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None of the information linked to this page has been verified.

Last updated 24 April 1999

This page is NOT LINKED to the general public and is available here only to aide in the research of the Macala and Porac Family History. Some of the information may be wrong.

The Porac and Rudnany Video is now ready.

Stephan Hanuscin of Bardejov has put together a history of Porac, Slovakia. It is on line at the People of Porac Page.

Stephen has found the 1869 Hungarian Census for Porac and has made a digital copy of a page from the census so you can see what information it contains. It is very detailed and goes beyond what you find in the parish register of Saint Demetrius Church in Porac.

If your interested in what the Hungarian Census of 1869 looks like, check the page out.

If you have ancestors from the area, this is a must see history that Stephan has put together as he has a 1929 photo of grades 1-3 from the Rusyn School in Porac that has names for about half the children pictured. You will almost be guaranteed to find a cousin in the photograph.

The 1831 Census of Koterbach is now on line.

We will be putting a revised family of Michael Stanislav here shortly to check for errors before replacing the current version. Quite a few additions on this one.

The Family of Michal Stanislav A test of added information is now added. The file is not yet linked to the index but is available so everyone who made submissions has a chance to correct potential errors. If you made any changes, please review the test data base and let us know if everything is correct.

Michal Macala family

John Macala family

Gyorgy Kopcsak family

Demetrius Cebulya Family

The page is currently known to:

Robert Macala

Robert's mother lived in Porac and knew the family there. I am not yet sure of the family connection to the Macala families listed here.

Donna Macala Joslyn

Donna's great-grandfather and Greg's great-grandfather were brothers. Donna's sister, Lori, told her about the page. I don't have an email address for Lori.

Gregory Kopchak

Donna's great-grandfather and Greg's great-grandfather were brothers.

Ron Macala

We found his name on the internet and invited him to join the discussion.

Charles Stanislaw

Charles is a cousin of Greg. He did the Porac page's pictures on a visit to Slovakia.

Matt and Rebecca Harty, Rebecca's mother is Doris Jean Stanislaw Vinkler
Chris Rose - - Chris is great-grand-daughter of Demetrius Stanislav, son of Michael
StepahnDG with relatives from the Galajda family.
Paul Lizanich who has a family page on the internet that includes many Porac families and includes Fabian, Fifik, Gabor, Barbush, Cebulya, Stanislav, and about 10 other familiar families.. There were many marriages between the Macala and Cebulya family both in the U.S. and Slovakia.
Sharon Reinard - is a member of the Valkosak family of Koterbach
Alex Paul and Rose Marie Yawney - - Rose Marie is Joseph Macala's Great-Great-Grand-daughter.
Kopchak Links:

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Father Joseph Kopchak, Pastor

Robert Kopchak's Home Page

Prudential Preferred Properties, Josephine Kopchak, agent

Irene Kopchak's Ship of Dreams page

The Family of Dennis Kopczak and Mary Klus

Any feedback you can give will be most appreciated. I've never tried to do research like this through the internet, should be interesting.

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