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The sounds of the Slovak Brass Band is something not to miss. We will be featuring the best Slovak Brass Bands on this page. Watch for new groups on a regular basis.

You will love the Slovak Brass Band Sound of Topolanka, Dychova Hudba, Trencianska Dvanastka, Stefanov Janka, Zahoracki Stryci, The Slovakaires, The Andy Carroll Trio, The Knights of Harmony, and The Aristocrats. as well as Vesela Muzica listed below.

New for December is Drietoma Folk Ensemble with Slovak Wedding Songs.

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 Vesela Muzica zo Stupavy
The sounds of a Slovak Brass band is something everyone should experience, Vesela Muzika zo Stupavy is a great way to start.

Take a musical tour of the village of Stupava in western Slovakia with the music of Vesela Muzica.

Songs on the cassette include Z Vesela, Stupavska Krcma, Co To Tam Suchoce, Neber Si Synecku, Te-bi-cu, Zahoracka Penicka, Pime Chuapci, Stupavo ty Stupavo, Zahraj Tu Muziko, Ked Sme Tu Rolku, Za Gajary Bystra Voda, Maminkin Valcik, Dolina Dolina, Krasna Zem, and Na Rozlucku.

Musicians and vocalists on the Album are Vesela Muzica led by Stefan Vesely with solos provided by Lubomira Antalekova and Aolojz Valent.

This cassette was recorded, produced and manufactured in the Slovak Republic and imported to America by It's All Relative.

This Brass Band album is available on cassette for $9.00.

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