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Maps of the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic

Welcome to our new maps section. We will be adding contemporary maps through the centuries of the area now know as the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. This part of the world has gone through thousands of changes over the centuries and we hope to document the borders and names used over the years.

All maps will be available in three formats:

We hope that you will find this area to be a valuable and helpful resource in your quest of family history and genealogy.

Available maps are:

Marquisate of Moravia 1760 by Robert de Vaugondy

States of the Germanic Confederation - 1836 by G. Boynton

Austro-Hungarian Empire 1895 by J. Bartholomew

City map of Prague Circa 1900 by Myers Kony Lexicon

Watch our "What's New page for additions to this resource area. There is a nice selection of Antique Austro-Hungarian Maps on eBay this week

Historical Maps Available for Family Genealogists

The Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress has Austria-Hungary Slovak, Czech, Ukraine, Bohemian, Moravian, and other maps showing villages in Central and Eastern Europe. Copies are available to the public either free of charge or at a nominal cost. This should be of special interest to those who are doing genealogical research.

Those interested are urged to write or e-mail including the names of the villages from which their ancestors emigrated. Any accompanying information, such as what country the village presently lies in, would also be helpful. They will then do their best to provide copies of maps for you.

Do NOT send email without a full street mailing address. This only slows the process down for everyone.

LIMIT your request to no more than 2 or 3 locations.

There is a four to six week backlog or longer. Do NOT send a duplicate request. Do NOT write or email about the status of your request. Be patient.

Mailing address:

Geography and Map Division
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540
Attn: Dr. Stephen Paczolt

Dr. Stephen Paczolt
Sr. Technical Information Specialist
e-mail address:

Dr. Stephen Paczolt is himself of Eastern European heritage. Read his biographical information to put a person behind the name.



What's New Here | Slovak Genealogy | Czech Genealogy