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Prague - Circa 1900

This is an old color street map of the city of Prague from Myers Kony Lexicon, circa 1900, published by the Bibliographical Institute of Leipzig. The map is from the article on Prague. The city name is called "Prag" on the map.

The map is 1:27,000 scale and has an insert of the surrounding areas of the city at 1:70,000 scale inset into the lower left corner.

Click on the map below to zoom in closer to that area of the city.

Just about 100 years old, this map measures 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches with 1/4 inch borders. It is in good shape, clean, no stains, no tears, no markings and would frame nicely. Printed on one side only.

Comes with a 2 page index of about 500 street names and landmarks in the city of Prague.

A more recent map is the Streetwise Prague Map of 1996

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