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 The Best of Joe Fedorchak Orchestra
Packed with 27 songs, this CD is The Best of the Joe Fedorchak Orchestra. Of Slovak ancestry, Joe Fedorchak was inducted in the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame in 1998.

Songs on this CD are Hammer Hank's Polka, Blaze's Waltz, Clap Hands Polka, Whistling Through the Pines Waltz, Waddling Duck Polka, When the Moon Shines Waltz, Majka's Waltz, Kumik's Waltz, Wait for Jake Polka, Squeezer's Polka, Helvak's Waltz, Waltz of the Grapes, 1081 Polka, Garchar's Polka Medley, Caurosel Waltz, Where's Johnny Polka, Little Sluggers Polka, Tomazic's Polka, Coppernail Polka, Orphan's Waltz, Blue Lady Polka, Grandpa John's Polka, Lillies in the Moonlight Waltz, Hambone Habit Polka, Cheek to Cheek Waltz, Jodie's Waltz, and A Tribute to Pecon Polka Medley.

The CD features Joe Fedorchak (Accordion / Button Box), Dick Quatro (2nd Accordion / Piano / Button Box), Jim Chrapcynski (Bass), Ed Chrapcynski (Sax), Dwight Gobely (Banjo), Carmen White (Drums), and Dave Guyer (Button Box).

You will find the Fedorcak name listed in the 1922 Census of Slovaks of Mahoning County, Ohio, where Joe grew up and attended Saint Matthias Roman Catholic Church.

Available on CD, this recording sells for $15.00 plus shipping and handling.

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