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Map of Germanic Confederation of States - 1836

This is an map of the Germanic Confederation of States as they existed in 1836. The states include Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Hanover, Wurtemburg, Baden, Hesse Cassel, Hesse Darmstadt, Holtstein and Lauenburg, Luxemburg, Saxe Weimar, Saxe Gotha, Saxe Meinungen, Saxe Hildburghausen, Saxe Coburg, Brunswick, Nassau, Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Do Streitz, Oldenburg, Anhalt Dessan, Do Bernburg, Do Cothen, Schwartz Sondershausen, Do Ruddelstadt, Hohenzellern Heckingen, Imchtenstein, Reuss Gratz, Reuss Lobenstein, Lippe Detmold, Schauenburg Lippe, Waldeck, Hesse Hamburg, Lubec, Frankfort, Bremen, and Hamburg.

The map also includes Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia (now all part of the Czech Republic), and sections of Prussia, Pomerania, Austria, and Switzerland.

The map is by S. G. Goodrich of Mass., G. Roynton, Sa. Published Philadelphia, 1836, by Desilver, Thomas, and Company. It is an original map plate from The Second Book of History for Children and Youth, 11th Edition, Charles J. Hender, 1836. The book was manufactured by Oscar C. B. Carter, Lancaster, Mass.

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Just about 164 years old, this map measures 4 1/4 inches by 6 inches on a 5 by 7 page. It is in good shape, clean, no stains, no tears, no markings and would frame nicely. Printed on one side only.

The map is in fully original and unaltered condition. It was on auction at eBay closing February 29, 2000 and now sold.

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