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 Did You Remeber to Pack Your Accordian Released in April of 2000, this recording highlights Tom's writing and arranging skills with several new songs and unique arrangements.

Tom Brusky has provided some of the music on line at Eastern European Wedding Traditions.

You'll hear that familiar Cleveland-style driving sound mixed in with some delightful surprises, creating almost an hour's worth of musical entertainment.

On the humorous side, youíll enjoy the lighthearted, peppy polkas written for his friends Jana, John and Karrie, and the new twist added to Cindyís Waltz for his friend Cindy. Youíll be caught off-guard by the cutting edge humor of the Lesbian Polka, and as a bonus youíll hear one of his most popular, hilarious alternative polkas, Polkalanis, strictly arranged in accordance with the music of Alanis Morissette.

On the serious side, youíll hear a very compelling, yet uplifting song Tom wrote for his baby kitten that succumbed to an unfortunate ilness at only a few weeks old. Another one of Tomís original songs will catch the sentiment of lonely hearts involved in long-distace relationships, called My Love Will Find Its Way To You.

Karrie Lane adds her songwriting and vocal talent to My Mom Waltz, a very moving adaptation of ďMy Ann WaltzĒ that Karrie wrote for her mom (Barbara Lane of Barbara and the Karousels) shortly after Barbara moved away to Arizona.

Tomís unique arrangement skills are highlighted with his Latin-flavored rendition of Paper Roses, sung by noted vocalist Dan Tutsch, and also with an Oberkrainer-style laendler adapted from Verne Meisnerís "Jump River Polka."

Milwaukee musician Ron VanDenboom, whose vocal talents have recently been topping the request lists on local radio, lends his exceptional skills to one of everybodyís favorite songs, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.

Two of the selections, an Oberek medley and an original song in honor of his friend Andyís birthday, are examples of MIDI composition performed on a computer. No acoustic instruments are used.

In addition to a couple bonus selections, Pepper Pot Polka and Kittling Polka from the 1997 release Polkasound Potpourri, this recording is topped off with four more Cleveland-style polka favorites... Dupanís Polka, Howg Wobbler, Bucarís Polka, and When I Saw You Standing There.

Available on cassette for $8.00, plus shipping and handling.

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