznai, Anna leanyuval 1907 majus 27~ni

Katuska, Maria; Katuska, Janos; es Repka, Maria leanyaval 190?[missinglast number] aug 5

Karsza, Thoma; Karsza, Janos; es Gancucz, Maria leanyaval 1907 aug 16

Danko, Janos; Danko, Andras; es David, Maria fiaval 1907 aug 26~an

Czina, Filap; Czina, Aftan[?]; es Czina, Tlaria gR [Greek Catholic] 1907 nov 24!~iu

Korpany,Zsuzsanna nehai; Korpany, Andras; Hirkala, Maria leanyval 1907 Jul 8

Stich, Pal; Stich, Tomos; es Babjak, Maria fiaval 1907, May 27

Brezanyiczki, Zsuzsanna; Brezanyiczki, Gyorgy; es Ondruscsik, Annaleanyaval 1908, jan 27

Golias,Maria; Golias, Pal; es Gyuraka, Anna leanyaval 1908, Nov 16

Brezsnyiczki, Anna; Brezsnyiczki, Andras; es Hirkala, Thoma leanyaval 1908 Jun 1

Brezsnyiczki, Gyorgy; Brezsnyiczki, Andras; es Hirkala, Ilona[?] fiaval zgo[?] 8 nov 16, 190?[end of date missing]

Teojher[or Jeojher] ment Amerikaban 1908 sept 28 Likerki[or Lukerki], Janos hoz

Golias, Anna; Golias, Andras; es Kotalyik, Anna leanyaval 1908,majus 20

Gocs, Gyorgy; Gocs, Gyorgy; es Velcsek, Zsuzsanna fiaval 1908 jun 27

Gocs, Andras; Gocs, Andras; es Malicha, Anna fiaval 1908 June 1

Szabol, Jozsef; Szabol, Joszef; es Kovalyik, Maria fiaval 1908 majus 20

Furmanek, Maria; Furmanek, Andras; es Hevcsi, Maria leanyaval 1909 nov 15

Golias, Janos; Golias, Andras; es Hardas, Zsuzsanna fiaval 1909 januar 11

Liptak, Janos; Liptak, Andras; Kovalyik, Ilona fiaval 1909 julius 19

Drevnyak, Anna boglarkai sznleksu(1891 feb 19) czigany leanyuj 1909 aug 23~an Erdovagon

Kurovszki, Anna; Kurovszki, Tamos; es Kalalyik, Zsuzsanna leanyaval 1909 nov 8

Varalyi, Anna; Varalyi, Andras; es Golias, Anna leanyaval 1909 jul 19 halolsczan esit

Tureczek, Jozsef; Tureczek, Janos; es Groholy, Maria fiaval 1909 nov 8

Varalyi, Jozsef; Valalyi, Andras; es Tirga, Maria fiaval 1905 nov 15

Szkancz, Janos; Szkancz, Andras; Hirkala, Anna fiaval 1909, Jul 19

Pruszak, Anna Pruszak[here, I feel the first name of the second Pruszakwas omitted- most likely a male]; es Biros[or Bivus], Maria leanyaval 1910 majus 8

Repka, Jozsef; Repka, Jozsef; es Ondek, Anna fiaval 1910 May 8

Djubak, Jozsef; Djubak, Janos; es Hudak, Maria fiaval 1910 jun 19

Czina, Maria; Czina, Ilona leanyaval 1910 Aug 21

Lansford ban[probably a town in northeastern PA] (Amerika) 1911 coi nov 6 Valent Ferdinanddal

Hvrinka, Annival Gyorgy es Bzurglick, Erzsebet leanyaval Pen[?] Haven ban (Amerika) 1911 evi januarho 27

Bartko[or Barsko], Anna val 1911 febr 15 Radnuias

Gdovin, Mariaval; Gdovin, Janos; es Csipcsovscka, Maria leanyaval 1912 evi juni 22 Keu rimeri Kaban Windber, Pa nevis helys ezbai

Wiandber[Windber?], Pa. Drucra kabau Golias, Anna val 1913 januarho 27 Keu

Harassagva kotott 1918 Junius 11~en az Usztyei v r prec tempton[ or sempton- I believe this is a town in US] ban Tablonszky, Ludmilla Mariaval (nil 1893, sep 14 918N/Y)

1909 A kassai puspiki Hadosag 1909 december 7~au keld 5568 oz abiratdval alikas Korjsanij neves Golias hityas Citalle

More information will appear as I locate the entries.

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