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Marquisate of Moravia - 1760

Moravia 1760 Vaugondy with cartouche & color

"An Accurate Map of the Marquisate of Moravia" was published 1760, London by Robert de Vaugondy (engraved by Rollos).

The map includes Iglau, Znaym, Brunn, Olmutz, Prerau, and Hradisch. These were the geographic areas that made up the Marquisate of Moravia circa 1760.

Countries bordering Moravia were Bohemia, Austria, Hungary, and Silesia.

Click on each quadrant of the map below to zoom in closer to that area or click on the geographic names above for the most detailed view.

An attractive mid 18th Century engraved map with beautiful hand coloring. A very detailed depiction of the part of the Austrian Empire with political divisions which would only exist in this manner for a relatively short period.

Robert De Vaugondy is the surname of a father and son "team" of most famous and quite prolific French Cartographers and publishers who produced noteworthy maps, atlass and globes in Paris from about the mid to late 18th century.

The father Gilles (1686-1766); the son is Didier (1723-1786). both were named Royal Geographers or Geographers to the King. Giles signed his maps as M. Robert Didier added the "de" in fron of Vaugondy probably to sound aristocratic. They were descended from the Nicolas Sanson family which is perhaps the most famous and esteemed of the French cartographers.

An excellent, desirable map with attractive, original hand color. In fine, clean condition on a c.14 1/4"W x 9 1/4"H sheet. Suitable for framing. The margins are slightly larger than shown above.


High resolution uncompressed BMP and TIF files on CD-R disc of this map are available for $8.00, postpaid. Great for detailed study or printing out a hard copy. This maps would make a great wall display when printed, matted, and framed. The map also would be a most interesting addition to your family history reference collection. As the size of each map file is in the 10 megabyte range, we suggest 64 meg of memory or more on your home computer to view and print these files.

E-mail and tell us you would like the Moravia 1760 files. We will send the CD-R along with an invoice for $8.00.

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