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LDS Filming Update

February 1997

I had the good fortune to be in Salt Lake City last weekend and spent about half a day (all I could manage between scheduled meetings) at the library. What a treat! In just a few hours I probably saved at least $40 reviewing films I won't have to order from my Oakland FHL. (Considering that the airfare was only $64 roundtrip, this was an especially good deal!)

I also spent about an hour with Eva Liptak, the library's Hungarian-Slovak expert. Among the things we discussed was the FHL filming schedule for the following Slovak archives. Here's what I learned:

No filming has yet begun in either the Bratislava or Nitra archives which are SLVK 00006 and 00007 respectively. If I understand the process correctly, sounds like films from a given archive may be catalogued before all of the filming has been completed. Some records from Bytca and Banska Bystrica should, therefore, be available.

For further information you can contact Ms. Liptak at 1-800-453-3860 x. 6126. She works part-time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In order to avoid swamping Ms. Liptak with calls, perhaps we can pool our inquiries. I would be happy to contact her again if folks have questions.

Vivian Kahn


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