Markusovce, Slovakia

Markusovce, Slovakia, is located southeast of Spisska Nova Ves, half way between Spisska Nova Ves and Rudnany, Slovakia. Markusovce had the Roman Catholic Church for the area that drew members from the surrounding towns.

Markusovce was also known by the Hungarian name of Markus-Csepanfalu.

Map of Markusovce, Slovakia

Birth records for the area date back to 1697, marriage records date from 1703, and death records from 1715. They are available from the LDS Family History Centers as microfilms 1739642 through 1739645. The available records at the Family History Centers run through 1896.

Records also include Cepanovce, Huta, Lieskovany, Odorin, Teplicka, Rudnany (Koterbach), and Porac and other nearby areas of Slovakia.

In the near future we will be expanding this www page to include some area history and a list of surnames found in the partial index of records made in 1891.

Some surnames listed in the records include:

Babik, Balluch, Balla, Bobak, Brindza, Csonka, Czengross, Czebulya, Fabini, Fabian Gabasch, Glevinzky, Godulja, Gonda, Galko, Gulyas, Gogolacs, Halcsin, Kopcsak, Krispinsky, Smik, Smikovics, Smotrila, Stanislav, and Sztanya.

Separate indexed records also exist for Odorin and nearby areas in addition to those found in the Markusovce registers. The Odorin registers are on microfilms 1739661, 1739662, and 1739663 at the LDS Family History Centers.
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