Life in the Mines
The Life of the Immigrant Miner

Circa 1900

Stories and Photographs

Life of the Miners in America from the Greek Union Pages at the Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base

Breaker Boys at the Woodward Coal Mines in Kingston, Pennsylvania, circa 1900

A Miner's Story told an American miner, resident all his life in the mining district of Pennsylvania - written in 1902, don't miss this page

Child Labor in America 1908-1912

The Hazards of 19th Century Coal Mining

The Lattimer Massacre was 110 years ago, Sept. 10, 1897

Slovak Coal Miners at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Welcome to the Coal Region

Pennsylvania Coal Miners and the Black Maria

Photos of the 1902 Coal Creek Mine disaster from the British Columbia Archives

Great Pictoral Essay on coal mining in the 19th-century United States

Tales of the Mine Country

Slovak Csardas Dance Tunes from the Pennsylvania Coal Mines 1928-1930

Eckley Miners' Village, a 19th century Pennsylvania anthracite mining or "patch" town

Coal Mining & The Molly Maguires

Index of Fatalities in West Virginia Coal Mines 1883-1925 Extracted from The Reports of Mine Inspectors

Bitumen at the Carpathian Connection

U.S. Department of Labor Historical Coal Mine Disasters in the Anthracite Region

The Great Bootleg Coal Industry

Coal Mining in Pennsylvania

What do Coal Miners do? - United Mine Workers of America site

Beckley, West Virginia bills itself as "The Town With a Mine of Its Own"

Pennsylvania Visitors Network - Visitors guide for all of Pennsylvania with over 15,000 listings and links of where to stay, what to do, etc. Visit Pennsylvania. There's more here than you know!

TristateNews DOT COM - covering Pike County Pennsylvania., Orange County New York, and and Sussex County, New Jersey


Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine and Steam Train in Ashland, eastern Pennsylvania

The Pocahontas Exhibition Coal Mine

The Blue Creek No. 5 Mine produces low sulfur medium volatile coal for both utility consumption and for export to metallurgical markets worldwide

James River Coal Company

The Centralia Coal Fire, burning over 30 years

The Percy Mine Fire

Culture of the Mining Community

Slovenske Jedlo - Pennsylvania Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Soul Food

The Coal Stove, recipes from the coal fields of Pennsylvania

The Recipes of Slovakia Revisited - recipes of the Slovak immigrant from their homeland

Learn Pittsburghese in a day

The CoalSpeak Dictionary

Pennsylvania Coal Region's famous miners

Eastern European Wedding Traditions

The poem The Miner by Ed Shustack

Pennsylvania Memorabilia on eBay

Yuengling Brewery

Coal Information

Coal Flowers

Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal Mining from the Pennsyvania Department of Enviromental Protection

Bituminous Coal Mining from the Pennsyvania Department of Enviromental Protection

What is Acid Mine Drainage

American Coal Foundation educational website

Electronic Field Trip to a coal mine

The World Coal Institute Home Page

The National Coal Museum is the only facility of its kind in the world. The museum presents the story of coal mining and coal consumption of the past, present and future

Folklore in Southwestern Pennsylvania - Bituminous Coal Mining Glossary

Glossary of Coal Mine terms

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