The Shrine of
the Weeping Madonna
of Mariapoch
Burton, Ohio

The 44th Annual Eparchial Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Mariapoch will be held August 13 - 15, 1999 at the Shrine in Burton, Ohio

Your visit will beautifully enrich your soul spiritually and will give glory to God through your growing love of his Son, Jesus Christ, and Mary, the ever-virgin, mother of God. Bring with you your personal intentions and needs. Mary's unfailing intercession will endow you and your family with heavenly riches that will never disappoint you. The Shrine staff prays for you to have safe pilgrimage journeys to the Shrine of Mariapoch; they ask that you encourage your family, friends and neighbors also to make a pilgrimage journey where personal growth in faith, hope and love become the journey's end.

Annual Pilgrimage - 1967

- Faithful Praying at Our Lady's Statue at Mariapoch

- Bishop Kocisco Getting Ready for Procession

- Byzantine Catholic Clergy in Procession

Slightly Roman looking Altar Servers at Mariapoch

- Tent Set Up at Main Altar of Shrine

Faithful taking a Walk through Shrine Grounds -

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