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Native slovak artists featured at the Folk Music Shop are Jaroslav Krocek, Anna Servicka, Klenotnice, Slovinka zo Sloviniek, Hrnciarovci of Liptov, Eugen Farkas Ensemble, Orchestra Ludovych, Andrea Jagerova, Folk Group of Telgart, Sarisan, Orovan, Druzba Trencin, Svetozar Stracina, Stefan Molota, Milan Chvastek, Dulka Song Ensemble Janko Jasenku, Vilo Mesko, Cicmany, Peter Kizak, Jan Ambroz, Milan Krizo, and Ludova Hudba Ponitran.

Check out the new CD of Slovak Pop songs of the 60s, Slovak Evergreens

The people of Spis, Saris, Abov, Zemplin and Uz often refer to themselves as "Vychodniare", or "Easterners". Your will enjoy the double cassette set of Eastern Slovak music, Vychodniarske

Be sure to check out the spirited music of Trencianska Dvanastka.

The double cassette set called Pozdravy Jubilatom is a must have for anyone with Carpatho-Rusyn heritage.

Slovak-American artists include the Lou Sikora Orchestra with Susie Sinchak and John Yanek, Roman Niznik, Aurelia Hvizdos, and The Slovakians, The Johnny Pastirik Combo, The Slovakaires, The Pittsburgh Slovakians, Mickey Zahurak, The Hank Haller Ensemble and Slovak Harmony.

 Pamiatky Stareho Kraju
The album Pamiatky Stareho Kraju, (Memories of Slovakia) is the second album by Susie Sinchak, John Yanek, and the Lou Sikora Orchestra.

About half way through the recording of this album, Susie Sinchak passed away. With heavy hearts, they finished the album without her as they knew she would have wished. Susie Sinchak loved the world in which she lived, the people she knew, and in particular, the traditions and the music of her native land, the love of her native land being surpassed only by the love for her adopted country.

The emotions in completing this album were somewhat mixed... sorrowful in the tragic loss of Susie Sinchak... but joyful in the realization that Susie Sinchak was responsible for WAM Records recording this kind of music in the first place and in the writing of the lyrics that made her first album so successful.

Lou Sikora and his Orchestra, consisting of 5 members, provide the instumentals on the recording. Composing the units are Lou Sikora and Ted Csiky (Violins), George Galombassy (Bass), Ben Gagyi (Piano), and Frank Molnar (Accordian). The orchestra had played for 15 years prior to this recording and are experts at capturing the European sound.

Zomrela Ciganka (The Gypsy Died) alone is worth the price of this cassette.

Songs on the album include Hu La La Polka, Hej Javor Javor (Old Elm Tree), Zomrela Ciganka (The Gypsy Died), Dievca Dievca (Girlie, Girlie), Ja Som Sirotek (I Am an Orphan), Susedovo (Neighbors), Ribbons Polka, Co Som Zacal (What I Started), Keby Ja Mal (If I Had), Julida Polka, Pridi Ty Suhajko (Come My Lad), Tancovala By Som (I'd Like to Dance), and Dobra Noc Ma Mila (Good Night, My Darling).

Available on cassette, this recording sells for $8.00 plus shipping and handling.

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